Lizard Wounds
Lizard Wounds
Arc: None
Summary: Pilots from two seperate misadventures entertain visitors in medical
Date: 2658.211
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Participants: Draygo Cole Paz Victoria Raine

Tori was lucky enough to check out clear after that last mission, but she's got other reasons to visit medbay alas. She heads in, glancing around as if looking for someone. In her hands a couple puzzle books can be seen. Her brow wrinkles, and she stops short, perhaps not seeing who whe was looking for. That has her looking for a nurse to ask, and in the process she spies Kell, so she wends her way over thataway. "Afternoon, Razor, Nurse," she greets the two as she nears.

By the time Victoria reaches Kell's medical bed, the nurse is just about done wrapping up the pilot's torso with fresh bandages. Since he was looking around during the whole process, it wasn't hard to see the Rapier Squadron Leader approaching his way. When she gives her greeting though, he bobs his head in a nod while adding a grin, "Gracing me with your presense, Your Highness? To what do I owe this honor?" The nurse, finishes the final wrap and secures before nodding her greeting at Tori before rolling his eyes in Kell's direction, moving off to assist with other more important matters now.

As for Cole, well, he's apparently much improved from his seeing-double state of a couple days before. He's even made it to what he was referring to as the 'standing without puking' stage. Of course, what that's really done is given him more time to be restless about still being stuck in medical bay. Tori and Draygo's conversation remains uninterrupted for the moment, though how long Cole lets that last is anyone's guess.

Tori grins at the nurse, turning back to Kell, as the other woman leaves. "Accident of fate," is her laconic reply to the other pilot. "I was looking for someone else, but saw you first," she says, letting her amusement show. "Everything okay? It's difficult to duck lizards, as we've all learned, but it didn't seem you were hurt too badly?" She does glance around again, but her attention comes back to Kell, for the moment, letting poor Cole be bored.

"Freaking lizards, jumping out of nowhere and not even having enough respect to just die quietly. Have to admit, it wasn't as bad until the next day, that's when the pain and soreness kicked in." Kell says as he turns to grab his uniform, slowly and gingerly putting it on. It's obvious his mobility is lacking now, thus being left on Light Duty for now. "I swear, something always happens to me on ground missions. From that rescue mission for you in the artic pole of some planet and now that treasure hunting gone bad mission. I wonder what is next."

At least able to stand and such, Cole finally takes it upon himself to go a-wandering… pausing as he spots Tori and Draygo loitering there as well. "I missed something, didn't I?" Cole asks with an amused little chuckle.

Tori watches Draygo for a moment, but her eyes don't stray too far, before she winces in sympathy. "That's too bad, but hopefully something time will put to rights. Are you an out-patient or stuck in here?" At the talk of the rescue mission, Tori glances down at her feet. "I'm still sorry about that, you know. It certainly wasn't my idea of a fun time, being stuck at the north pole to get shot or freeze to death." She lets her breath out in a sigh, but then she chuckles. "Oh, Razor, you shouldn't ask that question - you might get an answer."

"Nah, I can walk around and stuff, just minor injury so they don't want me occupying a bed. Not that I mind, the food here is terrible." Kell says, the last part he leans over and whispers, as if he doesn't want the nurses to overhear. Sitting back up, he starts buttoning up his uniform, "I dunno, Your Highness, you might be one of those girls who loves being a damsel in distress." He quips with a grin before turning his attention to Cole who has managed to wander towards their location, "Well, you certainly look better now. Guess the 'Sword didn't give as much protection as it was suppose to. How are you doing?"

Tori chuckles softly. "Right, that's not so bad. At least you don't get quite so bored as most of the folks stuck in here. And - damsel in distress? In your dreams, Razor, in your dreams." She shakes her head a bit, glancing over as Cole approaches. "Aha, here, I brought you these. If they don't tax your brain too much, maybe they'll keep you from being too bored." There, that's what the puzzle books are for, apparently. She flashes Cole a grin, before looking back to Kell. Is he taking his time getting dressed on purpose?

"Sword gave me plenty, I made it back to land didn't I?" Cole comments with a little chuckle. "Hate to see what'd happen with a Stiletto taking three hits like that" he adds, before looking curiously towards Draygo. "So what the hell happened to you?"

Laughing, Kell is certainly amused but then his laughing turns into a wince as his body isn't ready for such activities, atleast not yet. "Oooh… that smarts. Surprising how much damage a dead lizard can do." He watches as the puzzles were handed over to the wounded bomber pilot, "Are you making sure that he doesn't have brain damage or something?" The question directed at him though is answered with a shake of a head, "Don't ask."

Tori flashes an apologetic grin at Kell, shrugging lightly. "Razor is following up on his most interesting injuries department," she explains to Cole, but her good mood seems to slip, at the thought. "He got hit with a dying lizard while protecting the rest of the team. And of course, I'm making sure Voodoo has no brain damage - c'mon, we gotta make sure he's all in one piece, right?" A sidelong glance at Cole to see how he's taking all this, and then Tori steps back a bit, so that the trio can more easily chat. After all, she's the only one completely mobile.

Paz slips into the Med Bay and makes straight for Cole and Draygo's bedsides. "Hey guys." she calls, giving a little wave and nodding politely to Tori. "Evenin' Cap."

Cole looks back at Tori and gives a little bit of a chuckle. "No brain damage, but if they keep me in here too much longer I might start going crazy" he adds. "Puzzles or no. I figure they've gotta kick me out soon, though" he adds. And yes, Paz, he's even back on his feet for the moment. Without puking, even!

"I had a feeling he'll pull through, takes more than that to take out pilots than us." Kell says with a grin at Cole, seeing that the other man has recovered very well from the thrashing that occurred. When Tori explains what happened to him to Cole though, the younger pilot has a scowl decorating his face as he shakes his head, "Freaking lizards. Of all things." Seeing Paz coming at them full speed, he gives her a wave.

"Who ever expects lizards?" Tori commiserates with Kell, though she is somewhat amused at his reaction. "Hey, Tizona. How're you doing?" she calls to the newly arriving pilot. So, if there's 4 pilots, is that a conference? A gaggle? "Well, if you don't finish the puzzles before they kick you out, leave 'em for the next poor slob stuck in here, Voodoo." Which by then might be Tori, you never know. Damsel in distress, sniff. As if.

"Heh, no-one expects the Lizard Inquisition." Paz chuckles, finding a spot to perch at. "Doing good, boss ma'am, and how are you on this fine evening?" she asks breezily. "Just dropping by to check up on Voodoo and Lizard Man over here." she smiles. "You're both looking pleasantly, I note." she adds, nodding her approval. Doc Raine does good work.

"Yeah, I'll see about doing that. Who knows, maybe if I show 'em I can do a puzzle or two, they'll believe that my head's fixed" Cole explains with a little grin. "Worth a shot, right?" he asks. "And what were y'all doing that suddenly lizards become the topic of the day, anyway?"

Bobbing his head at Paz, Kell answers her query on his health, "Still stiff and sore, but most of the pain is gone. Can't fly yet though, so I'm just sitting around. No fitness workouts either." Bored pilot is bored, that's for sure but he certainly doesn't mind getting the extra rest. He lets the girls tell the story of the lizard, not exactly a story teller himself.

"Looking for treasure," is Tori's short version of the answer to Cole's question, with a hint of mischief in her smile. "We were on a planet that seemed to be 120% jungle too, so we got lucky that lizard was all there was. I think it could have been worse." Paz gets a smile too, at her explanation for why she's here. Makes sense, really, and not a big surprise to Tori. "I'm doing okay, just here visiting, myself. Though I have to admit I wasn't expecting to find Razor here - that was a bonus."

Dun dun dun. Raine patrols her domain. She's still somewhat shy, but quietly confident these days. She smiles politely at nurses and orderlies in passing. She has a couple of charts in one hand and a bonsai in the other. These days, the plants are somewhat ubiquitous in non-sterile areas. Even bonsai follow cleanliness rules. But alas! She spots the gaggle of pilots, stands on tippy toes and peers over. The treeman entereth? "Oh. Hello there. It's nice to see the Air wing watching out for one another," Smile.

Paz chuckles. "Heh, yeah, the lizard from hell was definitely not on our 'expected encounters' list." she sighs, shaking her head a little. "But yeah, lucky that's all it was. EC like that, no _telling_ what other predators could've been down there." she says. "But I'm glad you're doing better, even if you will now and forever be Lizard Man." she grins to Draygo. "And you won't fool _anybody_ with your puzzles, Captain, we know you too well to think your noggin's not cracked."

"I'd say that I'm sorry I missed it… but from the sound of things, I'd be lying" Cole replies with a little chuckle and a slight shake of his head. "And hello, Doc" Cole greets Raine cheerfully. After all, why not be cheerful, she's the one with the power to kick him out of here.

Actually, I think I'm gonna head back to the Temple and get some more sleep. Moving about isn't really comfortable right now so I'm going to take advantage of this Light Duty business they have me on." Kell says to the group as he stands up off of the bed. He then shoots Paz a frown as she dubs him the 'Lizard Man', "I already have my callsign and it is most certainly not Lizardman." He then smiles at the doctor as she joins them, "It's what we do, we always have each other's six when we can. Feel better, Voodoo, I'm gonna go get my beauty sleep."

"Make sure you get lots of sleep, Lizard Man," Tori tells Kell, yanking his chain a little. She blinks at Paz and then laughs. "Shh, not so loud, Tizona - the medical types will catch on." And then she says, "Oh, hi, Raine." All nice and innocent, yes. She wrinkles her nose and then turns to Cole, tilting her head a bit. The amusement fades from her expression momentarily. "you got that right, Voodoo. It definitely is not a vacation paradise of a planet."

A smile and a wave to Kell. "Glad to see you up and well, Kellzilla. Mothra is probably waiting for you." And the lizard puns keep rolling. Raine blushes. "Sorry. I'm glad to see you on lighty duty already. Lizard scratches are a pain to work on. Like cats, their claws generally are good for shredding things to Heck, and that unfortunately includes us." A little pout. She smiles at Cole though. "Hello there," She greets him warmly in turn. She pauses. Catch onto what? Her eyebrows lift and she shakes it off. "I figured I would take a peek at the Major and see if we can at least turn him loose on light duty. You took quite a knock to the noggin there," She notes quietly. "How are you feeling?"

"Sleep easy, Lizard Man." Paz chuckles, waving as Draygo makes his departure, then has to cover her mouth to keep from squealing with laughter at Raine's quip. "Oh…that was just _perfect_, Doc!" she giggles fitfully, offering the CMO a high five. "As for Voodoo here, Queen." she chuckles. "Trust me, they probably figured out his deal ages ago." she smirks. Nothing like razzing an injured superior officer.

"Glad it was only a broadsword and not a lizard" Cole deadpans, before he gives a little smile towards Raine. "Compared to the last few days? Fan-fucking-tastic. There's really something to be said for standing without feeling like I'm going to puke. Never really appreciated that fact before" he explains.

While walking away, Kell just shakes his head as his back is towards them. He does raise a hand and gives them all a wave without turning back, atleast he is gentlemanly enough not to change the wave into a bird flick.

Aww, poor Kell. So picked upon. It is nice to see he's a good sport, but by now, Tori is caught in a fit of laughter, unable to really even answer Raine's question about what the heck was she talking about earlier. She does manage to stop after a moment or two, catching her breath. "Sorry," she says first, and then she chuckles a bit more before she manages to breathe. "I'm sure they have Voodoo all figured out, I thought you meant me!" she tells Paz first, still amused. "Raine, don't take it personally, but some things just don't translate well." Cole gets an almost sympathetic look - well it would be sympathetic, but she's still amused over her own misunderstanding not to mention Razor's departure.

She grins at Paz and high-fives. "I'm so mean," Raine blushes. "Poor guy. Maybe I'll give him a candy bar or something," Raine ponders. Poor Kell. She seems somewhat sympathetic at least. She looks back to the others and tilts her head. A smile. "That's okay," Nod. Pilots are their own culture as far as she knows and there's an acceptance of the fact. As Cole responds though, Raine watches him intently. She seems pleased for a moment. "Well, that's a good start. I was going to ask if you'd felt dizzy or nauseous recently." Fwip, a page turns on his chart. "Otherwise, you should be okay for light duty. I know how well most of you take to captivity," A bemused look.

"Heh, yeah, but you're funny." Paz replies, slapping Raine's palm with her own soundly. "So we'll let it slide." she grins. "And, for the record, Queen, I am now completely confused." she chuckles. "Doc, think maybe you could give Queen here a CT scan or something? I'm getting worried."

"Guess I'm not the only one here who's taken a hit to the head recently" Cole tells Paz jokingly, jerking a thumb towards Tori. As if there was really any doubt who he was referring to. That said, it's back to talking with the Doc. "And yeah, I'll be happy to get out of here if you'll turn me loose." Cole agrees. "Only so much looking at the ceiling I can stand"

"Oh sure," Tori says, crossing her arms in front of her chest, and frowning at both Cole and Paz for a moment. "See, here I am trying to make sense of Tizona's confusing statement, and you all are making fun of me? Oh never mind - it obviously wasn't that important. Hey, doc? If you do lock me up in here, can it be some place away from these jokers? Is there a no punning zone?"

Hee. Raine smiles and blushes. "I don't know. She probably runs pretty fast." A look over Cole. She peers into his eyes. Hrrm. Well, there's probably a soul in there. "Sure, can you stand up for me?" She asks Cole. Business has its place, even if the pilots are making her smile. She tilts her head. "A no punning zone. Um. I could set up a box." She looks thoughtful. "But I bet your wing would be really good at finding you…" Ponder. "Unless I hid you in the hygiene pamphlets maybe. But that's kind of scary."

"Um, with all due respect, Captain." Paz comments, bringing herself not quite to attention, but certainly straightening her spine. "What in the _hell_ are you talking about?" she asks, then breaks up laughing. "What pun? I didn't even make a pun!" she hoots, nearly collapsing. Raine's mention of hiding Tori in the hygiene pamphlets certainly doesn't help her composure, either. "Put me somewhere Doc, I'm sure there's a rubber room in here someplace…All I need's a couple days…."

"Yeah, sure" Cole replies as he goes along with Raine's little request. Anything to get out of this place, right? "I don't know, Doc…" Cole tells her idly. "If she got away from her squadron, I figured they'd throw a going away party and /then/ a search party" he jokes. Apparently, it's pick on Tori night.

Oh it sure is pick on Tori night. Go figure. At this point, Tori just finds a chair and settles into it. Cole gets a scowl, but it's not entirely serious. "So long as they keep some alcohol for me, it's all good," she promptly replies to the major, not bugging him too much while he's being looked after by the doc. Raine gets a "thanks for the offer, Raine, but I think maybe I'll pass on that. Though if you want to lock up Tizona here, she's definitely looking like she could use it." Tori's voice is dry at that, but then she sighs. "Tizona, you said my skull was cracked a while ago, and I was teasing that Raine was going to find out. and then you turned around and said Voodoo's skull was cracked - which, actually it was. Much more so than mine. So that's fine, but would you make up your mind, young lady?"

Raine watches Cole a moment. She is appraising the pilot. Is he swaying? Dizzy? Anything look off. "How are you feeling ? Not dizzy now are you? Mostly I don't want you falling and cracking your head open again. Believe it or not, there's important things there." She smiles gently. She looks between the pilots. "Oh. I think I'm staying out of this one," She blushes. "I like all of you and if you really need to hide, there's plenty of spots in the waiting room. But I do hope this skull cracking thing doesn't become popular."

Paz evidently still doesn't get what Tori's talking about, but is too worn out from laughing to inquire any further. "Oh, we'd save her plenty of hooch." she smirks to Cole. "But as for the search party, eh…yeah…you know….a few days later." she winks, giggling again. "No rush, after all." she adds, needling Tori once more. "Besides, I'd know where to find her." she adds, starting to giggle fitfully. "Right behind the hygiene pamphlets!"

For the curious doctor-types, Cole really doesn't look like he's suffering too many ill effects from his recent run-in with broadsword-bits. "So we'd find her behind the hygene pamphlets, you in the bar, and Razor under the lizards. Hell of a way to run a war."

"Whatever," Tori says, shaking her head. "Don't sweat it, Doc. Can't you feel the love?" She does get to her feet now though. "But I think it's time to relocate out of here, and go get some work done." She flashes a smile, and waves in parting. "I'm going to go hide under my desk."

Poor Tori. Raine smiles at Cole's comment. "I do, I think it's burning…" Is that a joke? GASP. Raine seems pleased though, at Cole's progress. "Well. Between these charts and your responses, I think we can turn you lose on light duty sir," This to the major. "I'm glad everyone came to visit you guys though. I suspect it's either motivation or healing," Beam. "Be well," She waves to Tori.

"Heh, see ya later, Cap." Paz chuckles, giving Tori a little wave. "Be sure to study up on those pamphlets." she calls, unable to resist one more needle, even if it puts her on graveyards until Doomsday. Victoria Carruthers doesn

"Heh, see ya later, Cap." Paz chuckles, giving Tori a little wave. "Be sure to study up on those pamphlets." she calls, unable to resist one more needle, even if it puts her on graveyards until Doomsday. Victoria Carruthers doesn't leave herself wide open like this very often, it's a chance not to be missed! "Take care, Doc." she adds.

"Excellent" Cole replies to Raine with a little grin. "Don't take my being in a hurry to get out of here the wrong way" he adds a moment later. "I do enjoy the company, but the surroundings are, shall we say, a little confining.

Paz chuckles. "Yeah, it's okay when you're hurt, but once you get well, it gets old _FAST_." Paz nods sagely. She should know, she probably has her own dedicated bunk by now, she's been wounded enough times. "So Doc, there's another basketball game playing First tomorrow night." she says. "Modern basketball, not that boring old stuff." she adds quickly.

"No, I understand. You're hardly the first or last to comment or feel that way," Raine smiles at Cole. She seems to understand. "It's nicer to see people up and about anyway. We're kind of like lawyers but much less malevolent. We'd rather people not need us but they do." Shrug. And a wink at that. Rainee looks over to Paz. "Oh? Sure, I'll come by. Maybe this time - I um, might check the alcohol content first…" Blush.

"Now there's really no fun in it if you check the alcohol content first" Cole replies. "I suppose for my part, I'd probably better sit that one out though. Guessing 'go easy on the booze' is probably on my instructions for the next little bit?" Cole speculates. "Wouldn't want to get dragged back here after standing up and falling over, only to have someone discover it was the beer and not the shrapnel" he jokes.

"Heh, I thought you Aussies claimed superior drinking skills." Paz comments placidly, quirking up an eyebrow. "And, heh, well, I'll leave that up to you, Doc." she smirks. "Though, if I may be so bold, it probably would help if you stopped a sight sooner than last time."

"I wouldn't say no drinking at /all/, but please do be careful," Raine nods. "And that's right. Next time you just get duct tape," No Hello Kitty bandaids! She is teasing a little, but there is concern and care in her voice. "I prefer you guys in one piece," Blush. "And um. Yeah. I think so too… at least I didn't do anything stupid I hope?"

"Believe me, I vastly prefer to remain in one piece" Cole replies. "And I don't seem to recall you doing anything /too/ crazy" Cole adds. "Believe me, if there'd been topless dancing on the bar or anything, you'd have heard about it long before now"

"Heh, you'll have to take Cole's word for it, Doc." Paz adds, helpful as always. "Cause I don't remember a hell of a lot of it my own self." she winks.

Raine goes wide-eyed. "Thank goodness it didn't happen. I'd have to call all the eye doctors… and I'd be sad explaining it to Kitten." She rubs the back of her head. "That's good to know, thank you. And hee." She smiles at Paz. "I'll be more careful this time. Both of you be well, alright? I've … more paperwork to do." All that DNA work has to have paperwork to match. Alas.

"I'll try" Cole tells Raine after that comment about being careful. He pauses for a moment there. "And Doc? For what it's worth, thanks." he adds, a rare moment of sincerity.

That little admission has Paz pulling her crucifix out and kissing it, as she knows precisely what the Doc is talking about. "Don't work too hard, Doc." she says quietly, patting the woman on the shoulder gently.

Raine nods solemnly as the crucifix comes out. She just smiles sadly. "I won't, but most of this is time sensitive and I'd like to get the chaplains and priests and families in line." She doesn't seem overtly religious herself, but there is a respect for it. "I'm glad to see you both. And think nothing of it, Major. You work hard keeping us safe." She's grateful for the sincerity and smiles.