Pilots, Parties, Pranks
Pilots, Parties, Pranks
Arc: None
Summary: A busy night in First and Last is made more interesting by Walsh tinkering with his toys.
Date: 2658.256
Related Logs: None
Participants: Draygo Paz Nucefora Victoria Susan Kayly James Walsh

The requested drinks by Kell is delivered rather quickly, first a shot of whiskey that is followed a second glass, filled with cold beer. Nodding his thanks to the bartender, the young pilot picks up the shot and downs it quickly before letting out a long breath. He then follows it up with a nice long gulp of the cold beer before releasing a sigh of contentment.

Paz grins. "Thanks Cap. Don't worry. One application'll be all it takes." she says simply. "Rotten bastard can't hit a target drone to save his life. Me, on the other hand, he nearly blows out of the sky." she grumbles as she takes another long pull. Clearly, Amtrak has earned himself a starring role on Paz's shit list.

And heading off for refreshments Nucefora goes, slinking along towards the bar to see about obtaining booze and eats for himself and Tori. He glances back towards the conversation with Tori and Paz, some part of him at least finding it darkly amusing.

Tori just laughs outright now. You almost have to feel sorry for Amtrak, doncha? But at the same time, it's a learning experience for both the young'uns. Tori doesn't seem to necessarily use the most conventional of methods. "You just here for the drinks tonight, Tizona?" she asks, amusement still showing at the whole idea. "And I'm quite sure that means Amtrak needs a lot more work with the drones. And the sims." Oh joy.

"Amtrak sounds like a wingman to avoid 'til he gets both," Susan pipes up as she claims a nearby stool. Not sitting on it, but standing on the footrail to wave down the bartender so she can order. At her size, a little extra height never hurts.

Kayly finishes ordering her drink, and waits for the bartender to deliver it to her, and she turns around from the bar, to give another look around the lounge, seeing who's all in attendence today. Once her drink finally arrives, she takes a nice big drink out of it, before she sets it back down on the bar, for the moment.

When Nucefora arrives at the bar nearby, Kell nods to the man again and glances towards the table he came from before grinning, "Watch out for those two, Commander, they are trouble." He offers some friendly advise, out of jest of course… maybe. "Though right now, I get the feeling they are focused on the poor sap, Amtrak. Poor nugget."

"No worries" Nucefora replies to Draygo. "I've spent enough time around the captain to figure that much out already" he explains, before giving the man a little grin. "Besides, trouble's the business I'm in" he jokes, collecting his drinks and bringing them over to an empty table, returning a moment later to get the evening's appetizers, before waving Tori over. Or trying, anyway.

Walsh wanders in, clutching several electronic devices, one of which is conspicuously lacking in casing. He heads towards the bar, fighting to stop anything from slipping his grasp as he walks.

"Oh, no worries, he's going to get _both_ until his frickin' eyes bleed." Paz says firmly. "I've already got him all but shackles in the sims room right now. Even got a guard on him, made a big show of telling the private to shoot him if he tries to leave before you or I give tell him otherwise." she chuckles, tossing a wink. "He won't do it, of course, but Amtrak doesn't know that."

Tori laughs outloud at Paz now, her amusement lighting up her face. "Good going, Tizona. You're learning," she says, with approval. "See, you can deal with it, no problem." And heck if Tori's going to let the younger pilot off the hook. it's delegation at its finest. A glance over at the other voice, and a nod to Susan. "You got that right, and so we'll do our best to get the remedial training in. But we are the irregulars after all. Not all of the folks come to the 1087th in top military form. Meanwhile I think my drink is over that way," she says, catching Nucefora's wave.

Nucefora settles into a seat at his chosen table, taking a little sip from his drink while he waits for Tori to finish up her squadron-ly duties. After all, these things are important, even if they are interrupting his plan of drinks and dinner time.

James orders a drink and then once it arrives he looks around. He smiles and sips his drink then waves to Nucefora, Susan, Paz, and Victoris before moving to join the latter pair.

Still within hearing distance, Susan laughs as Paz describes her solution. "Oh, wow… I'll have to wander by the sim room later. This I have to see. Remedial training, Minuteman-style," she comments, with a grin at Paz. Which promptly gets turned back to Tori. "Good luck with him. Sounds like you're very much on top of the matter."
Not too far away, Nucefora's waving at Tori, and Sue grins. "Looks like it. Have fun!" And she turns back as the bartender finally steps over, to order.

Paz chuckles and polishes off pint one before ordering pint two. "Heh, I got a feeling I might 'forget' he's in there." she sighs, settling back in her barstool. "Anything else but what he did, I'd be a lot easier on him. But blue on blue incidents? I don't think so." she says firmly. "As the man once said, 'friendly fire - isn't.'"

Receiving his drink in his left hand and juggling equipment in his right, Walsh moves to an empty table, scoping out the room as he walks. Sitting down, he places his drink carefully. As for the rest of his load, he simply releases his grip and lets everything scatter on the surface of the table.

Tori grins at Susan and then nods to Paz. "Whatever works, hmm? Tizona? Seriously, if it's not all resolved, come see me tomorrow and we can work it out," she says, as she raises her hand and waves, before sauntering off to join Nucefora again. Once there, she settles gracefully into her seat. "Sorry about that, but sometimes duty calls." Okay so that's most of the time, but well, they are in the middle of a war and all.

"Not a problem at all, work has to come first" Nucefora replies to Tori. "I'm sure that I'll have a time or two when the same sort of thing happens to me. Well, maybe not the /exact/ same thing. But I'll have my own interruptions, anyway" he explains. "Hope that you got everything worked out, at least?"

James shrugs as no one notices him waving and sips his drink again while continuing on his course towards Victoria and Paz's table "Hi Queen, hi Tizona. So how are things going for the two of you?"

Kayly takes another sip of her drink, as she watches the goings on in the lounge, a faint smirk crossing her lips as she catches some of the ongoing conversations and banter. She turns back to the bar, and in another case of not worrying about her own health, orders another drink once she catches the bartenders attention.

"Hey Cutlass. I'm…above fine." Paz replies, working vigorously at her second pint. "Long story. Please don't ask." she adds. "How've you been?"

Tori calls out from her table over with Nucefora, not too far away from Paz, as James comes over. "Hey Cutlass. It's a good evening so far, hopefully for you too." And then her attention is back to dinner and Nucefora. "If you get the exact same thing, I'll have to worry," she says. "And more or less, yes. Anything left over, we'll get sorted tomorrow." When she's on duty. "So what's for dinner?"

Susan waves as Tori departs, looking back to Paz. "I think I understand your focus, though. I've never seen a Rapier that looked anything like a Kilrathi fighter, not even in a flash-by. He might score a better hit next time he shoots the wrong ship. Or he might tag a Stiletto, and they don't…" She interrupts herself, blushing faintly and dropping abruptly onto the seat of her stool. "…they don't take hits as well as Rapiers."
She smiles as James steps over. "Hey, Cutlass. How's all?"

James smiles "Ok I won't Tizona though I wish you would share whatever secert to happiness you've found." He then glances towards Victoria "I'm fine Queen just got out of the shower after getting back from a patrol." He then glances towards Susan "Hi Chatterbox, so what are we discussing, or is it some girls only thing?" He asks as his gaze wanders among the 3 female pilots.

"Heh, if you don't know that my secret to happiness on this tub is in the glass I'm drinking from by now, Cutlass." Paz chuckles throatily. "Then there really is no hope."

"I'm not sure what they intended for it to be, but it at least looks vaguely like some sort of chicken?" Nucefora replies with a grin, idly poking at the dinner selection with his fork. "Either that, or it's a cow that greatly offended the gods in its past life" he jokes a moment later.

"Just the rigors of training, Cutlass," Susan demurrs, smiling and nodding at the bartender as he delivers her drink. She won't elaborate if Paz doesn't.

Tori chuckles softly as she examines her one plate. "Yes, you could be right, either way. I'm not sure which is less frightening though." She pauses a moment. "But don't tell our acting CO - I think he takes it personally." A pause, and then a sip of her drink - is it the same as she had before? "It's nice to have an evening off."

Beer in one hand, Walsh sets to work arranging his collection of devices into some form of order with the other. He moves systematically, sliding a small switch on the side of each one, grimacing as a loud burst of white noise suddenly fills the room. "Sorry everyone!" he calls, and mutters something about volume controls.

It would seem that Nucefora at least assumed Tori would be going for more of the same on the drinks front. "I'll keep that in mind" Nucefora replies to Tori. He starts to say more, though he's cut off by Walsh's sudden squeal of static. "Well, nothing like a little music to liven up an evening" he jokes. "And I think after last night, an evening off is well deserved by all of you"

Kayly turns away from the bartender as she receives her second drink, and then turns back towards him, "Oh, get me a burger too, would ya?" She asks getting a bit of a glare from the man as he goes off to do his work. She just shrugs and gives a smirk as she takes a sip from her new glass.

James nods and says "Since you said better then fine I figured there had to be something besides your drink cheering you up is all Tizona." He simply says "Ahh." sagely in response to Susuan then adds a cheey "Here, here." when Nucefora suggusts they deserve an evening off.

"Well, I do, but it's private, so I'll keep it tucked under my hat." Paz says, nodding a little. Spying Kayly, she gives the Doc a wave. "Hey, Doc, How's Doc Raine holding up?" she inquires.

Tori raises a toast to Nucefora's suggestion of a good night off, after wincing at Walsh's static. "Music could be good - maybe we could get folks dancing. Better than sports on the vid, at any rate. And heck, those young whippersnappers ought to be able to show us … more mature folks how dancing is done, right?" She glances at Nucefora briefly, and then over at Walsh, mischief lurking in her eyes. "Hey, Ozone - what have you got there? Does it actually play music?"

"Us and the whole Confed fleet," Susan agrees quietly. And then all but bounces from her stool as Walsh's thingamijig suddenly makes the rafters ring with a burst of static. "Aiie…" she mutters, rubbing her ears and locating the owner of the offending device by his apology. "What is that thing, anyway?" With a quick excusing nod to Cutlass and Paz, she collects her drink and moves over to look.

"Well, I'd certainly need /someone/ to show me how it's done" Nucefora replies to Tori. "Since I'm afraid I'm rather entirely hopeless at it myself." Apparently, that's one skill that they don't teach in spy school. Still, he does at least look curiously over Walsh's way after Tori asks her question.

Kayly picks up her drink, taking a sip from it, as she makes her way over to the table that Paz is at. "Oh, she's doing good. Another day or two, and she'll be able to take up her usual full schedule. Much to the rest of the medical staff's pleasure, and her dissapointment, I'd bet." She replies to the question with a wry grin, as she adds the last part. "Though she was really lucky that that laser blast didn't do any worse than it did."

After a moment of tweaking, and a quick adjustment to volume level to prevent more outbursts, the holographic projection of a cockpit starts to emanate from Walsh's table. Hearing Tori's question though, he turns to face her. "Uh, music? Can do. It's mostly just a bunch of off-the-shelf datapads, with a few modifications." He gestures to the one with it's innards showing. "Working on my own version of a simulator." Shrug. "Something to keep me out of mischief off-duty." He finishes with a grin.

Tori wrinkles her nose at Walsh, though she's amused more than anything. Simulator. Great. Music - hey, that's sounding better. She glances around a bit, not really seeing room for dancing. "Not a bad idea, Ozone. Though if you can play some music, that'd be fun. And we do seem to have a great crowd tonight." She actually remembers to eat some of her dinner in between setting Ozone up with a small task. And then a grin back at Nucefora. "Two left feet?" she asks him with a grin. "That's okay, we old timers can probably just watch."

James smiles towards Susan, Paz, and Walsh "I believe that we've just been challenged Chatterbox, Ozone, and Tizona." He scans the First and Last carefully then begins moving tables and chairs to clear a dance floor though he glances toward Tori grinning "Oh no Queen this is your idea so you can't duck out that easily."

"Something like that, but… I'm willing to embarass myself if you are" Nucefora replies. "Though you might want to put some steel-toed boots on just in case" he offers with a little smile. "Assuming that the Lieutenant can get his simulator configured for our less-than-professional purposes"

"But that doesn't look like a music player menu," Susan interjects as she finds Walsh's table, leaning on the back of a chair and looking puzzledly between Ozone and his device. "What else does it do?"
James's smile prompts one in return, and a faint blush from the Lieutenant. "It'll have to go unanswered, from me at least," she replies. "I don't dance."

"Challenged?" Paz replies, sitting up. "Who dares challenge Tizona?" she asks, pretending to bristle

Kayly takes a seat at Paz's table, and points off in the direction of Tori, and Nucefora, before commenting to her. "I think it was them."

"It seems that some at least are taking up the idea," Tori says. Hey, look at Cutlass go, hmmm? Very. Nice. "We'll see, if we can get some music going, instead of the interminable sports." Ah, there is method to her madness, more or less. "In the meantime, I think I'll concentrate on dinner." Paz's dramatics get a look, but no more than that, at least to begin with.

Nucefora can't help but grin at Tori's sense of priorities. "I think that's a plan I can go along with" Nucefora replies to her. "Can't let our dinner go cold after all." See, there's his excuse to avoid embarassing himself tonight. He has a dinner with Tori to finish.

James smiles "Queen challenged our abilityto outdance her and is now trying to get out of the competition."

James smiles towards Paz "Queen challenged our ability to outdance her, and is now trying to get out of the competition." He explains cheerfully.

"Maybe we oughta try it when I'm a little more sober." Paz suggests, draining her pint in a few long pulls and signaling for yet another refill. "Cause the only dance I'm gonna be doing in a second's the pee pee dance." she chuckles.

With a few taps on one of the datapads, the holographic cockpit blinks away, replaced by line upon line of computer code. A few seconds and some more tapping later, the text disappears as well, and a set of media controls floats disembodied in its place. "OK. There's the player. Not sure what I've got in the way of music on these things though." Walsh looks to one of the other datapads, searching for something to play.

Tori just shakes her head at the whole thing. "Hey, c'mon. I never said I could dance, just that you young pups ought to be able to. And if you don't qualify as a young pup then obviously I wasn't talking about you." So there. Course, she might not be quite entirely sober either, come to think of it. "But Tizona might have an idea. Maybe we can open up a dance night to everyone, see who comes by? If Ozone can actually get to the music, of course. Or else we might be forced to listen to karaoke." She grins over at Nucefora, half in response to his smile. "Dinner is important, after all," she agrees. Well, it kinda was the start to the evening.

"No karaoke!" Paz cries, mogwai-like. "Nooo…nooo karaoke…Not after that godforsaken bar on Geminga." she says, shuddering. "I made a vow to the Almighty to shoot the next karaoke machine I saw."

"That sounds like a better plan" Nucefora agrees. "Gives Ozone time to put together some music, gives me time to figure out what I'm doing without risking serious injury to my dance partner" he adds, giving Tori a wide smile at that. "Probably better for everyone involved"

"Aren't there rules against karaoke on board Confed ships, anyways? Coulda sworn it was considered some sort of violation of a rule of war or something." Kayly remarks idly, as her burger finally arrives at her table, and she gets ready to snack on it.

Susan sighs softly as Walsh just stays firmly on task. This obviously isn't her night for getting questions answered. "I've got some music discs back in my locker. I can get them if you need songs," she offers.

"Alright then, another night it is," Tori says with a nod. Done and done. See? Lots of prep time all told. Meanwhile, she grins at Nucefora. "You know, I have two left feet as well. I'm not sure we should be trying any dance competition with this lot," she says softly. "But eh, I'm willing to embarass myself if it gets everyone some stress relief." Shhh, she didn't say that out loud did she?

"If there aren't there damn well oughta be." Paz replies firmly, accepting her new beer happily. "You ever feel like making yourself want to cauterize your ear canal, listen to a half-dozen drunk, overweight merchies sing YMCA."

"Well, we'll be equally dangerous to each other! It works" Nucefora replies with a wide smile. "It'll keep us from endagering anyone else." That's his logic, anyway. "And at least you'll have company in embarassing yourself?" he offers to Tori.

Walsh smirks. "Maybe we should be firing karaoke machines at their carriers instead. Probably be more effective than torpedoes." Especially considering that new beast's reluctance to exploding, he thinks. "Yeah music discs are an idea" he replies to Susan. "Or I could dig up the sequencer and synth that I put together for a prank back at Douglas. Might be a better idea to set a date sometime and get it organized properly though."

"Wow. Now /that/ would violate planetary arms treaties," Susan muses, shuddering at the mental image. "Maybe we should tape that sometime and send out signals to the Kilrathi, as psychological warfare or somesuch?"

James shrugs "I personally think that improvising the whole thing on the spot would make it all the more fun but I'llbow to the wishes of everyone else." he says in his most gracious tone.

"Well, if you ever feel the need to have that done, you know where to look, Paz." Kayly replies, helpfully, and gives a small smirk. "With our luck, making them listen to that sort of stuff, would turn them into super cats capable of feats we've never seen them do, though, instead of driving them insane." She adds to the talk about letting the cats listen to bad music.

Tori gets mostly through her dinner when a soft beep can be heard. She jumps a bit, and then glances down at her datapad a little ruefully. "Sorry, James," she says, shrugging, "but it looks like duty calls. Perhaps another time?" There. Blame Pip. It's no doubt all his fault.

Paz merely sips at her beer placidly, content to let the conversation waft over her.

"Seems you're popular tonight" Nucefora replies, giving Tori a little smile. "Another time, then" he adds, pausing and then continuing "And for what it's worth, I'm glad I got to see you. However briefly"

"I'd better check on those discs. I haven't got the slightest idea where I left them," Susan murmurs. "I'll get them to you when I find them, Ozone!" Waving her own goodbye, she slips out the door.

James nods "I'll just have to chew out Pip the next time I'm drunk enoough to forget how badly he outranks me then. Good night Queen, good night Chatterbox." He then sips his drink again.

"Ha! Chewing out Pip's easy, Cutlass. You just gotta do it real careful-like and remember to say 'sir' a lot." Paz chuckles. "Try opening with something along the lines of 'Excuse me, sir, but it I may be so bold…'" she suggests. 'Usually puts him in a receptive mood."

Kayly snickers a bit, and she offers a wave to the departing pilots, before she takes a bite out of her burger. Can't let it go getting cold before she eats it after all.

Seeing the immediate enthusiasm for dancing appears to have diminished, Walsh gets back to working on his sim. The virtual cockpit illuminates the air above the table for a moment, before unceremoniously shrinking to a single line of bright green text. "Shit. Crashed again!" He mumbles before taking a swig of his beer.

Nucefora downs the rest of his drink, moving to stand from where he was seated and make his way along over towards the bar. After all, since his dinner conversation seems to have disappeared… he might as well head on over and be sociable.

Paz sips at her beer, starting to feel the effects now as she begins to slowly deflate like a balloon with a fork in it.

James smiles "Interesting techique but I trust you enough to try it Tizona." He then glances toward Nucefora "Haven't seen you in a while. So how have you been doing?"

Kayly takes a sip of her drink, before continuing on with finishing up the burger. Paz does get a glance from her, and she asks. "You alright there Paz? We've got some lovely medicines in Medbay that'll fix that up right quick." She adds with an evil little gleam in her eyes.

"Looks like the answer is 'trying to remain conscious'" Nucefora comments, answering James' question on Paz's behalf. "Hope that you don't have a patrol in the morning" he adds to the pilot sympathetically.

"I don't fly again until tomorrow night, late tomorrow night." Paz comments with a chuckle. "Though, Doc, if you could slot me a few sober-ups, I'd be in your debt." she adds. "No, I've got a day of simulators and classroom instruction with our nuggets tomorrow, all goes to plan." she explains. "And if the little bastards are going to try to shoot me down when they're supposed to be going for target drones, they can suffer the wrath of a hungover Paz."

James smiles "No I was asking how you had been doing Lietenant Commander." He explains then looks towards Paz "Just remember that nailing the heads of Nuggets to your fighter is frowned upon Tizona."

"Ahh, right. Thought you were speaking to our keeling-over Lieutenant there" Nucefora replies with a laugh. "And I've been fine. Busy in the dark and sneaky world of Intel, but I'd wager you've seen some of the results of my recent work" he adds, giving the man a wide smile. "And sounds like you almost planned it that way" he adds to Paz.

"I'll see what we've got to spare in stock." Kayly replies with a snicker to Paz. "I'm sure a couple of them won't be missed to much, unless we have a day with nearly the carrier's entire wing trying to get sober quick." She adds with a laugh.

After a few moments messing about, Walsh's contraption still isn't behaving to his satisfaction. With a frustrated sigh, he calls it quits, slapping the power switch. Knocking back the last of his beer, he overhears Paz's mention of fratricidal nuggets. "You got nuggets with target identification problems, or just lousy aim? If you feel they need any extra punishment, I have a way of rigging sims to do.. uh.. non-standard behavior shall we say."

"Nailing their heads to my Rapier would not only totally foul up the aerodynamics, but it'd mess up my paintjob." Paz chuckles. "And no, worries, Ozone, I've got the offending nugget all but chained to one of the sims as we speak. I'll go get him in a few hours…." she winks. "Thanks, Doc. I gotta rebuild my st…" she begins to say. "Stamina…."

"You're not thinking, Lieutenant. Aerodynamics don't matter a bit in vacuum, and they'd burn up from friction in atmo long before it became a problem" Nucefora points out. "And on that cheerful note, I think I'll leave you all to your important… piloty things"

James laughs "Good night Lietenant Commander." He then glances towards his fellow pilots "Let me guess the kinds of things that leave your victims looking for airsick bags?"

Kayly gives a nod towards the other Naval officer as he wanders off, and chuckles a bit at the current conversation that's going on among the pilots, as she finishes up eating her burger.

"Right….right..I totally knew that." Paz replies, then hiccups. "To thinking….We do too damn much of it." she toasts with a laugh. "Airsick bags, emotional trauma, rope burns….My training methods are pretty…thorough."

Walsh lights up with a mischievous grin. "Worked on programming a sim as part of my old job. Turns out it's not too hard to inject code to do whatever you want — even while it's running. Those things have wireless access too." He spares a frown for his empty glass. "I imagine a faulty IFF transponder and a couple FoF missiles would go a long way toward some poetic justice…"

James smiles a little "Rope burns? Ahh Tizona I'm pretty sure that being involved with your students that way breaks a lot of regs so please be careful not to get caught." His tone teasing. He then glances towards Walsh "Ooh I like it. But may program it to make them airsick once they are hit."

"Heh, if you can link with the sim that's running right now, kill that bastard for me." Paz grins malevolently. "First, make him suffer, then kill him."

"If you're going to make your pilots sick on purpose, I'd appreciate it if you did it all while I'm off duty." Kayly remarks idly before she takes another sip of her drink, and gives a chuckle.

James smiles towards Kayly "Oh alright but we'll need a detailed schedule, and you'll owe us a round for each act of revenge we stall for you."

Still wearing a smirk, Walsh fires up one of the datapads in front of him. He makes a show of opening up a remote connection, only to be halted a moment later. "Hrm. Encrypted link." He types something into the machine, and a moment later a large 'Connecting…' appears. "Pfft.. default password!" A moment later, the familiar cockpit hologram reappears, but this time overlaid with a box headed 'Instructor Remote Configuration System'

Kayly raises an eyebrow as she turns to look over towards James. "Tsk. Lets not forget who keeps you guys from buying the farm when ya'll get shot up now, when we start talking about who owes who what." She replies with a snicker, and a wink.

"Heh, for the record, Cutlass, I was only kidding about the rope burns." Paz comments. "Though, maybe a little dissimilar escape and avoidance training wouldn't be such a bad idea?" she muses. "Maybe I could talk to the marines…" she says, filing that idea away pending approval from the muckety mucks.

James shrugs and sips his drink then looks at the time "Unfortuantly I need to be going." He rises "Good luck with your revenge Tizona." then towards Walsh "and your programming Ozone." He begins to head for the door at a brisk pace

"See ya, Cutlass." Paz calls, settling in for her final brew. "How's it going, Ozone? You in?" she asks, turning her stool a little to get a better look at what the man's doing.

After taking a few minutes to remember the syntax for interfacing with the simulator, Walsh sets to work, tapping instructions into the virtual keyboard projected against the tabletop. "Let's see if this works. Bit rusty with the scripting language the real sim hardware uses." Keying in the upload command, he sits back to observe the fruits of his labours. "Bastard's in for a shock if it does."

Paz's answering grin is half-drunken half-feral. "I got faith, Ozone." she replies, sipping again at her pint. "God…I'm out of practice." she sighs. "Too much clean living's as unhealthy as too much of the other kind." she notes.

As the custom commands make their presence known to the computer system, a progress bar briefly winds its way through the air. After a brief pause, the MFDs on the simulated craft begin to light up with diagnostic reports. "Seems an electrical fault is knocking out your good pal's subsystems." Walsh says with a wink.

"Aw…poor Amtrak." Paz sighs, shaking her head sadly. "Told him to check those breaker panels as part of his pre-flight." she notes. "Some people just don't learn, ya know?" she giggles.

Walsh chuckles. "And the best part? Since the sim implements random faults already, there's no way to know this wasn't just bad luck."

Paz grins and nods. "I know. Poor bastard'll be going 'I checked those panels! I know I did!"" she howls. "I owe you big time, Ozone."

Walsh stares on in anticipation. "Wait for it… there's more…" Adjusting the volume slider, the voice of one of the AI controlled Terran pilots fills the room. "… repeat.. Contact. Zero-Four Dralthi on intercept vector. Switching to F O F and engaging!"

Paz meeps and giggles hard, shaking her head. "Torture him, Ozone, torture him good!" she guffaws, nearly toppling her barstool as she cackles.

Breathing heavily amid fits of laughter, Walsh switches to an external point-of-view. The four Dralthi are just within visual range. Amtrak's fighter appears to apply afterburner and turn toward the oncoming threat. "C…y ..e..d E..a..ng" His acknowledgement comes through as little more than static. From this view, a small dot with a bright tail is visible, streaking in his direction.

Paz slips out of her barstool to move next to Walsh, grinning wolfishly as she watches Amtrak's slow, torturous death. "You, sir, are a genius." she grins, holding out her hand. "You've just earned my eternal devotion."

Walsh slaps Paz's outstretched hand. "Gotta…" Laughter. "Gotta put…" More laughter. "… my skills to use somehow, right?" Ahem. "If it teaches a few lessons in the process, all the better."

"Heh, you think you could shag a vox hook-up on that thing?" Paz asks. "Lemme talk to him?"

"Hmm." Walsh scans the list of options on the side of the 'screen'. "It's here somewhere… There." With a quick tap of a button, a small 'Transmit Volume' indicator winks into existence.

"Hrm….now what to say?" Paz muses. "Oh…I got it." she says. "Now where do i say it?"

Walsh passes one of his datapads off to Paz, linking it wirelessly to the others as he does so. "Just press on the screen where it says 'transmit' and speak into the top there."

Paz nods and reaches out to touch the transmit key. "Amtrak!" she growls in a low, gutteral voice, drawling out the words creepily as she can muster in her state. "Mark me! Thine bird wast not pre-flighted rightly….look to it in future!"

Walsh doubles over, on the verge of tears. When he regains enough composure to speak, he looks toward Paz with a wide grin. "Ya know, dude's prolly gone an' left skid marks in there now!"

Paz gives Walsh a grin of Pure, Unadulterated Evil. "Then I've done my job." she says, bowing a little.

"With people like you running the training, I'm suddenly -real- glad I'm Illuminati." Walsh volunteers, before adopting a conspiratorial expression. "I basically taught myself how to fly in one of those things." He says, referring to the sim. "Before entering the Academy, that is." Eyeshift.

Paz grins and nods. "I hear ya, and well done." she says, giving a little fist-bump. "I learned to fly in a XP-75 back home on Erewhon. Big bastard of a shuttle for a fourteen year old, too. Son of a bitch nearly broke my wrists." she giggles.

Walsh grimaces. "Ouch. Found out someone took shortcuts with some of the civilian variants of the sims. TCSF training missions are still in there, hidden away where 'enterprising individuals' such as myself can find them."

"Sims?" Paz asks, pulling a face. "I'm talking actual stick time." she explains, shaking her head. "I didn't touch a proper flight sim until I went to the Academy."

"Oh, don't get me wrong." Walsh says, eyeing Paz's expression. "Dad's an atmo. cargo pilot back on Earth. Got a bit of flight time with him when I was a teen. Learnt the basics. Just not the same as throwing yourself into a fighter and going up against Kats, virtual or not.

"I think we're talking at cross purposes, Ozone." Paz replies, clearly puzzled. "What I was trying to say was that I started flying on an XP-75 back home. My first enemy enagement didn't come until after my squad embarked."

"Truth be told that sim time didn't prepare me much for a real engagement." Walsh says candidly. "Was freaked to hell, first time out there." He looks down, recalling the Princeton mess. "That whole lot didn't go so well either."

"Heh, don't feel bad, Ozone." Paz replies, polishing off her pint at last. "My first real combat hop, the only reason I didn't shit my shorts is 'cause my asshole was puckered up too tight." she chuckles. "Sure as hell, this ain't a game."

"Mmm. Went and made a classic rookie mistake straight out too. Way too aggressive. Got hit. Spent the whole furball trying to get the damn thing to fly straight." Walsh says, making a start at reverting his changes to the sim. "Course I took my target clean out, so…" Shrug. "Guess it wasn't all bad."

"Heh, done that a time or two." Paz nods slowly, stifling a yawn behind her fist. "Don't sweat it, Ozone. You survive your first mish, you double your chances of surviving your next, and from there, it's pretty much just exponential, so long as you learn from your mistakes." she advises the man. "Give or take for luck or the lack thereof. Anyhow, best go pry Amtrak outta his sim and put him to bed." she says, scrambling to find her feet and lurching towards the exit. "See how he liked your missile enema." she laughs, grining ghoulishly.

"Hey yeah. Night Tizona." Walsh calls over his shoulder, still working at covering up his mod to the sim. "Just gotta get this back to normal and I'm gonna crash out myself."