Newbies In Fal
Newbies in FAL
Arc: None
Summary: Several Newbies aboard the ship talk about their initial experiences aboard the TCS Majestic with several other personnel.
Date: 2658.148
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Participants: Paz Phillip Alec Kayly Valdis Jim

"If it makes you feel any better, I've been in two years and it's stayed that way for me" Valdis replies with a little shrug. "You've got about ninety percent boredom, and about ten percent screaming terror. And there's really nothing in between"

It's a quiet day in the First and Last. A few folk are hanging in the cubicles; Alec and Valdis are facing each other across the bar, Alec standing on the bartender's side. "Tcheh, yeah… and sure, in the screaming terror I'd likely be wishing for the boredom. Give me time, I'll get used to it, maybe. How did you handle it?" His eye flicks to the door a moment.

Paz wanders in, stretching tiredly in her off-duty garb and makes straight for the bar. "Medic!" she calls, chuckling softly.

"I mostly make it up as I go along," Valdis replies with a little grin. "Though I'll tell you, part of the trick? Always choose the yellow bottle. The one they tell you /not/ to drink is always going to make for the best evening."

Phillip walks in the FAL and heads toward the slowly crowding bar. He looks rather haggard as he makes his way to the bar and into a seat. "Ugh," is the only thing coming from his mouth.

"Boredom 101, the Yellow Bottle is your Friend, huh? I've heard crazier… Oh, hey, people," Alec says, as Paz and Phillip appear. "Oh, you look *great*," he adds, eyeing Phillip. "What can I get you?"

"Heh, didn't I tell you that the Cats' money was worthless down here?" Paz asks with a smirk, nodding to the barkeep, who nods solemnly as he passes Paz her pint. "How long have you been sprung?" she asks, nodding politely to the marine Alec's speaking with.

Valdis gives Paz a little bit of a nod in return, before looking back towards Alec. "Well, not just the yellow bottle. Whatever they tell you's the bad idea in general," she explains. Valdis Philosophy 101. "Since that's usually what turns out to be the most interesting one"

Phillip looks up at Alec, his head on his hand, which is supported by his arm with its elbow on the bar. "Wine, one glass." He then looks down at the counter.

Alec says, "Here's too interesting… Wine, huh? Classy. Hey, man, where'd you keep the wine?" Alec asks the bartender, who up til now has been remarkably tolerant of people wandering around 'his' side of the bar, all things considered. "Have you all met?" he asks, looking round at Phil, Paz and Valdis as he browses the shelf."

"Eh, well, we three have." Paz replies, gesturing towards herself, Alec and Phillip. "But, you, Marine, are a new arrival."

"Corporal Valdis Aradottir" The short Marine explains with a smile. "Marine sharpshooter." Her attention wanders along the group for a moment, looking at each of them in turn. "And starting to feel a little surrounded in hostile territory, with all these pilots."

Phillip looks over at Valdis and straightens up a bit. He puts a little more energy in his voice as he says, "Uh sorry, my manners appear to have been rotten by these mind-numbing patrols of the last few days." Iceblade then stands up and walks over to Valdis, extending his hand as he introduces himself, "Second Lt. Phillip Bradford, Callsign Iceblade. And don't feel too threatened, we're are pretty amiable, at least in the 1087th."

"See? It's not just me," Alec says, finally finding some bottle that looks like it might be wine and unscrewing the cap. "And yeah! The 1087th, lovely people to a man. Or a woman. Unlike us bastards in the 13th. Here y'go, Phil, I think this is right," he claims as he pours a glass. "Say when, man."

"Heh, well, we try anyway." Paz replies, shrugging a little. "I dunno if I'm friendly, but I can be civil when I have to," she smirks teasingly to Valdis. "Lt. Paz Garcia, 'Tizona' to my friends," she adds by way of introduction. "So, when did you join this party?" she asks the marine.

"Just transferred in a few days ago. Still in the 'getting lost trying to find the head' stage" Valdis admits, before she gives a shrug. "But, I'll get it figured out before too long I'm sure. Nice to meet you all, by the way. Even if I feel like I should be saluting or something." Not that she actually seems inclined to do it.

Phillip waits until the glass is half-filled, "When," he calls. He picks up the glass and returns to his seat on the other side of Paz. He looks to Alec, "Well, I haven't really met that many of the bomber pilots, so I have nothing to go on." He turns toward Valdis, "I've noticed that the pilots don't really care about saluting much…unless its Captain Dante."

"You know what? Neither have I," Alec admits, pouring himself some wine too. "Secretive folk, we are, bomber pilots. Mythical, unseen, appearing only to blow up some capship before slipping back to our little burrows." He waggles his fingers, mysteriously. "An' yeah, the Major's not big on saluting. Having to get used to that. Heh. Cheers, again, he says, swigging a mouthful."

"There's a time and place for saluting, and most of them are 'later'." Paz chuckles. "Complete waste of time unless it's for ceremony or something." she shrugs, sipping at her beer. "And don't feel bad about having a hard time finding your way around. It'll last about two weeks, then you'll know the parts you need to know like the back of your hand," she nods.

"Starting to think I like you already," Valdis tells Paz cheerfully, before turning her attention back towards Alec. "And I guess at least if we stumble into each other in gunnery control looking for the flight deck, we'll both know what happened," she teases. "At least I know I'm not the only one"

Phillip nods and adds with a chuckle, "Maybe three. Been here two weeks already and I still can't remember which lift goes med bay and which one goes to my quarters."

"It's a maze," Alec agrees. "I barely found my way to my fighter this morning. Almost ended up launching *myself* into space instead." He takes another swig. "Long as I can find the way from fighter to bar to bed and back, though, I'd guess that pretty much covers all the essentials."

"Glad to hear it." Paz smirks, nodding to Valdis. "Phillip, the only reason you don't know which lift to take's the only times you've ever been there, you were being wheeled up in a gurney from the flight deck," she replies with a snort. "It's just like driving. Just because you've ridden with someone to a place a couple of times, doesn't mean you can always find it. Hell, there's _huge_ stretches of this boat I don't know anything at all about. Don't need to," she shrugs. "Though you, Corporal, might wind up doing security stuff, but I think they give you guys maps or something when you do that," she adds for the Marine's benefit. "There's probably only a handful of people who know every square inch of this ship, and they're both breathing air way over our pay grade."

"Yeah, because then I wouldn't stick out as the new girl at all," Valdis replies to Paz with a laugh. "Look, she's walking around the ship with a map!" she offers in playful imitation of how she can imagine the comments going. "And you do sound like you have your priorities in order!" she tells Alec with a grin.

Phillip looks at Paz, "I have actually had to go to the Med bay under my own power a few times. It's just difficult to remember whether the fore lift or the aft lift leads to the med bay."

It's a fairly quiet day in the First and Last; some folk are keeping to themselves in the booths, but the most action is with a trio of pilots and a Marine, hanging around the bar, chatting away about being new on board, whiling away the time. The thin ginger-haired one nods sympathetically at some comment, before replying, "Heh, couldn't have been much fun. This ship must have enough of your blood in it to be a member of the family by now, man," Alec quips. "We need a rule of thumb or something. Like, everything fun is aft, everything important is fore? Does that work?"

Jim saunters into the First and Last. He sees a bunch of people at the bar, and decides to walk towards them and enter the conversation, "Hello people," he states, "how's it going?"

"Heh, I'll drink to that." Paz replies, taking a big pull from her pint. "Then again…after being sans beer for _weeks_," she sighs dramatically. "I'll drink to damn near anything." she says as Jim enters and greets the gang. "See! I'll even drink to that!" she giggles, taking another big swig. "I'm doing splend-fucking-diferously, sir." she replies to Jim with a little bow. "Wow…I oughta drink to that too.." she muses, then suits action to words.

"Sounds like a good excuse for me to have another" The blonde marine decides after the latest comment from Paz. "Pour me another of that… um… yellow stuff, would you?" she asks Alec with a wide smile. "Think I just changed my mind about the idea of seconds"

Phillip matches the first of the toast but holds off on the others. He pats Paz on the back, "You might want to go easy on that stuff. We still have more patrols to do," Iceblade says the word patrols as if the word alone gives him a bad taste in his mouth.

"You are living dangerously, Miss Interesting," McGrath warns, reaching for a rather ominously yellow bottle nearby and refilling Valdis' shot glass whilst draining his own wine to Paz's little toast. "And you! Don't say it," he insists, pointing a finger at Phil. "Patrol, it's a dirty word. Anyhow! Hey, man," he goes on, nodding at Jim. "Come in, come in. Join the throng. The more the wossname. We met, or what?"

"Heh, Iceblade, when I want your opinion." Paz says, smiling sweetly to the man. "I'll provide you with one, m'kay? M'kay!" she grins, giving him a thumbs up before she polishes off the rest of her pint and gestures to the barkeep for a half to replace it. "I will have you know that I've got a full eight hours to sleep off whatever intoxicants I take on board tonight," she explains as the man moves to fill her order. "And a full bag of alcohol neutralizers in my bunk. I appreciate your concern, Rook, but I'm solid."

Jim says, "I don't think you have had enough Paz." He turns to the other, McGrath, "Anyway, I don't think we have met. I'm Jim." Jim then pulls up a stool and motions to the barkeep that he wants a "brown one".

"When I'm not drinking on the carrier, I spent my time in the most hostile places you can imagine, sleeping in the mud and trying to shoot nine foot cats through the head at eight hundred yards," Valdis replies with a little laugh after Alec's warning. "Somehow, I don't think a second shot of whatever that is, is where I need to worry about the danger in my life coming from."

Phillip shrugs, "Suit yourself, but those neutralizers sound worse than somebody's first time through a jumppoint." Iceblade goes back to his drink, mostly nursing it.

"And that's why you're Miss Interesting, I daresay," Alec agrees, topping up his wine to give Valdis a little wineglass salute and seemingly deciding to leave the discussion between the Minutemen alone for the time being. "An' hey there, Jim. Alec McGrath, 13th. Kinda new here. How 'bout you?"

"That's 'Lieutenant', to you, Private." Paz retorts tartly, giving the young man a smirk to let him know she's only kidding. "And a little bit of a salute wouldn't hurt, either." she says, accepting her half pint with a gracious nod. "Are you even old enough to be in here?" she asks the young man, quirking up an eyebrow. "I think the frozen yogurt stand's on Deck Twelve."

Jim says, "Ouch." The barkeep slides the "brown-one" overto Jim, as he continues to speak, "Eh, I've been here about two weeks, though I mostly keep to myself. Working out, and reading mostly."

Phillip continues to nurse his drink while he listens the others talk.

It was a lazy day in the First and Last, but things have certainly picked up a little in the last hour - a knot of pilots and Marines at the bar sit or stand there, chatting away. One of them, a lanky ginger-haired fellow, is bidding fairwell to a blonde female Marine and nodding to some comment made a moment ago. "Good man, good man. Marine, yeah? Pull up a chair. Heh, I… could really go for a frozen yoghurt right now. Dammit, Paz! That craving's gonna stick with me for a while yet." His eye flicks to the door for a moment, noticing movement.

Jim took a long draunt of his beer, and let out a sigh. "That was good, so… how long have you guys been stationed here?"

Kayly makes her way into the lounge, and after taking a quick look around, makes her way to the bar, to order herself something to drink. While she waits for the drink, she leans back against the bar, and sighs, glancing around the room with a hint of irritation on her face.

"Been aboard since the Minutemen came aboard in…November, I think. So call it, seven months? Eight? Hell, I dunno." Paz replies, sipping at her half pint. "Long enough to know my way around what I need to know my way around ship-wise, let's put it that way."

Phillip turns to Jim and shrugs, "About two or three weeks, myself." Then Phillip turns to the new arrival. He notices the look on her face, so he puts on a smile and extends his hand, "Evening, 2nd Lt. Phillip Bradford."

Alec nods. "Barely a week," he confesses to Jim. "Arrived just in time for the big battle…" he follows Phil's look over at the naval officer, and gives her a nod, seemingly deciding to let Phil's introduction go uninterrupted.

Jim smiles, "Ya, I've been here for about two weeks, unfortunately I haven't really been in any action. Guess they are keeping me in reserve or something." He noticed the new arrival, and smiled at her and gave her a friendly wave.

Kayly gives Phillip a raised eyebrow, though her drink comes first before she can reply. She sets the drink on the bar before finally responding. "Ensign Kayly Taylor." She replies before she extends her hand to shake the other briefly.

Paz sips at her beer, settling into her barstool to watch the festivities, particularly the prickly-seeming newcomer.

Phillip puts his hand back on his lap. Iceblade decides to go ahead and ask, it usually helps. "If you don't mind me asking, but you seem a little," Iceblade chooses his words carefully, "down about something."

The ginger-haired bomber pilot watches Phil's attempt to strike up a conversation with the ensign for a few moments, before refilling his wineglass - again - and raising an amused eyebrow in Paz's direction, nodding his head a little Phil's way. "Outta curiosity," he murmurs, "Where'd a man score some of those anti-intoxicant things? Sounds… handy," he admits.

Jim points with his thumb, at Paz, "Ask the expert. If not, you could lead a strike team to the med bay." He lifts his drink with great relish, and proceeds to watch Phil.

Kayly snorts softly, and shakes her head. "I think the word you're looking for is actually annoyed. Which I figure isn't unexpected when your ship is several hours late arriving, then after you've gotten all your stuff ready, and try to report in, you find out the CMO's already asleep, and you'll have to wait until tomorrow." She peers at the bomber pilot, and offers some simple advice. "Don't bother. The cure is worse than even a hangover." And the marine gets a bit of a glare as well. "And I hardly think that leading a strike on the med bay would be helpful either." She adds with a smirk.

"The trick, miss." Paz cuts in semi-drunkenly, sipping at her half pint. "Is to remember the difference between having a hangover at 12 gees, and being drunk at the same," she says simply. "The former is painful, the latter is _lethal_."

Phillip shrugs, "Ah, well I suppose they can be rather annoying, but nothing too serious. Oh are you a doctor, nurse…?" Iceblade responds, trailing off at the end.

Jim replies cheerfully, "Well I could always use the practice for precision and tactical strikes. By the way, you can just call me, Jim."

Alec just grimaces, like a kid with his hand caught in the cookie jar. "Yikes, I… guess that told us," he shrugs at Paz, before raising his glass Ensign Taylor's way with a lopsided, sardonic smile. "Alec McGrath, 13th. Welcome to the Hotel Majestic?"

Kayly chuckles at Paz. "True, but there's a reason that you're not supposed to be drinking before you guys go out flying." She points out with a grin. "Granted that you can't always plan ahead in some cases." She glances at Phillip and replies. "Doctor, or so the four extra years of university state, anyways." She pauses to take a sip from her glass, before smirking at the marine. "I'm sure, and I could always use the practice of beating up Marines, too." She states in a similar cherry tone to his. She then chuckles at Alec's expression. "Sure that sort of stuff might be needed sometimes, but it's best to try and plan to not need it, if at all possible."

Jim says, "Touche, mademoiselle," and he said with a huge grin on his face, "Of course, the marines would just be letting you win, cause they couldn't resist a pretty face." Jim took one last swig from his tankard, "Anyway, I'm gonna hit the sack, got a long day tomorrow."

Phillip nods. Iceblade turns to Jim, "See you around." Back to the Kayly, he says, "Well, I suppose you will be seeing a lot of pilots and marines in the med bay then, they plan to use that stuff all the time."

"Hey, I never said I was _smart_." Paz protests to Kayly, chuckling throatily. "Just used to it. And, for the record, I've been dry for _DAYS_…..This here's my own little celebration," she explains, smiling to herself with a trace of grim satisfaction. "For past deeds." Jim's reply causes her to nearly choke on her next sip. "Down, tiger!" she cautions him. "She's a _grown up_….she could give you the…" she says, then stage whispers. "_Bad Touch_!"

"Hey, I'm jus' glad they're finally gettin' some help down there," Alec observes… "Oh, seeya, man," he holds up a hand in farewell to Jim, and chuckles drily at Paz's commentary. "Heh, everyone's a casanova… Ehum, as the, uh, marine there's just demonstrated, if you're here to work in Medical, then I reckon you're bound to become pretty popular round here." He toasts Kayly with his glass, again. "Good on you."

"Bigger mistake for them, if they let me win, then. Cause nobody expects a doctor to fight dirty." Kayly states with a faint grin, before giving a nod to the departing marine. Another grin is offered to Paz, and she comments. "Well, hey. I think that puts you way ahead of the majority of pilots on my last assignment, at least." She points out with a chuckle. She smirks at the bomber pilot and shrugs. "Hardly anything new about that really. Medical personnel always seems to be popular for some reason."

Phillip nods and says whole-hearted, "I'll toast to that." Iceblade raises his glass and says, "To the fine and excellent Medical Personnel."

"I'll drink to that!" Paz giggles, setting action to words. "My apologies, miss," she offers to the Doctor. "Lt. Paz Garcia, 1087th Confed Reserve Squadron."

"Cheers, you all," Alec agrees, taking a swig of wine. "Welcome aboard, again. Daresay things'll look better tomorrow for you. The CMO's a nice sort, nicest person on this ship really, I think." He blinks owlishly, looking a little weary. "I think me an' Phil here've spent most of our assignments so far down there getting bits of fighter pulled out of us, so anyone willing to help with that's a big yes in my book."

Kayly grins slightly and nods at Paz. "Hey no need to apologize to me, but nice to meet you. And you guys too." She states to the other two pilots. She gives a nod towards Alec. "I suppose so, though it usually takes a bit more time to totally get over long trips in my experience." She adds with a snicker.

Phillip, after finishing off the rest of the wine in his glass, which was already almost empty anyway, gives a nod, "Yes indeed, after the flight to my first assignment, it took me at least a week to fully recover from the jump lag. And jumping…never a fun experience for me. Give me max Gs and I'm fine, but a trip through jumpspace and…yeah, totally queasy."

"Can think of a few antidotes to that," Alec claims, tapping his glass. "'s why they have bars on ships, 'm sure of it. Don't ask me for the science, but… 's always helped me." He drains the last of his drink. "You travelled much interstellar, then?" he asks Ensign Taylor, curious.

"You get used to it, Phil." Paz replies, sipping at her beer quietly. "Just give it a few weeks, you won't even notice anymore," she nods. "Nice meeting you too, Doc. Doc Raine'll be glad for the help," she says, extending her hand.

"Not generally, no. But I was serving in the Vega Sector before getting transferred here. So it's a bit of a trip getting back to Gemini from there." Kayly points out with a chuckle, and she shrugs slightly. A nod is given towards Paz and she reaches out to shake the offered hand. "Yeah, from my couple of years or so, being active, more help is always appreciated." She states with a grin.

Phillip responds, "Most of time interstellar has been military related and even after a year of back and forth patrols around Gemini systems, I still haven't gotten over it. I hear there is always a few on any ship who never quite it used it. I guess I'm one of those lucky few," Iceblade then gives a chuckle.

Alec toasts Phil with his empty glass, leaning on the bar with one arm for support. "Better you'n me, man," he says. "Takin' one for the team. 's solid, that. Solid." He eyes the wine bottle for a few moments, weighing pros and cons.

"There's meds you can take, Phil. I'm sure Doc here'll help you." Paz replies, polishing off her beer after exchanging handshakes with Kayly. "Anyway…I got exactly six and three quarter hours of rack time calling my name," she says, slipping out of her barstool. "Night everybody!"

Phillip nods, "Yeah some rack time does sound good." Iceblade gets up, yawns and stretches before turning to Kayla, "Well it was nice meeting you doc, probably be seeing you pretty soon though. Night guys." Phillip then begins heading for the door right behind Paz.

Kayly smirks and nods towards Paz. "Goodnight. And I should probably get some sleep too. Gotta recover from the running around the galaxy, and I want to wake up early enough that I'll be able to catch the Chief." She adds with a chuckle, and peers at the pilots. "And I'm sure as hell glad that I'm not officially signed in, so I don't have to fight futile battles telling you how you guys shouldn't drink so much, yet." She ands with a snicker, before she pushes herself away from the bar.

"Ah well. G'night, Lieutenants, Doctor," Alec says. "See y'around." He eventually decides not to go for another refill, instead just waving. "If I'm still here in the morning, someone wake me up, ok?"