Now Fiercer by Despair
Now Fiercer by Despair
Arc: Paradise Regained
Summary: An SAR flight is ambushed by the Kilrathi, but a Confederation patrol turns the tables on the ambushers.
Date: 2658.288
Related Logs: None
Participants: Cole Kanani Victoria Paz James

While fighting rages on the planet below, a new round of craziness is developing above the planet's atmosphere. Sent to rescue a downed pilot, a broadsword escorted by a pair of Rapier-class fighters had only just broken free from the atmosphere when engaged by six Kilrathi heavy fighters. The craft maneuver wildly to avoid the concentration of Kilrathi fire… though the fire explosion comes from a Kilrathi ship, as a Dumbfire missile launched by one of the rapiers smashes into it and blows it apart.

« One down, a million to go » Cole grumbles, throwing his broadsword into another hard evasive turn in an attempt to break away from the Kilrathi fighters that seem inclined to tail him. « Majestic, get us some help out here or this is going to get ugly in a hurry… » he adds, prodding the carrier for support for probably the fourth time since the Kilrathi ships showed up on scanners.

«Queen, Tizona, that was one hell of a shot.» Paz grins, throwing her Rapier into a tight barrel roll to shake her attackers. "Okay, fuzzies…It's time to stop playing so nice." she adds, firewalling her throttle and bringing a missile on-line to start tracking the interceptor she missed on her gun run. «Hey, furballs!» she taunts over the radio. «Think you can shoot straight this time?»

Tori flashes a smile as her dumbfire hits home. Well, perhaps it might be a bit of overkill, but that did lower the odds a bit. She's happy about that, all things considered. « Let's get the rest of these puppies,» she says, her unhappiness with their little trap showing. She has to duck, dodge, and juke her own rapier, but that doesn't stop her from taking a nice long dive at one and letting her second dumbfire go. Evening the odds a bit more seems like a great idea, if she can.

Kanani is off along with Cutlass on their own patrol when the call comes in. «Majestic, Tsunami. Copy that. We're on our way.» She switches back to the short range comms and adds. «Well, looks like we've got us a party to crash. Lets get going Cutlass.» She then turns her fighter in the direction of the fight, and hits the afterburners, as she races to get there in time to help out.

James had shoved his engine to the red line as soon as the call had come in with his afterburners blazing. «Any word on what we are flying into catwise Majestic?» he asks with one eye locked on his scanners.

The young Latina fighter jock grumbles as her weapon strikes the enemy ship at roughly its midpoint, then curses aloud when one of her pursuers decides to start trying to punch holes in her nose. "Okay, apparently, you can shoot straight." Paz says, wincing as her quarry suddenly reverses on her. "If you think you can play chicken with me, amigo…you are _so_ mistaken." she says, flipping her guns back to hot and waiting until the last second to pull the trigger.

Another Kilrathi fighter is exploded by a dumbfire, adding to the cloud of debris that's slowly spreading around the planet's low orbit from the latest wave of violence. With two more Confederation fighters inbound, the odds have suddenly swung against the Kilrathi…

« Inbound flight, this is Voodoo, good to see you. We got jumped by six Kilrathi heavies, and god only knows what else is waiting for us out there » Cole explains simply, smiling as he manages to lose on of the fighters from his tail at least. He turns in sharply, moving to engage the other one attacking him. "Right, let's see how well you play chicken"

Tori's grin widens as her second dumbfire strikes home, leaving the kitties down to four. That's a little more presentable, she thinks to herself. « Here puppy, puppy,» she taunts though as her danger alerts start triggering, she stops focussing so much on attack, and moves to evasive maneouvers. In the process, she switches her weapons, bringing her guns up hot, and taking a shot at one of the two that is aiming her way.

Kanani rockets into the fight, with little regard for defensive manuvers, hoping to use the element of surprise to do a bunch of damage before the cats realize there's more additions to the party. «Aloha. Heard there was a party going on, and we -just- had to crash it.» She remarks with a bit of a chuckle, before she launches a missile at one of the Jalthi. «Fox 2.»

James roars into the fight before picking his target «Tizona do all of your parties tun into life or death struggles?» he asks thinking back to the pull party before lining up on a Jalthi and squeeing the trigger «Cutlass guns.»

The swirling melee continues, with three of the Kilrathi fighters struck… but all managing to hold together. The Kilrathi wing turns in, aggressively aiming for the lone bomber. Intent on claiming two Terran pilots for the price of one, even if the initial attempt at an ambush seems to have failed.

Despite the two additional fighters aiming his way, Cole keeps his aim on the Kilrathi fighter he'd battered with his guns. "Nick off already…" Cole grumbles, depbressing the trigger for his guns once more… hoping to finish off the job.

James watches his shot plow into the enemy fighter's cockpit but apparently he missed the pilot so he loops around before swinging in for another high speed pass on the now damaged enemy craft.

Paz manages to land her shot on the oncoming ship's cockpit, but the Hhriss' shields soak up enough of the bullets to make the results less fatal than she'd hoped. At the last possible second, the enemy ship veers on one of it's maneuvering thrusters to go after Queen. It's a mistake. "You really shouldn't turn your back on a hostile like that, my friend." Paz grins, even as she grunts with the effort of pivoting on her own thruster to pursue, neutron cannon powering up as the Rapier screams after its prey.

Kanani lets out a little sigh, as her missile doesn't do enough damage. She sticks on the Jalthi's tail though, and waits for another lock, before pulling the trigger and launching another missile at it. "Come on and die." She mutters idly at the cat, waiting to see what sort of damage this shot will do.

As the alarmed beeping in Tori's cockpit eases off, she gets a chance to aim a bit more. « Welcome to the party, Cutlass, Tsunami, » she says cheerfully. « Time to chase these buggers off our bomber. » Hey, she's still got one chasing her, but that doesn't mean she can't fire back. And this time, she ducks some debris, slips to the left, and then fires, coming in on the silly kilrathi who chose to leave her in favour of shooting at the bomber. « Queen, guns. »

A second round of mass driver fire blows through the cockpit of the already-damaged Jalthi, sending it spinning into the atmosphere… trailing as a brilliant streak of red heat against the blue of the sky below, looking almost like a meteor before shattering as the heat and stress overwhelm its structural integrity.

« One less ratbag in space » Cole reports triumphantly, turning his bomber in towards the next of the Kilrathi that have been attacking him. After all, if they're going to put holes in his bomber, it's the least he can do to return the favor.

"Oh for the love of….That's it, fucker, you are going _DOWN_!" Paz snarls as she watches the Hhriss' shields dissipate her neutron cannon's first blast. "Nobody gets away from me that many times! Nobody, you hear!"

James breaks away from the fighter that he had been targeting and swoops towards the one pursuing Queen. He switches to missiles and boars into on the target waitig for the sight to align with the craft's engines. Once it does so and the lock tone rings out he squeeze the trigger «Cutlass Fox 2!»

Tori now has the joy of hitting the target, but having armour stop her attack from doing much of anything. Bother. Given that one more kitty goes down, Tori spins her rapier to come back, flying again at the target that she's missed a couple times now. It's become a challenge, really - can that cat really be a better pilot than she is? « Queen, guns, » she calls as she gets a good lock on her target, and squeezes the trigger.

Kanani gives a bit of a nod as her shot knocks most of the tail off of her target, but the cat keeps on going. She switches her weapons over to guns and then tries to put a few bursts of fire into the Jalthi's cockpit in order to finish it off. «Tsunami, switching to guns.» She calls out, as well.

The second Jalthi dies to a steam of mass driver slugs, falling to a similar fiery fate above the planet as the first one suffered. As the heavy fighter falls, however, six more Kilrathi craft come up from underneath… apparently the Confederation aren't the only ones who have decided to reinforce this particular little melee.

After dispatching the second Jalthi, Cole's bomber turns in towards the approaching wing of Drakhri. Lining up the leader of the Kilrathi formation, he charges straight in at the group, depressing the trigger to his guns. Unable to resist the urge to taunt his opposite number, he clicks on his comms and grins. « Let's see if you die as easy as your mates did »

At least Tori scored a hit with her guns that time, though she doesn't have much time to cheer, as her sensors go wild, blip blip, alert. Yay? « Incoming, » she says, just in case someone missed it. « And Cutlass, watch your six. » Mind you, she's got to pay attention to her own, so she does hit evasive maneouvers, still taking a chance to target lock and fire her guns at her target, before zipping off in a barrel roll to avoid any incoming … anything. Hopefully.

«Ruh oh. Looks like the Cat's have some party crashers of their own. I count six Drakhri.» Kanani states calmly as she lines up a shot on one of the rude kittens that have decided to go and ruin a perfectly good fight. Once she gets a decent enough shot, she opens fire, hoping that the shot will do a decent amount of damage to the target.

"Jesu Christo…" Paz all but chuckles as shot number two is dissipated as easily as the first. «Tizona, going full guns.» she comments over the radio before lining up for another shot. "Die, will you? Just die already!" she says. James' successful missile attack only makes her more annoyed. «Wave off this one, Cutlass, his furry ass is mine.»

James smiles when his missile plows into it's target. The smile quickly fades when he notices both the surviving fighters of the first flight heading his way along with two of their new freinds. He fires off a missile, at the Hhriss he hasn't targeted yet then begins a wild sequence of evasive manuvers «Cutlass Fox 2!. And everyone, I think they found out about me letting a dog loose in a cat show when I was a kid somehow. I could use somehelp here.»

Kilrathi reinforcements flash through the Confederation formation, a brief exchange of fire causing little conclusive result on either side. The Kilrathi fighters break apart and turn back in towards the melee, lining up for a second pass on their targets.

« They're coming around again » Cole reports, already banking his bomber in towards the same target. « Going to see if I can't break up the second pass as well. Still with me over there, Tsunami? » Cole asks, apparently assuming the Stiletto that had joined him in attacking the new Kilrathi attackers was hers.

Paz can only sigh and shake her head a little as the best shielded Hhriss in the Kilrathi inventory continues to defy her every attempt to shoot it down. Then a veritable flurry of enemy fighters break through their formation. Deciding to leave well enough alone for now, Paz breaks off pursuit, goes for a missile lock on the nearest Drakhri to her position and sets up to shoot. «Cutlass, Tizona, break right!» she calls as she pulls the trigger.

«I'm still here, Voodoo. And hoping that this time the damned mass drivers will do a bit of damage.» Kanani adds for good measure, as she opens fire on her target once again. «Watch yourself out there, Cutlass. I think that the cats assume that you brought the cat nip to the party.»

By some combination of a miracle and skill James's fighter had emerged from the hellstorm unschathed. Unfortuatly the fighter he had targeted had done the same. He sends his last missile towards it then breaks away as soon as Paz tells him so. «And apparently this bunch likes their catnip cooked with shrapnel as a condiment.» he adds.

And somehow in the fun, Tori gets hit. "Damn it," she grumbles, as she takes a moment to figure out what the heck happened. « Queen, minor hit, everything seems to still be working, » she reports. « Going to keep trying to nail that Hhriss. Full guns. » Though with Paz's advise, Tori breaks to the right. « Roger that, Tizona. »

"That's more like it." Paz grins as she watches her missile shred the Drakhri's right wing. «Tizona, going to guns.» she reports, spiraling her rapier in for the kill.

The second pass doesn't go nearly so well as the Kilrathi might have hoped. Their leader's fighter explodes in a shower of fragments as shots punch through his cockpit and into the reactor. Two other Kilrathi craft break off from their passes, displaying ugly looking wounds along their hulls for the effort.

« Don't think the ambo's going to be able to fix that one » Cole jokes as the third fighter of the night vaporizes in front of his broadsword's guns. « Who's next? Volunteers? » Cole asks, bringing his bomber around on one of the fighters that seem to have decides to swarm Tori.

Kanani at least gets the satisfaction of doing a bit of damage to her target, before she feels her fighter shake a bit after taking a light shot in the wing. She grumbles and switches back to her final missile, and charges in, hoping that the cat that's chasing her is to damaged to get a good shot, as she launches the heat seeker. «Fox 2.»

James emerges from another nightmarish salvo unscathed and is surprised to see that all of the enemy fighters which had been after him had broken off. He swings up onto the tail on one of the Hriss class ships, which is winging around to attack Tizona and mutters "Oh big mistake." as he boars in not even bothering with the simplest of evasions «Cutlass Fox-2!»

Another shot hits Tori's fighter, and she ends up wobbling and weebling a bit, before she can bring it back under control. "Crap!" she exclaims, though she's just as relieved to not have been hit personally. She's got enough scars already. « Another hit, a little more serious, but I'm not injured, » she reports. « Let's see what we can do about that. » So, that little bleep bleep sound? It's still going, sounding a bit odd, and Tori does her best to evade whatever is attacking her, but at the same time, she's trying to at least stabilize her poor fighter.

Three Kilrathi die in a span of seconds, two exploded by heat seeking missiles and one shot neatly through the cockpit by the guns of Paz's Rapier. Unfortunately, the over-aggressive approach doesn't work for every member of the formation… with Cole's bomber getting shredded by laser fire, for little result.

James cries out «scratch one!» over the comm then notices the enemy veering towards Victoria «Queen break left now!» He settles his gunsight on the engines of one of the Drakhri targeting Victoria «Cutlass fox 2!»

« I'm hit, but it's manageable » Cole reports. « I think. » Cole adds, as his bomber breaks away from the formation slightly, looking to keep itself from the worst of the fighting. « Tinkering with the power settings, looks like she'll be apples in a minute. Someone get that bastard for me »

«Flight, Tizona, splash one!» Paz grins as her gun run turns the Drakhri's cockpit into Swiss cheese, then frantically banks to avoid the debris field when it explodes, courtesy of a stray round to the ship's 02 tank. Switching to her second batch of missiles, Paz finds herself once again covering Cutlass's backside. «Cutlass, break right!» she calls before pulling the trigger.

Right. Left. Tori's rapier heads down and to her left, as she hears the instructions. « Roger that, Cutlass, » she calls out. Of course, she's now feeling a little bit better about her own rapier, now that she's not so much target practice. That one nasty kitty - the one that's hit her twice. Grudge maatch. Tori gets herself in line and lets her guns fire as soon as she gets a target lock.

Kanani grins a bit as her missile shreds one of the Drakhri to bits. «Gotcha!» She calls out, before she notices two of the cats chasing her down. She starts to fly somewhat less recklessly. Or perhaps in a reckless fashion intended to avoid being shot, rather than making it easier to shoot others. She does take a shot at one of the incoming fighters though, hoping to make him flinch.

Struck by a missile, one Drakhri has a wing nearly blown off, spinning wildly for a moment before the pilot somehow regains control and reengages. The remaining Kilrathi turn their focus on Tizona's rapier, concentrating fire on one of the few undamaged terran craft.

« Right, think that's as good as it's getting. Power to the guns is positive again, time to go big game hunting » Cole reports cheerfully, racing in (as much as a Broadsword can race, anyway) towards the last of the Kilrathi heavy fighters.

James takes a glancing hit from a Drakhri but his shields asorb the laser completly. He smiles when he sees his missile hit but the enemy fighter flys on and veers towards Paz's Rapier. James switches to guns and opens his comm when he notices two more fighters joing his target's attack «Tizona, Cutlass dive now and guns!»

As the telltale beeps finally go quiet, Tori gets a chance to race in on that Drakhri that James just tore mostly apart. « Nice shooting, Cutlass!» she calls out, definitely thrilled with that particular shot. She stays on that same fighter as well, intending to give poor Tizona a hand. « Queen guns. That kitty really needs to die. He spoiled my paint job. »

Paz quickly begins to realize she's in trouble, but is too committed to press her attack now to do much of anything about it but drive in to attempt to put the cockpit of the enemy ship square in her sights before squeezing off a vicious, but short barrage before diving frantically. «Cutlass, Tizona, thanks!» she calls, starting to juke wildly.

Kanani didn't really expect to hit much, as she was rolling her fighter out of the way of the incoming shots. And she got exactly what she expected, as her shots hit nothing but vacuum. She continues to go after her target, and shoots another burst of gunfire at the Drakhri hoping to get better results this time.

The hapless, wingless Drakhri is shredded by Cutlass' guns, caught unable to maneuver as weapons fire slams into its engines. The ships swarming Paz don't manage much, the Rapier nimbly sideslipping the torrent of fire directed its way.

Cole grins under his helmet as his shots slam into the battered Hhriss, even if it does manage to hold itself together under the barrage of fire, and even if the fighter does seem to be turning back in towards him. "Come on then…" he mutters under his breath as he squeezes the trigger, flying straight in towards the Kilrathi craft.

Paz curses viciously as her shot fails to land the devastating blow she'd hoped, then even more viciously as that damned Hhriss becomes the only ship out of the whole gaggle to score a hit on her, then has the nerve to present her with a shot. It's an opportunity she will most certainly not turn down.

Kanani growls quietly to herself as her shots bounce of the Drakhri's armor causing little to no noticable damage. "Just take your medicine like a good kitty." She mutters to no one in particular as she opens fire again, still remaining somewhat optimistic that sooner or later some damage will be caused to the Kilrathi.

With one of the drakhri going down, thanks to Cutlass' great shooting, Tori turns to the next one down the line. She is still clear of any actual incoming shots, so she dives straight for her target, locking on and then firing. « Queen Guns. Let's hope they don't have any more suprises up their sleeve. we're starting to get a bit battered. I'd rather not end up deep fried. »

James announces «Scratch one!» before swinging around on the tail of the lone Drakhri which is still targeting Paz «Cutlass Fox 2!»

Struck in front and behind, the last of the Kilrathi heavy fighters falls apart, leaving an expanding cloud of gas and debris between the Rapier and Broadsword responsible for its destruction. Another Drakhri falls prey to a heat seeking missile, leaving only a single Kilrathi craft in space… which prompty turns in for a last, desperate attack on the SAR bomber.

« Nice shot, Tizona! » Cole tells Paz, before his threat warning buzzes one more time as that last Kilrathi fighter makes its run. Apparently, further congratulatory remarks are going to have to wait, in favor of wild evasives for a moment.

«Voodoo, Tizona, your kill.» Paz replies around an ear-to-ear smile. «I just paid him back for denting my nose. Break left!» she calls, firing a snapshot at the lone Drahri.

Tori is just as happy that now they are down to one. She grimly aims her guns at that one, not wanting it to blow up the bomber, or the rescued pilot within. « Puppy pile time. » Whatever that means. « Guns, Queen. » As she gets a shot, and Paz tells Voodoo to break left, she takes it, finger squeezing the trigger.

James cheers then opens the commline «Scratch one!» He then pales as he sees what the last enemy fighter is doing and resets his for guns before angling for a head to head pass hoping to divert the enemy fighter from targeting the bomber «Cutlass Guns!»

Kanani breathes a little sigh of relief as all but one of the enemy fighters are shot down, and also that the cat has found someone else to pick on. With this break she charges in after the Drakhri, and opens fire with her mass drivers. "If nothing else, it'll maybe distract the bastard." She comments to herself as she makes her attack.

With four Confederation fighters hungry for blood, the fate of that last Kilrathi fighter was never /really/ in doubt. Even wounded, Cole's broadsword manages to sideslip the unguided missile fired its way by the doomed Kilrathi pilot.

« Voodoo to flight. Not sure who got him, but thanks » Cole reports as he brings his bomber back around into somewhat more level flight. « Let's get back to the Majestic, I think Turbo's probably getting seasick down in my cargo hold » he orders a moment later.

«Lead, Tizona, copy that.» Paz sighs, settling back into her couch with a satisfied little smile. «First round's on me.» she adds to give a little incentive.

« Nicely done, everyone. And Roger that, Voodoo. Setting course for home. » So to speak. Tori settles back onto her own seat, altering direction, and falls into formation to continue protecting that bomber all the way back to base.

«Lead, Cutlass copy that. I'm undamaged so I'll bring up the rear sir» he adds and swings into postition in the formation with his eyes glued to his scanner for signs of any more enemy craft inbound.

«Copy that. It was a decent enough party, but heading home seems like a good idea.» Kanani remarks with a soft chuckle, as her fighter starts to turn onto a course to head back to the Majestic. Once that's done, she starts to look over her readouts, just to make sure that the damage done to her fighter isn't to serious.