Palan: Blockade Buster

2659.269 Iceblade on the Mend Several Pilots check in on Phillip who somehow ended up injured in the mornings milk run mission.
2659.269 SWAXing a Sartha Flight An ordinary SWACs mission turns out to be a support group for the Liaison/Recon Force.
2659.269 Liaison with a Sartha Four pilots 'volunteer' for a recon and liaison mission to Palan - the Planet
2659.268 Stake-out at the Pal-out The captured Dorkir turns out to be supplies for a marine assault on Palan; and the Majestic learns that the Kilrathi are expecting a convoy of troop transports to arrive within 24 hours. Time for an old fashioned Stake-out at the jumppoint.
2659.268 ScimiKaren Taking an idea a little too far; Iceblade arranges the pilot's next patrol to use Scimitars. Turns out; the Black Ops overtuned the shield generators.
2659.267 Young Movie Night A few of the previously stranded pilots enjoy some of their 12 hour respite by having a movie night… the movie: YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN. It's pronounced Frankensteen!

Xytani: Sacrosanct Path

2659.267 Anterograde Motion Home Sweet Majestic!
2659.267 Bloody Nose The team needs to break a blockade, one pilot is relegated to shuttle duty.
2659.267 Lancer Plans Cmdr. Bernard debriefs the Majestic pilots and they plan for the blockade run.
2659.267 Cooke's Scrambled Talons Both escort corvettes are under attack and the team needs to save them.
2659.267 Alternative Observations A few personnel chat about the current situation in the Observation Lounge of the Majestic… oh and a mission returns from further in Palan comes back successful.
2659.266 Gravitational Talks Julianna and Jamie having a heart to heart about the current situation.
2659.266 Bearings Debrief The results of the recent recon mission are discussed.
2659.266 Getting New Bearings The team searches the sector for a weakness in the kilrathi blockade.
2659.266 Cutoff in Xytani The team gets must land on the TCS Lancelot and get settled onboard.
2659.265 Aunt Helen The team is set to escort a civilian transport caught behind enemy lines… yeah nothing so simple.
2659.265 Promotional Hazards Potential shifts begin to occur as Zorro delivers news of her positional transfer.
2659.264 Promotional Concerns Clearoff is looking for something more.
2659.263 Crucifixion The team engage a retro shipyard.
2659.263 Sugar before the Spice Pilots relax over breakfast occur before an alert drags the pilots to a briefing
2659.262 Sharp Pokes of Brass After careful review of actions in Rygannon, the pilots of the Majestic Battlegroup are pinned with many medals.
2659.261 Medbay interrogation Meiko and Azran assist in interrogating the prisoner captured from the retros.
2659.260 Crashing the Party The pilots find themselves engaging in a lengthy and eventful three point patrol in Xytani where they find out about the cats and retros playing nice with each other.
2659.260 Pilgrims and Pulsars The team relaxes with the galaxy's most popular tabletop role-playing game.