No Wind Is Favorable
No Wind Is Favorable
Arc: Cloaks and Daggers
Summary: The undercover Confed officers confront their contact regarding their last mission.
Date: 2659.031
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Participants: Kayly Oceana James Draygo

Well, their contact was bound to call them back in sooner or later, right? Which probably explains why the upper room of the bar has been cleared, empty except for a single balding man in his mid 50's seated at one of the card tables and waiting for his hired mercenaries to arrive.

Hey, Kanani did all the talking last time. It's kind of interesting how the rank and file get to be the contacts. Cea, she's just muscle. More or less. So, as she comes up to the private lounge, she takes a good look around. And while she's not overly bodyguardish, she is on guard, just like a good merc should be.

Hey, Kayly did all the talking last time. It's kind of interesting how the rank and file get to be the contacts. Cea, she's just muscle. More or less. So, as she comes up to the private lounge, she takes a good look around. And while she's not overly bodyguardish, she is on guard, just like a good merc should be.

James makes his way towards the private lounge still dressed in the coveralls he had worn while working on the fighters. He looks around the room and nods in greeting to Kayly and Cea.

Kayly heads up to the private lounge, and glances around thoughtfully, before looking over at the balding man, and waiting to see if he's got anything to say. No point in trying to say anything herself, before knowing why the guy's called them, after all.

"Come on over and pull up a chair" The contact comments, waving the group over his way. "I'm sure you've got a few questions about the way your last operation turned out, and you're probably due some answers" he admits bluntly.

One of the last ones to arrive, Kell isn't in his usual Merc flightsuit outfit, instead he wears the casual going out clothes to look a bit more presentable since this could be considered an important meeting. That or he has plans for after the meeting that causes him to dress a little better. The eyepatch is still there though, plus his scruffy jaw. When he enters the Private Lounge, he sees that most of the others have arrived but the main thing that attracts his attention is the card table, perking his interest.

Cea inclines her head by way of greeting to the man, watching him for a few moments, before she finds a wall to lean against. It's near enough that she can hear and take part in the conversation, but for some reason this particular merc doesn't seem to like doing as she's told. Well, that, and she doesn't trust this guy at all.

Kayly smirks wryly, as she pulls out a chair and sits down, keeping some distance between herself and the man. "Well, I suppose that's one way of putting it, isn't it?" She remarks idly as she waits for the man to start talking.

James shrugs and takes a chair at the card table before saying "That was nothing compared to some of the screwups bad Intel have caused. Look at how the Confed and Cat war got started."

"It's a little more complex than that." The man replies. "The Militia were there because we told them you would be." He explains simply. "What was on the transports themselves was of no real value, but we had to make sure you would follow a mission through. Finding reliable help can be hard in a place like this. But, as I'm sure your commander has told you, you've been paid as promised. And now we've got some real work that we need to have done"

Instead of pulling up a chair and joining in, Kell goes to the nearby wall of where contact had directed them to and leans casually against it. Reaching into his pocket, he pulls out a pack of smokes though his attention is directed on the contact. From where he is standing, he is able to listen in on the conversation while keep an eye on the entrance to the room, because like Cea, trust doesn't come easy.
When the explanation of why the militia was given, Kell can't help but get angry as he puts away his pack of cigarettes after taking one out. "Are you fucking serious? You know there are other ways to 'test' us, paid or not, I don't like having a trap sprung on us like that." He finally speaks, his glare still focused on the contact but he lapse back to silence, instead lighting up his smokes.

Kayly narrows her eyes at the man as the explanation is given, though she keeps her cool unlike Kell, seeing as she doesn't seem very surprised by the revelation. Apparently growing up in the seedy undersides of New Detroit can do that to a person. She taps her fingers on the card table a few times, remaining quiet and seeing if anyone else feels like making any comments to the guy, or more outbursts.

Cea's fists clench, and the look she gives the man is downright mutinous. Her shoulders stiffen and she suddenly looks entirely on edge. But even she knows that's not good, nope. She takes a deep breath, closing her eyes for just a heartbeat, and she very slowly relaxes every muscle, almost one by one. She pulls her attention to the room, rather than the guy she's fighting to not sucker punch.

James has a samilar urge but fights it down despite having discovered just how fun suckerpunching people can be downstairs not that long ago. He looks up and says "How long? One of our ships that got hit should be ready tomorrow but the other will take longer."

"I am indeed fucking serious" The man replies to Draygo flatly. "And so is the business you're in. One mistake in what I'm doing here, and Confed comes crashing down on everything. Including me, and including you" he adds, a hint of anger showing in his own expression. "Now. If you're done with your little outbursts, I had actually brought you here to discuss the next item of business." He pauses there, before looking to James. "And it's planetside business, so you'll have plenty of time to put your little fighters back together"

Kayly yawns slightly, and leans back in her chair. She peers over at the guy, and asks, "So what exactly is this new business that you need done, hmm?" Might as well keep things on track if at all possible, she figures.

Once she gets herself back under control, Cea relaxes back against the wall, going back to watching, for the most part. But would any dishonest merc group be happy about having themselves put to a test like that? Not likely. So she's not the least bit repentent, even as he threatens obliquely to not have the discussion about the so called real work. "You couldn't possibly have expected us to be happy about your little test," she says, her tone neutral. And obviously she's not thrilled, and she's not the only one. But - she's got stubbornness on her side now. "Fine. It's over and done. And if there's real work needing to be done, then we're interested."

"Fuck the Confed, if they come crashing down we'll just wipe the floor with them again. Just like we did downstairs the other night." Kell says as if the Confed was no big deal, but it's obvious more bluff than anything else, false bravado from your usual fighter pilot. When the prospect of a new job comes up, Draygo certainly calms down a bit more, as if to show that money certainly trumps whatever concerns he may have. Instead of asking for details, he seems to be content on just patiently waiting for the details, as if he is in no hurry to be anywhere else.

James nods once and for now remains silent while trying not to think about how the first groundside mission that he had undertaken had ended. Unfortuantly the scar along his head decides that now is a good time to start hurting and remind him.

"Don't be stupid" The man tells Draygo with a little shake of his head. "The Kilrathi are the only ones who can break Confed's stranglehold out here. The best that we can do is give things a push in the right direction." He pauses for a moment there, before adding "And that is exactly what I intend to do. My sources have told me that Javelin Munitions is in the process of developing a new type of explosive for the Confederation Navy to use in their torpedoes. We're going to need someone to break in and conduct a little sabotage. And that's where you lot come in."

Kayly leans back in her seat, as she listens to the man telling the group what the latest job is, her expression carefully neutral as she considers his words. She doesn't make any comment as to the nature of the mission or how hard it might be to do, for the moment, as she waits to see what else he might have to say.

Since Kell didn't respond to the little jibe by the contact, it could be that he is trying to show that he agrees with the othre man's assessment on Confed power and that earlier, he was just talking out of his ass. When the description of their next job is given, Draygo arches a brow on the whole stealth and steal mission, probably out of some Confed R&D lab. "Really, we're gonna waltz in there, wave at the scientists. Grab one or two warheads, and walk out?" He then smirks and shakes his head, his tone showing that he obviously wasn't serious. He takes another smoke before blowing it into the air, apparently waiting for the part where he tells the group that there is an easy way in.

Cea settles down as it seems the guy isn't going to walk out at least. Money does talk, after all. She doesn't have anything to add, more or less just listening to what the job is. Breaking and entering, at a munitions company? Now that should be quite the challenge, to be sure. And nothing to do with the fighters or freighters - that actually makes Cea happy, her little ex-marine mind considering the logistics of such an attack, to judge by the thoughtful look on her face.

James blinks as the details of the mission are laid out then nods in agreement with Kell "The sabotage I should be able to handle but getting in will prove somewhat more difficult I'm afraid."
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"I don't want you to grab one" The man replies simply. "I want you to set it off. One detonation should be sufficient to wipe the facility off the surface of the planet, more or less." He pauses for a moment there. "Granted, I'd suggest you use a timer of some sort since you don't want to be around when it happens." James gets a little nod at his concern. "Getting in is going to be the tough part. Though we're working on a way we can provide you with authentic security credentials. You'll just have to take care of acting the part."

Taking another smoke, Kell seems to be considering the possibilites of this mission now though it is from a different point of view. He certainly prefers to do it without any casualties but he definitely won't voice it since it is completely counter to the image he is portraying right now. "Obviously, what's the point of this job if we're not alive to get paid. If you can get us the ID and slice our info into their systems, we can take care of the acting. Any secondary objectives while we're there? Once it goes boom, regrets are useless."

Kayly hmms thoughtfully as the guy finishes up his little briefing. She refrains from any smart alec comments on the difficulty of getting into such a place, seeing as it's already been covered. Any trouble she might have with such an… explosive… way of dealing with things, she of course keeps to herself. Best to not let one's employer know you might have any morals.

Cea doesn't say a word, she just stands there and watches. Well. If James can't handle making things go boom, perhaps she can, but practically speaking that's not something this guy needs to know. She is quietly taking in the questions and answers, her gaze moving to Kell as he asks about the secondary objectives. Huh. Smart cookie that one. "What's your timeline on this? We might need a little planning time, since getting out is going to be just as tricky as getting in."

James nods and says "I can act the part though it would probably be best if I was set up as a tech or machanic since I know enough in those areas to do a decent job of faking it."

"You've got ninety-six hours" The man tells Oceana. "I'll leave it to your judgement to figure out how to get the job done. Your asses on the line, after all" at least he's honest about the situation, right? "Payment on completion will be half a million. Don't worry about informing us when the mission's complete, I'm sure half the planet will see the explosion"

James nods thoughtfully already considering what the group could do with half a million and preparing a list of suggustions for Pickett. Switching the Talon's Mass Drivers for Neutron Guns tops that list followed by getting a Centurion fitted out as a bomber in case they ever need to deal with any more capships.

96 hours? Oh, bloody hell, those guys don't believe much in - wait, did he really say half a mill? Okay, they're definitely not playing games. Cea's eyes widen for a moment, and then she smirks at the comment about not having to let the client know when the job is done. Yeah, there is that for sure. Though big Kabooms can be fun.

"Half a mil… that's a lot of booze, strippers, and blo." Kell says quietly to himself but loud enough for everyone to hear in the room since they are the only ones here." Stubbing his cigarette in a nearby empty ashtray, he looks at the others before turning back to the the main contact, "Well, you'll get your fireworks. It'll be bright and pretty."

"I thought you'd see it that way" the contact replies with a little grin, before he adds. "Now, go on and get out of here before people start wondering what we've been talking about up here for so long. I'll make sure someone gets those credentials to your boss in the next day or so"

James simply nods and turns to make his way towards the exit planning to do a little window shopping before he heads back to the hotel

Cea is thinking a nice long drink and then she's going to go … well, never mind. She pushes off the wall onto the balls of her feet and waits for the pilots to be ready to go, before she heads out the door first. Just in case there's an ambush of some sort out there. While she waits, she gives the balding man a polite nod, and then she'll just slip out with the others.

"Well, you speak the galactic language, money. Of course we'd see it that way. We're not religiously fanatical retros or idiotic Confed, we go where the money goes and right now, it leads us to you. Enjoy the boom that is sure to come." Kell answers with a smirk as he turns towards the exit. With that said, he raises a hand as a casual wave goodbye while he walks towards the exit, also ready just in case they get waylaid on the way out. But there is booze downstairs ad Kell is gettnig thirsty.