Post 'Hurt' Disagreement
Post 'Hurt' Mission Fight
Arc: None
Summary: After the event 'Hurt', it seems like one of the pilots had a major problem with another. A not too friendly confrontation ensued.
Date: 2659.053
Related Logs: Hurt
Participants: Draygo, James, Paz

Recovery Deck Deck 13
New Detroit System, Potter Quadrant — 0013 Hours 2659.094

Set behind the flight deck, the recovery deck is a single cavernous space dedicated to the processing and repair of damaged fighter craft. A network of taxi lines crosses the decking here, directing across the deck to a pair of assessment stations, then further to the series of repair hangars, or on to the elevators to the ready line below. The repair hangars occupy both sides of the deck, open facings showing spacecraft in a variety of stages of repair. At the fore end, the deck is open to space with a shimmering blue barrier of energy serving to keep the atmosphere in and the vacuum out. Retracted down into the floor is a heavy bay door to seal the deck in the even power to the containment field is lost.

Contents: Stiletto 221FS-7 Sabre 13BS-2 Paz James Draygo

Exits: [A] Machine Shop [AL] Aft Lift
[FL] Fore Lift [ML] Midships Lift
[O] Flight Deck [PRH] Port Repair Hangar
[SRH] Starboard Repair Hangar

Special: +detail - Details available

The flight that had just wrapped up its mission has returned and Kell is one of the pilots amongst the group of four. His Sabre bomber has taken a licking though it seems to be serviceable enough to land without an issue as it touches down on the recovery deck. The canopy hisses open and the pilot climbs out slowly, though he seems a bit tenser than usual.

James climbs out of his own fighter slowly and reaches out to touch the scorched section of the nose with a wince "Sorry I know it was a lousy first date but I'm sure you'll be fixed soon and I'll drop by to help out later."

After Kell's boots touches the flight deck, he pulls off his helmet and scans the area, spotting James by his Stiletto. With that, it looks like the bomber pilot's target is sighted and he starts walking towards the Stiletto pilot. On the way, the flight helmet is toss off to the side, the facial expression certainly dark as is the atmosphere. "Cutlass." Is the callsign that Kell calls out, he certainly does not sound pleased.

James removes his own helmet and glances over as his former squadmate approaches "Hello Razor." he greets though his eyes narrow slightly at the tone in the other pilot's voice.

If James was expecting a similar greeting in return, that is something he won't be getting. Instead, Kell's brows furrow into an angered expression immediately, perhaps the nonchalant attitude that the Stiletto pilot has. With both hands, he grabs the other pilot by the shoulders and roughly shoves him against the hull of the Stiletto, "What the /fuck/ is wrong with you!" The angry expression is still present while the force of the push is certainly not light at all. "Are you flying solo out there?!"

Paz manages to escape from sick bay, where she's been recouping from a heinous case of the Creeping Crud that's been playing havoc with the ship of late. Dragging herself down to recovery to find out how the mission went, she arrives just in time to see what appears to be a fight breaking out between Cutlass and Razor.

James is caught off guard by the push and slams back against his fighter. After a moment he glares at Kell and takes a moment to calm himself before replying "No If I had been I wouldn't have been keeping a Drakhri off your tail while you were making your torp runs now would I?" He's dimplomatic enough not to mention the results of those runs.

"Bullshit, I call bullshit on that. Your thoughts were not on keeping the Drakhri off my tail, you were focused on notching another useless kill on the board." For a second, Kell was about to go through a thorough explanation but he decides to not even waste the energy to do so. Instead, he leans in and leaves a very evident threat to the Stiletto pilot, "You better fucking go through the mission film and make sure you screw back whatever came loose up in there, or I will do it for you." One hand is still keeping James pinned against the fighter's hull while the other releases so that Kell can jab a finger, none too gently, at James's forehead.

Paz begins to growl a steady stream of curses as she slowly makes her way towards the two. "Okay, that's it, boys. That's enough…Break it up…break it up." she calls, face set angrily.

James can't back away from Kell or he would have by now.He replies in a clipped tone "The mission went fine, we all made it home, the damage the ships took can be fixed in a few days, and the enemiy's can't or will take months. That's a win by any book so what's your probelm."

The response was definitely not what Kell had expected and it seems like the words made the ex-fighter pilot even angrier. Angry enough that Paz's words doesn't even register and angry enough Kell's free hand now balls into a fist. Instead of telling James what his problem is, the bomber pilot throws a punch right at James's jaw.
As the punch is about to connect, the hand that Kell was using to pin James against the fighter's hull lets go so that James is free to either stumble to the side or even fall, depending on the balance and how hard the punch is. There seems to be no remorse from Kell as he growls out, "My problem is you, you will get pilots killed with your shit." With that, he turns and begins walking away.

"HEY!" Paz shouts as the confrontation turns violent. "IS THERE A PART OF BREAK IT UP CONFUSES YOU, RAZOR?" she demands, making her way towards the man with a grim expression. "Are you _TRYING_ to get put in the Brig?"

James tries to move out of the way of the punch but catches it in the jaw. His teeth clamp down with some of them biting on the end of his tongue hard enoug to draw blood but the real probelm is how the blow knocks his head back into his fighter. He slides to one knee boefore he can catch himself and looks up unable to glare through the dizziness he feels.

Kell's feet comes to a stop as Paz comes up to him with her questions but the bomber pilot seems to be unfazed with her attitude, as if he doesn't even care. He turns his glance towards her and gives a rather even response, not even bothering to look back at James, "If you want to write me up and have me report to the brig, I'll go right now. It's better than being out there with him on my wing." His gaze is kept on Paz, to see if she will order him to the brig or if she will let him go, either way he will be leaving the flight deck soon.

Paz stalks up to within mere inches of the man, then pauses for a moment as she considers her options. Yes, she could put him on report and have him brigged for a spell and while that might certainly quell Razor's temper, it would do nothing for hers. Not to mention generate a few more meters of paperwork for her to fill out. "No, I'm not going to send you to the brig, Razor." she sighs, then grins. "I'm going to do something far worse." she says, then coughs hard right into his face. "That'll give you something to think about." she smirks before turning on her heel to check on James. "It incubates for about twenty four hours, then the symptoms start."

James pushes himself back to his feet slowly then staggers sidesways before he manages to regain his balance. He moves one hand back to check on the bump rising on his head and says "Hi Tizona."

Kell was actually expecting to go to the brigs, especially with other pilots and deck crew watching. Or atleast something physical in return, he's willing to take a punch or a slap, the cough was out of left field though. Where he wouldn't flinch from a physical attack by Tizona, he involuntarily does so with the cough. Eyes narrowing slightly, he just looks away and heads towards the lift, apparently no response. He's most likely to go back to pilot country and wait to see if there is any other fallout, whether from his own CO or whatnot.