Post Ambush In Medbay
Post Ambush in Medbay
Arc: None
Summary: Paz, Raine, Phillip, and Kayly chat in medbay the day after the ambush when belly up.
Date: 2658.159
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Participants: Raine Kayly Paz Phillip

Raine looks to Paz and frowns, "I was hoping it wasn't true. Normally gossip takes /ages/ to filter back but…" Something THAT big might make it back to even Raine. She sighs softly. "I hope they're alright." She seems fond of the Pip and Rogue. There's a worried look. "Well. I'll have a look at you. Maybe, MAYBE we can clear you for light duty." She offers a quiet compromise. "I know it pains you to be in here let alone while your friends are out there." She's in Paz's room, talking quietly with her.

"Please!" Paz says emphatically, sitting up so Raine can examine her properly. "They better be all right." she grumbles. "Cause if they're not, the bastards that took 'em last thirty minutes in this universe are going to be particularly nasty," she comments with a grim cast to her tone and face. "How's Iceblade?" she asks. "I've been asking, but nobody's given me any straight answers. If you could just get me up and where I could see him…"

Raine smiles. She's not unsympathetic. The bonsai gets set on a surface nearby. She'll check over Paz's vital signs. "Looks like someone changed your bandages too," She nods, approving. "Alright. try to come in sometime in a day or two, but from the charts, how you're feeling and your vital signs, I think we can turn you to light duty. Nothing too crazy though, your abdomen and right arm are a bit dinged. Okay?" She peers over the chart at Paz. With that, she'll set the chart down and help Paz up. "Would you like a walker or a wheelchair - or do you feel steady on your feet?"

"Thanks, but I can walk." Paz replies, already divesting herself of her covers and scooting to the edge of the bed. There is nothing wrong with Paz's legs, after all, they're just a bit wobbly from being slightly weakened and doing a lot of sleeping courtesy of some fine medications.

"Okay, Doc…which way's Iceblade's room?" Paz inquires, steadying herself on her feet before straightening her back with a wince. She reaches out and snags her IV stand and fumes quietly as she discovers its like the stereotypical shopping cart. It's got a bad wheel and a tendency to go where it wishes.

"This way," Raine moves over. She will lead Paz over towards Phillip's room. Her bonsai is scooped up and she will help steady it. "Hello, are you awake?" She asks quietly. She is in the hallway at the moment, checking if Phillip is awake. Paz is in a gown.

Inside this dimly lit and quiet sideroom sits a petite blond nurse with pale white skin who is attending to an injured pilot of the 1087th. She is dressed in the standard nurse's uniform, her long blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail. The nurse, Ensign Sandra, is attending to Lt. Bradford, giving him a quick upper body sponge bath. The chest is currently bare with toned muscles around the chest and tight abs. Several scars are visible on the bared skin as well as several minor cuts, which are at the moment bandaged. The most significant injury, however, is around the head. Multiple cuts and bruises can be observed visible around the face and forehead with the top of the head completely covered with gauze. The nurse is looking at Phillip's face and begins to damp it a little with her cloth. Her sweet face is covered by a thin layer of makeup and light red lipstick. Her usual happy expression and slight smiles are replaced by sadness and extreme concern. This expression, however, is far more dour than has ever been seen on her visage, at least that anybody on the Majestic has ever seen. It is apparent that Phillip's severe injuries are not the only thing troubling her right now.

Paz looks at Nurse Sandra, looks to Phillip, then to Raine, then back to Phillip, then back to Sandra. Then once again from Sandra, to Phillip then back to Raine. "Well….at least he's clean." she remarks, eyes practically dancing with suppressed laughter.

Doom arrives in the Medbay, in the form of Kayly, the gunslingingest doctor since Doc Holliday. Now with 100% less tuberculosis, too! As she wanders into the medbay, she looks around at the people currently there, and then heads over to get her stuff all ready so she can start her rounds. And bring doom to people of course.

Daw. Raine smiles a little although mercifully she doesn't stare. She respects privacy enough. Once it's all done though, she looks back, "Hey um, is he alright to have a visitor?" She asks the nurse, quietly. She hears someone passing and waves at Kayly. The bonsais are watching. Always watching. "I won't get underfoot, but one of your fellow pilots might like to see you." Beam.

The young nurse turns her head toward Raine and Paz. "Oh," she says as he tries to put on a brave face. "You can come in, but I doubt he'll wake up anytime soon." She says as she turns her head back to Phillip.

"Yeah, he looks pretty out of it." Paz replies, unable to resist the smirk tugging at her lips. "If he was, he'd be hitting on you so hard, you'd wanna kick him or something," she chuckles throatily. "What's his status?" she asks, suddenly turning all business. "Is he gonna recover?"

Kayly offers a nod and waves towards Raine and Paz, as she passes by. Fortunately she learned little of bonsai's while growing up on New Detroit. Or of trees in general, so the fact that they're always watching doesn't bother her. She grabs her necessary equipment, and then starts off on the mystical journey that is a Confed Doctors daily rounds through the Medbay.

Raine nods quietly and smiles. "I don't think he's one of mine. He's probably recently sedated," She looks thoughtful and glances around. "You might ask Dr. Taylor," She offers. "I suspect that since there's no emergencies the only thing that will tell is time." She isn't quuite smiling at that. "That's how it goes with head injuries. But I think he's lucky to have such a kind nurse and a thoughtful peer." A smile at Paz at any rate.

She turns toward Paz, "Well, he should pull through. None of the glass punctured his skull. He is definitely hard-headed enough for it." She gives a weak chuckle. At Raine is comments, "Actually ma'am, he was sedated quite a while ago, but it was…well not because of the pain…" She trails off with looks back at Phillip deeply concerned.

"What's that mean?" Paz asks, turning a frankly probing stare at Kayly. "Why did you have to sedate him, then if it wasn't for pain?" she inquires. "His head CTs and all that came back okay, right?" she continues, starting to get a little…agitated. "Because you said yourself nothing penetrated the skull…"

Raine lifts an eyebrow, "Well. Sometimes head trauma can make someone temporarily combative. But I think I was working some rack time." She shakes her head. She lets Kayly answer, since Raine was probably doing things… BONSAI THINGS.

Kayly raises an eyebrow slightly. "If someone sedated him, it must have been one of the other doctors, cause I just got on duty." She states "As far as the rest goes, there wasn't anything from the scans that showed anything to be really worried about. And he should be out of here, in a month at the latest. Probably sooner, but it is hard to tell with head injuries."

Sandra turns to Raine, "Combative is an understatement, ma'am." At Paz, she responds, "When he awoke after a few hours after his surgery, he was actually rather calm, but the I guess the events that lead to his…condition must have returned to him because he become very hostile and…well I've never seen that kind of rage before. I tried to calm him down, but he kept screaming about those pirates." She returns her gaze back to Phillip, "Lt. Tate race in to inject a sedative, said with that much rage he might pop a blood vessel or two." When she finishes, she touches Phillip's cheek and says in audible whisper, "What happened out there?"

"The fit hit the fucking shan, that's what happened, Nurse." Paz replies flatly, a note or two of the aforementioned rage in her own tone of voice and body language. "Yeah, a month at the outside sounds about right." she nods to Kayly. "Bout how long it took me." she sighs, moving over to place her hand gently on her squad mate's shoulder. "You rest easy now, Ice, you hear me?" she tells him quietly. "You don't worry about a damn thing but getting better." she says. "Los encontraremos. Y les haremos la paga para lo que tomaron." she whispers savagely to the man. "I promise you, my friend, God willing." she says, fishing her medallion out from the neckline of her gown and kissing it. "It will be done."

Raine ahs, and nods. She takes a deep breath. "That sounds about right," Raine seems to put a good deal of trust in her fellow doctors and willing to share the load evenly. "I am glad to see you up and about at least," Raine takes what she can get some days. She's respectfully quiet for a moment and looks to the others. "I guess I should get back to herding cats," a faint, weak smile. "I'll have to catch up with you sometime," She promises Kayly. "Until then, be well. And remember - light duty," A nod at Paz with a faint hint of gentle teasing and worry. She does give a darn, deep in the middle of - whatever trees have for hearts. Sap? Mercifully, no one's tried to make maple syrup out of the doctor.

Kayly nods at Raine and chuckles. "Good luck with that. I've heard that cats don't like being herded. And whenever you have the time to do so, is fine with me." She adds with a smile. She then turns towards Paz, and gives another nod. "Yeah, though hopefully he isn't as badly hurt as he looks right now, and will be on his feet before too long. Well… as long as he actually tries to get some rest while in here, anyways."

Phillip finally stirs. His eyes open quickly and are directed in Paz's direction. He then turns his head to Sandra and brings his arm up and pulls her close giving her a kiss. "I'm sorry about earlier," he whispers hoarsely. Sandra returns the kiss and shakes her head looking somewhat relieved, "It's alright, I'm just glad you're still with us." She gives him a hug and says "I'll get you some water." She quickly stands up and heads toward the door. Iceblade turns his head back to Paz and says hoarsely, "Did you and Captain Barta make it back alright?"

"Yeah, we made it back." Paz replies with a little smile. "I hadda punch out of my ship, but the RESCAP reeled me in," she admits, clearing her throat a little in embarrassment. "I'm avoiding the Chief like the plague," she smirks. "But there was no way that ship was gonna land without turning into a tumbleweed. Just as soon not be a party to that, if you take my meaning," she winks. "But that's us, and _we_ are more or less okay. _You_ on the other hand, Second Lieutenant, are to remain in sickbay until the med staff clears you for duty." she says, face becoming quite serious. "No arguments, either, Iceblade," she adds, holding up her hand peremptorily. "That's an _order_, you copy?"

Raine widens her eyes at that. "Yeah, nothing like a grumpy German deckhand…" She fears the Weiss! She likes the Weiss, but does not want to be on the receiving end of Weissly Wrath you see. Either way, she smiles and waves. Her and her bonsai have some squirrel running to do. "Be well and rest up."

Kayly snickers a bit at the talk about angry Deck Chiefs. "Oh, he didn't seem that bad to me." She comments with a shrug. "But then, I suppose I'm not the most easily intimidated person to ever be born."

Sandra has left the room to get the water. Phillip looks into Paz's eyes, "I have no intention of flying a fighter. Sir. I'd much rather be with the ground pounders killing the ba…" He pauses trying to calm down a second, "those pirates personally." When Sandra returns, Iceblade's gaze turns toward her and softens as she approaches with a cup of ice water complete with a light blue straw.

"Heh, I've seen him in medbay before, remember?" Paz chuckles to the two doctors, giving Raine a friendly wave as she resumes her duties as the most awesome tree-loving CMO ever to staff a Confed carrier. "Thanks, Doc." she says. "You take care of yourself as well, okay?" she calls. "Just have to wait and see what happens, then, won't you, Ice?" Paz tells her squad mate simply. "Main thing is for you to be _able_ to get into that fight and _live_ through it." she adds. "So, as I've said, I catch you out of this bed before you've been cleared for duty, I am going to put you back in it myself," she grins at her most sweet and nasty. "We've lost too much already. Not going to do that again."

Kayly tsks at Paz and grins. "Now, now. You're supposed to be on light duty, from what I hear, so if you catch him out of the bed, get someone else to drag him back in it. Don't do it yourself."

Sandra gives Phillip the water, which he begins to drink down the water through the straw. Sandra turns to Paz and whispers in her ear, "Oh I don't think you will have to worry that Lt." She then gives a wink and heads to Phillip's bedside. Phillip has finished the water in the cup, which Sandra takes the cup and places on the table. Then Sandra turns to Phillip who looks in much better spirits and enters into a rather intense kiss.

"Heh, if I'm on _light_ duty, what kind is he on?" Paz snickers as Nurse and patient begin playing tonsil hockey. "C'mon, Taylor, get me outta this shit." she grumbles, starting to strip the tape that secures her IV to her arm off and hissing at the painful result. "The hell do you use for this stuff?" she asks, continuing to tug, though fully aware of how much of her skin seems to be coming off along with the tape.

"Duct tape." Kayly replies in a neutral voice. Peering at the nurse and patient and shaking her head, though she doesn't say anything, before turning back towards Paz. "Or at least that'd be what, if they've been listening to my advice." She adds with a chuckle.

Sandra continues kissing…yeah he'll not be leaving this bay anytime soon…and eventually..eventually stops. Phillip breathes for a second. "Paz, Paz…cool down. You'll be flying in no time…You know as well as I do that Trey have been around in some usual circles and Pip is no fool. Heck for all we know, they might be escaping back to the Majestic right now." He looks toward Kayly and turns a little red.

"Don't sweat it, Ice. You just hang with your …Nurse here, and let those of us who don't have head wounds deal with things." she chuckles, grunting and hissing as she sheds the last of the tape from her IV. "Okay, Taylor, you can either help me with this, or I can do it myself," she says, grasping the end of her IV with full intent to pull it out.

Kayly peers at Paz, and grins faintly. "Think you'll be able to stand without that to hold onto?" She asks as she moves over to help with the IV's. Since chances are, that Paz would probably hurt herself more, if left on her own to do it.

Phillip turns to the Paz and Kayly and says with a quick wave, "Night guys." Iceblade then turns back to Sandra who is now sitting down in a chair next to the bed. They are holding hands and begin talking in low voices.

Paz turns to flick a frankly appraising gaze over Sandra for a moment and then smirks knowingly. "Yeah, you take care now, Ice." she calls, catching the hint and withdrawing a bit. "Okay, Doc, let's do this," she says, proffering her IV'd arm.

Kayly chuckles a bit more, and nods towards the Nurse and the Pilot. "Take care." She says, before turning her attention towards Paz's arm. "This'll sting a bit." She says before she starts carefully removing the IV's from the arm.

"Yeah, I know." Paz nods. "Let's just get it over with, okay, Doc?" she says, gritting her teeth a little in anticipation.

Kayly gets to work pulling the IV's out, and comments with a chuckle. "Oh, but I've always heard that doing things the quick and not so painless way, isn't as fun. Never really tried it out for myself to see, but that's what I've heard." She smirks, and then looks back up. "There, all done now."

Paz meeps a little as the hypodermic needle attached to the IV pulls out of her vein. "Heh, you need to brush up on your Hippocratic Oath, Doc." Paz chuckles, placing a thumb firmly over the pinprick of blood where the needle came from. "It's supposed to be first do no _harm_, not, second, or third, or if you just feel kooky that day'."

Kayly grins slightly, and shakes her head. "Ah, but military doctors are supposedly different from your regular types. But I'm just teasing anyways, if I'm ever gonna hurt anyone on purpose, it wouldn't be any of my patients. Cats maybe, but not patients." She states with a snicker, and hmms. "And pesky marines who start hitting on me after a long day working here, when I'm not in the greatest of moods. They've gotta watch themselves too."