Arc: To Beat the Devil
Summary: Kilrathi reinforcements pour into Perry, leaving the Majestic's fighters scrambling to thin out the opposition before the Confederation presence is overwhelmed.
Date: 2659.053
Related Logs: None
Participants: Cole Kanani James Draygo

The technical term for tonight's situation is 'clusterfuck'. Two Confederation strike carriers are by now present in the system (Majestic, and its sister ship Winterrowd) and the Confederation resources here are still being stretched to their limit as Kilrathi forces practically pour through the jump points. The Kilrathi, apparently, are intent on stopping the Confederation advance here at almost any cost.

What this has lead to is the rather unusual situation of what had been a routine four-ship patrol being routed to investigate yet more jump point activity. 'Activity' in this case promptly turns out to be a Shiraak-class carrier. While 'running like hell' might normally be the preferred option under the circumstances, the Kilrathi CAP seems to have other ideas.

As the Kilrathi fighters come swarming, Cole's attention is on the carrier far off in the distance. « Shame they've got so many fighters close in, I'd love a second crack at one of those things… » Cole comments idly, banking his bomber away from the formation as he returns to thoughts less likely to result in his premature death. « Break and attack, let's try and clean these guys up quickly before we've got a whole Kilrathi wing in our way »

James grimaces and complains «So much for intel's claims that we killed the last operational carrier of this type.» He picks his most likely target and prepares his weapons.

Kanani winces slightly as another boring patrol goes from bad to worse. « Copy that Voodoo, let's hope these cats aren't good enough to slow us down much. » She adds, as she manuvers her Stiletto into position to try and shoot back at the cats.

«Maybe we can plow through okay the little kitties to put a couple of a holes in the hull of momma kitty.» Razor responds to his squadron leader as he stays in formation, banking away as well, staying on the other Sabre's wing.

The Kilrathi fighters peel off to attack the Confederation craft, splitting their attention rather neatly among the four potential targets.

« Right, they're coming in. Watch your asses, this would be a bad time to get tunnel vision » Cole warns, even as he angles his fighter towards the leader of the Kilrathi formation, toggling over to a dumbfire missile. Might as well see if his opposite number is paying attention.
The Kilrathi fighters peel off to attack the Confederation craft, splitting their attention rather neatly among the four potential targets.

« Well, this should be all sorts of fun. » Kanani comments to no one in particular, as she sets her sights on one of the ships that've picked her as a target. She weaves her fighter around, finally taking a shot with her guns, in between trying to stay in one piece.

James finds himself trying to evade bursts of fire from three Kilrathi craft and fires off a hasty snap shot at one of his tormentors <This is <Cutlass, it looks like someone left some catnip in my bird. I could use a little help here.»

As the fighters peel off and begin making attack runs on each other, Kell cycles through the targets and finds a Hhriss bearing down on him. With a smirk, he switches over to his Dumbfires and gives his afterburners a gentle kick, letting the distance close rather quickly between them. While braving the incoming fire, Razor unleashes the Dumbfire at the last possible moment before breaking hard right.

Amazingly enough, everyone on both sides survives the first pass. A few shots connect, leaving two Kilrathi and one Confederation fighters trailing lines of debris… but there are far more misses than hits.

For his part, Cole's shot was well enough placed to throw off his opponent's aim, but not well-placed enough to do any real damage. "Let's try that again, shall we" he grumbles under his helmet, turning his Sabre back in towards the leader of the Kilrathi formation for a second shot.

Kanani nods with a slight hint of satisfaction, as her shot does a fair bit of damage to her target. Taking a bit of a risk, she stops weaving and juking as much, as she tries to finish the cat off in a speedy fashion.

The close range dumbfire seemed to work as Razor tears a hole thorugh the Hhriss, but after eating some energy blasts and breaking away, he seemed to break right into a ball of angry cats. «Shit, this is Razor, I've got red blips all over me.» Is the call he gives out, there is certainly a lot more hostiles than friendlies in this small sphere of engagement right now but that doesn't dampen the bomber pilot's energy, instead he is focused on trying to dodge the concentrated fire from the Kilrathi.

James manages to avoid the fire heading his way somehow though unfortuantly his own shot misses. He fires off another hasty burst at his target while continuing to do his best to evade fire from the craft behind him

The Kilrathi fighters seem intent on doing the work of protecting their carrier at a distance today, swarming around Draygo's Sabre. Already battered by the earlier exchange, one of the Kilrathi light fighters shatters under a second round of fire.

« Everyone still in one piece? » Cole asks, even as he stays on his target, lining up his gunsights on the front of the fighter and gently depressing the trigger.

«Razor here, still alive, but still have three breathing down on me.» Razor pipes out a status report, «Will need someone to burn them off my six.» He kicks his fighter into another corkscrew while goosing the afterburners, trying to stay one step ahead of the trail of death that is being paved behind him. Managing to find the orginal Hhriss he had nailed earlier on his scopes for a moment, Kell presses the trigger stub and sends a full barrage of guns at the Kilrathi.

Kanani grins even more as her gunfire rips apart the Sartha. She then switches to her heatseekers, and chooses one of the heavier fighters to chase, pulling on its tail, in order to try and get a clear shot at the engines.

James continues twisting and evading now shifting his focus to trying to shoot the craft that has been on his tail since the battle began.

The single-minded focus of the Kilrathi pilots costs them. In the amount of two Hhriss, including their formation's leader to be exact. As the Kilrathi numbers continue to whittle down some, more movement begins at the edge of sensor detetection wave. More trouble, apparently, is likely to arrive before long.

« Gotcha, bastard » Cole calls triumphantly as he destroys the Hhriss in front of him, turning in search of a new target. It doesn't take very long for him to find one, in the Sartha that's headed straight in for him.
James smiles as he watches his target come apart «Cutlass scratch one but it looks like I'm still far too popular with the kitties for my taste.» He snaps around and opens up on one of the fighters now targeting him but continues to focus more on keeping his craft out of the line of fire then shooting.

Kanani apparently got the attention of the Hhriss she was shooting at real good, as it tries to move into position to shoot back at her. She continues to try and stay on its tail, moving aggressivly to set up another shot, and not worry to much about the return fire.

The evasive maneuvers in the fighter-bomber seems to have served Razor well as he manages to sidestep and accelerate past the incoming Kilrathi fire, leaving his Sabre intact for now. However, he sees the Stiletto leap in at the last second to take out the Hhriss he's been working on instead of taking apart one of the cats no his tail and grits his teeth. Instead of yelling over the comm, he keeps that thought in mind for after the battle, for now, there are more Kilrathi to kill so he picks up another target, going head on with another Hhriss that has decided to tango with him.

Two more Kilrathi fighters explode under the hail of weapons fire directed towards them, but not before putting a rather substantial dent into James' fighter. The Kilrathi reinforcements, meanwhile, seem to be hanging back… waiting near the end of their carrier's gun range, intent on making the fight a messy one for the Confederation fighters if they try to close.

« Looks like the Kilrathi aren't sending any more out to play » Cole calls, turning his fighter in towards the next Sartha down the line as the one he had been entertaining explodes. « Let's clean these up »
James curses as a neutron burst punches straight through his shields and into his noze «This is Cutlass I'm hit bad but still in the fight and it looks like they're leaving me alone for some reason.» He swings around and switches to missiles before locking up on the craft targeting Cole and boaring in. «Cutlass Fox-2»

« That sounds good to me, Voodoo. » Kanani comments as her fighter suffers a bit of a hit from one of the fighters. She still manages to do a good bit of damage to the Hhriss, but not enough yet, so she tries to finish it off with her fighter's guns.

The last Dumbfire slips off of Razor's hardpoint and impales itself into the Hhriss, neatly blowing the head off of the Hhriss heavy fighter. «Understood Voodoo, do we get a shot at that fat bitch afterwards then? That Snakeir has 'kill me' written all over itself.» With that said, the bomber pilot switches to linked cannons and goes after the nearest hostile fighter.

The last of the Hhriss is blown apart, leaving only a pair of Sartha in space… who, unsurprisingly, turn in to attack the Confederation bombers rather than wasting what little time they likely have remaining on escorts.

« Not sure we're going to be in much shape to run under the flak after this » Cole comments honestly. « We'll check status once these last two furballs go away »

Kanani might be slightly annoyed that she didn't get the chance to finish off the Hhriss she was chasing, but she figures there's no point, and goes after one of the two remaining Sartha's trying to quickly finish it off with a well placed missile.

«Aww, dodging flak will be a breeze, we can do it in our sleep.» Kell says, with mock disappointment in his tone but cuts it short as the Sartha is a bit more nimble than the larger and heavier Hhriss, the first exchange missing between the pair. Pulling back on his flight stick, Razor brings the Sabre around in a half loop and goes after the Sartha again, the second head on pass.

James smiles and says «Cutlass scratch a second» Before boaring in on the Saratha that's targeting his former squadmate. A few seconds later he hears a tone and squeezes the trigger «Cutlass Fox-2»

And away goes one more Sartha, blaseted apart by three Confederation fighters. The remaining Sartha continues to fight, keeping its attention on Cole's bomber.

« Looks like we've got these guys taken care of. Tsunami, Cutlass, you think you're in good enough shape to hold off the close defense, while we take a crack at that carrier? » Cole asks. No harm in checking, right?

James glances over his readouts and says «Sure just give me a few seconds first alright?» even as he goes to work on activating the autorepair systems in his craft.

« My bird's in decent enough condition, so I think I can handle a bit more fun, Voodoo. » Kanani remarks idly as she diverts her attention a bit from the remaining Sartha, towards the carrier that's off nearby. « What do you think, Cutlass? »

With one Sartha splatters, Razor rolls his Sabre over on an inverted dive to reform with Voodoo, spotting the remaining Kilrathi in their sphere of engagement that he is tango'ing with. «We may get lucky and find a weak spot in the hull on the first pass, smoking it. If it happens, there will be many sad kitties tonight.» With that said, he unleashes a barrage on the Sartha to get it off Cole's six.

James smiles as the repair systems trigger and says «Cutlass here and I'm ready to go sir.» He sees the new enemy fighters appraching and prepares himself for the fun ahead.

The downside to the posture the Kilrathi have taken is that is more or less promises that the bombers will get at least one shot in on the carrier. As the fighters race in towards their target, bursts of flak begin to explode in space around the attacking Confederation craft.

« Going to try and lay one on the flight deck. Make your shot count, Razor, we're probably only going to get one pass before this gets all kinds of ugly » Cole calls, slamming his afterburners and weaving in towards the carrier.

Kanani turns her fighter towards the enemy carrier, and sets her sights on the cat that's decided to go after one of the bombers. Once she gets a lock, she launches the last of her missiles in it's direction, and hopes for the best. « Let's hope that one pass is worth it, then. » She comments idly, and chuckles softly.

«Copy that, Voodoo. One shot is all we'll need, gonna leave a burning Kilrathi carrier in our dust when we're done.» Razor is certainly full of confidence as he lifts the protective hatch that covers the torpedo arming switch. Flicking it to on, the bomber pilot now pushes a couple of buttons on his HUD to select the carrier's bridge and plays the waiting game of the beeping lock to turn into a solid tone. Since he is focused on hand delivering a torpedo to the bridge crew of the Kilrathi, the flak bursts are certainly close but for now, Kell just grits his teeth and toughs it out.

James swings down onto the tail of the craft targeting Cole's saber and opens up while randomly juking his stick in an attempt to shake off any fire heading his way.

There's nothing quite like a torpedo explosion to catch the attention of an escort fighter, really. While one shot blossoms harmlessly against the shielding of the carrier, the second one strikes the flight deck and detonates… followed a moment later by a secondary explosion blooming outward from the Kilrathi carrier. Despite the unfortunate hit, however, the Kilrathi warship remains intact.

« I'll be damned, we might even get away with this » Cole comments with amusement as he loops around the Kilrathi carrier, doing his best to dodge fighters and flak both… screaming straight past the ship on full afterburner, before turning hard around to aim a shot for its engines. Even if he doesn't manage to kill it, he's going to do his best to leave it an easy target for the next guy.

James swings around onto the tail of the fighter that he had targeted earliar and roars in since he's clear for the moment. He fires as soon as he hears a lock tone «Cutlass Fox-2!»

Kanani decides to take a swipe at a different fighter, as the cats have all decided to go after the bombers now. Throwing caution to the wind, she crazily swings her fighter around, until she can take a shot at its cockpit, and hopefully the occupant within, as well. « Hey, nice shot guys. » She adds for good measure, as she happens to notice the large fire coming from the carrier's flight deck.

The afterburners on Razor's Sabre are also kicking in full bore as he maintains Cole's wing while they go for a second pass on the carrier. «Great shot, Voodoo. Looks like we've picked up a batch of ats on our tails, going with you no a second pass though.» This will be pretty incredible if they do pull this off, striking another terrible blow on the Kilrathi in the Perry system.

There's a good reason that the Kilrathi upgraded the survivability of the Shiraak class compared to its predecessors, and that's certainly showing at the moment. One torpedo is blown apart by flak before it gets anywhere near the ship, and the second fails to do any substantial damage. The Kilrathi gunners seem to be finding their aim as well, rather neatly scorching the front of Cole's Sabre.

« Hit him. Looks like no real damage » Cole comments, even as he brings his bomber around in a wide circle for another attempt at more or less the same shot. « Going to give this one more try… and hopefully do more than make a light show this time »

Kanani frowns slightly, as the second go around doesn't go nearly as well as hoped. She at least dinged her target, but she's not satisfied by that, so she once again rolls her Stiletto around to take another shot at the cat.

Frowning, it seems like Razor's torpedoes are not cooperating today as the first wasn't strong enough while the second doesn't make it to its destination. «I'm breaking off, Voodoo, gonna hit him from the other side.» With that, the second Sabre's afterburners kick into full gear as it banks away from the leader before looping around for a third pass. Torpedo racks getting closer to empty.

James stays on his target and fires other missile as soon as he reacquires his lock, still boring in as no one seems to be bothering to shoot at light fighters right now «Cutlass Fox 2!»

Two more torpedoes slam into the Kilrathi carrier, and this time the effect is telling. One tears an ugly chunk from the carrier's hull, while the second blows the right half of the carrier's engines into a twisted mass of wreckage. Somehow, the wounded carrier stays alive, however, turning to slowly limp back towards the jump point on what power it has left.

«Don't think we're going to have to worry about that one for a while » Cole comments happily, banking away from the wrecked carrier before turning in for his last pass. « One fish left, let's see if we can't make this really cost 'em » Cole adds. « Tsunami and Cutlass, you're doing a damn good job back there. They've barely touched me »

James says «Thanks sir» as he continues to bore in on the tail of his target and fires off his last missile «Cutlass Fox 2! Now be good and come apart already.»

« Just wish I could do a bit more damage on them today, but otherwise, you're welcome. » Kanani retorts impishly, as she dives in once more to try and do some damage to the enemy fighter.

«Yeah, I'm gonna go after it's legs with my last fish. If it does break apart after this hit, maybe we can strand it here so they are force to scuttle it or we can send a team to capture it.» Now that would be pretty nice, to get parts of the Kilrathi's battlecarrier in tact. Razor still keeps an eye on the pair of cats on his tail but once the tone turns solid, he unloads the last torpedo from its rack.

The last two torpedoes run in towards the carrier… one sailing clean past the crippled ship, rather than correcting its course to account for the small amount of movement the carrier is still making. The other strikes near the bridge, but seems to have little effect other than a pretty fireball against the shields.

« Voodoo to flight, I'm out » Cole calls, turning his bomber around towards the Kilrathi fighters. « Let's punch out the escorts and report home. A second strike might make it out before she manages to waddle to the jump »

Kanani grumbles in annoyance as the carrier doesn't go boom. Or that she missed her target, either is worthy of grumbling. « Well, at least that carrier'll be out of action for awhile. »
James calls «Scratch one» but he finds the gaping and burning flight deck just too tempting of a target to pass up and sends a burst of fire it's way before looping away from the carrier and punching the AB to catch up with the others.

Balling a hand into a fist, Kell almost punches the bomber's HUD but thinks better of it as he misses his last shot, «Razor here, torpedo racks also empty. Looks like I have a pair of Kilrathi's…» However, his words break off as he sees a Stiletto break towards the carrier, «Cutlass, what the fuck are you doing?!» Annoyance certainly obvious in his tone as he pushes hard left on his flightstick, breaking his bomber away from the incoming fire.

Plinkplinkplink go James' Mass Driver shots across the Kilrathi hull. Maybe somewhere inside a kitty wonders why it's raining in space, but beyond that there's no real harm done.

What it does serve to do is convince Cole that it might be time to leave, before anyone else thinks that's a good idea. « Voodoo to all craft, back to the barn. Now. » Cole orders sharply. « There's no point in losing anyone to stupidity, we've done more than we came here for »

James winces as the shields over the flight deck manage to asorb the bulk of his attack and shifts his focus to one of the fighters targeting his allies as he flies away from the carrier at full speed.

« Copy that, Voodoo, let's get the hell out of Dodge. » Kanani responds, a little bit of annoyance at her squadmate is also worked in her voice as well, as she turns her fighter away from the wounded carrier, trying to get outside the range of its guns.

The cats manages to miss Razor's bomber some more since he is able to make it dance somewhat gracefully with the addition of some afterburner bursts here and there, certainly a much better change than the Broadswords that the 13th use to fly. With his nose directed in the direction of home, he continues to jink and juke with two sticking on his tail «These cats certainly don't know when to quit.» Swapping to Friend or Foe, he fires it without aiming, maintaining course.

The four Confederation fighters race away from the crippled Kilrathi carrier, chased by fighters and flak both. The Kilrathi pursuit pulls away before going too far, however. With the carrier's flight deck ruined, the trio of fighters are the only protection the carrier has left for the time being. There's no point in chasing bombers who can't hurt it any more.

« Voodoo to Majestic. We've got a christmas present for you » Cole calls as his bomber turns to head back along towards the Majestic « Just crippled a Kilrathi carrier. Relaying coordinates now, recommend you send anything with torps on it as quick as you can to finish the job »

James continues towards the carrier wishing that he had saved one missile until the end of the battle. He shakes his head and continues onward hoping that the followup strike comes homes with as few casualities as their own flight.

Draygo's Sabre is rocked a couple of times though his Friend or Foe missiles does manage to seek one of the Drakhri's out and smack it. «Took a couple of hits there but the bomber is built tough, no problems heading home.» The engines are still glowing hot as he cruises back to the Majestic at top speed with the rest of the strike package.

Kanani breaths a bit of a sigh of relief as the Kilrathi don't bother chasing the attackers back home. Not that she figured they would, with a carrier to protect, but sometimes those damned cats are tenacious. « Well, at least we managed to all get out of that in more or less one piece. »

« I think that's about as well we we could have expected it to go » Cole replies to Kanani. « Didn't have much chance of dropping it with only a couple bombers, but at least it won't be in our way for a while »

Cycling through the auto-repair without much success, Kell chimes in as well, «Atleast the Kilrathi has one less battlecarrier we have to worry about for the time being. Should hinder their forces a bit if they try to drive us out again.»

James opens his comm «And between the two carriers I'm sure the others can scrape up something to finish it off. As rare as those are supposed to be it's far too good of a target to pass up.»