Designed to house sixteen officers in some minimum of space and privacy, this is the barracks for the 1087th Fighter Squadron. In the center of the room, a pair of sofas and a pair of chairs have been secured to the floor around a small table. A small hallway off to the rear of the room leads to a small bathroom and communal shower, while a door to port opens into a small private stateroom for the squadron commander. Above the entryway is painted a large copper-green image of an 18th century militiaman standing over a shield-shaped, striped red and white background. Text above the logo reads '1087th Fighter Squadron' and below 'Don't Tread On Me'.

Bunk alcoves and locker banks alternate along the walls, with privacy screens for the bunks retracting in front of the lockers when not in use. The bunk alcoves themselves are perhaps two and a half meters long and a meter deep, certainly not an arrangement for the claustrophobic.

Lt. Bradford's alcove is practically spartan with just a small alarm clock resting on side of the bunk and at times a datapad sitting at the foot of the bed. If Iceblade did bring any personal items, they must be kept inside his locker or within the Lieutenant's personal cloud accessible from his military user account.

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