K'nsa nar Caxki

A prominent son of the Caxki clan's patriarch, K'nsa was chosen as the commander for the Kilrathi assault into Gemini Sector. Rumors had surfaced of his discontent with the Emperor's policies, and assigning him such a risky task was the easiest way to eliminate a potential rival without the Crown Prince risking an open assassination and war between the clans. The rapid success of the initial advance met with mixed elation and disappointment within the Kilrathi palace. A break in the stalemate of the war was, obviously, desirable… however it also had the effect of making K'nsa the hero of the hour in the Empire. This potential rift in the Empire was ultimately averted with K'nsa's death, when his shuttle was shot down by Confederation Lieutenants Draygo and Nawahi on a deep strike mission.