Preparation Meets Opportunity
Preparation Meets Opportunity
Arc: Cloaks and Daggers
Summary: A chance meeting in a New Detroit bar provides a unique opportunity for the undercover Confed officers… and a risk of exposure.
Date: 2659.021
Related Logs: None
Participants: Oceana Kayly Raine Paz James Draygo

This job does have some advantages, really. After all, with no additional flights scheduled since the escort in of their supplies, the 'mercenary' pilots of the outfit have a little free time at their disposal. The Bolt Hole might not make for the nicest bar anyone's ever seen, but it's at least a bit more relaxed than First and Last. Tonight the place is relatively quiet, which is to say it's down from the usual 'ear-splitting' to more of a 'dull roar' as the rowdy patrons come, drink, and go.

Paz sits at the bar amid a trio of empty beer bottles, skimming through a copy of Soldiers of Fortune Magazine (Edition XXIX) and sipping at her fourth bottle of local color. Bored Paz is _bored_, and probably more than a little tipsy by now.

James wanders into the Bolt Hole and looks around smiling when he notices Paz. Then he sees all the bottles of beer in front of her and pauses unsure what kind of mood drinking that much puts her in. Finally he shrugs and takes a seat next to her "Hi Tizona, how are you?"

"Oh, I'm bored to the point of nearly dropping dead." Paz replies simply, shrugging a little. "Yourself?" she asks, turning to give James a friendly nod.

Of course, the other possibility at the moment is that it's really just too early for things to get lively yet. The number of people tricking into the bar seems to be exceeding the number trickling out, slowly crowding out the availability of free seats.

Kayly wanders her way into the bar, cautiously looking around to see who might be around, as she makes her way through the crowd, and mildly hoping that she doesn't run across anyone in the place that might know her, and shouldn't know that she's on the planet in the first place.

Cea is bored enough to return to the bar, even if she isn't often seen there. She is humming under her breath, relaxed and in a good mood. The place getting crowded is enough to have her blink a bit, but she just waits a moment, and then plows through, a path somehow clearing as she makes her way to the bar.

James grimaces "Sorry you weren't able to go up on our test flight with us but I think that you'll like the new ships when you get to take one out even if they are a little cramped."

"Meh.." Paz shrugs, frowning a little. "Shit happens." she says simply. "You have any idea if our fearless leader's got any gigs picked out?" she inquires simply. "Now that we've got munitions, it would be nice to start using them." Cea and Kayly's advents are greeted with a little smile and a wave. "Heh, looks like the whole gang's showing up." she chuckles softly.

Cea gives a wave in return, the motion catching her attention when Paz waves. She gets her drink, and then heads over to join the group that is forming up. "Evening," she greets before taking a nice long sip of her ale. "What's up today?" She pulls up a chair if she can find one, and settles in.

Kayly heads over towards the little group as well, as she notices Paz's wave, after getting herself something to drink. Once she reaches the table, she finds herself a place to sit, asking, "How're you all doing?" As she sets her glass down.

James nods "I haven't talked to him since we got back but given what we pulled off out there I'm sure that it won't take him to long to find something for us to do." he waves to Kayly and Cea as they approach. "Fine."

"Hey, you two." Paz says, nodding in a friendly-type fashion to the other to ladies as she finishes off her beer. "How did that go down?" she asks James, pausing to give a rather loud belch. "Heh…oop….'scuse me." she blushes.

The crowd gathering in the bar becomes a little thicker still, the last few vacant seats disappearing as the usual mixture of local regulars and passers-through just looking to get hammered settle in for the evening. All in all, just another cheerful night in the less-than-nice bit of New Detroit.

Bonsais joining the dark side! What has this world come to? Raine has passed on. But even mercenaries sometimes scrape their knees, so here she is, quietly wandering into the bar. No white coat now, just a slightly too large shirt and dark pants. She seems quieter, more withdrawn as she cautiously peerss about.

James looks around the bar and blinks several times to confirm what he is seeing. He raises before saying in a surprised tone "Doctor?" and making his way towards what appears to be Raine though he's not certain if he hasn't snapped like a twig and started imagining things.

One of the last ones to arrive, Kell enters the Blue Holt dressed in civilian's casual outfit instead of the Confed kit that he usually has on. There is a slightly worn and tired look on the pilot's face but it could easily be shrugged off from daily work. For now, instead of finding the people he knows, Kell is checking the place out with his eyes as he slowly makes his towards the bar area.

"Eh, either this crappy beer I've been drinking's making me hallucinate, or our former CMO is here." Paz says to the others, then nods to Kell politely as the man arrives. "I'm willing to lay odds either way."

Kayly shrugs and smirks slightly at Paz, commenting idly. "From what I know of the joints on this planet, beer making you hallucinate is the least of your worries."

And it looks like this evening's little gathering won't be the only group of Confederation officers here today. Perhaps on shore leave, a group of four pilots displaying the insignia of the TCS Winterrowd on their uniforms make their way into the Bolt Hole, looking around for a minute before beginning to weave their way through to the bar.

Actually, if one looks closely at her handbag, there's … a small plastic dome with … lea— awww, she's STILL snuck in a bonsai. Rain looks faintly out of place, though her quiet nervousness might help her blind in. She puts her finger to her lips and smiles at James. "Hello there." She smiles softly. And Pazinator too! She seems relieved. She lingers, looking more ghostly than usual.

James says "Hi doctor. It's nice to see you accept for the part where something bad probably happened to you after I got booted out."

James says "Hi doctor. It's nice to see you accept for the part where something bad probably happened to you after I got booted out." He glances towards the group in confederation uniforms and mutters something under his breath after he sees the insignia of their ship.

"Heads up, folks." Paz calls softly, watching the approaching Confed officers with a wary, if slightly glazed eye. "Please don't come over here…please don't come over here." she says before turning to Raine. "I'd ask you how you got here, but I'm not sure I wanna know." she grins teasingly. "You didn't!" she giggles, spotting the bonsai.

Kayly offers Raine a nod as she catches sight of her. "Yo." Being her only form of greeting for the moment. As the Confed pilots enter the bar, she mutters something under her breath, and just hopes that none of those pilots recognize anyone in the group.

Kell's flight suit easily identifies the wearer as a pilot for a Merc Outfit, a grim, darker in tone and a little flashier compared to the standard issue Confed gear. The disguise that is worn isn't limited to the merc flightsuit, he has a scruffy unshaven jaw, not a beared but a five o'clock shadow. Over the left eye is an eye-patch, giving him a dashing yet piratey look, yarr.
After arriving at the bar, Kell quickly gets himself a bottle of beer and begins drinking while leaning against the counter, eyes still scanning the place. What his eyes catch are the four Confed pilots walking in and a smirk appears on the young pilot. When the Winterrowd group nears where he is relaxing, the Merc pilot says not too quietly, "Look what the cat dragged in, a bunch of pretty boys in their frilly little uniforms." His tone a bit mocking instead of jest.

One of the Confed pilots… a short, stocky fellow is the first to respond. He stops in his tracks, turning on Draygo rather quickly. "Must be easy talking shit with other people doing the fighting for you" The pilot tells Draygo flatly, taking a step towards him only to be stopped by one of his fellows placing a hand on his shoulder.

… She did. Rain's just in random - civiliany doctor stuff. She smiles at James. "I was worried," She murmurs to James. "And call me Doc or Rai if you like on the job." She winks. Her eyes go wide at Kell and the confed soldiers. Uh oh. And Draygo. She does her best to look like she doesn't know them. Though, maybe she should've gotten a disguise like Kell. She blushes when Paz' spots the bonsai. A slow nod. She DID. "I would be sad without one." She admits. She offers, "May I sit?"

"Oh great." Paz sighs as Draygo promptly starts shit with the Confed pilots. "So much for a quiet evening out." she grumps. "Hope you left the others in good hands." she adds quietly for Raine's benefit. "Might wanna keep that out of sight." she advises. "Not a lot of CMOs in the fleet that are bonsai fans."

"Actually, shortie, others pay /me/ to do the fighting for them and from I hear, we don't get shit pay like you do and shittier food that you seem to live to shove down that cute little pie hole of yours." Kell maintains his relaxed poise, still leaning against the bar counter on his left, taking swigs of beer from the bottle with his right hand. "So, got bored of doing parade formation practice in space and flying fancy little loops and decided to come down to mingle with the common folk?" Since the 'common folk' has no idea about the ass kicking that the Winterrowd received, that's the card that Kell decides to play, knowing it would really get under the pilots' skin.

James says "Alright Rai." and smiles "it's odd when Tizona and I were talking about what we were going to miss most you were on both of our lists. It's good to have you here." He then glances towards Kell and mutters "Not good, very not good."

Oh, and it certainly does seem to get the pilot a little irate alright. He swats away the hand of the man attempting to stop him, taking in another step towards Draygo. "Yeah, at least I'm not shoving things down my pie-hole for a living" the pilot growls in return. One of the others from the uniformed group chimes in from behind "Get the hell out of here before you get in trouble" though whether it's directed at his companion or Draygo isn't quite clear.

Raine blushes. "Thanks… you guys are too sweet. And sssh, no one knows." Likely, no one might catch right away that she's a CMO. Not in a shirt and regular ole pants. "Should I cut my hair maybe?" She tilts her head. "And of course I did," She pouts. "There's lots of good docs. Besides, it's - honestly kind of nice not to be so cooped up. I swear it ages me," Rain pouts. Her voice is soft, eyes widening at Draygo and Kell. Uh oh. Rain smiles at Kayly too. "Hey." She offers softly. She's worried, though, eyeing the group.

"Fuuck." Paz sighs once more, slipping off the barstool and making her way through the crowd towards Draygo. "C'mon, that's it, I am in no mood to get in a fight tonight." she tells him flatly. "Besides, you haven't met our newest recruit." she grins to her fellow Merc.

Cea has been quiet all this time, though she did nod politely at the new arrivals. She arches a brow and tilts her head, as Draygo starts shit-disturbing, a grin crossing her face. Oh. How interesting. Now, the ex-marine is not the tallest of women, but she does edge a little closer to Draygo, just in case. And while she might not be up on all the pilot gossip, she can certainly see trouble brewing when it starts. And. She's a merc too. So ya know, it's all good, if you ask her. "Aww, but c'mon. Rumbles are fun," she says to Paz upon her approach.

Kell certainly doesn't look intimidated by the short pilot or his friends, in fact the smug smirk remains on his face as he takes a drink first, as if that is more important than immediately responding to the Confed pilot. "Ooh, now that was a witty comeback, has me all broken up and hurt inside. I guess that's what happens when you are stuck in the confines of rules and regulations, freedom is such a sweet thing." He pauses before saying, a little louder, "For example, if someone were to /pay/ me to kick your ass, I'd do it in a heartbeat. Hell, I'd do it at a discounted price because it would be so much fun. But, it looks like this is your lucky day since there is no contract to give you a whoopin."
Anything else that Kell wanted to say to antagonize the situation is cut off when Paz arrives sa he turns his attention to his fellow Merc, "What? Man… ruining my fun, it looks like the short one is about to blow his gasket. And a new hire? Little maggot better not be getting a cut from my share or I'll strangle the little puke. Unless the little puke is a she, and she is hot."

James relaxes a little when Kell turns away from the Confed pilot though he whispers a quick prayer before turning his attention to Raine "No I think your hair is fine Rai. Maybe grow it out some if you really want to change it."

"It's assholes like you that are the reason there's even a war still going" The pilot comments acidly. "We'd have kicked the Kilrathi's ass twice-over by now if the sector wasn't full of greedy little shits like you trying to make a credit on the deaths of men who are worth more than you'll ever be" The short pilot adds, his hands clenched tightly in fists at his side.

Meanwhile, one of the others from the group has apparently decided that he's not going to get caught up in this mess either way. So instead, he slips away from the arguing two for a minute, drawing a little closer towards Cea. "Hey" The man greets, in an obviously too-practiced attempt to be smooth. "You have any idea how much thrust a jet engine generates?" he asks, pausing for a moment and adding "Want to?" Apparently 'smooth' has given way to 'crass' in short order. From the smell of booze on the pilot's breath, this probably isn't his first stop either.

Okay, it's obvious that reason isn't going to work with the little shit, even as his compadre horns in on Cea. That doesn't worry her, she can more than easily take care of him and probably the others as well. But this little guy is starting to really work on Paz's nerves. So, it is with an eye towards the law of diminishing returns that she snags a beer bottle, breaks it against the bar and pulls herself into a fighting stance, jagged glass pointed at the man. "You wanna fight, asshole? Fine, let's get it over with, otherwise fuck off and stay fucked off."

Okay, Cea had been behaving, really she had. Keeping her nose clean, just like she was asked to do, though it hasn't always been easy. And she was willing to follow Draygo's lead and let him start the ruckus. However, when beerbreath gets a little too friendly, Cea's expression goes flat, and her stance changes in a heartbeat. "Not a clue, and Hell no," Cea says, though as she speaks, her beer bottle is set down and she is lunging forward to deliver a well trained left-handed punch at beer breath. Regardless of what happens, with a voice trained by both the marines and singing, she shouts out, "RUMBLE!"

Oh dear. Rain bites her lower lip. She kind of shrinks back, a little eyes wide. She looks between the Confeds and her 'mercenaries'. She gasps as Cea is harassed. Oh no. Rain tries not to hide her eyes. "Oh crap." Rumbles usually mean injuries. Well, at least Rain brought bandaids…

Kayly is still back a bit from the erupting barroom brawl, trying to keep from getting involved herself. Pilots, after all, might like getting into fights, but she's a perfectly harmless doctor, herself… Or so she'd rather people think that she is.

"Oh shit, I was only gonna give him some bruises, looks like you're about to give him some much needed plastic surgery… for free!" Kell says as he takes a step away from Paz when she breaks the bottle, wincing as some booze is spilt and loss, silently mourning the liquid's demise. His own bottle however remains very much intact as he brings it up for another swig of beer. Content on watching shortstuff piss his pants due to Paz's threat, Kell is caught off-guard by the commotion in Cea's direction as he hears her call out her callsign. An amused laugh is given and he quickly turns back to short stuff, "You can have the short one, it'll make me feel bad to pick on such a small guy." Instead, he chooses Jackpot's friend, Waffles. Instead of a sucker punch, Kell charges forward, leading with his shoulders aimed at his opponent's midsection, looking to push his own brawl away from Paz and Shorty to give them space to duke it out.

James watches things go from bad to worse and groans before rising and planning to move to get between Raine and the brawl. "This will not be fun." He mutters.

Paz decides to give shorty just enough hurt to make him rethink his position vis a vis causing any more trouble in here tonight, which, being more than slightly tipsy, accidentally turns into a slice to his chest with the broken bottle that's sure to inspire his friends to even greater heights of violence. Way to go, Tizona…

And all of a sudden, things are pure chaos. Perhaps expecting a less than cheerful reaction from the woman he'd propositioned, Waffles is at least in a position to defend himself, if not to strike back… managing to block Cea's punch with his arm. Draygo's charge, meanwhile, is met with a solid punch to the side as he makes his way past the short pilot… but momentum carries him on into the 'peacemaker' of the group. Caught looking the wrong way, the short pilot is virtually defenseless against Paz's attack, and a ragged cut on his uniform shows a little blood where the glass sliced across his skin.

The sight of one of the mercenaries armed with an impromptu weapon draws another of the pilots to the fight, as a woman in confed blue attempts to sneak up on Paz, likely intent on removing that particular threat from the fight.

Cea's punch is blocked, but that only brings a bigger grin of delight to her face. Oh yay, a real rumble! Just what the doctor ordered. She doesn't shout any more, but she does continue to take the fight to beer breath, who is perhaps not as drunk as he's pretending to be. At least she does pay a bit more attention to her surroundings, though most of her attention is on her current target. "About as close as you're ever going to get to anything without four legs," she taunts. Hey, he started it. And she takes another shot, gleefully.

James really had intended to stay out of the fight but then he saw the woman sneaking up on Paz and his plans were thrown out the window "Tiz on your 6!" he calls shortning her call sign enough that no one outside the group would recongize it. He then rushes in and throws a jab towards the new guest to the party.

The sucker punch by Jackpot is felt as it pushes some air out of Kell's lungs but his charge continues, the momentum of his large ground pounder type bulk carries him into Waffles, poor Waffles, the good guy in the group. Trying to end it faster for Waffles instead of making him suffer, Kell squares up and aims a punch at the other pilot, an uppercut directed at the jaw.

"A-ah, look out!" Rain yelps. She looks horrified as Paz goes after someone with a bottle. It's on now. She moves to get out of the way, leaving the fighting to the more boisterous sorts. She's just a civvie or merc right? Right.

Kayly continues to try and avoid getting into the fight herself, and she moves over to where Raine is standing, her eyes still on the fight, as she asks in an attempted casual tone. "Soo… What about that weather around here, huh?"

Paz decides to drop the bottle before she accidentally kills someone and whirls just in time to see someone trying to give her the bum's rush. The reaction's automatic, bring up hands, swing fist for all she's worth, and hope it does some good.

The two sides continue to trade blows… a fist to the chest here, a barely-blocked knee there. The crowd swirls around the melee, with no one attempting to break it up… but no one quite looking to join in, either. A sort of odd, stunned silence mixed with a few jeers of encouragement. The last of the Winterrowd's pilots to join the fight is the first one to drop, caught by an attack she never even saw coming and left senseless on the floor.

James blinks surprised when his fist hits the woman's chest and she drops to the floor. Blushing slightly as he had been aiming for her stomach he turns towards the other figure that had been attacking Paz and drops low, as out of good ideas, he decides to recreate one of his favorite hand to hand scenes from a book. It's hopefully time for a nice friendly uppercut to Jackpot's groin.

Cea isn't paying enough attention to her own defense apparently, since she gets hit by a fist to her abdomen. It catches her breath, but only makes her get more stubborn, whether intended or not. "Truth hurts, does it?" she taunts again, her own fist flying out and only managing to hit the guy in the neck, though it's just a glancing blow. Still, she hit him, and he's standing there going toe to toe with a girl. And not clearly winning. Awwww. She feints with her right hand and then tries a kick this time, just for something different.

Swing and a miss, a near miss as Kell's fist grazes nothing but Waffle's breath. Apparently Waffles ate his Wheaties this morning since the attack by Kell left the Merc pilot wide open for a counter attack which is capitalized on. After going 'oof', Kell growls and launches a straight punch this time at the pilot's nose, still focused on the offensive but not a wild home-runs wing this time.

Paz meeps in surprise when the man who was trying to bushwhack her swings what's sure to be a haymaker, only to have her move at the last second, resulting in the blow hitting her left hand. That _SMARTS_. Okay, now she's mad.

Jackpot and Waffles both drop to the ground senseless as well. Still very much alive, but not capable of anything resembling movement. Well, maybe the drooling on the floor they're doing as the little songbirds circle about their heads counts as movement. Skids, meanwhile, realizes he's all alone in the world… and bravely turns and runs for the door.

Ugh. Raine looks sympathetic and at least peers around to make sure no one's bleeding or anything. "Should I make sure no one has any brain damage?" She looks over to Kayly, considering. For now though, she'll at least look Paz over to start. "wait, you should too." A beam at Kayly. See, good disguises.

James frowns as Jackpot dodges the uppercut then turns to watch Skids run debating chasing him down. He finally rises from his crouch and glances towards Paz "You alright?"

Oceana's kick gets totally thrown off as Skids manages a lucky shot to her chest, that really has her eyes watering. Lucky shot - that's her story and she's sticking to it. "Aww, where's the fun in that? He's leaving just as things get interesting." Pout. She however also does not chase him down, instead stopping to take stock of the situation. Hey, she's still got beer on the bar. Sweet.

The straight forward punch by Kell does the trick as Waffle's return punch trails off to the side, lightly hitting the Merc on the arm as the Confed pilot falls backwards to lights out land. With a smirk, Kell looks at his downed opponent before looking around, seeing that the others have also been defeated except for Skids who ran away to fight another day. Moving towards Oceana, Kell flashes her an amused grin as he says, "Ran off another potential suitor? I think sweet words works better than fists." Seems like he has turned his teasing towards Cea now since the Confed pilots are gone.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Paz replies, shaking her stinging hand and wincing. "Though, and this is just me talking, I'm thinking maybe we should be going, as in _fast_."

As the fight breaks up, the patrons of the bar settle back to their business, and their drinks, and whatever else they might be up to. All except one. From about halfway down the bar, a voice calls over towards the 'mercenaries'. "Nice going. About damned time some of those Confed pricks got what they have coming"