Just Another Medday
Just Another MedDay
Arc: None
Summary: Just another day at a fortunately less crowded medbay.
Date: 2658.146
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Participants: Raine Alec Phillip

Another day in MedBay! Mercifully, folks are being turned loose or have already been set free. The place is looking less crowded, and there's a lot less Corpsmen loitering about. Raine herself is about. She has her bonsai in hand and seems somewhat more comfortable, if disbelieving.

For his part, Alec is sitting on his bed, seemingly much-recovered and pulling on his uniform blouse - albeit stiffly, still. Compared to what he looked like when he was brought in, though, it's a fair improvement.

Phillip enters the Med bay. The cast that was on his right hand is gone, and he walks almost normally being careful only in turning or bending. He walks over towards Alec.

Pilot spotted! Raine smiles, seeing Alec sitting up and dressed. "Hello there. How are you feeling?" She asks quietly. And now Phillip too! Pilots travel in packs? She waves to the newcomer as well. "Hello there. May I help you?"

Alec smiles, rolling his shoulder and seemingly getting used to the feeling of movement again. "A little achey, doctor. But… good. A lot better. Thanks." He nods at Phillip as the Minuteman arrives, too, holding up a hand in hullo. "Hey there. Walking and talking?"

Phillip turns to Raine as he finally reaches Alec's former bed, "Oh hey Raine. I'm alright, though I do feel a little sore after that 3 hour patrol flight." Back to Alec, "Well yeah, but probably not for long." Iceblade then yawns as he says 'long'.

Raine watches the two a moment and nods. She smiles. "I'm glad to hear that. You two should both be fine on light duty if the records are all straight," She notes. "Are you thirsty or anything?" She offers. She seems pleased her patients are doing well.

"Could do with some water… mostly, though, just walking around sounds good, somewhere different. No, uh, no disrespect to the medical bay, doctor, but… I think I know that ceiling a bit too well by now, you know?" Alec licks dry lips. "What do people do for fun on this boat, anyhow?"

Phillip turns his head back to Raine and requests while stretching a little, "Well, I *agrgh* could use some aspirin or something." Back to Alec, "Ah drink, sleep, really not a lot of time right now between patrol flights. So are you ready for some." Iceblade then gives Alec a couple of friendly pats on the back.

"Sure," Raine nods. She smiles. "There's lots of things you could do. The first and last, a vidroom, the gym or pool…" She goes on. For now though, she fetches Alec some water and Phillip some aspirins. "Here," Though it's some work juggling them..

"Oh. Right, right… uh, patrols. I, I guess," Alec says, looking thoughtful. "I s'pose you don't get any more different to inside than outside." He scratches his cheek with a fingernail. "Guess I'd better tell the Major I can start working for him now. Here's hoping there's a chance to try the bar first." He takes the water with a grateful nod, and gulps down a mouthful.

Phillip takes the aspirin and the cup of water as he takes them real quick. He turns to Alec, "Well the patrols aren't going to be that numerous. Just right now we have our days filled with them trying to ensure no Kilrathi is left behind."

Raine is quiet and smiles at that. "I suppose that's true. Well, it looks like you two are cleared for light duty at least and should be on full duty in a couple of days." She nods. "You're free to go and enjoy yourselves a bit."

"Music to my ears." Alec pushes himself off the bed, and spends a few moments getting himself reacquainted with the feeling of standing up. "Doctor, thanks for the hospitality. If you could pass that on to Nurse Imhara, and…" he pauses a moment, looking around for the token busty nurse. "… and… huh, never got her name. Anyway, thanks, I 'preciate it."

"Hmm…oh getting friendly with the nurses, huh," Iceblade says teasingly.

Raine watches Alec a moment and nods. "Think nothing of it. I will tell them both for you," she smiles. "And goodness, my nurses are becoming popular. Well, I'm glad people appreciate them." Whoosh. Right over her head.

"Seemed th' polite thing to do, yeah," Alec replies, taking the moral high road. "Saw 'em every day… solid professionals, all of 'em." He coughs, possibly realizing he's not sounding all that convincing. "Anyway, uh, how's the patrolling going? Nothing yet?"

Phillip responds, "Yeah exactly." Iceblade then nudges Alec a little. After the question, Iceblade sighs, "Yeah, zip, nothing at all but space dust and hours of lost sleep. It's so boring, I'm almost wishing we actually do find something just so we can be reasonably sure the system is clean once its dead," Iceblade ends with a shrug.

Awww. Raine is at least, naive enough to buy it. "Sure. They're very kind." She'll go with that. She waves to the pair, "See you around." With that, Raine turns about to tend to her HYPNOBONSAI and secret ninja nurses.

"Bye! Thanks again!" Alec calls after the CMO. He waits a few moments, before asking Phil out of the corner of his mouth, "Hey, man - what's with the little trees?"

Phillip waves goodbye to Raine before turning to Alec and responding in a low whisper that only Alec can hear, "No idea and as far I can tell nobody has asked, but be nice about it. A lot of pilots have been saved by her and the med staff, so everybody is pretty protective."

"No problem. You're welcome. Be well," she smiles and waves. Raine wanders off after waving to the pilots. The bonsais are forever a mystery, as much a part of Raine as Raine herself. It is truly… a mystery.

Alec keeps up the frozen grin and wave as Raine leaves, speaking through grinning teeth. "Ohhkay… weird. But, uh, whatever you say." He looks at the exit, sensing freedom. "Don't know about you, but I got to get out of here."

Iceblade nods, "Yes, go, enjoy yourself. Cause in the morning, expect to be at a patrol briefing."

"Looking forward to it already," McGrath replies, with only a touch of dry humour. "'s see if I can remember where stuff is… you comin'? If not, hey, see you 'round," he adds.

"Yeah well, there is a particular nurse I'm here to see. *cough cough* And I really need to hit the sack, early morning patrol at 0600," Iceblade responds.

A pause. "Oh right," nods McGrath, taking that in. "Uh, well, be good, man," he adds, mentally noting that getting a handle on the social politics and relationships'd be a smart move. "See you out there, maybe." He collects his medals and the awesome pink trophy, smiles, nods, and heads for the way out.

Iceblade heads for a certain nurse and sneaks up on her giving her a quick poke in the sides, she turns and hugging ensues.