Marine CO's Office

The Marine CO's office comprises of two rooms. The first is the duty room where the CO conducts interviews and does their work. The second is the CO's private quarters complete with a slightly larger berth than the average officer. The walls of both rooms are a drab olive green in colour and the deckplates are a pale grey. The lighting recessed and ample.

The front room consists of a simple plasteel desk and chair and a pair of similar chairs opposite the single one. Sitting on the desk is a computer terminal and several manilla folders. Hanging from the walls are a few tactical maps, a replica of the Confed flag, and a few pictures of various units, friends, and family members that the current CO has been involved with. To the back of the duty station is a single door that leads to the CO's quarters.

The quarters are small consist of even fewer pieces of furniture; a bed and nothing else. The bed is set into the wall and can be lifted to gain access to a deep storage area under the palette and mattress and in the space above the bed there is even more storage available. Continuing through the bedroom one can enter a stall shower, the translucent door allowing light to filter through but images are blurred and indistinct.

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