Amy Yasebeck
Lieutenant Caoilainn Murphy
Name: Caoilainn Murphy
Callsign: Saint
Rank: Lieutenant
Branch: TCN
Unit: {$unit}
Position: Line Officer
Age: 26
Homeworld: Earth
Marital Status: Single
Actor: Amy Yasebeck



Lieutenant Caoilainn Murphy was born on Feb 16, 2634 in Ireland as the middle daughter of Joice and Harry Murphy who lived in a rural community outside Glasgow. She grew up with 3 older sisters, 2 younger sisters, and 1 younger brother. She often would have to arbitrate disputes amongst her siblings, but her sweet demeanor would often defuse any arguments that come up.

During her school years, she was very studious and always received high marks in school. She had actually had a propensity to learn other languages be it human or computer-based or even alien. She often studies old, dead languages like Latin. In fact, she took particular interest in Gaelic, the native language of her ancestors. In addition to her various studies, she could often be found collecting discarded electronics and building old computers; however, unlike her sibling her was room was almost always neat and organized. Even though she spent a lot time indoors and had no interest in sports, she was in excellent shape during her educational years due in part to her participation in various community service activities. In addition, she had a large group of friends and was well-liked by her classmates even though she refused to attend the wilder parties and gatherings.

Her family couldn't afford the college tuition and scholarships were limited for those in her community; however, one of the communities leader had a contact in the military who could get her into the naval academic. Her prospensity for languages and excellent academic skills got her in the door. She took an particular interest in learning Kilrathi in the hopes that by learning the language she could better understand this fairly mysterious enemy and one day broker peace with them.

Her technical, language, and academic skills allowed her to excell in her classes. Though she grew up Roman Catholic, she is not overtly religious. She wore and still wears a cross around her neck and often prays in times of distress or before going to bed. Adding this to her demeanor actually earned her the nickname Saint at the academy, which she wishes people would stop calling her. Even so, she never speaks a harsh word or admonishes anyone for any offsense. She graduated in 4 years at the age of 22 and was immediately assigned to the Yorktown class carrier TCS Avenger where she proved a valuable asset. In less than a 6 months, she was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant (JG).

Over the past several years of war, her impression of the Kilrathi is much more muted, though she still holds hope that peaceful coexistance can be achieved. After her stent on the TCS Avenger, she was promoted to first Lieutenant and transferred to the TCS Majestic mere days before the Kilrathi counter-offsensive in late 2659.

Prior Deployments

Terran Confederation Naval Academy, Earth, Sol Sector
Comm Officer of the Yorktown Class Light Carrier TCS Avenger


Naval Academy Graduation Service Ribbon


None reported on record.

Notes From Prior CO's (OOC except for DH's)

All academic instructors gave top marks and high recommendations for this officer.
Captain Jefferson (Captain of the TCS Avenger) gave the highest recommendations for this officer, noting her as a valuable assest to any bridge crew.

Other IC Info

This officer is well-studied and has a profeciency for difficult languages. She articulates well, though she does have a slight Irish accent. She has a significant degree of technical knowledge and can often get various electronics including really old ones to work like new. In addition to communications, she has multiple skills to offer any bridge crew including sensor analysis, weapons managment, and navigational control. Though not overly religious, she wears a cross around her neck in a manner fitting proper military dress and will sometimes be found silently praying, which earned her the nickname Saint. Her room and uniform are always neat and to military regs. She is fairly personable and usually in good spirits except when shipmates don't survive it. She has a hope for peaceful coexistance with the Kilrathi.