A career light ship officer, LCDR Nucefora has recently transferred to TCN Special Operations command. Nucefora arrived in Gemini as the gunnery officer aboard TCS Pretoria, but was quickly transferred to serve as Executive Officer of Pretoria's sister ship, the TCS Durban. Nucefora came to the attention of TCN command after assuming command of the Durban following its Captain's death over New Constantinople, proving to be both a skilled and aggressive commander in the months that followed.

Most recently, LCDR Nucefora has bounced between high-risk assignments within Gemini. From landing a pair of transports on Kilrathi-occupied Helen to arm enslaved colonists, to commanding TCS Meriwether Lewis during Operation Yamamoto, Nucefora has taken on some of the least conventional assignments the 8th Fleet has to offer… and so far, he has yet to fail.