Med Bay Visit
Med Bay Visit
Arc: None
Summary: Several personnel visit the Med-Bay in the hours before a marine assault on the pirate frigate.
Date: 2659.154
Related Logs: None
Participants: Paz, Phillip, Janice, Saint-Cloud, Kayly

The medical bay is a quiet clean and sterile place, row and rows of bed have been made up to house those who are sick or injured. Sickbay is always active with doctors and nurses and those coming to see the convalescents. Monitors are set by the beds, either dormant or displaying the vitals of those in the beds below. Set into one wall are a handful of small offices, for use by the various officers and crew who work here.

Kayly is busy wandering around the Medbay doing the doctory type stuff, that it's her job to take care of while on duty. Making sure patients have gotten their meds, and the right ones. That sorta thing.

Phillip walks into the med bay and heads right into the nurse's station. If one is at the right angle, you can see Phillip embracing and briefly kissing a blonde nurse named Sandra. They can then be seen talking for a few minutes.

Paz is kipping peacefully in a bed rolled into an out of the way corner.

Saint-Cloud passes the Pilot, not looking at all bothered by what could be considered a breach of SOME form of military etiquette. The very short but broad shouldered XO just chooses not to see it, though smirks, and he slips into the medical bay proper. Massive hands clasped behind his back, his emerald eyes slowly look about the room as if he were doing a sort of inspection.

Janice comes in, a short bit behind Saint-Cloud, and stops, looking around with a slightly confused frown. She takes her bearings, and moves in the direction of the nurse's station. Apparently, she's not quite at the right angle to see Phillip's assignation with the nurse, at least at first…

Forecast for Paz, sleepy with a strong chance of continue snoozing and light snoring.

Phillip exits from the nurse's station with Sandra following a few seconds behind heading in the direction of some of the other patients in the medbay. Iceblade heads toward Saint-Cloud and says with a somewhat cherry expression, "Good evening Commander, good to see you again. That sure was one lucky frigate last night, but I bet you intentionally missed it so we could follow it back to its base."

Kayly continues making her rounds. Paying more attention to the patients she's checking in on, and occasionally talking to one of them, or marking something down on their clipboards. So she doesn't notice the bridge crew type people wandering into the medbay, or pilots trying to make out with nurses or the like.

Saint-Cloud blinks and looks over and, of course, up at Phillip.. and lets out a deep sigh. Considering the size of his chest it is a long drawn out affair. "I wish I could say I did but.. I didn't. If the tubes for the bombers had not been on the fritz we would have done much better. Not a very glamorous engagement for me, I am afraid." At least he is honest. "But I am definitely happy you pilots did so well. I really need to send a few messages to command asking if they could come up with, I don't know, some sort of detachable missile pods we could mount."

Janice stops at Phillip's words, and turns, seeing the exec. She straightens her stance up. After a moment, she says, "There's worse ideas, sir, but where would we attach the missiles to?"

Phillip nods at Saint-Cloud. He looks over to Janice and adds his two cents, "I guess we could always launch them from the Flight deck, but that would be rather sloppy to say the least." Iceblade then looks back at the Dorian, "In any case, that frigate retreating really saved us a lot of time and effort and fuel considering the number of search patrols we would have had to complete."

Saint-Cloud turns to Janice, not sure if he has met her before. "We're a spaceship. We do not need to be aerodynamic. And there are many support struts that could hold the mass of a missile pod along the hull. Fire them remotely if we have to, or run a trunk cable to an outside access. But that's just a layman's idea, I admit. I am an astrophysicist, not a ship and weapons designer." He looks to Phillip and smiles. "As I said, I am happy it worked out in the end, one way or another. Still.. I would have liked wiping the smile off that bitch's face. She reminded me too much of my fourth wife." his own smile becomes.. frosty and a little evil.

Kayly continues making her rounds without any incidents. Fortunately any trouble causing patients like Paz, are either sleeping or doped up to much for her to have to knock some sense into any of them.

Paz snores heroically…

Janice nods her head. "Of course, sir. Just trying to figure out where we'd wire them into." She pauses, realizing that the XO probably has no idea who she is. "Lieutenant JG Dutta, Fire Control." She raises her eyebrows at Saint-Cloud's smile and mention of his fourth wife, looking a little uncomfortable.

Phillip nods, "Dang, fourth wife…how many wives have you had in total?"

Saint-Cloud nods his head, slightly, to Janice. "Dorian Saint-Cloud, and I assume you noticed my rank so I won't be stating the obvious as to who I am," he says with an amused chuckle. "We could have really used you last night," he looks to Phillip next and uhms. "Actually, to be truthful, I should have said sixth wife. I have two wives and a husband back home on Dusk in a permanent group contract.. and have had four wives since I left Dusk and joined the service.. Five year contracts each over 15 years of service. Never re-upped on any of them." Yeah, that means at least a two of his 5 year marriage contracts overlapped, "Final contract ran out a few months ago, thank god."

Paz stirs in her sleep a little, blinking her eyes as the voices in the room rouse her. Fumbling sleepily, she nearly knocks over her glass as she reaches for it with her left hand.

Janice looks, perhaps, a bit surprised at Saint-Cloud's lifestyle. Clearly, she comes from a slightly more "traditional" upbringing. She nods in reply to Saint-Cloud, but shifts uncomfortably. "Sorry, sir. It was Aguda's shift at the time, and by the time I got out of rack and was on my way to my backup station, most of the action was over, it seems."

Phillip nods and looks at Janice to see her expression. He smiles at the expression, though of course Phillip would have been just as surprised if he had not already talked with Saint-Cloud previously regarding Norians. Iceblade hears the sound of a faint bit of clinking and turns around for a few seconds. He spies Paz in her bed fumbling for her glass. He turns back toward Saint-Cloud.

Kayly is still doing her doctorly type duties, and not paying any attention to the non patient talk, fortunately. Therefore she doesn't have to deal with such concepts as being married so many times, or at all. A glance over to Paz, as she stirs. Hopefully she's not going to have to start telling people to talk more softly.

If the short XO notices the gunner's slight discomfort he doesn't show it. Either he doesn't care what others think of his culture or he is just used to how people react. "No need to apologize, Lieutenant. I understand how that goes. It was more of a personal wish, then anything, since while I can maneuver a ship to land on a quarter credit piece my skills at the big guns are only adequate." He too also hears Paz waking and raises a brow. "Well well, sleeping beauty seems to be waking.." he says, his deep voice softening slightly, "though she looks like the pumpkin may have landed on her."

Paz scrubs at her face with the back of her good hand as her bandaged one lightly clasps her cup. "We having a party?" she croaks, lips grasping for her straw.

Janice cocks her head and looks in Paz's direction. Her eyes narrow as she looks over the bandages. "Garcia? How're you feeling?"