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Ensign Kayly Taylor
Name: Kayly Taylor
Callsign: N/A
Rank: Ensign
Branch: TCN
Unit: TCS Majestic
Position: Doctor
Age: 29
Homeworld: New Detroit
Marital Status: Single
Actor: None Selected



Born in Gemini Sector, on the industrial planet of New Detroit, Kayly Taylor came from one of the poorer sections of the planet, and her family was typically as bad off as the other inhabitants of the area. The youngest of three children, she didn't usually get much of a chance to spend with either of her parents, as they would have to work long hours in the factories that they were employed with, just to earn enough money to feed the family. With her parents not being around often, a lot of her time outside of school tended to be spent out roaming the rough and tumble streets along with her brothers. Along with all the activity that tended to come with the roaming, her brothers also taught her some about how to defend herself in a fight, should she ever find herself in one. When it came to school, Kayly had proven herself to be pretty bright, and she usually managed to get good grades, despite the fact that she didn't always have the time to do much studying.

As she entered her teens, she took up basketball, and took some emergency first aid classes as a means to keep herself busy, since her brothers were less willing to have her tag along as much, by this time. This was mainly because they had started taking up less legal pursuits, in an attempt to earn more money, and they weren't interested in involving her directly. For a few years, she didn't even suspect them of doing anything of that sort, until a day came along that one of them was cut by a knife, and instead of just going to find a doctor, had gotten her to take care of it as well as she coold. The frequency with which she was called on to do this sort of thing kept increasing, as her brothers started to bring other people with various wounds to have her patch them up enough, so that they could make it to doctors that wouldn't ask inconveniant questions, without bleeding to death.

During this period of being asked to fix up every criminal 'friend' that her brothers had, who were clumsy enough to get injured, Kayly tended to have to make due with whatever materials she could find to fix people up, as she almost never had any proper medical stuff to work with, duct tape being one of her favorite tools to work with, (though not really a favorite for the 'patients' who had to have the tape taken off, eventually.) As time went on, and she finished school, her teachers encouraged her to go to college, seeing as her grades had stayed high, all through school, though getting money to actually go was a fairly large problem.

Kayly finally decided that the military might be the best way to be able for her to afford higher education, so after some thought, she ended up joining, with the intention of eventually becoming a doctor. After finishing up with her basic training, she found herself off all the way to Earth, in order to study at the Confed Academy. While at the Academy, she continued to do well in her studies, and graduated fairly high in her class. During her time at the Academy, she also developed an interest in literature, and reading, that she'd never really had to chance to cultivate, beforehand. On finishing all of her training, she was assigned as a medical officer on Luna, for two years, before she was stationed on a cruiser in the Vega Sector for another year. Recently, she received new orders, and has now made her way back to the Gemini Sector, where she's been assigned to help fill in the somewhat depleted medical staff of the TCS Majestic.

Prior Deployments

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