Map Room

The map room would probably double as the ultimate home theater if it wasn't for the general lack of a proper sound system. A largish, rectangular room, the far side is layered in computer screens which show the general state of Gemini sector, with blue grid lines, green representations for friendly regions, and red for hostiles. A series of black chairs are positioned around a large rectangular table which is designed as a large holographic display table. It's a similar color-scheme, wireframe just like 'the big board', though usually more tactical in nature. When inactive, it appears as a trapezoidal pit topped by a lattice of white laser light beneath a sheet of clear, thin material, doubling as a table. A mahogany podium is positioned between the two primary displays, and a long wooden pointer is generally somewhere in sight. The lights are dim, driving the primary focus towards the maps and the podium. More towards the rear of the room, a handful of chairs allow a small audience to sit for longer presentations.

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