Strange Bedfellows - Team B

2659.245 The Big Red Light Redux All craft are launched and sent to engage a host of Kilrathi strike groups. One such group is rather low ranked and must handle a Corvette and several bombers with limited leadership or experience on Confed's side.
2659.245 Simulated Convoy Strike 2.0 A Gaggle of 2nd Lt. are ordered by Col. Taylor into an impromptu simulated Convoy Strike… it ends almost badly except the system crashes… Typical!
2659.245 IFFY Patrol 2nd Lt. Singh helps with some training up and flight time with the IFF boys and girls.
2659.244 Repair Bay Discussions Several pilots discuss the current situation while checking out their craft in the Hangar bay.
2659.244 Bar Room Replacements As the news of the enemy fleet at the jumppoint fully spreads throughout the ship, several of the pilots and crew are trying in First and Last, to grasp their increasingly desperate situation without the solace of alcohol.
2659.244 Bar Room Discussions Several of the pilots and crew discuss the recent recon operation in First and Last.
2659.243 Q-Ship Tango It takes two to Tango, as a large flight of fighters attempt to draw escorts and patrols away from the jumppoint to aide Micro Flight's SWACS mission.
2659.242 Barroom Furball Nina, Azran, and Jules enter the bar…
2659.241 Flashes among the Rocks A patrol of Rapiers and a Stiletto observe find the results of a Sartha on Sartha brawl in a patch of the asteroids.
2659.240 Mining Duty A group of Rapiers escort a Broadsword on a search for some VOCs in the 'roid belt. Sounds like a milk run…
2659.239 Trapped in Rygannon 2 Another day, another discussion of slow actions by Confed.
2659.238 Trapped in Rygannon Some pilots discuss the increasingly tense situation, Gemini Sector finds itself in.

Strange Bedfellows - Team A

Date Name Summary
2659.257 A Bumpy Meet It is late evening on 247th and Phillip has been released from medical only to have a bumpy time in FAL, meeting a young pilot from the Illuminati.
2659.257 Strong Arm of Recovery Phillip makes a cybernetic friend while recovering in the Med bay.
2659.256 An Empty Bed Several pilots visit Phillip in medbay concerned about the Cole would should also be here.
2659.255 Last Ride of a Sabre Pilot Cole leads an impromptu strike against a well guarded convoy. Will they succeed? Will the pilots survive the encounter?
2659.255 An Electric Starry Morn' Several personnel wander into the Observation Lounge and have a relaxing chat keeping their minds off of current situation.
2659.254 Two by Two James and Phillip take on two Jalthi in the simulator and win.
2659.254 Conquistador Challenge Several Raptor pilots engage in a little sparring match with the pilots from Linebacker Flight in the realm of sim-space.
2659.253 Pyrrhic Defeat in the Sims Per Taylor's orders, all pilots are undergoing some forced simulator time, but three pilots in particular have a lot more of it scheduled than anybody else.
2659.252 A Simulated CF Col. Taylor ropes in a few pilots from the Fitness Center to play escort in a simulated assault against the Kilrathi Carrier.
2659.251 Suspicious Findings Iceblade asks several other close pilots to meet him down in one of the cargo bays to relay some suspicions about things going on in the Rygannon.
2659.250 A Not So Friendly Game of Football A plan is enacted to deal serious damage to Kilrathi forces in the region. Only problem is, a small group of fighters and the TCS Cook are used as the bait for the fighters.
2659.249 A Discuss-ting Breakfast Several pilots talk about the recent events over bad food in the Officer's Mesh.
2659.248 Kitty on the Rocks The Majestic's Intelligence geeks are certain that the cats have another base further in the system, so the Majestic is doing a search for it with the expansive asteroid field being first. As a result, Paz is leading a flight of Phillip, James, and Walsh through a pre-determined route.
2659.247 Junk Squad Paz leads Phillip, James, and Walsh on a mission to retrieve a fighter from the recent engagement zone, but does the mission go off without a hitch?
2659.247 Bad Missile Discussion Phillip and James visit Paz in her office as she works on, what else, red tape. After a discussion regarding missiles missing the cats, Paz devises a plan to salvage a Kilrathi fighter from the recent engagement.
2659.246 Post Red Light in FAL Phillip is joined by Walsh in the First and Last bar and they discuss the recent scramble
2659.245 The Big Red Light The Majestic's Carrier group comes under attack from all sides by several destroyers, corvettes, and a horde of fighters and bombers. All craft are launched and sent to engage them before they can get in range of the Majestic.
2659.243 A Charlie Foxtrot Venture Paz, James, Walsh and Phillip escort the TCS Cook on an SWACS mission to analyze the Kilrathi Destroyer Group Blockading the Xyani Jumppoint, but things got go according to plan as usual.
2659.243 Simulated Epee Phillip decides to give the new Epee light fighter a try in the simulator while waiting for the SWACS mission and is joined by James and Foster.
2659.242 Simulated Convoy Strike Redux Phillip tries out the Convoy Strike sim mission again with Sabres instead of 'Swords, and is joined by Foster.
2659.241 Wolf In Cat's Clothing Paz, Phillip and James engage in a medium range patrol and detect the ion trail of damaged Kilrathi fighter and several other Kilrathi fighters. As the patrol follows and approaches the flight of Hhriss's, there is a strange turn of events.
2659.240 Simulated Convoy Strike James joins Phillip in the Sim room to practice Convoy Strike maneuvers
2659.239 Dinner in Officer's Mess Phillip's "Breakfast" is joined by a late dinner for James, Foster, and Raine.
2659.238 Catching up in FAL James joins Phillip in FAL and catch up.
2659.237 Here at the End of All Things The Majestic is sent to clean out a Kilrathi mining base in the Rygannon system. While they were clearing the escorts, and just before the marines were about to land, the pilots and marines get ordered to recall back to the carrier… and on the way back, get treated to the sight of Majestic's escorts just annihilating the asteroid base by orbital bombardment. Upon landing, they were gathered up and told that a Kilrathi offensive had recaptured numerous systems in the sector, and they were now well behind the front lines of the war.