Maproom Analysis
Maproom Analysis
Arc: none
Summary: Phillip finds Cole in the maproom examining the Battle of Junction.
Date: 2658.146
Related Logs: None
Participants: Cole Phillip

Map Room, Deck 6

The map room would probably double as the ultimate home theater if it wasn't for the general lack of a proper sound system. A largish, rectangular room, the far side is layered in computer screens which show the general state of Gemini sector, with blue gridlines, green representations for friendly regions, and red for hostiles. A series of black chairs are positioned around a large rectangular table which is designed as a large holographic display table. It's a similar color-scheme, wireframe just like 'the big board', though usually more tactical in nature. When inactive, it appears as a trapezoidal pit topped by a lattice of white laser light beneath a sheet of clear, thin material, doubling as a table. A mahogany podium is positioned between the two primary displays, and a long wooden pointer is generally somewhere in sight. The lights are dim, driving the primary focus towards the maps and the podium. More towards the rear of the room, a handful of chairs allow a small audience to sit for longer presentations.

Cole stands in the darkened map room, lit only by the glow of the central holographic table at the moment. The table itself appears to be displaying a large battle of some sort, with a good number of little red and blue icons dancing around the table at what's clearly too fast to be a real-time simulation.

Phillip enters the map room, giving a quick knock on the door panel before entering. "Evening Cole, what are you looking at?" Iceblade then points to the map table.

"Just the last engagement," Cole replies, pointing to a few of the various icons. "Majestic, Honour… that Snakier," he explains, before tapping one of the icons and adding with a chuckle. "A squadron commander who couldn't hit a damn thing. Trying to figure out what went wrong with my approaches."

Iceblade nods looking towards the table, "Ah yes, I do something similar a lot myself." Turning his head back up to Cole, "Though nothing quite as expansive, just gun camera footage mostly." Looking back at the table a little more forlorn, "I actually made quite a few mistakes myself."

"Well, for a bomber pilot.. sometimes it comes down to things beyond just what you saw at the time," Cole explains, pausing the simulation for a moment and gesturing towards the field of craft. "Sometimes, it's one of the other things out there that's screwing you up. Even if you don't realize it at the time."

Iceblade nods, "Yeah I can imagine. And gun camera footage is really inadequate…though it was enough to tell me how many seconds it took for me to react and finally dodge a Sartha blasting at me." Iceblade looks and responds quite displeased with himself, "7 seconds."

"So far, I haven't really found much of anything actually /wrong/" Cole explains. "Not on my end, anyway. Had the shots, they just didn't quite go where I thought. Could just be bad luck, could be since I was flying with a busted wing. I just hate not knowing."

"Well that would be annoying, especially if a Ralari managed to sneak up on us and gunning right at the Majestic," Phillip responds

"Well, I don't know really" Cole replies. "I was one for one on targets not the Snakeir," Cole explains, tapping at the controls until the simulation flickers, the positions of ships changing (and a few disappearing). The focus zooms in on a single bomber, which quickly alters course. The track of a torpedo is visible for just a moment, before the Fralthi icon nearby disappears. "So it's really the carrier I'm more worried about."

"Speaking of the battle, I'm really surprised at how well it all actually went. Only one…*sigh*..capship lost, which was due more to an Ace pilot heating the weakspot than anything else. We might have just altered the course of the war here in Gemini."

"It goes both ways, really," Cole replies. "You'd be an idiot not to try for a shot on the flight deck if you can get the angle. Less armor, usually with explosives and fuel staged nearby…" he explains, before giving a little shrug. "Kittens know that, same as us. As for the course of the war in Gemini, I suppose I'll reserve judgment on that until I see how the fleet follows up."

Iceblade thinks for a second, then nods, "Yeah probably. So any thoughts about where we might go next?"

"Trust me, they don't tell Majors much more than they tell Lieutenants in that respect," Cole replies. "If I had to guess? Nexus. Make up for the ground we lost when the Honour got kicked out. But, that is just a guess," Cole explains.

Iceblade nods, "Yeah that is my thinking as well. Plus, we have the potential of cutting off Kilrathi supply lines further down the jump route, would certainly give those in Telar a better chance."

"But… those decisions are made by Admirals, not Majors. So, I suppose we'll see where we end up…" Cole comments, giving a little bit of a shrug. "At any rate, was there something you needed?" he finally thinks to ask.

Realization dawns on Phillip, "Oh, yeah, almost forgot, I was actually looking for Captain Carruthers."

"Haven't seen her, I'm afraid," Cole replies with a little shake of his head. "Not even sure what direction to point you, really."

Iceblade nods and says as he waves, "Well it was good talking to you again." He starts heading for the door but turns partially around. "Oh and you might not want to watch that too much," Iceblade points toward the battle scene. "Might make you a little depressed." Phillip throws in a quick smile.

"A little too late for that" Cole replies. "I must be on viewing number ten or so," he explains, pausing and giving Phillip a little grin. "Besides, not too much to be depressed about here. We won. I torched a Fralthi. Certainly things I could have done better, but… there always are."

Iceblade nods, "Hmm…I guess there are always things that could be done better." Phillip then throws in a comment about an incident that has clearly weighed on him as his expression and tone becomes a little down, "Though getting my butt handed to me by a banged up Sartha flown by a blind Kat is still really embarrassing."

"Look at it this way, Lieutenant" Cole replies. "He's dead. You're not" he explains simply. "Which means that you have the opportunity to learn from your experience. It's just up to you to make sure that you do."

Iceblade shrugs, "Yeah, your right. I definitely won't rely on my sensors as much as I did before, that is for sure." Iceblade then yawn, "Hey Cole, you might want to try and get some sleep too. I think the brass really frowns on pilots dozing during patrols." Iceblade throws in a grin before turning to head out the door.

"Yeah, well… gotta make up for the time I spent on my ass in medbay somehow," Cole replies with a little bit of a grin. "Even if I'm sure the doctor will insist that sleep doesn't really work that way."

Iceblade does a backwards wave and leaves with a simple, "Good night Major."