No Deposit, No Return
No Deposit, No Return
Arc: None
Summary: A damaged flight returns home
Date: 2658.219
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Participants: Weiss Cole Victoria

Weiss limps across the deck, followed by an entourage, or posse, of techs. he leans heavily on his forearm cructh and and starts waving the crew to their assigned birds.

Let's be honest here, Cole's broadsword is a mess. With the number of chunks torn out of the broadsword's armor, it's something of a miracle that there weren't any torn out of the pilot as well. Still, he seems pleased enough as he drops to the deck, taking off his gloves and placing them in his helmet, before lobbing his helmet back through the hatch.

Tori's rapier is actually the least damaged of the bunch this time. She climbs out, pauses to pat the new ship briefly, and then comes the rest of the way, pulling her helmet off, and then gloves as well. "Good to be back on what passes for solid ground around here," she says softly.

Weiss chews on his unlit cigar, grumbling, then looks at the data pad in his hand and starts checking stuff off. He does not look happy about, well.. ANY of the bird's conditions. He grits is teeth. "Mein Gott.. I swear.. zere vill be reckoning one day.." he mutters to himself as he slips the pad beneath his arm and limps towards the pilots. "Monkeys! You are all MONKEYS! Can you not come back ONCE vithout destroying /vogel/.." he cries.

Tori gives Weiss a steady look. "C'mon. If the Kilrathi weren't firing back, we wouldn't need to go out there," she says simply. Not that she expects it to make any impact whatsoever. Sigh. "Sorry. We'll try again next time to not get shot." Hey, this time none of the pilots got hurt, Tori personally considers that a bonus.

Weiss nods and grunts, seeming placated. "Da, okay. I vill accept zat promise to try." he tells her, pulling out the cigar and tossing it, unlit, into a wastebin. "I hate having to zeperate ze fleshy bits from ze metal ones.. so if you not get hit, zhen not have to worry about fleshy bits."

Ew. But yeah. Tori just smiles. "We'll do our best," she says. Cause those fleshy bits hurt when they're not properly attached. "And thank you for taking good care of these babies. They were fabulous today - helped us in a fight against 7 kilrathi."

"Speaking as the owner of the 'fleshy bits', believe me, I'm quite happy to avoid having 'em picked out of my bomber myself" Cole replies with a little chuckle and a shake of his head at Weiss. "At least we brought 'em all back for you"

Weiss actually.. preens? He grins at Tori and nods. "Vell, I cannot take all credit.. Just most. Mein boys and girls are good.. If I keep zem in check." A bit of flattery seems to go a long way with him. He then narrows an eye on cole. "Da, you bring zem back.. But more like bringing back soda can for deposit."

Tori gives Cole a wicked grin, raising a hand to wave. "If you'll excuse me, gents, I need to go get cleaned up and find some dinner now that the flight is over." Oh, there's the report and all, but she's perfectly willing to leave Cole to chat with the chief. "Have a good day, and thanks again." She heads off towards the lifts and her own barracks.

"Ahh, but at least they come back" Cole comments with a little laugh. "After all, nothing worse than not even getting your deposit back" He adds jokingly, looking back towards the mess that is his broadsword. "Though I dunno, you might do better trying to sell that one as bulk scrap by weight"

Weiss nods to Tori. "Have a good night, kapitan.." he tells her with a chuckle, then looks to Cole and sighs deeply. "Well, perhaps I just melt it down and make new one, da? Probably cheaper zen sending it back."

"You're probably right there" Cole replies. "Then again, I'm sure medical's probably thought that about the pilot a time or two, too" he adds with a little amused chuckle. "I suppose I'll be grateful that nobody's actually tried that approach"

Weiss bahs and shakes his head. "Doktors… Zey do some good work. Put me back together good enough. But you are right. Sometimes I feel doktors vould clone us all if zey could."

"Well, I suppose in some ways it would make fixing things easier" Cole replies. "On the downside, I'm sure they'd probably be on something like Cole number three hundred and eighty seven by now"

Weiss snorts. "In ze very least. Ze problem with clones would be is zey do not learn from zere mistakes.. you just replace them."

"Well, I'm not so sure the originals learn from their mistakes either" Cole replies with a little shake of his head. "After all, if we did, you'd be out of a job"

Weiss narrows those grey eyes again on the pilot. "Da.. And I vould be sitting on a beach somevhere with some nubile island girls.. I try to tink.. vhich one is more agreeable."

Cole can't help but give a little bit of a laugh. "Island girls certainly do have their attractions" Cole replies. "I just had to compromise, I suppose, and find mine on the carrier" he jokes. "But, message received. I'll try and get my ass shot off less"

Weiss nods once. "Good. because contrary to popular belief I do not yell at you all just because I get pissed you break /my/ birds.." And yes, they are his bords to him. "I yell because I vant you all to come back in one peice.. two at most. But ze birds tend to listen better zhen people si I yell at ze people in hope zey listen."

"Believe me, I'm trying my best" Cole replies with a little chuckle. "Probably would have come away clean, if I hadn't dived in front of a couple Grikath after Tsunami got hit"

Weiss waves that off. "Either or.. but regardless.. YOu get cleaned up.. I need to fix your bird. "So shoo.."

"Alright." Cole comments, pausing for a moment. "And thanks" he adds, before going to scurry his way along to the showers and then on to debriefing.