Heard On The News
Date: 2659.056
To: Gemini Sector
CC: None
From: Gemini Sector News
Subject: Bombing in New Detroit

… In other news this evening, investigators from Gemini Sector Militia are still attempting to determine who is behind Thursday night's terrorist attack on New Detroit. The recent bombing caused relatively few casualties, but destroyed the upper three floors of Javelin Munitions' Gemini Sector headquarters office. Authorities are still unsure of the motivation behind the bombing, though the possibility of an action by Kilrathi intelligence has not been ruled out. No group has claimed responsibility for the action.

Turning to world of sports, the newly-reestablished Hector Jackhammers defeated the Olympus Titans 17 to 9 in the first rugby match held in Troy system since the expulsion of Kilrathi forces…