Med Bays And Weiss
Med Bays and Weiss
Arc: None
Summary: Phillip visits Med-bay to find an injured Weiss and an out-patient Paz.
Date: 2659.156
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Participants: Paz, Phillip, Weiss, Kayly

Limping into the medical bay, grunting in more pain than usual, The Deckchief has his usually good hand clutched to his side, a large gash along his arm. His teeth are biting into the end of an unlit cigar, grinding together almost audibly. "/hurensohn/" Weiss mutters.

"Eh…gesundheit?" Paz chuckles from her perch on one of the beds as she waits to get her final treatment on her hand.

Phillip enters shortly after the Weiss. "Evening Chief," Phillip says as he passes by Weiss heading in Paz's direction. At Paz, he asks, "So how's the moneymaker doing?" indicating Paz's injured arm.

Kayly is making one last late night check of the medbay, at the moment. She stops over at Paz's bed, checks the clipboard and then looks at the patient. "So, how's your arm and hand feeling now? Able to move it around without it hurting yet?"

Weiss just stops and looks around, raising a brow. "Zo.. I valk in.. /Mein Blut/ trailing behind me.. and all I hear ist Hellos and Jokes?" he growls. "Dummkopfs!"

"My apologies, Chief." Paz replies, giving Weiss her sweetest, most innocent (read: nastiest) grin. "I had an oompah band lined up, but they missed their shuttle," she says apologetically. "Don't mind me, I'm not on duty. Tend to the Chief, Taylor," she tells Kayly politely. "Man's leaking. How'd you pull that off, Chief?" she asks, voice teasing, though her concern is sincere. "Eh, it's just about healed up by now," she replies to Phillip. "How's things in the wild black yonder?"

Phillip nods in Paz's direction, "Good. The black is about as boring as always. I'm beginning to think merchant traffic has increased thanks to our arrival, so escort runs seem more plentiful than search missions." Then Phillip looks towards Weiss and says sincerely, "Uh, Sorry Chief. And how are you doing today?"

Kayly gives Paz a brief Look. The sort of look given by the person who gets to decide when she finally gets out of medbay. She then turns her attention towards the injured deck chief, and moves over towards him, motioning for a nurse to come along, as she does so. She then points towards one of the beds, and says, "Sit down, so I can have a look at that."

Weiss rolls his eyes at the pilots. "Oh.. I doing FINE! Tank you for asking. No, really," the German says with such sweet laden sarcasm he could cause a diabetic fit. He holds out his arm to the new "nurse", showing off a lovely four inch gash being held together with duct tape. "Faulty metal lathe in machine shop. I vas milling new part for certain pilot who ist being held in medical bay. I WONDER who zat be?" He grunts as he sits on the edge of a bed, laying his forearm crutch aside and with some difficulty pulling the leg in the metal brace up.

"I hope you're going to give someone a good thumping when you get that stiched up," Paz replies flatly to Weiss' comment, frowning sharply. "Damn job's hard enough without the machinery turning on you," she notes. Kayly's Look O' Medicinal Doom is met with a shrug and a gesture to the gash on Weiss' arm. "What? He's bleeding, I'm not," she points out tartly. "I'm not a doctor, but even I know basic triage," she adds. "Ya see what happens, Iceblade, you see what happens every time I try to be nice to people around here. Everybody gets pissed at me," she sighs dramatically.

Phillip now notices the injuries, "Oh…uh, yikes. Sorry." Iceblade listens to Weiss describe how he got the injury and then watches as Kayly tends to Weiss.

Kayly is a bit too busy now to reply at all to Paz's comment, as she's busy looking at the wound now. After she examines the gash, she tells one of the on duty nurses to get the sutures and needles, and the other one is directed to clean the gash, so that it can be properly fixed up. Kayly moves to a sink to wash her hands, and then puts on surgical gloves before heading back over towards Weiss, waiting till she can start fixing up things.

Weiss bahs and looks at Paz. "Vhat do you expect. Military buy equipment from lowest better. I had better shit in Uncle Gunter's repair depot," he grumbles. He turns his cranky eye on Kayly and studies her as she preps. "I not know you. You are new, Ja?" he asks, skeptically.

"Heh, man, you must have had a very cool Uncle. You or him ever look to relocate after the war, lemme know. Juana's a good structural engineer, but she's a lousy metalsmith," Paz replies, smiling a little. "Just pack up the ol' leiderhosen und say 'Auf Weiderseihn, Earth', 'Allo, Erewhon.'."

Phillip listens to Weiss and Paz talk, but not really understanding everything that they are talking about.

Kayly does crack a slight smile at the banter going on between pilot and deck chief, though as the sutures arrive she doesn't dwell on it, since she's got work to do. "Slow that bleeding down, while I do this." She states to the Nurse that's just finished cleaning the wound. As she readies the sutures to be applied to the wound, she replies to Weiss. "Kayly Taylor. I'll be your doctor tonight. This'll sting just a bit," She adds, before she starts to go to work sewing the wound shut.

Weiss snorts. "Relocate? To some backwater colony?" he asks. "Nein. I think ve vill stay on Thuringia.. Gunter already processes most verhicle work through his Gustavtech company zere. But tank you for offer. Perhaps instead ve should think about opening franchise instead on Erewhon instead," he tells her. He talks right through the procedure, not even flinching.. as if he now can't feel it at all. He looks to the doctor. "Oh.. Doktor, ist it? Not glorified med tech?"

"So, what have I missed, CAP-wise, Phil?" Paz asks, turning her attention to her fellow Minuteman. "You said commercial traffic's up? Well, that's good," she nods. "I guess…lot more work for us though," she adds. "Hey, be nice to Taylor, Chief," she calls as Weiss looks like he's about to start in on her. "She's a good Doc, patched me up easy-peasy. And you open a franchise, you better put it a _long_ way from New Illyricum," she adds, giving the man a playful glare. "Start taking cash out of my family's pocket and who knows what kind of 'accidents' could be fall your little venture."

Phillip looks at Paz, "Oh, well, I don't know that it has actually increased, but there sure are a lot of escort runs being assigned for a long-held pirate sector. I imagine merchants won't actually pick up until the system is cleaned. At least, we get to meet, if briefly, a lot of civilians on these runs. Actually hearing people thank you for your service is always nice."

"Well, that's what the paper those four years of medical schooling that Confed paid for, claim," Kayly replies with a slightly distracted chuckle, as she finishes up her sewing. She then carefully cleans off any leftover blood so that she can examine the wound again, to make sure it's been dealt with properly. Once she's sure that everything checks out, she takes some bandages and wraps the wound up, before stating to the chief. "Alright, you'll need to keep that cleaned up good until the stitches are gone, and no heavy work for a few days. And it would be best to not really do anything at all with that arm tomorrow, if at all possible." She pauses and then finishes up her instructions. "Assuming that nothing else keeps it from getting worse, you should be back to new in about five days at the most."

Weiss looks over his shoulder at Paz and rolls his eyes. "I am being nice, danke very much," he says and then grins. "Oh no.. now you pique my intrest. Maybe I should just buy into your family venture, roll it into ze GustaVerks division," he scoffs at the mention of Pirates. "Petty criminals who read too much romance," he mumbles then looks to the new doctor and grumbles. "Papers.. papers mean squat but.. looks good. So I cill let you live," he says, then frowns. "VEll, let's just pretend zat I vill listen to zat advice about taking easy and not using arm.. and you set me up with some uv those nice pain killers."

"Heh, wow, that must be _nice_," Paz replies to Phillip with a little, cynical chuckle. "As opposed to the usual, 'Thanks for nothing, Navy.' we tend to get," she grumbles. "Going back to flight status tomorrow, if Doc Taylor clears me." she adds. "Been working out in the sims, getting the fine edge back on," she grins ferally. "Bring on the fuckin' Fuzzy Wuzzies….Paz vants blud!"

Phillip nods, "That's good, but unfortunately, I don't think we will see many kitties for the slaughterhouse for at least a week probably a month. I guess the run of the mill pie-rat will have to enough to satisfy your thirst for blood." Iceblade grins with his response.

Kayly smirks at Weiss, as she's already started filling out a prescription form. She also sends a nurse to actually go get the pain killers. Once those arrive she hands them over to the chief. "Instructions are on the package, and there should be enough to last you until the pain is gone," she states simply.

Weiss blinks at that… Then nods. "Instructions. Right. Very important to read instructions," he states matter of factly. Then relaxes a bit, chomping on the end of the unlit cigar. "Danke, Frau Doktor."

"Well, then….bring _somebody_ on, dammit." Paz chuckles throatily. "I got a reputation to live up to now, after all," she snickers cynically. "Did we find out any more about the pirates?" she asks. "I should know all this shit, but I'm eyeball deep in paperwork time to read Intel dispatches," she sighs.

Phillip shakes his head in the negative, "No, but hey, they don't tell 2nd Lieutenants everything, you know." He throws in a smirk at the end.

Kayly nods at the deck chief, before turning her attention toward Paz, and she starts heading back in that direction. "So how about we check out that arm, of yours, and see if we can't get you back into the regular flight rotation?" She asks with a soft chuckle.

"Well, you do get _briefed_ before each flight, right?" Paz needles the FNG with a smirk. "Right? You are, I assume, conscious for them?" she asks, arcing an eyebrow. "Perhaps even paying attention? Not doodling or fantasizing about Mary Jane Rottencrotch and her pretty purple panties?" she grins sweetly. Doc Taylor's arrival is met with a firm nod. "Sorry, Taylor, I was kind of worried when I saw him bleeding," she says apologetically. "Chief's one of the best people on this boat, without him, the whole thing'd fall apart," she smiles fondly. "But, to answer your question, no, no pain to speak of, a few twinges, but no _pain_. Put myself through my paces in the sims last night…Responded just fine."

Phillip looks at Paz, eyebrows askew, "As I said, they don't tell pilots everything. Aside from Talya being in charge of the ramble here, they haven't said much. We've mostly been escorting transports to one of the jumppoints or been looking under rocks to find bases. I imagine we'll be heading deeper into the system soon, but the space lanes have been surprisingly free of pirates."

Kayly hmms thoughtfully, as she listens to Paz's comments about her arm, nodding some, as she looks over some papers. Oh, don't worry about that. No need to apologize to me." She remarks, before she looks back up from reading. "Well, I -suppose- that there's no reason to not let you get back to regular duty, if the arm isn't bothering you really," she adds and chuckles a bit. "Just don't get yourself tossed back in here, for awhile. Or we really might consider banning you from medbay." She finishes off with a snicker.

"Sounds like we scared 'em back under whatever rock it was they were hiding under." Paz replies to Phil's assessment of the situation. "Funny that, though," she muses. "They didn't seem to expect _us_ to be here, but the Fuzzy Wuzzies were just one sector over…Wonder what that means?" she asks rhetorically. "Heh, you'll be charging me rent next thing I know," she smirks to Kayly.

Phillip nods at Paz and then yawns.

"I'll toss that idea out to the CMO, see what she thinks of it." Kayly responds with a chuckle, and then peers around the medbay. "Well, if no one needs me anymore, I do believe my shift is over, and I feel like getting some sleep. You guys take care," she adds with a nod.

"Yeah, likewise." Paz replies, slipping off the bed. "Thanks, Taylor," she says, smiling pleasantly to the new Doc. "Glad to have you aboard," she adds, stifling a yawn. "Meh….okay…it's late and I am _tired_," she declares, and with that, she departs..

Phillip waves at Kayly, "Night Doc." Iceblade then follows Paz out.