Perrys Missing Upper Deck
Perry is Missing Some Upper Decks
Arc: None
Summary: A group of three pilots and a technician explore a discrepancy in the station manifest.
Date: Unknown
Related Logs: None
Participants: Iceblade, Zorro, Talon, Debris
Table of Contents


Nina 'Zorro' Epinoza zorro-icon.jpg
Dallas 'Debris' Seelig debris-icon.png
Phillip 'Iceblade' Bradford iceblade-icon.jpg
Cyric 'Talon' Karde cyric-icon.jpg
Perry Naval Base Comms perry-icon.jpg
Broadsword computer broadsword-icon.jpg
Technician technician-icon.jpg
unknown holobot-icon.jpg


Cyric, Nina and Phil are walking down the corridor when the comm officer announces: "Code orange, requesting the assistance of Capt Epinosa, and 2nd lt Bradford and Karde on flight deck 3. A broadsword has been fueled and prepped." Perry is a halsey class space station. It measures when completed about 2000 m tall / 1000m wide.

Act 1

zorro-icon.jpg: Nina looks up at the intercom, swears and starts into a run.
cyric-icon.jpg: Knowing what a code orange means, Cyric races to the 3rd flight deck stopping off for the moments it takes to put his flight suit on…before racing onto the third flight deck.
iceblade-icon.jpg: Phillip heads to the flight deck super quick. He only vaguely remembers hearing of code orange before.
zorro-icon.jpg: Zorro is already wearing her flight suit when she's in the corridor and arrives at the flight deck at the same time as Phillip.
iceblade-icon.jpg: "Hey Zorro, you remember what a code orange is?" Phillip turns toward Nina and asks.
A technician finished transfering a new anti-matter core into the broadsword. "Looks like you're up!" as he lowered the steps.
zorro-icon.jpg: "Man overboard", Zorro says, "It's a rare code. Most people don't tend to take unplanned spacewalks."
technician-icon.jpg: "Don't worry, it's just a space walk, Seelig's on a wild goose chase, and his harness came loose. He can float a bit."
iceblade-icon.jpg: "Weird, well let's get this shindig over with. Have you ever flown a 'sword before?" Iceblade says to Zorro.
zorro-icon.jpg: "I have, but I'm not 100% current on it." Zorro says, "Why did Seelig on on a space walk?
cyric-icon.jpg: Cyric climbs in with a sigh as he goes through his preflight sequence. "What an odd time for someone to walk to take a walk outside." Seeing Iceblade and Zorro already strapping themselves in, Cyric hears the word Seelig for the first time. "Who is this Seelig and why did he want an unscheduled EVA?"
zorro-icon.jpg: Zorro climbs into her pilot's seat and puts on her helmet.
iceblade-icon.jpg: Iceblade settles into the port turret, a not completely unfamiliar position.
cyric-icon.jpg: Cyric takes the aft turret slot strapping himself in as he clicks his helmet on.
technician-icon.jpg: A flight crewman guides points to the launch tube and gives the all clear.
zorro-icon.jpg: Zorro activates the launch sequence and the Broadsword exits the station.
perry-icon.jpg: The comm officer radios in: "Glad you could all make it… we have a situation… your course should be plotted on your nav computer
zorro-icon.jpg: "What's the situation?" Zorro asked, "One guy floating around in space?"
iceblade-icon.jpg: Iceblade cues up the tractor beam and sets it to repulse. There is a fair bit of material floating around with some drones as well.
perry-icon.jpg: - Senior Spacehand Seelig spotted a discrepency in the station design."
perry-icon.jpg: "He got approval to go investigate. But he decided to go from outside… To be frank, we're a bit confused here"
zorro-icon.jpg: Zorro sets the course for the Broadsword.
zorro-icon.jpg: "I'm a bit confused as well… he had better have a very good reason or he's going to feel my steel-capped boot up his backside."
debris-icon.png: A large panel is slowly drifting in space. A large man is firmly attached to it with standard issue harnesses.
broadsword-icon.jpg: A faint comm signal can be picked up.
iceblade-icon.jpg: Iceblade wonders what that technician was up to. "How did he get into an EVA suit in the first place?"
debris-icon.png: The comm beep is louder. <Hey kid! I can see you out there!>
cyric-icon.jpg: "Let's get this guy inside and find out why he wanted to take a space walk to get to it instead of walking the decks like a normal person." Cyric says as he powers up the tracter beam and preps the recovery of the lost spaceman.
debris-icon.png: <WOAH WOAH WOAH!>
debris-icon.png: «I'M STRAPPED TO THE PANEL!»
debris-icon.png: Seelig reaches and starts to release the harness.
cyric-icon.jpg: «Why can't you simply detach from the panel, Senior Spacehand.» Cyric asks.
debris-icon.png: «I can, don't tractor me until I do though» … «Even better though, could you help me tak the frikkin panel back in place so the drones can weld it properly?»
A drone with a panel approaches and it doesn't seem to recognize the broadsword.
debris-icon.png: «With two tractor beams it shouldn't be hard»
zorro-icon.jpg: Zorro looked at the situation. <We came here from a man overboard, not an idiot who didn't know what he was doing.>
iceblade-icon.jpg: "Uh Boss, we got drone vectoring on our flight path." Iceblade says.
zorro-icon.jpg: "I see it", Zorro says, "Why is it heading for us though…"
cyric-icon.jpg: «I can give it a little push if needed, Lead» Cyric intones.
iceblade-icon.jpg: Iceblade fires the tractor beam at the drone hoping to get its attention and push it away.
cyric-icon.jpg: «Who on the station has control over the drones?» Cyric asks as the repulsor beam activates.
debris-icon.png: «Very cute, if you want to have people talk to me like that, I'd phone home, right now, I got a job to do.»
zorro-icon.jpg: «I'll talk to you how I like. Now let's get all this sorted out, then I'm going to find something appropriate to charge you with»
debris-icon.png: The drone dodges the broadsword and nudges the hull panel slowly back.
cyric-icon.jpg: «Okay, let's reel this guy in!» Cyric fires up the tractor beam.
iceblade-icon.jpg: Iceblade breathes a sigh of relief.
debris-icon.png: « That drone only solders, don't expect intelligence out of it.»
debris-icon.png: Seelig releases the harness.
zorro-icon.jpg: Zorro is partly relieved and also annoyed.
zorro-icon.jpg: «I'm pretty sure there is a buddy system for any EVAs»
zorro-icon.jpg: «Who cleared you to do this solo?»
cyric-icon.jpg: «Why did you go for a space walk alone, Senior Spacehand?»
debris-icon.png: «Yeah, that's what I told the chief, he wanted me to investigate the problem and not be bothered. Also, we're strapped for hands, as I'm sure you've noticed»
zorro-icon.jpg: «Strapped for hands is not an excuse to violate basic protocol. We're going to get you back in, then I'm going to find this chief and read him the Riot Act. Capiche?»
iceblade-icon.jpg: «Nevermind that, we are approaching you now, try not to fidget.» Iceblade radios
cyric-icon.jpg: Cyric activates the tractor beam and starts reels the floating spaceman into the SAR hold.
debris-icon.png: « You know, that panel needs to go back onto the station.»
zorro-icon.jpg: Zorro moves the ship to give the tractor beam the best chance of operating.
zorro-icon.jpg: «The drone will do that»
zorro-icon.jpg: roll + piloting
iceblade-icon.jpg: Iceblade gets out of his position and heads to the hold to pull him up into the main chamber of the Broadsword.
debris-icon.png: He's in like sin
debris-icon.png: The broadsword manoeuvering jets stutter and seelig falls.
debris-icon.png: Talon, you strapped in?
debris-icon.png: Same for zorro?
cyric-icon.jpg: «Roger.»
cyric-icon.jpg: «Strapped in. Everyone else secure?»
debris-icon.png: Iceblade falls into the cargo hold while trying to help out Seelig
cyric-icon.jpg: «Iceblade? Iceblade, please respond»
iceblade-icon.jpg: Iceblade goes tumbling into the hold. "OUCH!" and hits his back.
iceblade-icon.jpg: grooann
debris-icon.png: "Kids OK, my… plyant mass protected him. "
cyric-icon.jpg: «Hold on, Iceblade. I'll be there post haste.» Cyric unstraps himself and heads to the sounds of his groaning squadron mate.
debris-icon.png: Seelig taps the side of his helm, it depolarizes.
cyric-icon.jpg: Cyric arrives to see Iceblade sandwidtched under a very fat man in a oversized EVA suit.
debris-icon.png: "Kids, I need some help investigating this problem here."
cyric-icon.jpg: Cyric pulls the fat tub of lard off his friend.
cyric-icon.jpg: arm first.
zorro-icon.jpg: Zorro turns around and sniggers slightly, then closes the door to the cargo hold.
iceblade-icon.jpg: Iceblade is now "standing" or "floatanding" in the ship.
debris-icon.png: "Thanks for the pick-up, but I could have really used some help putting the pannel back on. The drones can't place items, just weld them"
zorro-icon.jpg: "Right, let's do this", Zorro said, "What do I need to do?"
iceblade-icon.jpg: Iceblade climbs from the SAR hold back to the Port Turret.
cyric-icon.jpg: Cyric does likewise and heads to aft turret.
debris-icon.png: "Firstmost, I gotta ask a question…
debris-icon.png: " 1, 2, 3, 4, …. " Seelig looks at the crew quizzingly
zorro-icon.jpg: "I declare a thumb war?" Zorro asks, "What do I need to do?"
debris-icon.png: "Can you count to 8?"
iceblade-icon.jpg: Iceblade looks back at Seelig quizzingly. EVA, No way. He says mentally.
cyric-icon.jpg: Cyric answers. "Yes.".
debris-icon.png: "Then you're better than the architects of this station."
debris-icon.png: He taps his wrist quine: a projection pops up
cyric-icon.jpg: "How so?"
debris-icon.png: see, deck 1, 2, 3, 4… 9
cyric-icon.jpg: "Of course." Cyric answers promptly.
zorro-icon.jpg: "Deck skipping does happen".
debris-icon.png: "Yes, that's a classic, 13 and all.
debris-icon.png: But we don't just leave a huge walled down area with an abnormally high power draw
debris-icon.png: "I was asked to check it out."
iceblade-icon.jpg: Iceblade's eyes squint. "From inside or outside the stations?"
zorro-icon.jpg: "You can discuss that later. How do I get the panel back on?"
debris-icon.png: No inner access, I could only find external ports, when I went to get to the pannel with my drones.
debris-icon.png: and the chintzy panel just popped off while I was openning the hatch"
debris-icon.png: "Now we have a gaping maw, draining the emerg shields. Let's close that hole first."
cyric-icon.jpg: "Understood. What do we need to do to restore it while also allowing you entry into the walled off section?" Cyric asks.
iceblade-icon.jpg: "Right, so a quick push with the tractor beams?" Phillip asks.
debris-icon.png: "I gotta get back out there and tack it on, some tractor help would be good,"
cyric-icon.jpg: "I can do that." Cyric offers.
zorro-icon.jpg: "OK", Zorro says, "I'll line up the course".
debris-icon.png: "Tanks kids".
debris-icon.png: The broadsword is perfectly lined.
cyric-icon.jpg: Cyric returns to aft turret and lines up the tractor beam after setting it to repulse and fixing it on the panel floating in space to slow its rotation.
iceblade-icon.jpg: "We don't have that many spare tanks," Iceblade wonders aloud completely misunderstanding Seelig.
debris-icon.png: Seelig is still in the eva suit, and gets ready to eject. safely, using the latch.
debris-icon.png: He gets to the station and spider walks to a corner. He seems very at ease in reduced gravity.
zorro-icon.jpg: Zorro watches the whole thing, waiting if she needs to do anything pilot-y.
debris-icon.png: The panel is tacked in perfectly, and the bots get to affixing it.
iceblade-icon.jpg: Iceblade tractor fixes on the right point and pushes quite well it does. "Good turret system."
debris-icon.png: « The port is still here, want to see what's wrong inside? my computer says atmospherics look fine and I could use a little hand.»
cyric-icon.jpg: "Very good. That was almost child's play." Cyric agrees.
zorro-icon.jpg: "I'd rather this was done by a proper technical team", Zorro says.
debris-icon.png: Seelig appears to be slurped into the airlock.
iceblade-icon.jpg: Iceblade's mind has difficulty processing the visual feed.
debris-icon.png: «I don't think it would be too technical»
zorro-icon.jpg: «What do we need to do?»
cyric-icon.jpg: «Its alright, Zorro. We needed the exercise anyway and this is an interesting one I didn't see coming when I got out of bed this morning!» Cyric says.
debris-icon.png: «Mostly help hold things up while I fix'em»
iceblade-icon.jpg: «Big or small things?» Iceblade radios
debris-icon.png: «Tell you what, I'll recommend you up for commendations after this is done.»
debris-icon.png: « Does it matter? gravity is low»
cyric-icon.jpg: «Even better, what things specifically need holding?»
iceblade-icon.jpg: «Let me rephrase, tractor beam or eva?» Iceblade clarifies.
debris-icon.png: «I just need you to dock with the port!»
debris-icon.png: « We can get out after without evading.»
zorro-icon.jpg: Zorro moves to dock with the port.
iceblade-icon.jpg: Iceblade is on the trigger just in case the ship closes too fast.
cyric-icon.jpg: Cyric waits for the all clear docking signal from Zorro also tensing up for a slight repulse.
debris-icon.png: The four enter the base via the service hatch. "You see, the usual scumbags who here built this station did not appear to deliver decks 4 through 8. They are missing from the man fist, but as you can see, clear as mud, they do exist. What we have here is another mystery. I swear, they found a frikkin indian grave in space to put this station on."
debris-icon.png: As you all enter, you feel lighter.
zorro-icon.jpg: Zorro looks around.
iceblade-icon.jpg: Iceblade follows behind Zorro. Sidearm holstered for now.

Act 2

perry-icon.jpg: You hear the mechanical whirr of the airlock sealing and you can still hear a bit of the arc welders outside sealing the station.
(not the airlock)
debris-icon.png: The lighting is at about 50%
debris-icon.png: Ok, sounds good to me
cyric-icon.jpg: Okay.
debris-icon.png: we got to the place where I wanted to be
debris-icon.png: Sure
zorro-icon.jpg: Zorro wonders what she is getting herself into here. The last time she entered a situation like this, she lost her shirt.
zorro-icon.jpg: "I'm keeping my helmet on thanks", Zorro says, "It's not my personal kink… it's just I want to be safe."
debris-icon.png: Standard navy font
iceblade-icon.jpg: Iceblade switches to external to save on O2, but decides against removing the helmet just in-case. Too many sci-fi movies.
debris-icon.png: :smiley:
cyric-icon.jpg: Talon switches over to external sampling the air for telltale traces of alien sci-fi horror ahead.
debris-icon.png: "Ok, kids, looks like we're on the fifth floor."
debris-icon.png: So it does exist
debris-icon.png: atmospherics are fine
debris-icon.png: Temp… 22 c… Why are we not picking it up form the other side though?
debris-icon.png: Humidity is a bit high
debris-icon.png: Ok, let's go upstairs…
zorro-icon.jpg: "If it's hidden, it's for a reason", Zorro says, "Like my sex dungeon."
debris-icon.png: Hmm… grav is a bit low, hehehe
iceblade-icon.jpg: "Yeah, quite the Atmosphere you got here, dark and spooky with flickering lights," comments Iceblade.
zorro-icon.jpg: "Like my sex dungeon."
cyric-icon.jpg: "This station is old enough to have ghost stories?" Talon whispers. "I thought it was still under construction. A bit quick for a haunting."
debris-icon.png: "So upstairs?"
iceblade-icon.jpg: "Are we going there next I wonder," Phillip jokes at Zorro. Iceblade then adds for Talon's benefit, "I think they reused much of the old stations sections that survived."
debris-icon.png: "Still being made kid, don't sweat it about ghost stories. Just crappy workmanship being explained away"
cyric-icon.jpg: "Upstairs." Talon agrees eager to see what could possibly drain power source happens to be on a still in the works space station.
zorro-icon.jpg: Zorro jokes back. "That can be arranged".
zorro-icon.jpg: "Old station?" she asked.
iceblade-icon.jpg: At Zorro, Iceblade responds as they start moving, "The old station was blown up almost 2 years ago."
zorro-icon.jpg: "By the cats?"
debris-icon.png: Seelig starts lugging his hover case…
debris-icon.png: "I would think so… but we can always figure that out…"
«Critical fail»
debris-icon.png: Seelig opens a service panel to look at the date
debris-icon.png: And a plasma node errupts.
debris-icon.png: He absorbs most of the shot
debris-icon.png: "Argh! That's…"
debris-icon.png: He falls.
zorro-icon.jpg: Zorro whirls around at this, seeing Seelig take the plasma hit.
iceblade-icon.jpg: "Yep, finished off much of… Seelig you alright!" Iceblade goes over to check him out.
zorro-icon.jpg: She moves quickly over to see what state he is in.
debris-icon.png: Ugh… had worse kid, but I don't think I'll be repairing with this arm any time soon.
debris-icon.png: Suit is charred, with a gaping hole the left arm. His skin is burned, Welts and bruises are already visible. EVA containment locked off his left arm
cyric-icon.jpg: "What happened? Why did the plasma conduit overload?"
iceblade-icon.jpg: "I think we may need to cut this little excursion short." Iceblade says.
debris-icon.png: "Yeah, this is New Detroit workmanship at it's finest."
zorro-icon.jpg: "OK, we're getting out here right now", Zorro says and starts to adjust her radio for the base wide frequency.
debris-icon.png: Seelig is slinged up.
debris-icon.png: "So… who leads?"
cyric-icon.jpg: "I'll take point." Talon says.
zorro-icon.jpg: "I'll take the rear", Zorro says.
debris-icon.png: We would need to go to deck 7 for the best chance.
zorro-icon.jpg: "Let's go then".
iceblade-icon.jpg: "I guess it is you and me, Seelig in the middle, like an Oreo" Iceblade notes.
debris-icon.png: "I suggest the lift shaft at the end of the corridor… or the stairs."
debris-icon.png: You get to the end of the corridor.
iceblade-icon.jpg: "What there's stairs!?!?" Iceblade says incredulous.
zorro-icon.jpg: "Of course there are stairs".
debris-icon.png: "These are modules… all the same"
debris-icon.png: "That's why tourists get lost in them"
cyric-icon.jpg: "Is this a space station or an apartment building?" Talon asks himself.
iceblade-icon.jpg: "Did why did we need a Broadsword!?!" Iceblade comments exasperatingly.
debris-icon.png: At the corridor, you see the lift shaft, and some stairs going up and down.
debris-icon.png: "Dunno kid, not my first choice"
debris-icon.png: Looking down a slightly visible mist is rising.
cyric-icon.jpg: "Someone trying to install a zero-g pool? Lot of humidity down here." Cyric says also watching his sensor.
cyric-icon.jpg: Cyric hugging the side of the corridor descends the stairs pistol drawn and ready. Is it still well-lit enough to see the steps and the bottom of the stair case?
debris-icon.png: You get to the 7th floor
iceblade-icon.jpg: Iceblade follows behind, sidearm drawn.
cyric-icon.jpg: Any signs of damage to the corridor? Scorch marks, signs of old battle damage, anything odd or out of place on the way?
zorro-icon.jpg: Zorro looks around.
debris-icon.png: You see a lot
debris-icon.png: You see the place has been lived in
debris-icon.png: The walls are grafitti'd with a symbol like a cross with eyes
zorro-icon.jpg: "Have we got squatters here?"
debris-icon.png: The floors are stacked with valley mist… a green overly sweetend beverage. There is a stack of Plaything(tm) in the corner. Firekkan eddition. Empty bags of chips strewn everywhere. Orange handprints on the walls…
cyric-icon.jpg: "It looks like we found where our saboteur was hiding."
zorro-icon.jpg: "I don't think this is a saboteur. This is a parakeet squatter".
iceblade-icon.jpg: Iceblade notices very little, keeping an eye out for obvious movement more so than the decor.
debris-icon.png: it's very humid, near 100%
debris-icon.png: the lights are dimmer
debris-icon.png: You also spot a large silhouette coming down the corner
cyric-icon.jpg: "Halt!" Talon immediately trains his firearm at it.
cyric-icon.jpg: "Identify yourself!"
zorro-icon.jpg: "Oi, manzana, come out with your manos in the air!"
debris-icon.png: "Halt" it repeats in a choppy voice.
iceblade-icon.jpg: Iceblade spots the figure and points his weapon.
debris-icon.png: "Kids, take cover"
cyric-icon.jpg: Talon takes cover.
debris-icon.png: "It's a security bot… but something's off"
debris-icon.png: It walks up, arms and weapons down.
debris-icon.png: the face hologram is purple
iceblade-icon.jpg: Iceblade jukes off to one side against a wall.
zorro-icon.jpg: "A security bot squatter who likes Firekkan porn?"
zorro-icon.jpg: Zorro takes cover herself,
holobot-icon.png: "where I'm going, I'll be a hero!"
zorro-icon.jpg: "Or at the very least hindering the war effort".
holobot-icon.png: "This technology is only slowing us down"
zorro-icon.jpg: "Where you are going? Kilrah? They'll eat you for breakfast."
holobot-icon.png: "we need to understand, the kilrathi will understand."
holobot-icon.png: "Moredecai Jones will too"
holobot-icon.png: "He can use this broadsword to spread the word!"
zorro-icon.jpg: "Who's he?"
holobot-icon.png: "That technology is our doom!"
iceblade-icon.jpg: Iceblade flattens to one side of a corridor.
holobot-icon.png: "and …"
cyric-icon.jpg: Retro. Cyric thinks as he rolls his 20.
debris-icon.png: he cuts… you have the comms cyric
debris-icon.png: Seelig : " we got 10 seconds max, make it count kid!"
zorro-icon.jpg: "I bet he'd like to see the video", Zorro says as the communication cuts off.
cyric-icon.jpg: "Command, Broadsword Stolen by Sabateur. Please Stop Craft. Sabateur inside. We are at Deck 7 need assistance."
debris-icon.png: It cuts back
holobot-icon.png: "You sneaky sumbitches!"
holobot-icon.png: "I can still get away. But here's a parting present"
zorro-icon.jpg: "I'm a daughter not a son and you're clearly an incel."
zorro-icon.jpg: "What, your tiny penis?"
debris-icon.png: The bot starts glowing at the seams
iceblade-icon.jpg: "Zorro get down!" Iceblade calls as he climps harder to the wall behind a buttress.
debris-icon.png: Seelig: "quick, diffuse!"
zorro-icon.jpg: Zorro does a backflip.
debris-icon.png: Trying to disarm th…
debris-icon.png: the bot explodes in giant ball of glitter and stink pads.
zorro-icon.jpg: Zorro looks very confused.
debris-icon.png: Seelig: I don't think that was intended to be lethal…
iceblade-icon.jpg: Iceblade looks down as his suit and notes from the glitter that if that was a regular explosion, he might be missing an arm.
zorro-icon.jpg: "Clearly not", Zorro says, "Let's get out of here."
debris-icon.png: Seelig: Ok, I'm gonna see if we can get the message through.
iceblade-icon.jpg: "Roger that Captain." Iceblade says.
debris-icon.png: he walks down the corridor to the place with the thinnest wall.
debris-icon.png: "Uh kids… I think you should check this out…"
debris-icon.png: You see a large room at the end of the corridor.
cyric-icon.jpg: Cyric moves next to seelig to see what he's talking about.
iceblade-icon.jpg: Iceblade walks over trying to brush off glitter from the suit… to no avail.
debris-icon.png: It is well lit, very warm. Very humid
zorro-icon.jpg: Zorro moves to take a look.
debris-icon.png: It has palm trees with christmas lights all around a large pool.
debris-icon.png: Seelig: "Damnit… this has got to go… not up to the specs of the station."
zorro-icon.jpg: "Once we get this place fully secured, I might come here for a swim."
iceblade-icon.jpg: "Hold up, this may not be water." Iceblade says
zorro-icon.jpg: "Precisely", Zorro says, "But that's not something we have the equipment to test."
iceblade-icon.jpg: Quine says yes it is 100% safe.
debris-icon.png: "I will put in a report when I get to it… but you know how slow this station's bureaucracy"
debris-icon.png: "It'll probably take 2-3 months to get this all cleared out…"
iceblade-icon.jpg: Iceblade does a quick inspection and the liquid is definitely water, quite clean actually.
zorro-icon.jpg: "Not if I make it a personal priority", Zorro says…
perry-icon.jpg: 8 guards arrive down the stairs.
zorro-icon.jpg: "Anyway, Seelig, you're still an idiot."
iceblade-icon.jpg: "This pool is better than the one on the Majestic." Iceblade comments.
debris-icon.png: "Right back at ya kid… I'm looking forward to getting back to assembing better ships and avoiding this malarkey"
cyric-icon.jpg: Cyric shakes his head trying to fathom why they would waste such space and resources on a military ship at war instead of reserving it for a larger hanger deck.


The group finishes up leaving. Seelig gets his arm reset and the report to remove the pool gets stuck in bureaucracy for the rest of the officer's stay on perry