Arc: None
Summary: Voodoo gets visitors in sickbay.
Date: 2658.208
Related Logs: Beneath the Black Flag
Participants: Cole Kanani Paz

What do we have here? Why a Cole, of course. Not like he's going to be going anywhere for a while, with the whole bandaged head thing going on at all. At the moment, he's just rolled onto his side, watching some sort of mindless holovid of ancient atmospheric fighters.

Kanani makes her way quietly through the medbay, heading straight towards where Cole is located, after having talked to a nurse to find out where that is. Once she reaches him, she smirks a bit at the holovid, and then comments. "Hey there, Victor. How are you feeling?" There is some concern in the tone of her voice, but the fact that he's awake and able to watch the vid, seems to be a good sign.

"My ears are still ringing, my head feels like someone hit it with a hammer, and I'm trying to decide which of the three Kanani's I'm seeing to kiss" Cole comments dryly. "Other than that, I suppose I can't complain. I'm still here to make smartass comments"

Kanani laughs softly, as she bends over to kiss Cole gently. "Well, I guess some of those are pretty annoying right now, but at least you're alive, hmm? That's the most important thing." She says with a smile at him.

Cole can't help but give a wide smile at that kiss from Kanani. "Thanks" he tells her quietly, before he gives a little bit of a nod. "And no kidding. Wasn't so sure I was going to for a little while there"

Kanani nods seriously for a moment, as she comments. "Yeah… Looking at what was left of your bomber, after we landed, I'm still not sure how it managed to make it back in one piece. And it was lucky that none of those pirates managed to hit you after that first barrage. I don't think it would have taken another shot." She adds, shaking her head a bit.

"I was lucky it held together to land" Cole agrees, before he gives a little shake of his head… followed by a wince. Apparently, part of him is objecting to that motion. "But… I'm still here" he finally adds, giving Kanani a little smile. "Kept thinking to myself that you weren't going to get rid of me that easily"

"Always good to know that stubborness is good for something!" Kayly replies with a wink, as she smiles at Cole. "Though I suppose dwelling on what might have happened isn't all that good of an idea is it? You did make it back, and that's all that matters." She says with a slight nod, and another sympathetic smile, on seeing his wince. "Don't move so much. Don't want to hurt yourself anymore."

"Absolutely it is. It's great for running you crazy" Cole replies, giving Kanani a little smile. "Though somehow, I'm guessing that's not quite what you meant. And believe me, I'm trying my best not to move"

Kanani snickers a bit, and nods at Cole. "No, not exactly what I was meaning. But it works too." She replies with a wink. "I can imagine that you would be trying to keep still. That why you're watching boring old documentary stuff?"

"Well, it's a pretty limited selection really" Cole replies with a little bit of a chuckle. "And somehow, I just didn't feel like anything that I had to put too much thought into. I fall asleep during this, and I'm not sure I'd care" he jokes.

Kanani snickers and nods. "Point taken, Voodoo, point taken." She grins slightly at Cole and nods some more. "I'm not sure how I'd manage to get through being stuck in here. So I've always figured the best thing to do, is just try and avoid getting shot up enough to require it." She says with a chuckle.

"Believe me, you don't want to find out" Cole replies, before he gives a little grin. "Besides, that would mean that I have to scrounge up flowers from somewhere for you. You know how tough that'd be on a carrier?" At least he can joke about it, right?

Kanani grins some more at Cole. "Yeah, difficult and expensive, I'd imagine. And you just know I wouldn't let you off the hook for that either." She adds with a snicker.

"I wouldn't expect otherwise" Cole replies. "Though that does leave me with a question…" Cole adds, taking the chance to tease a little more. It's a good distraction from the pounding in his head. "Where are my flowers?"

Kanani giggles a bit, and shrugs. "Hey now, I don't get the kind of paycheck a Major does you know. And besides, I wouldn't want to embarass you with a bunch of flowers sitting around your bed." She adds with a wink

"If you imagine I make some lofty salary, let me go ahead and disappoint you" Cole replies with a little laugh. "Though I suppose with nothing to spend it on out here, it's a bit of an academic point. At least it means we'll have plenty ferreted away for a place on the beach, hmm?"

"Hey, a girl can dream, can't she?" Kanani remarks with a little giggle. She shrugs slightly and nods. "Yeah, that doesn't surprise me a whole lot. The military's not the highest paying folk in the world. But not having to spend the money we earn makes up for it somewhat." She states with a smile.

"I suppose, if nothing else, at least I don't have to worry you love me for the money, hmm?" Cole replies with a little amused grin, before it fades a little and he adds. "Nice to have something pleasant to think about for a bit"

Kanani nods some at Cole, and smiles. "Definately. Always thinking about more negative things, sorta wears people down, after all." She replies.

Cole gives a little bit of a smile at that. "So how long do you have before they send you back out?" Cole wonders. "Hopefully a little while?" he adds curiously.

"Oh, barring any emergency, I think I've got the day off, at least. Bit of a break I guess after last night." Kanani replies with a chuckle, and she smiles at Cole. "At least it gives me a chance to check in on you, hmm?"

"Absolutely" Cole replies. "Though just my luck, hmm? They take you off the flight roster for a day, and I'm stuck here in medical bay" he comments wryly. "Wonder if once I get out, we could convince the powers that be we could both use some shore leave…"

Kanani giggles softly and shrugs. "Who knows. I suppose it all depends on where they send the ship next. I've heard a rumor or two, that we might finally be leaving this system before long." She grins slightly at Cole and says with mock severity. "And that's why you need to learn how to dodge when you're getting shot at."

"Yes dear" Cole replies with a little bit of a chuckle. "Tell you the truth, I got stupid" Cole admits freely. "Didn't figure they'd be able to aim that well, so I didn't go at it the same as I would a Kilrathi. Lesson learned, I suppose"

Kanani nods some. "Yeah, a few of them were better shots than you'd normally figure a pirate would be. But then again, it's not the first time I've ended up being surprised by stuff like that." She gives a little shrug, and smirks slightly. "At least the job did manage to get done though. Not in a pretty fashion, but finished all the same."

"So I heard" Cole replies with a little nod. "Seem to recall that you were a pretty big part of that, too" Cole adds, giving her a wide smile. "I'd better be careful or you're going to have all sorts of things to embarass me about later" he teases.

Kanani waves that away, and chuckles. "We all did our part, but I suppose I -did- do alright out there." She winks and gives a little shrug. "But then I don't worry to much about trying to get the accolades anyways. I figure if I just make sure to do my job well, the rest'll fall into place."

"True, but… I can't have you be the better pilot and the better looking half of the relationship" Cole retorts less than seriously. "Doesn't really leave me with much" he teases.

Kanani snickers and nods at Cole. "Hey now. You're still usually better than me when it comes to actually shooting stuff." She peers around and grins. "Not to mention you do the whole Australian accent a lot better than I can manage." She finishes with a wink.

"So that's what it is, hmm?" Cole replies with a little amused grin. "You just keep me around to hear me say words that sound strange to you?" he teases, giving her a little wink. Stupid, silly conversation? Yeah, but it's an improvement over talking about catching shrapnel in the back of the head.

"No, of course not! That's just an added bonus." Kanani replies with a smile, chuckling a bit. "You're a lot of fun to be with, even if you didn't have the accent, anyways."

"And I suppose if I'm going to joke about imagining you in a grass skirt, I lose all my rights to say anything about you liking my accent, don't I?" Cole asks with a little grin. After all, it's alright as long as they're equally bad, right?

Kanani nods and chuckles at Cole. "Yeah, I'm pretty sure that rule is written somewhere." She explains with a slight grin. "Though I guess at the moment, I couldn't really complain about you imagining that, anyways. Gotta have something to keep your spirits up." She teases.

"Well, you can rest secure in knowing that's probably…" Cole pauses to think about it. "Number three or so on the top ten list of Victor Cole's pleasant dreams" he explains, before he smiles a little and adds. "And before you prolong my stay in medical… yes, you occupy the other nine spots as well"

Kanani grins and nods at that. "Good thing too." She remarks in a teasing tone. "I'd really hate having to spend time in the brig for beating up an injured higher ranked officer." She says with a wink.

"And that is exactly why I figured I'd go right ahead and clear that up" Cole replies with a little bit of a laugh. "I figured keeping myself from being injured was worth risking the boost to your ego" he jokes.

"Oh, come on. Why would you even think I have a big ego? You'd almost think that all pilots have them." Kanani teases playfully, smiling at Cole. "But you've managed to avoid getting beat up any more today, at least." She winks and nods some.

"I don't /really/" Cole replies with a little laugh, having to try his best to keep from getting too animated with his movements. "And I suppose I should at least be glad that I'm getting the warning that loving you is likely to be hazardous to my health in now…"

Kanani snickers and winks at Cole. "Now, now. I'm only bad for your health if you cross me. You should know that by now." She teases and chuckles softly. "And if you didn't have an ego, you wouldn't be so worried about me being better than you!" She adds with a grin.

"Not worried about that at all. You're the one person on this ship I /shouldn't/ feel like competing with, after all" Cole replies with a little bit of a grin. "And see, you say you're not bad for my health… then I remember the comments about your father and laser pistols"

Kanani grins slightly and nods at Cole. "Well there is that, of course. But I don't think you'll really have -to- much to worry about. Unless he's in a really bad mood of course." She teases and winks at him.

Cole can't help but give a little laugh. "If anything, I think my family would probably be more surprised than anything" Cole admits. "I've never really been the long-term relationship type, I guess" he admits, before quickly adding "Not that I mind the change"

Kanani chuckles at that admission. "Well, I guess some surprises aren't to bad, are they?" She nods a bit, and winks at Cole. "And that's good that you don't mind that change!" She teases and giggles a bit.

"I'm sure it'd be the pleasant sort of surprise" Cole replies with a little bit of a grin. "Even if I'm sure they'll probably also be wondering how it was you managed to capture me" he jokes, pausing for a moment and deadpanning. "Better we don't share that part"

"Probably best that way, I'd say." Kanani agrees, nodding a bit. "Some things are just better left unsaid. And that'd probably be high on the list." She states, chuckling some.

"Absolutely" Cole agrees, before he gives a little smile… looking across at Kanani for a long moment, rather terribly thoughtful in fact. Then again, it's not that hard for Cole to get lost in thought. It's unfamiliar territory.

Kanani ponders Cole thoughtfully, and hmms, at his look. "What's on your mind now, Victor?" She asks with a thoughtful tone of her own.

"Probably just thinking too much" Cole replies, before he gives a little grin. "It's what happens when you get hit in the head with pieces of your bomber, you know" he jokes. "Was just… well. Thinking about something that maybe I oughta save for the next time we're docked somewhere, so I can do it right"

Kanani hmms thoughtfully, and peers at Cole, before chuckling and giving him a nod. "I see, I suppose. Since I've never been hit in the head with a bomber, I'll just take your word for it." She adds, grinning a bit.

"Nothing bad, I promise you" Cole replies to Kanani with a wide smile. For the curious, Victor is at least awake (though with a bandaged head), and laying on his side in his bed while he talks with Kanani. Left playing, but with no attention being paid to it whatsoever, is a holovid documentary about 20th century atmospheric fighters.

"Oh, I didn't figure it would be, heh." Kanani remarks with a chuckle. She's currently sitting next to Cole's bed, talking quietly with him, and also not paying any attention to the holovid, cause she hates documentaries, anyways.

"Just making sure" Cole replies with a little bit of a grin. "Wonder how long they're going to keep me trapped in here…" Cole wonders. Yes, that's right, it's been one whole day and he's restless already.

Paz meanders quietly into the medical bay, pausing just inside the door to see if she can spot Cole. This is made easier by the sight of Kanani.

Kanani smirks at Cole's question, seeing as how recently his bomber was turned into a big chew toy. "I dunno. Depends on how much you can keep from moving around to get you healthy faster, and how much you annoy the medical staff, so that they want you out faster, I guess." She replies with a grin.

"Oh, believe me. There will be annoying of the medical staff" Cole comments with a chuckle. "Last time I was here, I think that the doctor couldn't wait to kick me back out" he adds, giving Kanani a little grin. Apparently, the quiet meandering of Paz hasn't caught his attention yet.

Paz approaches quietly, giving the two a little wave as she does. "Hey you. You look pretty good for somebody who took a pig sword to the face." she teases Cole. "Hey, Kanani."

Kanani grins slightly and waves at Paz as she approaches. "Hey there, Paz. How're you doing?" She asks and chuckles a bit at the comments regarding Cole. "Yeah, doesn't he? Certainly a lot better than he was looking last night anyways."

"More the part of it that was stuck in the back of my head that was the concern" Cole replies to Paz. "I was telling Kanani earlier, I wasn't sure which of the three copies of her I was seeing that I was supposed to kiss" he jokes. "Feels like someone's been hammering on my head. But, I suppose that still makes an improvement"

"Yeah, given that the alternative's being lobotomized." Paz replies, then chuckles. "Oh, wait…I'm sorry." she says, snapping her fingers. "You're a Broadsword driver….There's nothing up there to injure in the first place." she teases. "No wonder you were able to shrug it off so easily." she winks. "Doing good, Kanani, been catching up on paperwork, mostly, and hiding from Chief Weiss so I don't get an earful."

Paz says, "How about you?"

Kanani chuckles at the ongoing banter. and shakes her head. "That's so not true, Paz. Bomber pilots still have stuff in their heads. Granted science hasn't been able to prove what exactly it is, but they've got something up there!" She grins some and says. "Oh, I'm doing a lot better today, now that it seems Voodoo's doing alright."

"If I wouldn't fall over the minute I tried standing, I'd make you pay for that, Tizona" Cole replies, though there's far more humor than malice behind the comment. "Thankfully, my hands weren't injured" he adds, and promptly flips her the bird.

"Heh, you walked into that one and you know it. sir." Paz chuckles. "Still, good to see you're okay." she adds sincerely. "You scared the hell out of us, sir." she says flatly. "And just think about the bitching and moaning I'd have to listen to from Tsunami here if you did buy the farm." she sighs, shaking her head. "I'd never hear the end of it."

Kanani snickers and grins slightly. "You should look on the bright side too. If we had another incident where we were missing the wing commander again, they wouldn't be able to give you all the work right now." She peers over at Paz and smirks. "Yeah, I'd just go on, and on, and on, about it." She remarks nodding sagely.

"For what it's worth, I scared the hell out of me" Cole admits, looking back towards Paz. "Though I hate to say it, the amount of complaining you'd be subjected to would be among the least of my regrets" he adds, eyes flickering towards Kanani and lingering there for a moment. Back to less serious topics, he then agrees with the stiletto pilot's assessment. "So apparently I have found a way out of doing paperwork then. All it takes is a head wound"

"Heh, see, spoken like a professional officer." Paz chuckles, nodding her approval to Kanani. "Oh, I just _know_ you would." she sighs. "It's the snuffling that I hate the most."

"Snuffling? I'll have you know that I've never in my life snuffled, Paz." Kanani remarks with a snicker. "I'd just whine loudly or something, I'm sure. And well, since we do get paid at least some money for this, of course I'd speak like a professional officer, technically being one." She adds for good measure, grinning a bit.

"Wow, don't I feel special" Cole comments with a little grin. "Remind me not to do any dying if the best I'm going to get out of Kanani is a loud whine" he replies, before joking. "I get that much for stealing the covers." Not that such a thing is really practical with shipboard bunking arrangements, but it's the thought that counts.

"Heh, okay, we're starting to get into 'I cannot listen to this' territory." Paz chuckles, rolling her eyes a little. "Because if I start having visions of the two of you doing the horizontal mambo, I am going to be _pissed_." she grins playfully. "So, all's well that ends with one of us in the Med Bay, apparently." she sighs, shaking her head a little. "Doc Raine threatening to charge you rent yet?"

"That's exactly the sort of reason I wouldn't do any more than whining, you know. So that you don't go getting yourself killed." Kanani replies to Cole with a smirk, waggling a finger at him. "Hey, I'm not the one saying anything, Paz. It's him you've gotta blame for that sort of thing." She says, chuckling a bit.

"And clearly, I've been hit in the head, so my judgement isn't the most sound at the moment." It might even be true, but it certainly does make a great excuse for Cole. "And no, she hasn't threatened me with it yet, but I'm just waiting for it. Last time I was in here, she tried to kick me out pretty fast"

"Judgment? You have judgment, sir?" Paz ask, looking astonished. "When did that happen?" she asks. "Did they install some new circuitry in your noggin when you were getting worked on?" she smirks. "Heh, if he can take a pig sword to the face, I don't think we have much to worry about in the dying department, Kanani."

Kanani snickers and grins some, nodding at Paz. "Yeah, he's to stubborn to die, I think. And maybe the Doc is waiting to bring it up until she throws him out. Surprise him with a bill right as he's leaving the medbay or something."

"Nothing like having visitors come by to kick me when I'm down" Cole comments with a little grin. "At least I know you care, I suppose" he adds. "And I have some judgement. Just… usually bad?" he attempts to explain.

"Heh, what are friends for but to come and futz with you when you don't feel good?" Paz giggles softly. "It's okay, I know you'd do the same for me." she grins. "Heh, probably…I think we're all running up a tab, we'll get hit for it at the end of our deployment."

Kanani snickers and nods some. "Well if I can keep up my current record, I might be able to get away without having to pay for anything." She smirks and gives a little shrug. "Might be a bit soon to make that sort of a prediction though."

"I'm certainly hoping that you do" Cole replies to Kanani. "I know I can deal with getting my dumb ass shot up now and again. Not sure how well I'd deal with that happening to you" he admits honestly. That comment made, he looks to Paz. "And just remember, you've logged more time here than I have, and on a lower pay grade. I think you've got more to fear from the bill than I do"

"Hah, you ain't kidding!" Paz replies, nodding. "I have nightmares of a horde of angry bonsai descending on my bunk, threatening to break my legs if I don't pay up." she chuckles. "As glad as I am you haven't taken any serious hits, Kanani, I have to say, it's really starting to get annoying being cooped up in here for days and weeks at a shot while you're hanging out in First drinking up all the beer."

Kanani snorts softly and grins at Paz. "There you go again, assuming stuff. I don't normally spend all that much time in the First though. I usually hang out in the vidroom or the gym, myself." She remarks with a nod.

"Usually it's me drinking up all the beer" Cole offers in Kanani's support. "Though I suppose at least you don't have to worry about that one for a while" he adds with a little chuckle. "Wonder if I could convince the doc it's for medicinal purposes…"

"Heh, I can do better than that." Paz suggests. "All I need's an opaque cup and me or Kanani here can bring you some with dinner. Cause as bad as the food is on this tub, the food in here's worse." she snerks. "You're not on any really heavy painkillers or anything, are you?"

Kanani snickers and shakes her head. "I dunno. The Doc usually seems to be pretty adamant about the no booze rule. And as for sneaking it in… Do you really want to get the bonsai's agitated?" She asks with a chuckle, grinning some.

"I was kidding, Tizona" Cole replies to her. "They've got me so loaded up on things I'm lucky I remember my own name" Cole replies. "Though it'd be more trouble if I forgot Kanani's" he adds. He can't be /that/ out of it. "Think that'll probably stop about the same time it stops feeling like someone tried to jackhammer their way into my skull"

"Heh, forgetting Kanani's name would be a good way to get your ass kicked, sir." Paz chuckles. "Major or not. Doesn't take much to set off ol' Tsunami over here. Hell hath no fury like a Hawaiian scorned." she says, nodding sagely. "And ooh, yeah, the bonsai…gotta keep the bonsai happy."

Kanani peers around the medbay for a moment, and comments. "What? I'll have you know that I don't have a violent bone in me. And the Hawaiians are a totally peaceful people. Don't go listening to what Pip would claim about that!" She finishes with a snicker.

"Of course. Totally peaceful. Wouldn't ever hurt anyone" Cole replies with a little chuckle. "Just makes me glad that my name is 'Cole' and not 'Cook'. That's all I'm going to say" he explains with his best attempt at mock innocence.

"Ha! This from the woman who flies fighter aircraft." Paz chuckles, shaking her head a little. "I stand corrected, Kanani, you are indeed peaceful and benevolent." she says, placing her hand on Kanani's shoulder reverently. "As long as you're not a Pirate, or a Fuzzy Wuzzy, that's the case, you're dog meat." Paz says, "Who?"

"And just what would you do, if someone came along, with a lot of his friends, was treated to a nice party and everything, then sent on his way all peaceful like. And then he decides 'Hey, lets go back there unannounced, and demand more partying, weather or not they have real work to do?" Kanani retorts to Cole. "He totally had it coming to him."

"Captain James Cook" Cole replies to Paz. "Famous explorer. Killed by hawaiians." Cole adds, before he turns his attention back towards Kanani. "And I suppose there's my cautionary tale about trying to lure you away too often?" he asks her with a grin.

"Oh, oh..okay…I'm with you now." Paz nods. "Always thought his name was Book, though." she shrugs. "But yeah, sounds like he got what he deserved. That's the nice thing about Erewhon, there was nobody there when we settled it, so nobody's pissed at us."

Kanani chuckles and shakes her head slightly at Cole. "Nah, I don't think you have to worry about that. Aussies aren't nearly as annoying as English explorers."

"Well, that's good to know at least" Cole replies, before he gives a little grin. "Though in Cook's defense, I can certainly see what might have made the man want to stay…" he adds, before looking along towards Paz. "And I'm assuming you mean nobody aside from the eight foot space cats"

"Eh, yeah, but who gives a damn about the Fuzzies?" Paz shrugs. "Just a minor, pesky detail, that." she smirks. "It's ours now, and we're not leaving." she grins. "Never been to Hawaii, was gonna go, but I wound up with a choice between 'Hawaiian tirp' or 'rent and food'. So.."

"Tough decision there." Kanani remarks. She grins a bit and nods some. "Could have always fished for your food in Hawaii though. Or something." She adds with a smirk.

"If it makes you feel any better, I've never been either" Cole tells Paz. "And that was just on the other side of one ocean" he adds, giving a little chuckle. "Though I suppose at least now I'll have a tour guide for the trip"

"Heh, well, by the time I was gonna take that trip, I'd called in every favor I had to get permission to live off the base…so.." Paz shrugs. "I'll check it out next time I get some serious leave time built up." she nods. "Heh, you'll need a lot more than a tour guide, Cole. Probably a bodyguard."

"Pssh, I'm sure he won't need a bodyguard or anything of the sort." Kanani says, chuckling a bit. "I mean, who could possibly want to try and shoot him up with a laser gun or anything, after all?"

"Yeah, I can't imagine who…" Cole replies with a little laugh. "It's not like there's anyone there who might possibly have an objection or two to my relationship with a hawaiian fighter pilot, right?" Cole comments.

" Heh, I can think of a few people." Paz chuckles. "Though, we have to remember, Hawaiians are a peaceful and benevolent people." she grins. "You might even get lei'd."

"Right. We're totally peaceful and stuff. Nothing to worry about at all." Kanani remarks with a grin. She then chuckles at Cole and says. "Oh, come on. Who could possibly have any problem with that, and even more unlikely want to shoot you for it, hmm? We aren't barbarians or anything." She states with a snicker, shaking her head some.

"No, but the way you keep going on about your father and that laser pistol does leave me worried" Cole replies to Kanani. "Show up for thanksgiving dinner and the turkey doesn't end up the only thing cooked. That sort of thing" Cole jokes.

"Heh, nah, I think they roast pigs in Hawaii." Paz comments. "Good eatin', I'm sure." she smiles. "Gotta love pork. It's the other white meat." she jibes. "But I don't think you've got too much to worry about. Now if you were coming home to meet _my_ family….heh…that'd be a different story."

Kanani snickers and shrugs a bit. "Depends on the family and stuff really. And the occasion. Roasting a pig takes a lot more work than a turkey."

"Yeah, and that's too scary to contemplate" Cole replies to Paz. "So I'll just be glad that all I have to worry about is a laser-wielding hawaiian" Cole jokes. "And it might be more work, but I bet it tastes an awful lot better too. Never really got why people like turkey so much"

"I _love_ turkey…" Paz grins, nodding repeatedly. "Well, okay, I loved the one turkey that I had….back in the Academy…." she adds, blushing a little. "Never had it before. Back home, for the holidays, if we're doing good that year, we get a pig, if we're doing only okay, it's mostly caul-caul, yellowgill and knackers."

"Turkey's not to bad really. Maybe a bit bland if you don't put some salt on it, but still good." Kanani remarks thoughtfully. "And the roasted pig is really good, when it's done all right, of course." She adds with a chuckle.

"Now the pig I would believe. Tough to screw that up, really" Cole agrees. "But turkey? I don't know, just something about the taste that's never quite agreed with me I suppose" Cole explains. "And how in the hell did we end up talking about this?"

"I dunno." Paz chuckles, shrugging a little. "How do we ever wind up talking about anything?" she muses. "I just really liked the one turkey I had, cause it was something different from chicken." she shrugs. "Now _beef_….mmmmmmmm……That's my favorite.."

Kanani snickers at Paz, and nods at her. "Yeah, can't go wrong with beef, either. Especially a good burger or steak." She says thoughtfully and grins some. Turning towards Cole she shrugs, and says. "Might've been the talking about being cooked by lasers."

"I mean from where we started" Cole comments. "Nevermind, hurts my head to think about it" A moment's pause, and then he deadpans "Hurts my head /not/ to think about it, too"

"Heh, I think I better let you get some rack time, Major." Paz smiles, coming to attention playfully and snapping off a salute. "Talk to you tomorrow sometime. If you …well, Kanani's probably well ahead of me on that score." she winks, giving her comrade a gentle push to the shoulder.

Kanani smirks and nods in agreement with Paz. "Yeah, sleeps probably the best thing for you. And I think I'll make my escape too, before the bonsai's decide to attack." She remarks with a grin.

"Thanks for coming by, Tizona" Cole tells her with a grin, before turning his attention towards Kanani. "And I'll see you soon, Kanani. Don't worry, they'll have my sorry ass put back together in no time" he tells her, a little more seriously.

"See ya later, sir." Paz calls, already starting to move off. "Just take it easy and try not to piss of the bonsai…" she winks.

Kanani waves at Cole, and nods at him. "Sleep well, Voodoo. And I'm not to worried about that." She adds before she heads off after Paz.