Post-Trap Analysis
Post-Trap Analysis
Arc: None
Summary: A group of pilots try to reconstruct how the Kilrathi staged their ambush
Date: 2658.224
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Participants: Cole Paz James

Paz shuts down her ship's engines and cracks open the cockpit and shucks her helmet as the deck gang race to shift her Rapier off the ramp and into the repair line. When presented with the yellow sheet, she scribbles a few hasty notes before hauling herself from the cockpit and making her way down the ladder.

Cole's bomber doesn't so much slide in gracefully as it hits the gravity field of the flight deck and drops. Apparently, the portside landing gear wasn't going to come down either. There's a brief earsplitting squeal as metal grinds against metal in a shower of sparks, his broadsword slowly turning until it rests sideways against the starboard bulkhead, pointing back very nearly the way it came. Which probably explains why when Cole exits his bomber, it's amidst a rain of flame-retardant… just in case.

"Ah hell…" Paz growls as the fire gang rush to extinguish Cole's 'sword. "Someone oughta be fuckin' shot for not replacing those Swords by now!" she snarls. "We've only been at war for _how_ long now?"

Cole, meanwhile, just pulls off his gloves and places them inside his helmet, tossing them back through the hatch of the ruined broadsword and walking away from it like a perfectly normal landing. After all, any landing you can walk away from, right? "So what do you think the odds are they'll just push that one off the deck?" Cole asks with an amused chuckle.

James clmbs down from his fighter grimacing when he sees the poor Broadsword's cpndition "Around 20 years and I hope they do push it off for the sake of the sanity of the mechanics."

"Yeah, that one's only good for parts now." Paz sighs, shaking her head sadly. "Heh, Voodoo. I'm starting to wonder if you ain't half cat." she accuses teasingly. "Cause you damn sure have nine lives."

"They do call me Voodoo for a reason" Cole replies to Paz with a little chuckle. "Now if only I could figure out how to apply that mojo towards not getting shot in the first place, I'd be in business" Cole adds, amused. "But then I suppose I'd ruin my sterling reputation"

James shrugs as he turns to the other pilot and laughs "We're opposites basically. You get hit but not injured andI think this is the first time I've been hit without ending up as a patient in medbay."

Paz chuckles at Cole's remark and shakes her head a little. "Shame about your ship." she says. "Better get your fuzzy dice and hula girl outta the cockpit." she advises before turning to James. "That was damn good shooting out there, Cutlass." she says, nodding her approval. "Hot damn but I'm gettin' slow……never got a charlie kilo the whole fight. Did get a big chunk of that one Jalthi. Christ, I hate those things!" she growls, crossing herself.

Cole can't help but laugh at Paz's comment. "I can only imagine what Kanani would think if I started keeping a hula girl in the cockpit" Cole jokes, before looking back towards James. "And I've had a couple times I've gotten as beat up as my fighter. Believe me, I much prefer it's just the fighter that gets trashed."

James smiles "Thanks Tizona, and I know how you feel about the Jalthis believe me and how you feel about taking hits Voodoo. I'm just very glad that the ship held together when those two Jalthis caught me on the first pass."

"Well, if you gentlemen will excuse me…" Paz says, stretching slightly. "I gotta visit the little pilot's room." she says and all but runs for the nearest restroom.

"See ya, Tizona" Cole calls after the scurrying pilot, before turning his attention back towards James. "I know what you mean. Those little bastards are bad enough news in something as heavy as what I'm flying, can imagine they'd be even less fun in a Stiletto"

James nods grimly "I think I caught a partial burst from one to the cockpit a couple of systems back followed by another hit to the cockpit by a Sartha. Needless to say that Stiletto was sent to the scrapheap when I got home and I spent some quality time in medbay."

Paz returns four minutes later, looking much happier, though she's starting to pluck at her sweaty flight suit. "Cockpit hits are God's way of reminding you we aren't playing games out here." Paz says, nodding sagely. "I had a Kilrathi missile go off damn near in my lap…"

"I think I've been hit by just about everything in the Kilrathi arsenal at one time or another, except an AMG or Torpedo" Cole comments with a chuckle. "Which I am quite thankful for, really, since I don't think my luck would hold too well in that case"

James nods and replies first to Paz "I'm glad you came out of it alright Tizona." then to Cole "Yeah especially the torpedo. An AMG you might survive if it's a glancing blow or it hits nothing vital but a torp hit and you're gone."

"Thanks, Cutlass." Paz nods, smiling a little. "I've seen what a well-placed torp can do to a cap ship……I don't even wanna _think_ about what happens if one hit a fighter……'d be charlie alpha!"

"Of course, you'd also have to be paying zero attention. Turns so slow it might as well be a dumbfire, but moving at about a quarter of the speed" Cole comments. "And that's assuming your dumb ass sits still long enough for it to lick in the first place"

James nods "You and your ship would be vapor scattered across the system if that. And yeah basically the only way to be hit by a torp is insanely bad luck."

"Or blind rook stupidity." Paz comments. "Don't laugh, it happens." she sighs. "But, I think we did pretty good out there, considering."

"Yeah, considering what we'd already lost to that stupid trick of theirs" Cole agrees with a little bit of a nod. "What worries me more, though, is that they knew we were out there doing that. Which means they had to be watching us from somewhere"

James shrugs "Perhaps some of the asteroids had sensor arrays along with turrets. Or they knew we would come back and had a small force on standy for when we did."

"Oh, come on, gentlemen." Paz says in a lightly scolding tone. "If you didn't have that twigged at as a _trap_ from the get-go, you are, all due resepct, Major." she adds for Cole's benefit. "You're a fool. Of _course_ they were watching us….First thing I thought when we got there was 'Hey, if I was a Fuzzy Wuzzy, I'd use the asteroids to mask my approach and hammer whatever they send to destroy the turrets."

"Yeah, might've had a sensor built in, or just a deadman system that triggered some sort of an alarm" Cole comments. "And I figured it was a trap, what worries me more is how they were watching it. We hadn't seen a hint of Kilrathi fighters there through the time Queen got wrecked, and suddenly as soon as we go to sweep the defenses, something's there?" Cole says with a shake of his head. "No way they kept a flight out for two days, and we'd have caught a patrol through there sooner or later. I'm not surprised it was a trap, I just want to know how they knew when to spring it" Cole comments. "But I think I'm going to do that bit of thinking in the shower… since right now, I smell so much like smoke I'm giving myself a headache. Good work, both of you"