Kilrathi Capital Ships



The Dorkir is the most commonly employed Kilrathi bulk transport craft. Several different versions have been noted, filling roles from troop transport to tanker craft. The Dorkir is slow, unmaneuverable, and badly armed by almost any standard, and is thus rarely seen unescorted.



Designed from stolen plans in response to the Confederation's deployment of the Diligent, the Lumbari is a purpose-built military transport. The Lumbari is smaller and more maneuverable than the Dorkir-class, though offers no improvement in speed, and actually carries less armor. The craft has seen extremely limited use, and it has been speculated that the Kilrathi did not find the changes enough to justify redirecting their manufacturing capacity.



The smallest of Kilrathi warships, the Kamekh is designed primarily for convoy escort and internal security duties. Though lightly armored by capital ship standards, its shields still render it all but impervious to fighter attack, and its torpedo tube makes for a credible threat to light capital ships.



The Ralari is the most commonly sighted class of Kilrathi destroyer. Like many Kilrathi capital ships, it sports a small fighter compliment to supplement its firepower. Anti-Capship armament is light compared to similar Confederation designs, however anti-fighter armament is superior, reflecting its hybrid status.



A recent introduction from the Kilrathi shipyards, the Ralatha is built to make up for the deficiencies of the Ralari. The destroyer has proven to be well-balanced and is fast becoming a common sight on the front lines. While less maneuverable than the Ralari, this destroyer is faster and more heavily armored with a similar armament to the Ralari. In addition, this destroyer design is built with a small hangar that has been reported to carry most any type of Kilrathi fighter in small quantities.



The Fralthi-class is an odd creature by Terran standards, and is alternately classified as a Cruiser and a Light Carrier. Armor is roughly equal to the Exeter class, and the main batteries are superior. Anti-fighter armament is limited by Confederation standards, however, leaving the Fralthi vulnerable to fighter attack.



The Snakeir is the newest design of Kilrathi purpose-built carrier. Fighter compliment is superior to the Bengal, and the ship is more heavily armored than any other design employed on either side of the war. Armament is extremely lacking, however, with the same anti-fighter armament as the smaller Ralari and Fralthi classes, and no Anti-Capship weaponry at all.

Images are from the Wing Commander Standoff and Unknown Enemy Fan Project Websites except for the two transports at the top, which come from the Official Wing Commander games.