Never A Hero Pt 2
Never a Hero Pt 2
Arc: None
Summary: A potential Intelligence coup sends the Majestic's fighter crews, CMO and a squad of Marines on a dangerous mission deep behind enemy lines.
Date: 2658.250 (Played 2 nights after Never a Hero Pt 1)
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Participants: Cole Hylanen James Kanani Paz Walsh Raine

The fight with the Sarthas proves to be the only real excitement of the entire flight in. Two hours later, the flight arrive in the Tingerhoff system, and Bodensee is the second planet out from the star. Viewed from orbit, the planet looks remarkably peaceful and undisturbed for a place that was literally ransacked by the Kilrathi. Of course, being an agricenter this far out in the middle of nowhere, it's probably a safe bet that the Fuzzies didn't have to try to hard to take this rock.

Apparently, the old saying about the view never changing when you're in the second rank isn't quite true. « We go to gain a little patch of ground that hath in it no profit but the name » Cole grumbles over comms, as the planet grows closer and closer in view. « Guess here's where things are likely to get all sorts of fun. Anyone's not holding together enough to make the descent through the atmosphere, speak up now »

Poor Cole. Raine is a quiet passenger. She is reading her packet over and over, looking thoughtful. "I wonder how many variations of human there are…" She ponders. Cloud and these readings have sparked curiosity.

«Lead, Tizona, I'll get her down, no worries.» Paz assures him. «Depending on how bad things are, and they don't feel too horrible, it'll probably take me about an hour to shore her up.» she reports confidently. "If they have a damn welding kit, that is."

Kanani guides her fighter on it's path towards the approaching planet. «Let's just hope we don't have to do any dog-fighting in the atmosphere. That's always annoying.» She comments, not bothering to mention her hopes about there not being any ground attacks, since she doesn't want to jinx anything.

James follows the other fighters down and opens the comm-line after a quick scan of his displays «I'm good to go sir. Other then the fuel gauge all readouts are green.»

Walsh stretches his stiff neck once more, preparing for the upcoming atmospheric flight. He holds in formation, heading toward the planet and its vital supply of fuel.
As the flight approaches Bodensee, their packets indicate what frequency to tune to and squawk on to receive landing instructions from the duo on the ground. With the world starting to get big in the windscreen, the time to do that would be now.

« Alright, time to see where we're putting down. Hope you all read your instructions, and didn't skip straight to the little toy in the plastic baggie » Cole jokes. Apparently, he imagines the briefing packets as some sort of TCNI happy meal. That comment made, Cole tinkers with his own transponder, tuning to the appropriate frequency to obtain his happy fun landing instructions.

James scans the packet carefully smiling as Cole speaks «I wanted a toy Stiletto but I got a Hornet instead» he says in a mock child's voice while he is adjusting his own frequency.

Paz sets her ship's transmitter to the assigned frequency and waits for the word to be given. "Come on, folks, I'm just about on vapor over here." she sighs.

«Copy that lead. It's not like we had much else to do, other than read them anyways on the trip here.» Kanani responds with a chuckle, before she tunes into the frequency that the packet had indicated.

«Hey, just be glad you didn't get a Broadsword.» Walsh scans his briefing packet, looking for the elusive transponder number, before entering the correct frequency.

Poor Broadsword. Much maligned. Though, she smiles a little, listening. Raine is a good passenger! She's not asking if they are there yet.

«…ostbox, come in over. Postman, this is Postbox, come in over.» Comes a faint, scratchy reply a few heartbeats later. «Postman this is Postbox, come in over.» Whoever it is radiating this is using the lowest power transmitter they could find.

« Postbox, this is Postman » Cole replies to the voice as he hears that wonderfully scratchy voice coming in. « Sounds like you should've called yourself tin-can telephone, but we read you. » Apparently, he's in peanut gallery mode tonight. That comment made, he does at least think to turn back towards Raine and asks "Doing alright back there?"

James smiles again «Can you imagine how much it would cost to buy the string for a tin can phone of that size? Someone in rear area supply would probably have a heart attack."

Raine nods and smiles back, "Thanks, I'm fine. As can be. I don't know how big I am on flying." A faint blush. She's not a huge fan of it, but prefers not to fuss. "Trees weren't meant to fly."
You paged Hylanen with 'Interesting in getting your Marine on?'

Kanani smirks at Cole's comment, and shakes her head. «We should probably cut back on the comedy, until we're at least on the ground, and have a chance to stretch our legs.» She replies wryly.

Walsh stays quiet, the weak transmission slightly unnerving. If the ground team are taking such measures to remain stealthy, he can only imagine how much a flight of Confed spacecraft must stick out.

«Tsunami, Tizona, my thoughts exactly.» Paz remarks. «Let's try and remember how far away from home we are.»

Cole is at least smart enough not to key his mic for the "Yes dear" that follows after Kanani's comment. Nope, he's just going to be a good little bomber pilot and fly along where he's supposed to fly. For now.

Hee. Raine smiles at the two, happy for the pilots. Really. Her expression shows it, stunted as it is. She's a passenger in the Cole's flier, and has her information packet on her lap, looking thoughtful.

«Reading you five by five, Postman.» The voice over the radio replies, chuckling softly. «You're clear on approach, winds over the field are at zero two out of the West. We've got the fueling systems ready for you. See you soon. Postbox, out.» And then the channel goes dead.

James cuts his own comm-link and makes a minor adjustment to his course to compensate for the indicated wind before accelerating gently towards the Landing field.

Hylanen has been staying uncharacteristically silent so far. Eyes closed, he looks to be half asleep or something like that, relaxing a bit before things happen.

"Thank God for small damn favors." Paz sighs, lining up to make her insertion into atmo and then just flying indicated bearings until she finds the field. From there, the rest is all gravy.

"Might want to hold onto something, Doc. These things have the glide angle of a brick" Cole points out to Raine, even as he moves to bring his own craft into the atmosphere and down to the landing field. Thankfully, what the Broadsword lacks in aerodynamics it apparently makes up for in thrust.

Kanani lines up her own fighter to enter the atmosphere of the planet, keeping track of her sensors so she knows where she's supposed to go. Once her fighter's settled down from a bit of rocking as it hits the air, she also heads off towards the landing field.

Walsh begins to prepare himself for the presence of gravity, and takes a tighter grip of the controls. He puts his stiletto into the required vector for re-entry, making corrections to account for turbulence and the relatively high friction of the planet's atmosphere.

Callahan Field
A decent sized airstrip in what used to be a prosperous farming community. Now most of the community is in ruins, either wrecked during the fighting or stripped by the Kilrathi afterwords. The fields' buildings are bullet-riddled, laser scorched, shrapnel peppered wrecks. Glass and plexi litter the cracked and blasted tarmac. The old fuel farm is simply _gone_, now a large black crater. The secondary tanks were apparently damaged but not irreparably. It's an incongruous sight, as, this being this world's summer season, the fields are full of meters high cornstalks, green and ripe for the picking.

Cole gives a little shake of his head as he looks down at the ruins of the landing field, circling a single time before moving to bring his broadsword down near the edge of the field. No point in leaving the big bulky thing where it's going to be an annoyance for most everything else that follows after him, after all.

Paz doesn't have time to take in the sights, she's got a badly damaged and very thirsty bird to put down. Thankfully, they've patched the runways so they're useable, but the roll out and taxi after is a little on the bumpy side.

"Okie dokey," Raine murmurs. Her packet is tucked away and she latches onto something to keep herself from bouncing out, making sure she's buckled in at least.

Kanani waits until the larger craft and the Paz's damaged fighter are down, before she lands her fighter on the runway. She then maneuvers her bird over to the refueling area, where it can get some much needed nourishment.

Hylanen opens his eyes, now, looking around a bit as the craft lands. "Okay…" he mutters to himself, the hint of a grin very briefly on his face.

James cuts his acceleration back as he nears the field deciding that it would be best to let the damaged fighters land first so they could have their choice of spaces on the field. Once they are down he makes his own landing approach before maneuvering his fighter into the refueling area.

As the airstrip comes into view on the horizon, Walsh can't help but stare down at the devastation. He wonders for a moment whether they would be safer to maintain some form of air superiority while the refueling operation takes place, but a glance at his own fuel readout is enough to quell this thought. After a smooth approach, and a not-so-smooth touchdown, he taxis towards the refueling station.

As soon as the birds are down, two men in civilian jumpsuits come flying out of the least damaged of the hangars and start directing them, two at a time, towards the fueling gear. The shuttle touches down and it's hatch barely has time to slide open before the Marine squad starts hotfooting it to set up a perimeter. As the two men begin making the connections to start the first two fueling, one of them holds up a cardboard sign with the word 'Bathroom' and an arrow for direction.

Cole moves to stand up from his seat and give a little stretch as he does. "Right, we're down" he comments back to Raine, probably needlessly. "I'm going to see if I can't give Tizona a hand with her bird. If you're feeling paranoid, I keep an SLR by the aft turret for these sort of occasions"

Hylanen moves with the rest of the Marines, looking around carefully for a few moments now. Studying the nearby area a bit carefully.

There's a pause at Cole. "Okay. Should I ask them about these cryopods just yet?" She wonders quietly. "And erm, no it's ok. I prefer not to put holes in people, I tend to have to clean those up or bring them to one of the surgeons and they get /mega/ grumpy if I interrupt mocha hour." Oh! A welcome wagon. Raine beams and smiles at the two men. "Oh thank you!" She thanks them.

Kanani waits until her fighter has stopped and is getting fueled up, before popping the canopy open, and making her way down to the ground, where she stretches out a bit gratefully. She glances around at her surroundings, and mutters. "Not much of a tourist destination here, anymore." She then shakes her head as she continues to look around, perhaps a bit nervously.

James climbs down from his own fighter once it slows to a stop, and climbs down before heading Tizona's damaged fighter, apparently having the same idea as Cole. He looks around wearily with one hand on his side arm as he walks.

Walsh pops his canopy, giving an exaggerated yawn and stretching as he does so. He inhales deeply, taking in the fresh atmosphere, a nice change from the recirculated air he's been breathing. He steps down, pausing to inspect his landing gear after his less than perfect landing. "Any landing you can walk away from…" he says, shrugging.

Paz unseals her canopy and is climbing out just as quickly as the thing can open. "Hey, you." she calls to one of the men. "I need a welding kit. You got one?" she calls sharply, receiving a nod and a gesture towards the hangar by way of reply. She's heading in that direction a heart beat later

"Suit yourself" Cole replies to Raine, moving to remove the weapon from its place in his bomber before moving to drop out the hatch. "Christ, Tizona did make a mess of that bird" Cole comments as he makes his way along towards her fighter, idly slinging his weapon back over his shoulder. Whether he can actually hit anything with it is something of an open question.

Hylanen stays with the other Marines, guarding the area carefully. Not paying too much attention to what goes on within the perimeter at the moment.

The man nearest to Raine cocks his head and peers at her a little as she mentions the cryogear. "Are you the medic?" he calls. "Sir, are your people good to do the fueling hookups on their own?" he asks Cole. "Cause we need to walk the medic through how to monitor the tube. Also, how badly damaged is that fighter?"

A nod at Cole, "But I appreciate the thought sir. Besides, it's bad form to get shot before your wedding." Sagenod. Raine thinks so anyway. "Well, I'm a doctor but-" She nods at the man nearest to her. She thinks she'll suffice. "I'd appreciate that." She admits quietly.

"We're good to take care of the hookups" Cole replies to the man with a little bit of a nod. "And heading to check out that fighter now. I know it's more than superficial, but I suspect we won't know how torn up the insides are until we crack it open." That said, he turns to the rest of the little pilot collection. "Looks like it's self-service on the gas today, people. Let's get it over with"

Paz dashes into the hangar and makes straight for the welding gear. Snagging it, she sprints her way back to her Rapier and dives underneath. "Oh…this is just not my day is it?" she sighs, firing up the torch and starting her repairs.

James mutters something under his breath, his tone clearly not happy. He then glances towards Paz "I'll be back to help once my fighter is fueled up Tizona." He then sets out towards his fighter at a sprint.

"Make sure someone distracts the gas station's owner when we leave to. That way we won't have to pay." Kanani remarks with a slight smirk as she gives a bit of a sigh, and starts to hook up the fuel lines onto her fighter.

Walsh whistles through his teeth as he surveys the damage to Paz's fighter. "Let me know if you need any help over there Tizona. In the mean time, I'm gonna see about getting this thing gassed up."

"Doctor?" The man asks, cocking his head a little. "Good…That's good. If you'll just come with me, ma'am. This gear isn't that complicated but for a first-timer, it looks a hell of a lot more intimidating than it really is." he adds as he heads towards the very same hangar Paz just abandoned.

Cole, meanwhile, makes like a good squadron commander and delegates… yelling to his gunners to see to the fuel lines, before turning his attention back to the wounded bird. "How bad's it look down there, Tizona?" Cole asks her, pausing for a moment and then adding "And anything I can give you a hand with?"

Hylanen remains in position, watching the surrounding area a bit thoughtfully. Muttering something to himself.

"Yes, Doctor Raine Winterson. A pleasure, sir," She smiles a little. Raine's still fairly shy, but getting better at peeking out of her shell now. "I can imagine so. Many medical things are," She admits.

James rushes the fueling hookups as much as he can without being an idiot while he glances towards the men near Raine "If you have any tools can one of you run me a set?" He turns his attention back to the fuel hookups long enough to confirm that they are complete and kicks the refueling system on before sprinting back towards Paz's ship.

"Yeah, Major, you could get me a damn deck crew." Paz replies, clearly annoyed with her lack of progress but chuckling about it all the same. "I can't get this damn torch hot enough to do any good." she grumbles.

Kanani starts the process of fueling up her fighter, once all the lines are hooked up, muttering at it to work faster, once things are going along decently.

Hylanen pauses a bit as he hears that request, before he nods a little bit, and moves to the cockpit of the ship. "Stand back…" he offers, before he readies the grenade, drops it into the cockpit, and runs a bit away from it in the brief moments before the explosion will happen.

The man leads Raine into the hangar, where, lurking beneath an oily green tarp, he unveils the mysterious cryopod and makes quick work of showing her how to monitor it's functions. It's pretty basic, and if the proverbial hits the fan, resuscitation’s a simple 'one, two, three' affair, with each step clearly marked and explained. The fueling continues apace, with the last two birds moving into place to suck down the gas they'll need to get home. Paz's ship, alas, looks to be a strike under these conditions. The welding kit she has just isn't going to cut the mustard, but, just when she's actively thinking about starting to pull all the classified gear that she can and blow the damn thing up, James manages to succeed where she was failing. In short order, Paz's little Rapier is towed into position for refuling. Everything's on track.

"Well, so far so good" Cole comments with a little bit of a smile as he looks around the field, lurking over by his broadsword. Not about to waste the chance to stretch his legs before the long flight back, it seems. "Now we just have to hope they get the loading sorted in decent time"

Blink. "I see." Raine is a patient student, peering and looking over it. She nods. "Thank you. I hope we can do them justice then," She offers quietly. They might not be standard issue humans, but hey. So far she's glad to meet as many not fuzzy folks as possible. "I didn't get your name by the way?"

James slides out from under the fighter smiling as he gives it a pat. "I'm glad that the time I spent in tech school hasn't gone to waste at least." He wipes his brow for a moment then looks around for some water.

"Okay, that's a trick you're gonna have to teach me sometime." Paz says, giving James a little bow. "I owe you a beer or six for that." she adds sincerely. "This war gets over and we're both still alive, you ever need a job, you gimme a call. Pops could use you."

Hylanen listens to what's being said, as he watches things carefully. Blinking a bit after a few moments of pause. "That's odd," he mutters to himself, before he speaks a bit louder, "Not that I'm any expert or anything, but does it make sense that their contrails seem to be aloft, or something like that?" He goes silent after he's spoken, and looks back to the surrounding area, very briefly.

Kanani is still busy working on fueling her fighter up, the process of which fortunately seems to be nearly finished up. Once the Stiletto stops sucking up fuel, she carefully unhooks the lines, and finishes up the work that needs to be done so that everything is shipshape. She then turns her attention over towards Paz's fighter, to see how things are going on over there.

Walsh paces back and forward near his bird, still trying to work the stiffness out of his muscles, while it takes on fuel. It's good to be planet-side, but he feels a strange sense of urgency, the flight being in such a vulnerable position.

"That's right, Ma'am." The man in the coveralls replies with an enigmatic grin as he starts to push the capsule towards the shuttle. "You didn't." he adds pleasantly. It looks like all is well, with only two ships to finish refueling. Until all hell breaks loose…Out of nowhere, a Kilrathi transport comes screaming in over the field, skidding in mid air as it goes to a hover, and a Kilrathi fireteam begin fast-roping in.

"Oh…..shit!" is all Paz can think to say as she watches five heavily armed Kilrathi begin storming the airfield. Quickly, she goes for the laser pistol she keeps as a sidearm and goes for cover.

"Looks like we've got some party crashers" Cole says with a concerned look, hands already moving to un-sling his weapon as the Kilrathi transport begins to deploy its troops. Using the side of his broadsword for cover, he calls out "Don't take any stupid chances, we need to be alive to fly out of here."

This is just the sort of thing that Kanani was -really- hoping wouldn't happen on this trip. She grabs her government issued sidearm, and tries to find a position to keep herself from getting shot once the cats hit the ground.

He's very mysterious. Raine tilts her head at him and will help move the capsule along. "Well, okay," She just accepts it at that, somewhat bemused. People are confusing! Then a gasp hearing the Kilrathi coming. "Oh no-" Should they go inside? Sh elooks to the man in coveralls, "I think we need to hoof it into cover."

Walsh's feeling of vulnerability is quickly proven to be well-founded. As the first of the Kilrathi troops hit the ground, he fumbles for his sidearm, looking for some form of cover. Being so near the refueling station strikes him as a -real- bad idea.

James mutters a low curse when he sees the enemy troops inbound and draws his laser pistol in a hurry. "This is why keeping something up for air cover would have been good if we had the fuel." He mutters as he sights in on what seems to be the nearest enemy.

The instant they hit the ground, the Kilrathi troops shoulder their weapons, go into a deadly looking crouch and begin to advance against the marines on the perimeter. What follows next is…not pretty.

Whatever it is the Kilrathi are on about, they proceed to attack it with the same relentless, 'die with honor' mode they approach most things with. The Fuzzies leader is cut down in the first exchange of fire, with two others taking hard shots to their combat armor.

Sure Cole's rifle might throw an awful lot of firepower in a short amount of time, but the fact is… he just doesn't seem that great of a shot with it. No, instead it's really more of a scare tactic kind of thing. Or at least, this is Cole's theory. Still, he managed to hit /something/ with hit shot. Even if it's probably the Marine that did the real work of applying the hurt. It at least emboldens him to try a little more aggressive sort of playing soldier.

There goes her Oath. Oh well. Raine seems startled one of her shots lands. She's got a /pistol/ of all things. Sure, medics as noncombatants is a nice idea, but unfortunately, bullets and cats aren't picky.

James watches the enemy leader go down with a smile then shifts his aim to one of the wounded enemy's. His jaw drops as Cole charges then he decides to follow the bomber pilot's lead, muttering "I hope Cole knows what he is doing."

Kanani is somewhat surprised that she managed to hit anything. She's rather less surprised when two of the cats decide she might be a threat, and point their laser guns at her, and she tries to get the heck out of the way, of the incoming shots.

Paz isn't the least bit surprised she missed, though it appears to annoy her terribly. "I think we should be _leaving_!" she shouts, starting to make her way back to unhook her fighter from the fueling station.

While happy his shot hit the target, Walsh is very conscious of the fact that he's been left crouching in an open area. He fires off another shot before resuming his dash for something that'll hopefully stop a bullet.

"Good shot, Doc!" The man in the civvie coveralls grins, then starts frantically pushing the cryopod towards the shuttle, not seeming to care about whether or not he gets hit, just completing his mission. He's two thirds of the way there when one of the Kilrathi's lasers sideswipes Raine. Callously, he ignores her, intent on completing his mission. Meanwhile, the Kilrathi obviously have not sent their finest troops to this party, and they're quickly reduced to two.

"Goddamn" Cole grumbles as Raine drops to the ground. Well, the man pushing the cryo might not care about Raine much, but Cole certainly has an interest in keeping her in one piece. After all, she's the one who keeps /him/ in one piece. So it is that he goes scurrying towards the downed doctor, cutting loose an unaimed series of shots from his rifle just in the hopes of keeping Kilrathi heads down while he gets to the injured doc.

"Fuck!" Paz shouts as she sees Raine go down, breaking cover and starting to fire wildly at the enemy troops as she races to join Cole at her side.

Walsh notices that his shot hit his target in the -other- arm this time. He muses for a brief moment about his chances against an alien arm monster. His thoughts take a more serious turn, however, as he sees the doc take a shot to the head. "Fuck! Raine!" Just outside the hangar entrance now, he rushes toward the fallen doc, pausing just long enough to return fire on her attacker.

Kanani frowns and lets out a soft curse as she sees Raine fall to the ground. Though she'd probably like to rush over there as well, she keeps herself from doing so, seeing as she'd only get in the way, and might get herself shot as well. She takes another shot at one of the remaining cats, hoping that the marines are able to finish them off quick, since that seems to be the best chance for the good doctor to make it out of here in one piece.

James hears what Walsh says and growls out a curse all thoughts of seeking over erased. he does think of a quick insult though, "So Kilrathi field hands get guns do they? Are you so terrified of the plants that you can't bare to get close to them?" he shouts as he opens fire.

Oh dear. She smiles at the man in coveralls. Then poor Raine catches as good as she gets. And down she goes, in a heap. Owch! Karma bites.

This attack, the Kilrathi are focusing more on the Marines than they are the rag tag group of pilots, giving everyone plenty of breathing room to get where they needed to go, the man in the civvie jumpsuit included, as he hauls the pod into the shuttle with the assistance of his partner. For all this, one Marine goes down, dead.

Cole looks along towards Walsh and Paz. "Get the doc aboard something, we're getting the hell out of her" Cole orders the pair simply, before looking to the other pilots. "The rest of you, get your asses back to your fighters. If they know we're here, there'll be more coming."

Kanani gives a bit of a nod as she hears Cole's order, calling out. "Got it, Voodoo!" Before taking a look at where the cats have their guns aimed, and on being sure none are aimed in her general direction, she makes a dash towards her Stiletto, pulling her helmet on, as she moves. "Feel a lot safer in a fighter, anyways." She mutters as she moves along.

James has better things to do then pay attention to Cole. The Kilrathi shooting Raine made killing them his top priority, and them ignoring his insults just made the urge to kill worse. "You idiots can't even tell when you're being insulted can you?" he says as he opens fire

Poor Marine. Raine will weep for him later. For now, she's struggling to get up, somewhat scorched and dazed. Ow. Worst headache ever.

"Grab her feet, we'll get her to the shuttle." Paz says, carefully pulling Raine's shoulders and torso up from the tarmac as she nods to Cole. "Go on, get outta here."

Walsh squeezes off one last shot before he moves to assist Raine. "Hey doc, how ya feelin'?", he asks as he takes hold of her legs.

The Kilrathi continue to attack the Marines and even a pair of unlucky pilots with fangs bared and souls prepared for whatever kind of afterlife they believe in. One of them is killed fairly quickly as the surviving Marines concentrate their fire. The other is knocked to the tarmac where he lays, scorched and steaming nastily. The Marines don't even bother checking on him, they begin to fall back to the shuttle in good order, weapons at the ready in case anymore trouble should appear.

A wince. "I'm okay," She mumbles. Raine is dazed and definitely not okay. Then a giggle. "Guess this means someone else is in charge for a day…" And she gives up being conscious for the moment as she's carried.

Cole, apparently, has finally decided to take his own advice… scurrying back towards the broadsword as quickly as his legs will carry him, flipping the safety on his rifle and then pulling himself through the hatch. « Get up and airborne fast. Once everyone's off the surface, I'm dropping a torp right where we've been standing » Cole orders as he makes his way through.

James watches his shot cook the guts of the Kilrathi he had been targeting throughout the engagement. He begins falling back from his charge after this sending a few bolts towards the wounded cat before turning to rush to is fighter. Once he's inside he runs a high speed checklist while opening his comm line «How bad is the Doc?» he asks in a very worried tone.

Kanani makes her way to the fighter, and climbs into the cockpit in record time, luckily not getting hit by anything on the way there. Once inside she closes the canopy, and quickly begins an emergency start up to her fighters systems, and then sets her ship rolling in order to take off, and get off this damned planet of the cats.

"Yeah, I know, Doc." Paz replies reassuringly. "Just let us help you up into this shuttle okay?" she says pleasantly, even finding a smile amidst the carnage. "Help me get her up in here, Marine, if you please." she asks.

Mercifully, Raine's a good patient. Despite the pained and dazedness, she'll live. Might have a bald spot though. Woe.

Walsh turns to Paz. "If you're alright with the doc, I'll head back to my fighter." He heads back over towards his stiletto, disconnecting the fuel line, before climbing back into the cockpit.

Paz makes sure Raine is secured aboard the shuttle before racing back to her ship, unhooking the fueling lines and clamoring into the cockpit. An emergency start and a desperately fast roll out later, she's airborne and headed for the black sky.

James rolls his own fighter out launching just before the Rapier and watching it's liftoff carefully. He smiles when the ship hits the air safely.

Cole's maneuver points his Broadsword back at the planet, a single, nuclear-tipped torpedo loosed against the co-ordinates they've just left from. Thirty kilotons worth of fission later, there's naught left of Callahan Field and it's surrounding precincts but heavily irradiated wasteland. Completing the devastation of that little corner of Bodensee for the next few thousand years. It's a long, quiet flight back to the Majestic.