Saint Cloud
Commander Dorian Isaac Saint-Cloud
Name: Dorian Isaac Saint-Cloud
Callsign: Doorman
Rank: Commander
Branch: TCN
Unit: TCS Majestic
Position: XO of Majestic
Age: 37
Homeworld: Dusk
Marital Status: Married
Actor: None



Dorian Saint-Cloud was born a citizen of Dusk, one of the two habitable planets circling Brin in the Enigma Sector. The original colonists never meant to settle Dusk, a small and very geologically active higher-gravity (1.75g earth) planet with an extrememly high metal, chaotic weather patterns and only barely habitable. Their Sloship had instead spent it's 25 year journey from Earth heading for Dusk's sister planet, Dawn, of which they share their orbit and circle a common point of gravity. But the vessel became damaged traveling between the two worlds and laned on Dusk instead. Faced with a higher gravity then they could comfortable stand and work in, and with a large portion of their sleeping colonists killed in the landing, the few remaining colonial scientists and doctors instituted a program of basic Genetic engineering and InVitro fertilization to save their people.

The problem was, in the initial first few generations, that it was much easier to engineer the female rather then the male for the heavier gravity since the physical enhancements required to make them sturdy enough to survive also raised their testorone levels to dangerously high levels, creating very aggresive and violent men. Until the genetic problems were worked out, the few surviving males were kept in hibernation as sources of DNA and other then a few kept as soldiers (and drugged to the gills) to protect the colony from the indigenous animal lifeforms (and drugged to the gills) the population was primarily female. Eventually the Aggresive male population would die out.

The problem was finally solved by the seventh generation and the equal male counterpart to the female was reintroduced in full to the populace. Alas, Seven generations of Female governance and a current ratio of 6 women to 1 male had caused Dusk Society to be a predominatly matriachial society. Males have completely equal rights, of course, but tend to be more protected because of their rarity.

Dorian was, and partly is, a modern Duskan male. Born into a group marriage (which is normal on Dusk) of Three wives and two husbands (none exclusive) He was one of 16 children (of which four were male, Duskans now genetically 75 percent genetically predestined to be born female). Different pairings within the marriage group would care and mentor different children from the creche, whether they were the biological parents or not.

Dorian ended up with two of his mothers, Regina and Vladia, both who were Stellar Cartographers. It was rare that Duskans left their world, most finding the universe to which they had been reintroduced two generations earlier, uncomfortable due to the lower gravity. But His two mothers, both whom had served in the military as pilots prior to his birth, had caught the travel bug and wanted to use their skills to help the confederation discover and map out new planets and jump points.

His interest in the stars was piqued almost immediately. Having rarely seen them through the dense atmosphere of Dusk, they sparkled and called out to him. HE could swear he could hear their song.

Already proving himself more intelligent then most children, especially in the maths which he could almost visualize, he took to his studies in his spare time between ports of call. When he wasn't studying he was learning to pilot and navigate by his mothers or exploring the planets and stations they would visit.

They would return to Dusk every six months or so, where the family would reunite and celebrate and where Dorian could submit his work to the homeschool annex. His grades were well into the top 99th percentile, much to the pleasure of all his parents and siblings.

By the time he was 19 he already had his bachelor's equvilancy and was most of the way to his masters. He was employed, as his mothers were, by the Confederacy's Expiditionary and Evaluation Corps, plotting new jump points for the commercial sector and, then, for the military as the Kilrathi War started heating to new levels.

When he turned 20 he and his mothers, in their ship the Hal Clement, were returning to Dusk. When they jumped in system they found both Dusk and Dawn, the sister planet having been colonized and turned into a resort planet that help put money into the coffers of the Duskan Government, under the seige of a Kilrathi Fleet. A surpsise attack, they had not expected any ships to enter the system and were caught off guard by the emerging ship. Under fire from fighters and a capital ship, the smaller vessel was heavily damaged but finally was able to make the jump out of the system.

While the battle had been unfolding, his mothers piloting and defending the Hal Clement, Dorian had started using their sensors to map out the fleet. It's positions, patterns, numbers… By the time they had reached the next system he had used all his information to make up not only a map of the enemies, but using detailed mathematics sent the nearest confederacy military vessel probably attack vectors and jump coordinates that would skim off as much time as possible.

The battle was ferocious but ultimately the Confederacy were the victors. But not before Dusk was almost raised. a Quarter of the population was killed in the orbital attacks, since the attack had been to destroy the heavey metal resources which Dusk provided the Confederacy. Among the dead were 8 of His siblings and the death of his biological father and his last mother (non biological).

Dorian and his remaining mothers returned to Dusk to help his surving parents and siblings rebuild. All everyone could do was try and go back to their previous lives, still mourning the dead. But Dorian didn't see how he could. His world had been hurt, his family killed. he didn't see how he could fullfill he dreams of Living and studying the cosmos, perhaps teaching at the university and coming p with new theories for space travel when he had obtained his doctorate. It wouldn't feel right having his dreams after so many others had been snuffed out.

He wanted revenge.

And as luck had it, their was an outlet for this new craving. The war to this point had been one of attrition, with thousands of soldiers and pilots and servicepeople dying. Recruiting campaigns were stepped up. Dorian wasn't a fighter. Almost no Duskan males were. But he had skills. Skills he felt would be useful.

He went to the TCN recruiting offices and before anyone in his family knew he was sworn into the Navy.

Arriving on Earth, he was processed and sent immediately to Bootcamp for 8 weeks. The lighter gravity of earth made much of it probably easier then it should have been but it was still a challenge. His instructors noted his profficiencies with zero-g and high-g training though noted that actual soldiering was not his strong suit, nor the swiming portion where he ALMOST sank. but he wasn't bad enough to be washed out on those, being marked as only proficient.

But his stamina was top notch and his non-physical classes were in the stratosphere. All his basic ship training in orbit was rated in the higher percentiles.

When he finally graduated boot camp his instructors notes suggested that he be moved through OCS rather the "A" school which enlisted sailors would take, as officers with prior space experience, and espeically his navigating and science background, were rare.

Six weeks of OCS and he graduated once again, this time much higher, as an Ensign. He was immediately posted to the TMC commissioning to serve as a division officer. Division Officers being responsible for leading a small group of petty officers and enlisted personnel in one of the ship's divisions (in his case Navigation due to his proficincies and experience) while at the same time receiving on-the-job training in leadership, naval systems, programs, and policies from enlisted sailors and other officers.

The TCS Vandyke was a variant of the Drayman Class Transport with a crew complment of roughly a hundred men, 10 were officers, 15 were petty officers and the rest were spacers As such, with a small crew, Dorian's Division was rather small with only a pair of petty officer and five enlisted tasked with the astrogation and helming of the Vandyke.

Throughout his career Dorian has not abandoned some of his scientific dreams nor his social life. Over the past 15 yeas of his service, he kept up to date in his studies, continuing his education onlinents virtually. He has published no less then 8 papers. He is curently working his way to his doctorate. He has used his scientific knowledge in conjunction with TCN survey and Recon missions to discover no less then 6 new jumpoints while in the service and four others prior to his service, hence his callsign "The Doorman", a mashup of his first name and the fact he opens doors.

On the social front, Dorian is/has been married 7 times. Three permenant contracts with a small marriage group back on Dusk (Two wives and a husband) and four, five year marriage contracts with women (two of them were concurrent) on various worlds. All four of which have run out and not been renewed. He is the father to 5 children, four daughters aged 7 to 14 and a son who is 5 years old. he keeps in constant contact with all his children and supports them (with help of his spouses of course. Dusk marriage groups pool money into a creche fund, which support all children within the group marriage and from outside marriages. Every spouse, biological parent of the children or not, supports all the children). When time and duty allows, Dorian does still particpate in the odd short short term involvement.

Prior Deployments

2643 - Ensign Saint-Cloud Graduates OCS. Posted to Drayman Class transport TCS Vandyke, Astrogation (Gamma Shift) Division Officer.

2644 - TCS Vandyke is commited to assault of Kr'azna colony as one of the ground forces transports. Transports are ordered to retreat after Unexpected Heavey enemy fighter cover. TCS Vandyke lifts off under supportive cover of TCS Tiger's Claw. Ensign Saint-Cloud is able to lose enemy tail by helming the Vandyke and plotting a course through the rings of the Kr'azna systems sole Jovian and then it's dense asteroid belt with minimal controls and avoiding further damage to his vessel. He is awarded the Naval TCN's Terran Confederation Flying Cross and the

2645 - Battle of Groth, Kilrathi Space. TCS Vandyke is committed to TCN Battlegroup 21. Ens. Saint-Cloud is able to calculate the timing of Groths solar flare cycle and astrogate the battlegroup through the jumppoints and into the inner system to hide behind Groth's farthest moon before flares can render their sensors inoperative. He is awarded the TCNs Gold Astrolabe for excellence in Astrogation

2649 - Is promoted to Lieutenant. TCS Vandyke is decommissioned. Lt. Saint-Cloud is transfered to Tallahassee Class Cruiser TCS Blackwater
- During a battle with a Kilrathi Battlegroup in the Tr'k T'lon system, Lieutenant Saint-Cloud is able to plot the location of a previously unknown jump-point by variations in gravity and their effects on weapons fire during the battle and it's exit terminus in a friendly Confederation system. Forced to retreat through the new jump-point, Confederation forces are able to regroup and return to the XXX system days earlier then planned system and liberate it from the the Kilrathi in a surprise attack. Lt Saint-Cloud is Awarded the Naval A second Gold Astrolabe and his first Gold Star for his discovery, especially being made while under fire during battle. He also publishes a paper on his discovery of a jump-point by gravity distortion effects on local space time.

2653 - is Promoted to Lieutenant Commander. Transfered to Yorktown class Light Carrier TCN Okanagan

2355 - Battle of Uruk. Confederacy fleet engages 3 Kilrathi battlegroups at Uruk 7. Vastly outnumbered, the fleet is almost decimated. TCS Okanagan is severely damaged and is left adrift to fall into Uruk 7's atmosphere. In a last ditch effort Lieutenant Saint-Cloud, the last surviving command officer onboard, has the ship evacuated and lifepods ejected with all hands to one of the gas giants moon. With a minimal crew, Saint-Cloud plots a dangerous virtually unpowered slingshot around the gas giant. Protected from sensors by the planets high energy magnetic field, the Okanagan seems to appear from nowhere and plow into the tightly knit kilrathi command battlegroup. The command carrier is destroyed, as well as the Okanagan. The destruction of the command battlegroup tips the battle in the TCN's favour. Sain-Cloud and his minimal crew, all injured, escape momens before collision in a shuttle and fendevous with the lifeboats on the habitable moon and await rescue.
- Lieutenant Saint-Cloud is investigated and participates in a court-martial for the Okanagan's destruction, but found not-guilty. He is awarded the Purple Heart, the Golden Sun, his third Gold Astrolabe and the Naval Distinguished Service Cross.
-is Promoted to Lieutenant Commander and is posted at The Academy

2356 - For the Next two and a half years Lt Cmdr Saint-Cloud Instructs advanced Astrogation at The Academy and is used as a speaker at Recruiting drives at major universities, trying to entice more scientific and engineering backgrounded students into the Navy. He also speaks at three scientific composiums on the topic of Jump Point mapping and advanced gravitational distortion theories related to them.

2358 - Is transfered from the academy to TCS Majestic.


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