Lieutenant (JG) Kaylen Stuart
Name: Kaylen Stuart
Callsign: N/A
Rank: Lieutenant (JG)
Branch: Navy
Unit: N/A
Position: Engineering Officer
Age: 23
Homeworld: N/A
Marital Status: Single
Actor: {$actor}



Kaylen Stuart is not comfortable planet-side. The only child of a freelance mining couple, she spent most of her formative years either on-board spacecraft or working installations. Her early education consisted primarily of life-safety drills, figuring out what buttons to NOT touch, and helping her mother patch equipment back together. It would have been a simple yet pleasant life, until, shortly after her tenth birthday, the family's ship found itself in the wrong place at the wrong time.

A fault in the navigation system dumped the ship into contested space, and right onto the outskirts of a fierce skirmish between Confederation fighters and Kilrathi scouts. One of the invaders decided to pick off the easier target of the slower mining ship, and only the quick reactions of a friendly fighter prevented total disaster. Even so, the damage was severe, and the mining ship mortally crippled. Once a frigate reached the quadrant, the Stuarts were rescued from the badly-damaged vessel and rushed to the medical bay. Kaylen survived with only minor injuries. Her father lost part of his left leg, and would carry more scars for the rest of his life. Sadly, her mother did not survive.

Kaylen and her father recuperated, and grieved, for a few weeks, until they could be safely transfered to a civilian transport headed towards friendlier space. Slowly, her father began to regain his composure and started searching for ways to return to asteroid mining. Kaylen, however, found herself more adrift than ever. She felt awkward and stupid around the other kids on the transport, preferring instead to loiter near Engineering. The Chief cheerfully took the girl under his wing and discovered a keen mind, already well-versed in the basics. Rather than pushing her into the standard class structure with the other kids, the Chief encouraged her to learn thermocouplings and transverse induction coils and hydronic circulation. Better still, he let her take a few spare tools and a few spare bits and bobs back to her quarters, just to tinker and play and see how things might fit together. That type of tinkering remains one of her favorite pastimes to this day.

All good things must end, of course, and the transport eventually reached civilized worlds. Kaylen had little time to say goodbye before her father rushed off to a new venture, but he and the Chief did collaborate to ensure that the girl was enrolled safely in one of the nicer technical academies on one of the nicer planets. Despite her discomfort at so much sky overhead, Kaylen threw herself into her studies with eagerness, quickly discovering just how much there was to learn. For five solid years, she worked hard at school, making only a few friends yet excelling academically. Three significant events happened between her fourteenth and fifteenth birthdays. First, she and her closest friend began and ended a short-lived romantic relationship, which at least served to open Kaylen's imagination to future possibilities. Second, a recruiter visited the Academy, looking for bright young minds to join the Confederation Navy, which gave Kaylen ideas on how to get back into space. Third, she passed the necessary tests to qualify as a short-range pilot, which restored a sense of peace and freedom she hadn't realized she'd missed.

At age 17, and with several recommendations from the academy, Kaylen submitted her application to join the Confederation Navy. Her application was accepted, and from there, she fell into much the same routine as a number of her peers. Boot camp was a nightmare, but she perservered. Physical training was exhausting, but she refused to quit. The test to qualify for officer training was daunting, but she only had to take it twice. When she was twenty-one, she graduated from the Naval Academy and earned her commission. Her first tour of duty lasted eight months, as an Ensign in the Engineering Section of a cruiser in the 6th Fleet. The end of those eight months came too soon, and she jumped at a chance to transfer to the 8th Fleet. It took a few more shifts in personnel, but her hard work paid off when she received her first promotion, as well as notice to report to the TCS Majestic, as part of the flagship's Engineering Staff.

Prior Deployments

  • 6th Fleet
    • TCS Battlecruiser Garinthe - Junior Engineering Officer - No Combat Encountered
  • 8th Fleet
    • TCS Medical Frigate Aescolus - Engineering Support - Minor skirmishes
    • TCS Cruiser Hapstead - Engineer - Survived loss of ship during heavy skirmish
    • TCS Cruiser Marlin - Junior Engineer
    • TCS Strike Carrier Majestic - Engineering Officer


  • Promoted from Ensign to Lieutenant (JG) after heroic efforts to keep TCS Hapstead functioning long enough for evacuation.
  • Letter of Commendation on file, from Commander J.D. Jenkins of TCS Aescolus, for dedication to duty and attention to detail during repair of damaged fighters.


  • None

Notes From Prior CO's (OOC except for DH's)

Excerpt from Cmdr Jenkins:
"…expresses a near-obsession with ship-board systems and mechanical systems, often to the exclusion of interpersonal contact. The qualities that make her valuable may also require discreet observation, and if necessary, direct intervention. There is no question of her skill or talent, but efforts should be made to enhance her socialization…"


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