Post Publicity
Post Publicity
Arc: None
Summary: Several personnel who didn't go on the super secret mission talk about the reporter onboard in FAL.
Date: 2658.152
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Participants: Trey Kayly Paz Phillip Kincaid

Trey is sitting at the bar, nursing a pint of dark ale, when Paz comes in like that. He picks up his beer, walks down to her spot, and has seat next to her. "Yeah. Fight the power. Fight the man." And then turns towards her, "Hey, what's up with ears?"

Kincaid's single eye roves over to the pilot, the brow rising slowly. "Good evenin, lass." he calls out.. then sips from the pitcher and puffs on his pipe.. there is a scent of maple and bourbon in the smoldering tobacco. Almost hidden in his lap is his writing book.. which he scribbles in idly.

"Evenin, Sarge." Paz replies, sipping at her beer. "What are you talking about, Trey?" Paz asks, shooting the man a look that's pure annoyance.

Trey raises an eyebrow, "Well you come in, pissing your panties about the Wing Commander, Paz." He sips his beer and peers at the other pilot while disregarding the irritated look on her face, "Just thought you wanted to talk about it to a human being rather than… or in -addition- to whatever you're going to kill your braincells with." He smirks, light and casual.

Phillip walks into the First and Last looking rather tired from a day of patrolling and CAP duty. He heads right to the bar and gets a cola. After getting the drink, he turns and notices Paz. He begins heading in that direction.

Kincaid trades the pipe for a sip of his beer, then the stem is back between his lips. "Hey.. she be a pilot, lad. She has to piss in her panties when she's in tha cockpit fuir a dozen hours at a time." he says with a smirk. "I thought ya /all/ pissed and shat yuir pants."

Trey snorts towards Kincaid, "Yeah, well… you know how it is. Tell me you've never vented about your CO. That's practically in the job description: People under me will hate me and talk about me behind my back." He clears his throat, "Not that an officer of the Terran Confederated Space Force would do such a thing." And then back to Paz, "Spill, girly. What's up?" He grins.

"Nothing's up." Paz replies testily. "And I'm not pissing anything, Sergeant. I'm pissed _off_. Supposed to be on the Meriwether Lewis right now, you know, doing something _worthwhile_. But _no_, not according to our fearless leader. So here I am doing endless pointless CAPs to satisfy a Commodore who oughta have the sense to have figured out by know that if there's any Kilrathi left in this sector, they're too busy dodging us to put up a fight." she growls, taking a big pull from her mug. "So, yes, sergeant, as I said _pissed off_, as in _angry. Would expect a jarhead to follow that logic."

Phillip sits down at the table and watches and listens to get an idea about what is being discussed.

Kincaid Raises a brow. "Lass.. Jarheads and logic uir not used often in tha same sentence… But I ken see why ya got yuir knickers in a twist. Still, there be a reason why he be a fleet level command officer and ye aren't, and it isn't just cause he's an older fuck like me. So no matter how angry ya be, remember he probably got his reasons and they uir probably valid."

Trey raises his fingers up in mock-defense, "Okay, okay." Trey is, meanwhile, casual and collected about things. "Hey, when they get high up, I think they have trouble breathing the air up there. Anyway, yeah. The CAPs are pointless and I half think being on the 'vette would be more -relaxing-." He snickers to himself, and has a long pull from his beer glass. "Relaxing is when you can get a good night's sleep after they're done trying to poke holes in you all day. I get it, though. Hey, if you want space, I'll let you breathe." He pats her shoulder, gives it a squeeze, and then cracks his neck.

"Yeah, reasons." Paz grumbles, sipping at her beer. "I'm sure he's got tons of them," she snerks. "Did they get away okay?" she asks, turning to face the two. "Wasn't here when they left."

Phillip looks at Paz, "I take this is about that volunteer-only mission?"

Kincaid taps his pipe out in an ashtray and starts packing it with a massive thumb, the calloused pad of it oblivious to any smoldering remnants. "I wouldna know.. They left while I wuz still in tha rack."

Trey shakes his head, nodding towards Kincaid, "And I was asleep. I'm going to guess they got through fine. We'd have heard something by now. You know how rumor travels aboard this rig. Oh, uh… thanks for covering for me. The other night, with that reporter asshole?" This is said to both Paz and Phillip. "Last thing I want to do is talk to some jackass with a microphone," he turns towards Kincaid, "Did you meet that fucker? Dipshit comes in here with a camera crew, sticking microphones up our asses." He turns more towards Kincaid, moving his body in an animated, on the spot sort of way. His voice is energetic: "Hi there! I hear you're fighting a war! Tell the kids at home how -awesome- it is!"

"Yeah, guess you're right. We would've heard something." Paz nods before turning to Phillip. "Yeah, this is about the volunteer mission…Or semi-volunteer, as it were." she snorts. "No worries, Rogue. That guy's going to be a pain in all of our asses." she grumbles. "Sarge, there's no chance some of your marines couldn't arrange some kind of 'accident' is there?" she asks the big man. "Don't have to hurt him, really, though it would be funny. Mostly, it's his gear I'm after."

Phillip looks at Trey, "No problem, but I still lost my cool at him. Oh and that is one mighty good impression of him."

Kincaid becomes silent for a moment. "What? We got some reporter? Or is it some fuckin MoPic?" he asks, not sounding happy. "Either way, civilian or military, they shove a microphone in me face and I will eat it. I promise you I will bite it in half, chew it, and then swallow it and ask for seconds." he looks to Paz and shakes his head. "Oh no.. I ain't touchin some docu-bastard. We hazed a MoPic once back in tha day, lass. Then she took everythin we said outta context in tha editing. I almost got demoted."

Trey nods his head, "Yeah. We got some reporter. I'm with Paz. You wanna pitch him over the side, maybe arrange for a little accident on the loading dock…" Trey whistles tunelessly, sips his beer, and makes like he's casually passing some money under the bar. "I mean, I didn't see a thing, brother. I was just over here, minding my own business. Damned shame what became of that motherfucker." He laughs to himself, "Damned shame."

"He was hoping you would, Phil." Paz nods. "Ah, you're probably right, Sarge," she sighs, sipping at her beer again. "Maybe it'd be more interesting to see what kind of fun we can have with him," she muses. "I'm sure between the blackshoes and the Marines and the airdales, we can keep the man so frickin' confused he don't know what end of him's up."

Phillip looks Paz, "Hmmm….confuse him? What ideas do you have in mind to get him and keep him bewildered?"

Kincaid hrmphs. "Shouldn't be TOO hard ta confuse a newsie.. they never get tha fact right anyways."

Kayly slips into the lounge, and after taking a quick look around at the inhabitants, heads over to the bar, and orders herself a soda. She then leans against the bar, waiting for it to come along.

"Thank god for small favors." Trey sips his beer again, making short work of his pint. "This guy's just a prick. When I didn't want to talk to him, he fucking -ordered- me to talk to him. Turned off the camera to threaten me and everything. Guys like him get shivved when they're not on a military boat. Confusing him, though…" He twists his head and turns it towards Paz, "That's kind of amusing. Got anything in mind? I mean, we could start telling coordinated lies. If the marines say something about the air guys, and the air guys say something about the navy dudes, and the navy dudes say something about the marines…"

"Yeah, something along those lines, Rogue." Paz nods thoughtfully. "I mean, with his attitude, he's going to make enemies by the hundreds on this ship." she muses. "So, give it a week or so, we'll have plenty of willing assistants. His job's to report the news, let's make reporting it accurately impossible," she grins malevolently. "It'll have to be more than just service rivalries, though." Paz adds, frowning a little. "Everyone knows the Navy guys and the Marines go from 'friendly rivals' to 'mortal enemies' and both look at the air group like a bunch of preening prima donnas," she adds, shooting Kincaid a saucy wink. "Which, of course, we are, you know. We're issued silk undies, ya know? Lace is optional. Makes my inner thighs itch and chafes my ass, so I don't bother."

Phillip nods as he begins thinking up some ideas.

Kincaid frowns now. "Just ta be sure.. he /did/ turn off his camera, right?" he asks. "I mean, even if it ain't pointed at ya, it can still be recording audio. That be how I got in trouble tha first time…"

Kayly grabs her glass once it arrives, and takes a sip from it, as she continues to watch the lounge lazily. A faint smirk passes over her lips as she catches some of the conversation going on.

Trey shrugs, "Hell if I know. I was busy staring at the bartender's washcloth. Wasn't about to get my mug on TV. Last thing I need. I'm guessing he turned it off, though. He sounded like the kind of guy who knows how to play his system."

"So we play him." Paz muses, draining her mug. "We play him and keep playing him until he either runs off this ship screaming or gets recalled in disgrace." she grins wickedly.

Phillip shrugs, "Anything more specific in mind, Paz? I've got no ideas."

Kayly covers her mouth, and yawns, before taking another sip from her glass, and then pulls out a notepad, flipping through it and occasionally glancing over what's written down.

"I'll see what I can cook up." Paz replies, nodding. "It'll have to be something _simple_ complicated cons spread out among a lot of people go wrong real fast," she muses. "And how I know that's not something I want you thinking about too hard," she says, waggling a finger at the rookie. "Kayly, you've been sitting there quietly for like, twenty minutes now," she says, pivoting to fix one coal black eye on the Bridge Bunny. "You're making me worry."

Phillip backs up a bit at the waggling finger, "Okay," Iceblade says, abit confused.

"Worried that I might tattle on you guys? Or that I'd tell that 'reporter' your plans?" Kayly asks with a chuckle, and shakes her head. "Cause I don't think you'd have to worry about either of those." She points out, as she flips to another page on the notepad, glancing over it, before she pulls a pencil out to erase one thing, and then writes in something else. She then looks back over towards Paz, and grins slightly. "Just tired, is my real excuse for being quiet, though."

Trey nods his head. "Yeah. Tired… I get. I think I'm going to hit the bunks while I still have time for sleep. Freaking better end this wall to wall CAP shit before I do something dumber than usual. And that's pretty harsh." He slips off the barstool. "See you guys on the rack, when you get there." He nods politely to Kayly, and then adds to Paz with a smirk, "And since when do you wear panties, anyway?" He pokes her in the shoulder and gives her a playful grin.

"Heh, I'll have you know I've got Wonder Woman girding my loins at the moment." Paz chuckles to Trey. "Go get some rest, dumbass." she adds, returning the shoulder poke. "What time do you have CAP tomorrow?" she inquires. "Looking to snag a little atmo-surfing time before I go skids up, always happy for some company," she adds. "And no, Kayly, I was actually hoping you'd be receptive to the idea," she adds for the bridge bunny's benefit. "But it wasn't the reporter that worried me, it was the brass you deal with in your daily life," she explains. "Breathe a word of this to the wrong person, all hell rains down on our head." she nods.

Phillip looks up at Trey, "Night Rogue." Then Iceblade adds sarcastically with a grin, "See you for another bright and glorious morning." Phillip then turns his head over to Kayly, "So how's your first week been, Doc."

Kayly raises an eyebrow at Paz, and snickers some. "I hardly ever deal with the brass myself, you know. And as for that reporter guy, I'd be all for shooting him in an arm or leg myself… except for the fact that I might have to patch him up afterwards, and that he'd be in the Medbay for a while." She shivers in comical terror at that thought. As Trey makes his way off, she nods in his direction.

"Ah, hell!" Paz snarls, finally processing her misidentification of the new Doc. "Heh, you were just gonna sit there and let me think you were somebody else, weren't you?" she says, eyeing Kayly mirthfully. "Weren't ya? Son of a bitch…I'm sorry, Docm" she sighs. "I'd offer a defense, but it'd sound even lamer than what I've been saying." she sighs, shaking her head wearily. "Guess that makes 'eighty six' my lucky number," she adds, slipping off her barstool.

Phillip looks at Paz, "Well she does on occasion encounter brass, I guess. Anyway," Iceblade turns his head back to Kayly, "Kayly, I guess the Medbay has been keeping you rather busy your first week. Making any new friends there?"

Kayly waves the apology away with a wave of her hand and a grin. "Don't worry about it. At least you didn't mistake me for a Marine. Cause then we'd have problems." She states with a chuckle, and shrugs. "I'll just consider it a case of not enough sleep for you." She adds with a shake of her head, before she turns over towards Phillip. "Yeah, fairly busy, getting used to it all. And a few so far. Usually too busy working or sleeping otherwise, though once I get used to the schedule I'm sure I'll end up with at least a bit more spare time to meet people," she says with a snicker.

"Heh, fair enough." Paz replies, nodding. "I'd be the same if you thought I was a black shoe." she adds, pausing to give a spine-popping stretch and a near dragon-like yawn. "Okay….that's my cue. Take care, everybody. See you next watch cycle." And with that, Paz waves out of FAL, stumbling towards the elevators and her sweet, sweet rack…

Phillip checks his watch and repeats the maneuver. Always the wingman, never the wing leader…

Kayly chuckles and waves at the departing pilots. "Goodnight, guys." She adds as she finishes off her drink.