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Captain Kanani Nawahi
Name: Kanani Nawahi
Callsign: Tsunami
Rank: Captain
Branch: TCSF
Unit: 221st Squadron
Position: Pilot
Age: 23
Homeworld: Earth
Marital Status: Single
Actor: None Selected



Kanani Nawahi grew up in the city of Honolulu in the Hawaiian Islands. She was the youngest of four children born into her family. Her father was a former Confed Navy officer, who served for several years before the start of the Terran-Confed War, and had been planning on retiring at the time full war broke out. With the beginning of the war, her father stayed in the service several more years, and consequently she was mostly raised by her mother for the first few years of her life. Despite this she still managed to have a reasonably normal and happy childhood, spending a lot of her time that wasn't taken up by things like school, on the local beaches. By the time she was in her early teens, she was already a fairly profecient surfer, and that proved to be the passtime that she most enjoyed throughout her school years, though she tended to participate in plenty of other athletic hobbies, to a lesser degree.

By the time she had finished school, her elder brothers and all already joined the military, so somewhat to the suprise of most of the people that knew her, she decided to join as well, in the hopes of becoming a pilot. After finishing basic training, she moved on to the Academy, for flight and officers training. Early on it became clear that when it came to academic persuits, she was at best an average student, and her grades were rarely impressive, other than in their mediocrity. She also soon discovered that she didn't care much for being put in charge of others, and that she'd get fairly nervous any time that she found herself leading others, if she had time to consider her situation.

Once she started flight training, she proved to be almost a natural pilot, learning how to control the training craft with ease, and she enjoyed the thrills of flying. Other lessons that a combat pilot needs to learn, came somewhat slower, and she had to work harder to learn things such as the proper usage of countermeasures to avoid missile fire, and being aware of her surroundings as a battle goes on. It also took her a lot of effort and practice before she was able to get the hang of shooting at other ships, and at first she even had trouble hitting stationary targets. With a lot of practice though, she was able to overcome those shortcomings, and was able to become proficient at the least, for all the things she needed to be.

During the time she spent at the Academy she managed to stay out of trouble most the time, other than a couple of incidents that involved party crashing, and earned her some reprimands. Aside from the occasional trouble with parties, she took up sketching as a way to keep busy, and out of trouble, with Wile E. Coyote and the Roadrunner being her favorite artistic victims, but also plenty of other cartoon characters as well. Having recently finished up all of her training, and graduating in the middle of the class at the Academy, the last month or so was mostly spent waiting first to find out where she'd be posted, and then the time taken to travel to her new assignment, the TCS Majestic.

Prior Deployments

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Bronze Star on 2659.245
Silver Star on 2659.260
Ace of Aces Medal
Ace of Aces with Stars


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