Late Night In Fal
Late Night in FAL
Arc: None
Summary: Several naval and space force personnel and even a marine chat the night away in First and Last.
Date: 2658.157
Related Logs: None
Participants: Saint-Cloud, Paz, Phillip, Veritas, Raine, Kayly, Maximilian, Jim

Though a single space, the ship's lounge is divided into three sections by a pair of heavily tinted glass panes, painted with the logos of the six squadrons which serve aboard the Majestic. Blue carpeting runs through all three, and the only entrance and exit is located through the center section.

The center space sports a scattering of metal tables and matching chairs, all bare silver to contrast with blue carpet. A small bar is located along the aft bulkhead, with a wide selection of beverages located in the cabinets behind and a few barstools set in front. Flanking the bar are a pair of large vidscreens, to keep the crew up to date on the latest in news or entertainment.

The side rooms are configured identically, each with a small vidscreen mounted above a shelf that runs along the bulkhead, giving occupants a place to rest drinks or possessions. The room to port has been set up with a pool table, while the room to starboard sports a pair of poker tables.

Saint-Cloud sits at the bar on a stool though perched seems a more apt description considering his feet barely touch the floor.. OF course it is a fairly high barstool but… Anyways, the stocky heavyworlder XO is tapping away on a rather expensive tablet computer, a pint of beer set on the bar beside it.

Paz meanders wearily into FAL, pausing to give the XO a polite nod before hopping onto a barstool and ordering, not without a tone of sincere regret, ginger ale.

Raine wanders in herself. She looks faintly tired, but she has a book under one arm and a small tree (this one - citrus scented with tiny buds!) in the other. For better or worse, she still gets an odd look or two but the woman is at one with her trees. She is in her usual state of spaced out peace. She pauses, noticing Paz and the XO. A smile to the two. "Hello there." She is cautious, though less genuinely anxious - but friendly.

Veritas enters the bar in a rather good mood he smiles as he wanders up, "Round of drinks on me bar keep, it's a rather good day." He smiles and as he passes Paz he throws her a little salute, a hug for the medic, which might come out of the blue, and a little kiss for the Cirtus tree.

Phillip enters the FAL and makes a beeline for the bar. After ordering his usual cola, he turns to the XO and gives him a nod. "Wonderful weather we're having. Space with zero percent catch of pirate," Iceblade says with a chuckle. The cola comes quickly and Iceblade takes a seat next to the XO.

Apparently, the ship's lounge has been short on that authentic veteran cynicism lately, and for that reason Captain Maximilian Barta makes a rare appearance in a relatively social setting. He remains done up to the top button, as it were, even in full uniform as he gazes around at First and Last. In spite of his time on the ship, he regards the lounge as if he'd never seen it before and every molecule of its being was deeply, primordially offensive to him.

The fighter captain shambles (there is no better way to put it) towards the bar. His fingers rest on the countertop. His fingers drum on it. He makes no move to actually get a drink.

Saint-Cloud looks up from his tablet and.. he seems to be wearing a tiny pair of bezled specs. He pulls them off and nods to Paz, smiling faintly. "Lieutenant.. Nice to see you out and about," he says in that strangely deep voice that seems a few sizes too big for someone of his stature. "And good evening Doctor.. Well, seems the damn broke loose. The place is really filling up." He grins at Phillips comment. "Good thing too. I have been hitting the tactical simulators hard to get my gunnery up to par. Was always my weak point.."

"Heh, yeah, I just heard from the knuckledraggers that you guys didn't find anything." Paz replies, giving the new arrivals a friendly wave. "Thanks for the thought, Veri, but I gotta stay sober, for now at least, gotta fly in like an hour or so," she replies to his offer of a free drink. "Heya, Doc," she greets Raine. "New tree?" She asks with a little teasing wink.

Raine is surprised by the hug, but smiles at Veritas. She looks amused at the kiss for the tree too. She beams at him. "Wow. It did get invaded." And here she figured she'd need a book. She looks around and smiles. "Tell me about it. It's good to see you all too." Even max gets a faint smile in greeting. She looks to Paz and nods. "It has little oranges." Beam. This idea pleases Raine. But then Veritas gets the brunt of her attention. She turns a bit red after hugging him back. "And it's good to see you! They must be keeping you busy. We should probably sit though…" Her and her tree can probably block traffic.

Free from the chaos that is Medbay, Kayly instead finds herself drifting into the chaos that is the F&L. She makes her way over to the bar, and orders herself a carbonated beverage, and leans back against the bar as she waits for it to arrive. As she looks around at the crown, she gives a few nods to people that she knows.

Veritas himself collects a soda, "Yeah well a drink is a drink, they don't all have to get you hammered." He chuckles and nods to Raine, "Yeah I am sorry, deep recon patrols mostly. We…never did get to follow up on that picnic…forgive me?"

Phillip nods as he takes a long sip from the cola. He then sets the drink on the counter. Noticing the Captain enter, Phillip turns to 221st's XO as the Max sits down. Phillip has not actually met him before and has only seen him at the occasional wing briefings most notably before the Battle of Junction. "Rough day at the office, sir?" 2nd Lt. Phillip asks with an upbeat and non-serious tone.

"Heh, yeah, but where's the fun in getting free ginger ale?" Paz muses, sipping at the aforementioned beverage. "Evening, sir." she adds for the Illuminati's XO. "How's life among the Sparkles?"

Maximilian's reaction to people acting polite and professionally friendly is to look around, between Phillip and Paz, eyes screwing up, brow furrowing, concentrating for just a moment as if trying to remember if either of them is actually in his squadron. As if to buy himself time, he taps a couple fingers on the countertop. "Soda water," he declares to the bartender.

Then a somewhat sidelong look towards Phillip, seemingly paying more attention to his soda water. "In this line of work, it's usually a slow day at the office, lieutenant." Then he turns in the other direction towards Paz, head swinging like a metronome. "I have relieved sickbay of the company of both myself and most of my pilots for several weeks now. This counts as a victory, from where I'm standing."

Raine will quietly order some water for her tree and a bit of fizzy fruit juice for herself. She smiles at Kayly and waves. She'll sit near the group. "That's alright. You'll get away with it this time," She smiles. She doesn't seem to mind. That is life in the military at times after all. She glances around. A nod at Max, "We miss you guys but it's best when the pilots are free. It's like caging birds sometimes." She does feel bad for them, but dang. Some of 'em might try to just climb out if they were given the chance.

Veritas says, "I could always try to get myself shot up so we can spend more time together?"

Kayly offers a nod and a wave to Raine, and then turns around partway to pick up her now arrived drink. She chuckles as she listens to the CMO, and then speaks up. "Oh, hey, that reminds me. When I was checking Paz out last time, she gave me a -great- idea. Next time she has to stay in medbay, lets charge her rent." She says to Raine, with a grin.

Jim walks in snapping his fingers to a beat. He waves, "Hey everyone, how's it going?"

Phillip nods at the Captain's response. Overhearing Veritas, Iceblade comments with a smile, "I tried that line with Sandra. She didn't appreciate the idea even in-jest." Iceblade then turns around to Paz, "So taking the late patrol shift?"

"Hey, now that was a perfectly innocent smartass remark, Taylor." Paz calls, chuckling. "Not a real suggestion. Besides, as broke as I am these days what with sending cash home and all, I couldn't afford it. Then I'd get hit and bleed out or something. Then who would you have to entertain you?"

Saint-Cloud doesn't say much else, as everyone seems engaged, so he just listens idly. He sips from the pint of beer in his massive hand, his tablet computer on the bar infront of him semi-forgotten.

Paz snerks at Phillip's question. "Not so much a question of 'taking', as it is 'being frickin' _assigned_. Tori's way of getting even with me for being in the Bay for that one day." she sighs. "Yeah, I've noticed we've had fewer Sparkles aboard of late, sir." Paz says to Maximillian. "Must be nice to have a quiet bunkroom."

Maximilian's soda water arrives. He doesn't actually drink it, instead simply holding the glass in his hand as if it were comforting. "With all respect, Dr. Winterson," he says to Raine, "as much as we appreciate your keeping us from dying, I know I for one am always in a hurry to get out. Being charged for my bunk would just lead to my crawling out of my bunk and trying to fly my fighter from a wheelchair." A sip of his carbonated water, at last, the captain savoring the taste as if it were something entirely otherworldly.

"It's the wardroom where you notice most of the missing pilots," Maximilian adds to Paz, almost as an afterthought. "You dine with the other officers and you chat and laugh and there aren't very many there the last few days and you wind up just hoping you did your job and they come through all right." His voice, normally so rock-solid, quavers just slightly.

A pause, at his own unexpectedly emotional interlude. "Don't ever go into command." he adds.

Raine sighs at Veritas, "No. Don't even think about that. Then I'll see you but I'll be fussing. And then sad I can't bring you here or to see the trees." She shakes her head. A smile at Kayly. "Well… then it'd be nigh impossible to keep them. I already debated trip wires, nurses with dart guns and ball pits." She's obviously joking. "Most folks seem to avoid the 'bay." She looks to Saint Cloud. "Oh! Did I get that package to you?" Likely his vitamins. She remembers these things! She smiles at Max, "Oh I know. Keeping you guys in Medbay - still like keeping a very determined parrot or octopus." Wily, determined and with a lot of free time. It's not fun. "I bet they'll be fine. You take good care of them and taught them well sir," Raine offers. She seems to have a limited understanding although that may change considering she's partially in charge of Corpsmen and their ilk.

Veritas grins "The trees? I was wondering where you keep them all.." He looks over at Kayly and waves, "We haven't met have we?"

Kayly laughs some, and shakes her head at Paz. "Oh, come on. I wouldn't let you bleed out. I'd just staple your wounds shut, and duct tape them. Just like back home." She remarks with a smirk and shakes her head. "But nah. I'm no more serious about it than you were." A grin and a nod are given in Raine's direction. "Heh, yeah, that would be even more of a problem, if we were making them pay for it. And then there'd be the problem of keeping track of who owes how much money. And I'd sure as hell never trust me to do that work." She adds with a snicker.

Jim somehow ends up at the bar, and orders a beer.

Phillip listens to the back and forth banter over paying for Medbay hours. "Well, I'd definitely pay for room service." Phillip looks over to the freshly arrived Jim, "How's it going Jim?"

"Heh, oh, I don't think I have to worry about that, sir." Paz chuckles to Max. "Not with my record," she winks playfully as she sips her ginger ale. "Hey, that doesn't sound too bad, Taylor," she laughs. "You wanna try that out , lemme know."

"Why, thank you, doctor," Maximilian replies to Raine without turning around. At Paz's reply he chuckles - probably the most mirthless, devoid-of-joy sound in this universe. And he drinks some more soda water with the intensity of a man drinking straight tequila.

Saint-Cloud drains his beer and, scooping up his tablet, makes for the door.

Raine nods, "Oh the paperwork and demand for duct tape would be nightmarish." Not to mention the scads of hello kitty bandaids! "Plus, I think I'd forget about the trip wires and some of the nurses really didn't do so well on their marksmanship…" But the ball pits can stay. Everyone loves ball pits. She grins at Veritas. "My office, my bunk and wherever someone doesn't mind." Beam. She seems to be in good spirits. "Hey there," A little wave to Jim. She doesn't seem to mind Max not turning around. "Well… it's true. I don't envy your position, because it must be a lot like being a parent. You watch over them, teach them and send them off. Even though sometimes you want to drop kick them, it's never easy." She looks thoughtful. She waves to Cloud, "See you sir." She hms softly. "I guess maybe I should get my juice and go. I didn't notice the time."

Veritas nods and she doesn't answer, he shrugs, and turns back away from the new Doc his attention returning to Raine. "See you never did show me your bunk." He winks and raises an eyebrow at her.

"I dunno. I'm a bit out of practice with the whole doing medical procedures without actual medical equipment. So I'd prefer to save it for an emergency." Kayly remarks to Paz, chuckling a bit. Another chuckle is given towards Raine, and she comments. "Well if the nurses can't handle marksmanship stuff, I always can." She then turns over towards Veritas, as his question finally registers. "Err, sorry, no I don't think we have. Kayly Taylor." She offers in introduction, chuckling a bit.

Jim says, "Hey Phill." Jim pulls up a chair near Phill, after grabbing his beer.

Paz nods a little and sips at her ginger ale placidly, seeming content to let the conversation swirl around her for now.

"So how's been your first few weeks aboard the Majestic?", Phillip says towards Jim.

Raine goes wide-eyed and blushes. "Huh, what kind of trees do you take us for? Never on the first date." She smiles at Veritas. "But I think I've a few more things to do before I can wander off." She wriggles her fingertips in a wave. "Be well, all of you. I am glad I got to see you."

Veritas grins and nods, "Don't be a stranger Doc, you know where I shower" He winks at her and finishes his own soda. "I should be heading back myself.

Kayly grins slightly, and takes a sip from her glass, giving a nod and a wave towards Raine as she prepares to leave. "Take care, and see you later, Boss."

Paz gives Raine a friendly wave and Veritas a long, searching look before turning back to her glass. "Well….I think pre-flight's about started on my bird. Think I'll go annoy the Chief and his people and help out," she grins playfully to Phillip.

Jim tells Phill, "Well my first few weeks have gone well, thanks. How have you been?"

Phillip says, "Pretty good, at least with these pirates, I haven't had to go to the Medbay for the right reasons." Iceblade gives a smirk before turning to Raine and waves her goodbye, "Night Raine."

Phillip notices the others leaving. "Later Veritas, Paz. Oh and Paz, try not to get to shot up again." Iceblade throws in a wink.

Raine laughs softly , though she turns more red. She smiles at Kayly too. "See you. And man, I never thought I'd be called that." She admits, eyes widening. She waves to Paz and heads on out. Jim gets a wave and Phillip too. "See you, be safe out there."

Sitting at the bar, relatively disconsolate, Maximilian simply works on his soda water. The doctor's (rather positive) remarks go unreplied too as she leaves, perhaps because of their relative positiveness. He's trying to get some first-class angsting in here, although it's difficult without liquor.

As most of the personnel leave FAL for sleep or work, Iceblade turns his attention over to Max, "So Captain, seems like you have alot on your mind."

Kayly yawns, and finishes off her drink, before standing up, and stretching. "Well, I think it's time for me to get some sleep. Take care guys." She says before she heads towards the exit.