Kilrathi Fighters



The Sartha is a fast and maneuverable fighter employed by Kilrathi reconnaissance patrols which has recently been observed to replace the aging Salthi class. With modest armament and armor that's considered suicidally thin by Confederation standards, the Sartha's biggest threats are its sensors and its communications system. Where Sartha are spotted, heavier craft are sure to be close behind.

Dralthi II


The Dralthi II is the most commonly seen Kilrathi fighter in space. The ship is lightly armored compared to Confederation craft that fill the same role, however its speed and maneuverability exceed its confederation counterpart's. The Dralthi's twin missile launchers also enable it to put a substantial amount of firepower into space in a short time, though the fighter's endurance is limited.



The Drakhri is a new Kilrathi medium fighter design, only recent seen in Gemini. Firepower and maneuverability are both comparable to Terran designs, though the light protection afforded the pilot is typical Kiralthi design. Most critically, the Drakhri has demonstrated greatly increased operating range and endurance compared to either the Krant or Dralthi, allowing the Kilrathi to project force further from their carriers.



In 2650, the Krant Mk. II was introduced and has proven far more effective than Confed's Scimitar with better maneuverability and armour. The armament, however, is light by Confederation standards. Even so, of the two Kilrathi medium class fighters on the frontlines, the Krant is less-commonly seen. This has lead Terran Intelligence to suspect some form of production difficulty.



The Hhriss is considered by many pilots to be the toughest of the Kilrathi designs in space. Well armed, well armored, and with respectable maneuverability, the Hhriss' only major weakness is its low top speed. The Hhriss is primarily seen in a defensive role, leaving Terran Intelligence to suspect it has a limited deployment range.



With three laser cannon and three neutron guns, the Jalthi's forward armament is nothing short of spectacular. As a result, head-on passes are strongly discouraged for few who engage in such a tactic against one, often don't survive. The design does, however, is slow and unwieldy, leaving the ship vulnerable to attack by more nimble craft even lighter fighters like the Stiletto and Hornet.



The Grikath is a new Kilrathi design, meant to replace their aging selection of bomber craft. Built around an entirely different concept from the Broadsword, the Grikath relies more on speed than firepower to reach its target and deliver its payload. Unlike the Broadsword, this bomber carries only one turret and one less torpedo. However, armor is comparable and the craft is equipped with afterburners, giving it a substantial edge in speed.

Images are from the Wing Commander Standoff Fan Project Website