Rules of Engagement
Rules of Engagement
Arc: None
Summary: Voodoo proposes to Tsunami in First and Last
Date: 2658.229
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Participants: Cole Kanani Paz Raine Victoria

Behold, the Cole, lurking at the bar. Actually with his back to the bar at the moment, turned on his seat to face the entrance as he sips from a bottle of beer. Awaiting a certain arrival, perhaps?

Paz ambles up to the bar, whistling quietly to herself and hops on a barstool next to Cole. "Heya Voodoo. What's shakin?"

"Namuch" Cole replies with a little shake of his head, taking another little sip from his bottle of beer. "About to do something shockingly stupid" he adds with a little amused grin.

"Oh?" Paz replies, signaling for a pint and sipping at it gratefully when it arrives. "Define shockingly stupid." she says, cutting her eyes over to the Black Cat's SL.

Cole takes another sip from his drink and looks back towards Paz. "Involves a hawaiian pilot, a ring, and substantial embarassment on my own behalf" Cole explains with a little chuckle. That pretty well explains the looking towards the door, at least. (And possibly the booze).

Paz's eyes go wide at that one and she has to clamp her hand over her mouth to contain her reply. "You mean….you're gonna…..Holy shit!" she whispers, jaw falling open. "Tonight?"

Cole can't help but give a little bit of a chuckle at Paz's comment. "Yeah" Cole replies, before he adds jokingly "And for the record, you do not even want to know what it takes to get someone on New Constantinople to get what you want and have it flown in on the COD""

Paz chuckles. "Trust me, Voodoo, I already know." Paz replies, nodding solemnly. "It's damned extortion's what it is!" she adds indignantly. "So, you're really gonna do it, hey?"

"Yeah. If I had anything else to spend my money on, I'd be incensed" Cole replies with a little laugh. "And yeah, really gonna do it" Cole explains. "Though as much as I hate to ruin the drama for ya, we'd already talked about it a bit. So, at least reasonably sure it's not going to be a spectacular flameout"

"Heh, well, duh, of course you did!" Paz chuckles. "You may be a pig-sword driver, but you're not a simpleton." she adds. "No way you'd do something like this in public if you thought it wasn't gonna work." she nods approvingly. "I mean, you'd never live it down." she grins, waggling her eyebrows as if suggesting who might be responsible for that.

Mmm, drinks! Probably not of the alcoholic variety. But Raine turned loose another successful case and so comes to celebrate belatedly. She hums, tree in hand as she strides easily into the First and Last. She's quiet - likely, always somewhat shy, but at least not fearful. Then she smiles at Cole and Paz, waving at the two.

Cole gives Raine a raised-bottle salute with his beer as she waves, before turning back to his conversation with Paz. "Yeah, I'm sure. Since some people who shall remain nameless, but starting in 'T' and ending in 'izona' would make sure of it, right?" he jokes. After all, he knows damn well who would be responsible.

"Heh, well, I'll concede a distinct possibility." Paz grins, and spotting Raine, waves and hoists her pint. "So, when's the big moment?" she asks excitedly, waving Raine over.

Raine smiles at Cole's salute. "Sir," Beam. She waves at Paz too, "Miss Tizona! And big moment?" Headtilt. Raine is a little baffled. She's near the two pilots, preparing to order herself something to drink. "How are you two?"

"Yeah, something like that" Cole replies to Raine. "Waiting in ambush for unsuspecting Stiletto pilots" Cole explains to her. "Well, alright. So not exactly unsuspecting. But it sounds better that way" he adds, before looking along towards Paz. "And we'll see when she gets here"

"Miss Tizona?" Paz chuckles to Raine. "Please, just Tizona, okay? You can add the Miss in when I'm gray haired, wrinkly and my boobs are sagging to the bottom of my ribcage."

Unsuspecting Stiletto pilots? One please. Kanani makes her way into the First and Last, and after a quick look around, heads over towards the bar, with the intention of ordering herself something to drink.

Raine laughs softly, "Oh I see. I won't get in the way of the ambush then," She promises. She steps aisde. Then a pause. "Oh. Tizona. Okay. And um, I think I'll reach that point long before you." Raine turns a little red. She is the older of the two women. "I'm glad to see you two well though." It really does make her happier to see pilots /outside/ of MedBay.

"I suppose at least that's one fate I don't have to worry about" Cole replies with a little grin as he looks to the two women. And it's about then that movement through the door catches his eye. "Was wondering when you were going to show up" Cole greets Kanani cheerfully as she makes her way towards the bar.

"Heh, yeah, well, I gotta live through this fracas before I start worrying about saggage." Paz smirks, causally getting up and taking another barstool a few feet away. "Not that I'm worried." she adds quickly. "Cause no way the Fuzzy Wuzzies are gonna wax this chica's tail. I promise you that."

Kanani snickers a bit at Cole's comment, and she shrugs slightly as she reaches the bar. "Well, there's always stuff to argue about, with the deck crew you know." she says in explanation, as she orders something, and sits down at the bar. She looks over at Cole and asks, "So how are you doing today, Voodoo?"

Saggage? Uh oh. Raine looks down at herself. Just to be safe. Nothing seems out of place, so she orders something nice, fizzy and sweet. She nods at Paz, "I have no doubts of that." She seems to think Paz'll live to be positively ancient. "I'll just have to live long enough to see you grow old too." Grin. She waves at Kanani too, setting her bonsai on the bar.

"Heh, no worries, Doc." Paz says, nodding and taking a big swig from her pint. "You'll probably out live us all." she winks, then turns her attention to Cole and Kanani, biting her bottom lip to hold the laughter in.

"Doing alright" Cole replies with a wide smile as he looks over at Kanani. "Was just explaining to Tizona here that I was probably going to end up embarassing myself spectacularly" he jokes.

Kanani raises her eyebrow slightly at Cole's comment, before she gives a nod and smile towards Raine and Paz. "Oh yeah? How're you planning on embarassing yourself today?" She asks curiously, grinning a bit at the bomber pilot.

Raine grins at Paz and laughs softly, "I don't know… doctors start out the gate older than most folks," She shrugs at that. "But trees do last a pretty good long time…" Long as Raine can put down her roots real good. Oh yeah! She sips the fizzy juice, smiling back and listening.

Paz is being vewwy vewwy quiet, just sipping at her beer and waiting for the fireworks to begin.

"Little things" Cole replies to Kanani. "Sitting around the lounge, drinking a beer…" Cole starts off, idly fishing in his pocket as he does. What he produces from it a moment later is a little black box, which he prompty pops open to reveal a diamond solitaire ring. "Making sure you could put up with the idea of marrying a bomber pilot."

Kanani blinks slightly as Cole produces the ring. "Ooooh, that's pretty…" Is all she says for a moment, before she grins slightly and ponders outloud. "So, who'd you mug on board the ship to get ahold of that, Victor? I only ask cause I want to know who'll be looking for it, so I can shoot first." She teases and winks at him.

Raine is surprised, but there's a big smile after a moment as she sips her drink and looks to Paz. D'aw.

Paz grins and nods to Raine, taking another little sip from her pint as she waits for the results…

"Was less a matter of mugging, and more a matter of bribery" Cole replies to Kanani with a little grin. "You wouldn't believe what it takes to get one of these suckers flown in on the COD."

Kanani giggles a bit, and smiles at Cole. "I think I'm better off not knowing the answer to that anyways." She remarks with a chuckle, as she slides an arm around him, in a hug. "And my answer hasn't changed since the first time you asked either. Still have no problem getting married to a bomber pilot." She says with a wink.

Awww. Raine smiles again at Paz. She's a happily adoring audience member too. She beams at Kanani's response, happy.

Cole wraps an arm back around Kanani, hugging her tightly for a moment, and then leaning in for just a quick kiss. Not trying to make /too/ much of a spectacle of himself, at least. "Just figured I'd give you one more chance for emergency evasives" Cole teases.

Kanani grins some more and gives him a quick kiss back. "Yeah, well you ain't getting rid of me that easily, Major." She teases, as she looks at the ring again. She gives a little hmm, and then holds out her hand, commenting, "Shouldn't you be putting that sparkly little ring on me now?" She gives a wink at the bomber pilot and chuckles a bit.

"Do you two see what I have to put up with?" Cole asks Paz and Raine with a little laugh and a slight shake of his head. "Someone want to remind me why I'm volunteering for a lifetime of this?" he jokes, before turning back to Kanani, taking that offered hand and going to gently slip the ring onto her finger.

Raine stifles a giggle. Daaaaaw. "It's cute," Raine smiles. "Well, sweet. And dignified," She corrects. But adorable as sin. "Congratulations you two. I'm very happy for the both of you," Raine nods affirmatively.

Paz hoists her pint and makes a tremendous 'whoop' that draws the attention of anyone who wasn't watching already. "Well, don't just sit there like a lump, Voodoo, kiss the woman already!" she hollers, draining her pint in one long gulp and signaling for another.

"It's cause I'm so awesome." Kanani teases at Victor, leaning over towards him to give another kiss and a hug. She then gives a grin and a nod towards Raine, "Thank you Doc. I'm pretty happy myself." She adds with a giggle, grinning at Paz's cheer and and shaking her head slightly as she examines the ring.

Cole returns that kiss happily, letting it linger a little longer than the first one did… hugging Kanani tightly for a long moment before he finally pulls back a little. "Thanks Doc" he replies to Raine with a little grin.

Raine smiles back at Cole and Kanani. She grins at Paz's whoop, not quite as bold. She nods. She's very happy - though another shortcoming reveals itself. She's a bit /stunted/ when it comes to show an extreme emotion. Still! Happy! "You'll have to let us know when the wedding is. I'll have to find a good present," Ponder. "But this is fantastic." Nodnod.

"Okay, folks, raise your glasses." Paz calls, gesutring for all and sundry to follow her. "To Kanani and Voodoo! Many happy returns!"

Kanani snickers softly, grinning still, as she nods in thanks to Raine again, and shakes her head in amusement at Paz's antics. "Thanks guys. It means alot." She says, as she rests an arm over Cole's shoulders.

Cole wraps an arm lightly around Kanani's waist, giving a little grin at the little toast called for by Paz. "Thanks" Cole echoes, before looking back along towards Raine. "And trust me, we'll let you know about the wedding as soon as we do" he explains, pausing for a moment and adding "Really probably going to come down to whenever we get shore leave next."

Raine smiles and lifts her glasses. "To many happy returns." She nods. She is genuinely happy for the pair. She looks it as much as she can anyway. "That's good, I'd appreciate it. And yeah - that sounds like the best bet," She admits. "Hopefully we get somewhere nice then."

Paz grins and nods. "So, what are ya gonna tell your folks, Tsunami?" Paz inquires, sipping at her pint happily. "Dear Mom and Dad, Getting married?"

Kanani shrugs and grins at Paz. "Whenever I can think up a suitably humorous way to tell them about it, most likely." She responds with a soft laugh. "Gotta offset the whole getting married to a pilot part, somehow, after all."

Cole can't help but give a little bit of a laugh. "Yeah, please don't screw that part up Kanani" Cole teases her. "As often as you go on about your dad and his laser pistol, I'd hate to start off our marriage by getting shot" he jokes.

Raine tilts her head and smiles. "Well, I can fix you pretty fast! I can even find some bandages that match a tux." Beam. Raine may or may not be helping.

Paz chuckles at that. "Oh dear." Paz comments blandly. "Heh….Oh this wedding will make Confed History. I can feel it coming." she grins "Oh, and guess what? Tsunami, we gotta throw you a batchelorette party!"

Kanani snickers some and shakes her head a bit, as she comments to Cole. "Oh, don't think you'll need to worry about getting shot to soon after we're married. After all, it'll probably be awhile before we get to visit hope." She nods at that logic, and winks. She tosses a grin to Paz, and adds. "Well, I figure that'd be obvious, you know."

"You do have a point there" Cole agrees with a little bit of a nod at Kanani's words, before looking towards Paz. "You know, somehow the prospect of you planning a bachelorette party oughta scare the hell out of me…" he jokes.

Raine smiles. "It'll be fantastic," She thinks so at any rate. "And I guess the guys will throw a party for Cole too. I'll put bonsais on the sills, so nothing gets out of hand." She's still pleased as punch.

"Heh, oh, that's just cause you're smart, Voodoo." Paz chuckles and winks to Kanani. "Wonder if I can rustle up some male strippers…." she muses, rubbing her chin thoughtfully. "Getting them aboard'll be the tricky part." she comments, the wheels arlready turning in her mind.

"I'd think that finding them in this neck of the woods would be tricky too." Kanani remarks with a smirk, as she listens to the planning that's being done, giving her head a little shake in amusement.

"Oh, I don't know. If there are strippers around, I'd trust Paz would be the one to find them" Cole comments with a little amused chuckle. "Especially since she's a local" he adds jokingly.

"Heh, I don't have them on speed-dial, Voodoo." Paz chuckles. "Well, not anymore…and we're a long way from Erewhon, so none of my contacts there would be of any use to us." she sighs, pouting playfully. "Dammit."

Kanani laughs and grins some, before commenting to Paz. "It's a pity I'm sure. But I imagine you'll come up with something, eh?" She nods a bit, as she leans against Cole, still chuckling softly.

For the just arrived, the whole little gathering is near the bar. Cole and Kanani standing with an arm around each other, talking to Raine and Paz. "The hell you don't" Cole replies to Paz with a little laugh. "Bet you've got it wired into your fighter's comms and everything." No harm in needling Tizona a little, right. That said, he adds in a conspiratorial tone "And I think we're scaring the doctor"

Raine laughs softly and turns red. "Noooooo, it's okay! That's um, what normally happens at those parties right?" Fingertips push together. She's shy about it, "So - you should plan it out," Nod. "It should be fun for Miss Kanani and Tizona. Well, - Mrs soon."

"Heh, we'll just have to see what happens when I start waving my magic wand." she grins wolfishly to Cole. "No worries, Doc, we're just kidding." she says, "I never had them on speed dial. Just knew where they'd be when I wanted to go see them." she adds, sipping at her pint.

Kanani smirks slightly, and gives Cole a nod. She then turns towards Paz, commenting. "Right. We all know that you probably had their numbers memorized, so there wouldn't be any evidence or anything." She states with a grin.

Dazed and confused and also on light duty, but getting better, Tori makes her way into the FAL, planning to have her first drink since getting beaten up by rocks. She's still moving a little stiffly, all things considered, but she is moving. And the daily pt is doing wonders. She heads for the bar, ordering herself a drink, and then pauses as she notices the group. Her head tilts a bit, and her brow furrows slightly. She waits for the drink to be served up though, for the moment, just watching.

"See, that's not what I was thinking" Cole replies. "I was thinking it was more that Tizona knew where they'd be when she wanted to see them. Home." That last teasing comment made, he looks over at Raine. "I think your bonsais are going to have their hands full"

Raine laughs softly, although she's still blushing. She smiles, seeing Tori. She gives a little fingerwave and seems concerned a moment for the Captain. "Hello there," She greets Tori espectfully. Then a big grin. "Yeah, it sounds like it. All roots on deck," She affirms. "That's okay though, as long as no one is hurt - we won't hover," She promises. She /cares/ really. "Aah, does the Captain know?"

"You're just jealous 'cause I knew strippers and you didn't." Paz replies, sticking her tongue out at Cole. Tori's arrival has her waving frantically. "Cap! Cap! C'mere! You gotta see this!" she calls excitedly.

Kanani grins at Cole some more, nodding in response to his comment. Her attention turns towards the approaching Captain, and she offers Tori a wave, and remarks. "Hey there, Captain. Good to see you walking around, and in one piece."

Paz's frantic waving gets a blink from Tori, and a half laugh, so that as she collects her drink and heads over that way, it's with a smile on her face. "Evening all," she says, with a nod. "Hey doc, don't worry, I'm just fine." See, honest, she is. She takes that first sip of her drink, savouring the tastes. "Thank you, Tsunami. It's good to be walking around and in one piece." And then, "What do I gotta see, Tizona?" she asks, letting her curiosity show.

"Evening, Captain" Cole greets Tori with a little smile offered over his fellow squadron commander's way. "Doing well enough to be back on liquor patrol, I see" he greets her with a little smile, before turning his attention back to the conversation that's been going on around him. "Tizona, there is no possible way I can reply to that without digging myself into a giant hole" he tells Paz.

Raine just blushes and smiles at the stripper comment. Raine rubs the back of her head and laughs softly. "Yeah, he'd end up digging to the other side of the sector. And I am glad to hear that," Raine nods at Tori. She accepts that for now. Mercifully, Raine is a fairly loose hand until a patient's welfare comes under question.

"Heh, well, that was kind of the intention, Voodoo." Paz grins wolfishly. "And I have to congratulate you on being smart enough to see it." she winks. "Captain, my Captain, allow me to present the future Mr and Mrs Victor Cole." she says, motioning to Tsunami and Voodoo.

Kanani grins at Cole's comment, and even more at Paz's reply to it. She shakes her head and then chuckles as Paz gives her little introduction. She holds up her hand with it's brand new diamond ring attached, and smirks slightly as she says. "Hey there. Nice to meet ya."

Now, with all due respect, it takes a moment for what Paz says to click in Tori's mind. Blame being nearly dead or just that most folks around here aren't going around deciding to get married, so it's the last thing on her mind. "The future - Really?" she says, eyes widening and jaw dropping for a moment. "Well well well, of all the unexpected." She chuckles softly, shaking her head. "Congratulations," she says, and then, "Oh, very nice. Very nice indeed." The diamond, that she is curious about. See if Voodoo can pick out a good one or not. "And nice to meet you as well. I think this definitely calls for a celebration. Good thing I got a drink." Whatever the rest of the conversation was, she's still not caught up on so she sticks with the part that makes sense and doesn't involve teasing Voodoo about strippers.

Raine is quiet, a happy audience. "Yeah." She nods. She is pleased for the couple. "I think the bonsai is happy too," She tilts her head. "It's nice to have things like this happen." Beam. She sips her fuzzy fruit juice. "It looks nice on you." Raine thinks so anyway. But then Raine is hardly fashion conscious.

"That is one heck of a rock." Paz notes, smiling and nodding her approval. "Cole's got good taste." she says. "I'm really happy for you, Tsunami." she adds.

Kanani grins at the others and nods. "Thanks guys, and yeah, it's really beautiful." She ponders for a moment, and peers at Cole sidelong. "I'm a bit surprised he got one that's so good." She adds with a grin, as she shakes her head.

Cole can't help but give a little bit of a laugh at the whole diamond evaluation process that seems to be going on around him. "Well, if it doesn't meet your expectations I'm sure I could have them send it back in favor of a worse one" Cole teases Kanani. That said, he looks along over towards Tori. "And thank you"

Tori lifts her glass in a little salute, taking a sip, and flashing a grin. "I think the doc is right. It is nice when things like this happen," she says, after a moment. "And apparently Voodoo has unexpectedly good taste in jewellery so lucky you, Tsunami," she says. "Okay, i shouldn't ask but what about strippers?"

Raine is still a happy audience. "I think they are planning a bachelor/ette party or parties," Raine notes. "But I'm pretty happy. That's about it really."

"I've nominated myself head of the Tsunami Batchelorette Party Planning Team." Paz chuckles. "And yes, if I can find a way, there will be strippers." she nods. "Not that I'm likely to have my way." she sighs. "But, we'll come up with something amusingly vulgar and fun." she smiles, then signals for the barkeep, leaning across the bar when he arrives. "Tom, you know that package I told you to….." the rest is whispered into the man's ear. "You sure?" Tom asks, receiving a nod in reply from Paz.

Kanani just smirks some more as she takes a sip from her drink, before commenting to Tori. "You were probably better off not asking, really." She snickers softly and shrugs as she watches Paz and her secret plotting.

"I think with Tizona, it'a almost always better not to ask" Cole confirms with a little grin. "Besides, look on the bright side Kanani" Cole says teasingly. "We've just made sure that the rumor mill will have something to keep it occupied for weeks"

Raine bahs, "The rumor mill would run on air if it had to," She notes. Then a pause. "You could probably ask some of the pilots or marines to help. Though you'd probably have to teach them," Raine turns red. "Why am I even saying this," She looks to the ceiling for an annswer. "As long as you have fun and no one ends up in medbay with hangovers." She grins.

Tori laughs outright, and then she gives Kanani a wry smile. "Probably. But it's too late now." She asked, and got the answer. Go figure. "Months, I think, Voodoo," Tori says. And that's not a bad thing, if you ask her. Keep everyone from worrying about her and whether she's going to collapse any minute now." And then Raine comes out with her line, and Tori's brows shoot up. "You know, I think on that note, I really don't want to know." She actually starts edging away from the group.

A few moments later, Tom returns carrying a tray with five shot glasses of golden amber liquid with a mysterious item floating at the bottom of each. These he passes out silently to all concerned.
"Wait…Cap, before you go." Paz says, collecting her glass. "A toast, to the newly weds." she says, holding hers out. "And, this being a special occaision, a little Mezcal is inorder."

Tori stops long enough to examine the shot, give Paz a thoughtful look - paperwork, that's what it means! And then she waits to hear any toasts, raises her own glass, and downs it, regardless of what the alcohol killed in the bottom of the glass. Hey, if it upsets her stomach she's got a great excuse! "Congrats again, Tsunami, Voodoo. I only stopped by for one, don't want to push my luck and all. Have a great night!" And with that, Tori does sneak off.

Raine smiles then pauses, "What's mezcal?" Raine asks quietly. "I didn't mean to scare her off. It just seemed like everyone was big on the idea." Fidget. She'll accept a glass, but waiting for the appropriate toast.

"Knowing Tizona, probably something vaguely related to engine lubricant" Cole comments with a little laugh. Though that doesn't stop him from accepting the offered glass. After all, it's all part of the deal, he might as well enjoy it.

Kanani chuckles a bit at the departing Captain, and then peers at the shot glass she's handed. "What exactly is this, Tizona?" She asks echoing Raine's question.

"It's a Mexican drink, based on tequila but where tequila uses aguave, Mezcal uses a specific version called maguey." Paz explains. "It's got a little more _zip_ than tequila. I know, I know, it oughta be some Spanish conconction, but this is more…celebratory." she grins. "Don't forget to chew up the bit at the bottom. That's a guave worm and that little hummer's been at the bottom of the bottle since it was distilled ten years ago."

Raine tilts her head, "Really? That's pretty neat and - it's okay! er … a worm?" Squeak. Raine looks dubious, peering at the bottom of the cop. "Is it safe?"

If someone's looking for a good way to get Cole to second-guess the act of drinking, Tizona's apparently found quite a good way. In fact, he eyes the drink he was handed rather dubiously for a long moment. "Alright, now I know Tizona's crazy, throwing down booze with worms in it"

Kanani smirks slightly and peers at Cole. "What you mean you hadn't known that before?" She asks innocently, as she peers back down at the glass.

"It's perfectly safe, Doc." Paz reassures Doc, and by extension, everyone else. "It's been pickling in alcohol for ten years…" she smirks, then downs her shot, chewing a little at the end. "Oooh……_WOW_….That's good stuff!" she says, doing a miniature St. Vitus Dance on her barstool.

Raine takes a deep breath. Booze worms. She looks dubious. "Okay… if it's safe." Although that Vitus dance gets a wary eye. "I guess if it's for good luck…" She really does want the couple to be happy so - down the hatch. Uh oh. She takes the shot and manages to chew. While there's a bit more alcohol tolerance than before, it hits Raine like a bomb. Spot the non-drinker! "Erm. Wow."

Cole looks at the glass for a moment more. "Ah, what the hell. If I'm marrying Kanani, I'm clearly already crazy" he teases, giving Tsunami a wink before throwing the contents of his glass down the hatch.

Kanani mock glares at Cole's comment, before she snickers, and lifts her glass to her lips, downing it quickly.

"God shine his blessing down on your union." Paz says, sentimentality setting in after two pints and a shot of Mezcal.