Second Chances
Second Chances
Arc: Hammer and Anvil
Summary: TCS Majestic's pilots intercept a Kilrathi supply convoy headed for the carrier that has hounded them.
Date: 2658.253
Related Logs: None
Participants: Cole Kanani Paz Walsh

It's easy enough to tell where the party is, even from a distance. The brilliant flashes of light that mark the duel between TCS Horatius and the Kilrathi convoy's escorts outshine all but the brightest stars as the Confederation fighters make their approach towards the slowly fleeing Kilrathi convoy in the distance. The rough wedge shape of the brand-new Gilgamesh-class destroyer is the first to resolve into a more firm visual, followed a moment later by the pair of Ralari-class destroyers chasing it.

« Glad to have you with us, Majestic » Comes in from the Horatius' communications officer. « We're coming around on those two Kilrathi cans now. We'll keep 'em occupied as long as you need to do your work »

« Copy that, Horatius. » Cole replies as his bomber banks off away from the flight a little bit. « Tizona, I'm breaking off to put a couple fish in those Ralari and try to even things up a bit for the Horatius. I'll save two for when I join you on the 'sports. » Cole orders. « First bit's going to be your show, though. Just remember to leave one for Tsunami to tag. »

Kanani flies her Stiletto towards the convoy, grumbling to herself as she does so. "Idiot. Never volunteer for jobs like this. Especially when they take all your high explosives away." She berates herself, as she takes a look over the convoy, trying to decide which one will be her lucky victim.

«Lead, Tizona, copy that.» Paz radios, settling in for what promises to be an exciting and potentially dangerous fight. The Kilrathi don't do stuff like this, in her experience, unless they're desperate. Desperate Fuzzies are dangerous Fuzzies. Quickly, she lights up her first Image Recognition missile and starts sweeping space for targets.

Walsh stays tightly in formation with weapons ready, alert for any signs of trouble. He's had enough surprises lately to teach him to be on his toes. One member of the flight having a non-standard weapon loadout isn't doing wonders for his sense of ease either.

Focused on the Horatius, the Kilrathi destroyers neglect to pay attention to the broadsword slinking in towards them… and by the time one of them things to, a torpedo has slammed into the lower fire control section, tearing a crater where the 'tower' used to be. The Kilrathi escorts break off, one of the Jalthi moving behind Paz's fighter and lashing out with its guns at her Rapier… but the Rapier's thick shielding holds. Struck by a missile, one of the transports begins to slowly fall behind the rest of the pack.

Cole grins under his helmet at the sight of the wounded Kilrathi destroyer, turning his bomber around to make a second pass on the cripple. No point in leaving the Kilrathi a destroyer to repair, after all. « One away. Taking my second shot now, and then I'll join the party. » Cole reports simply, even if he's a little more sensible in his approach to the Kilrathi destroyer this time. After all, something might bother shooting at him this time.

Kanani only manages a glancing shot with her guns on one of the Jalthi, as she's still waiting for the right time to launch one of her tricked out missiles at the transports. For the moment she takes another shot at the Jalthi hoping to either take it out, or at least give the cat inside more to worry about for a bit.

Paz sees her missile spoofed by the Lumbari's point defense system, then slam into the hull. "Okay, not a bad start." she comments, putting on a little more speed and switching to her neutron weapon and rolling down on the big bastard to rake its superstructure with a long strafing run. «Hey-o, Fuzzies…» she grins. «Let's try a little rock n' roll.»

Walsh's head on attack strikes one of the Kirathi escort fighters on the nose, obviously throwing off its aim as its shots fall wide. He rolls his own fighter around, working to get behind his foe. Jalthi filling his crosshairs, he opens fire.

Expecting an attack from the destroyer ahead, Cole's broadsword is instead struck from behind… disintegrating amidst a hail of fire from a Jalthi and a pair of transports. A simple call of « Shit. Ejecting! » Comes from the broadsword, before it disappears from sensors entirely. One of the Kilrathi fighters falls to a similar fate only seconds later.

The sudden missile strikes and the attendant screaming from her master alarm panel have the effect of shaking Paz out of her obession with downing the transport and really pissing her off, flipping to her second image rec, she makes a kick turn back towards one of her agressors and has the satisfaction of watching her missile slam into its nose, shearing it away, before Kanani's own missile detonates the cockpit. «Lead, Tizona, report!» she calls on hearing Cole's transmisison. «Flight, Tizona, we have one pilot EVA, repeat, Voodoo is EVA. Anybody got a vector on him?» she calls, not able to look around just yet, as the fight ain't over by a long shot.

"Shit." Is the word of the day, that's muttered in Kanani's cockpit, as she hears Voodoo's comment on ejecting. At the moment though, she can't dwell on it to much, as she focuses her attention on her mission and on the lead Dorkir. Switching to her rigged missiles, she moves in to fire, first marking the target on her computer, and sending it to the other fighters, and the Confed destroyer. «I'm marking this one. Don't kill him if I hit it, please.»

Another burst of mass driver tears chunks out of the Jalthi, though it still holds together. Walsh briefly toggles to missiles before thinking better of it. He wants this pest gone post-haste. Breaking to avoid incoming flak, he looks on to see Cole's broadsword take the brunt of two separate bursts of flak, escape pod ejecting from the carnage soon after. With a vicious snarl, he puts another burst of fire towards his target.

With the first escort dead, and the other one about to be, Paz flips back to her neutron weapon, does a hard kickturn and dives at the Lumbari once more.

The Horatius takes a hit, but gives a punishing one in return… shattering the bridge of the badly damaged Kilrathi destroyer, leaving it little more than a drifting wreck… but somehow still in the fight, firing almost blindly with what weapons remain. The Kilrathi guns don't connect with any of the Confederation fighters, but they accept little damage in return. The one warhead that strikes the leading Dorkir transport simply buries into the armored hull without exploding.

«Package delivered.» Is all Kanani says in response to her missiles unexplosive hit, and then she switches to guns and races after the remaining enemy fighter. In an unusual turn, she does something she normally hates doing. Giving orders. «Ozone, switch to missiles and go after the freighters. I'll finish off this kitty.» She states crisply, before opening fire at the ship.

Paz watches the Fuzzies' attempts to snuff her with flak bursts light up the space around her fighter, to no avail before circling and climbing high on the perch, only to dive and give stafing the Lumbari another go.

Walsh lets rip with a string of profanities deriding the effectiveness of projectile weaponry, before being interrupted by Kanani on the comm. «I hear that, Tsunami. Fuck 'em a new asshole for me.» His rising temper is evident in his voice. Hopefully his missiles have some decent warheads attached, at least. He swings around, bringing one of the larger ships into view, and launches a friendly package of destruction.

The second Jalthi explodes in a shower of debris as it's torn apart by Mass Driver fire, leaving only the Kilrathi transports. The Kilrathi ships flail away at the fighters assailing them ineffectually with flak. One Lumbari continues to fall further behind, several large chunks torn from its hull. The Horatius, meanwhile, actually passes between the two Kilrathi destroyers, looking to clear the damage ships to engage the convoy.

« Voodoo to flight. » Cole finally thinks to reply from where he's slowly tumbling in his little ejection pod. « I'm hurt, and I'm mad as a cut snake. But I'm alive »

"Okay, fuck this strafing bullshit." Paz growls, disgusted at her inability to do anything to the big frieghter. Switching to her Friend or Foe missiles, she neatly flips her little Rapier over, lines up a shot at one of the engine bells, and squeezes the trigger.

"Got em." Kanani remarks quietly to herself as the final escort is destroyed. She then turns her ship around to help shoot up the transports, even though her guns aren't likely to do any good, but it might make them duck a bit. A sigh if relief is also heard in her cockpit as Voodoo radios out his message, though she still doesn't have time to dwell on that.

"Now that's more fuckin' like it!" Walsh delights in the aftermath of his missile's impact. It's still kicking though, not dead enough for his liking. «Batter UP! Fox Two!»

The exposed position costs the Horatius another scoring of its hull, though in return it punishes the battered Kilrathi destroyer even further. Its main batteries turn as it continues on past, heading straight in for the transports as the two Kilrathi destroyers desperately maneuver to attack it before it can reach weapons range.

The flight of Confederation fighters finally scores a kill, the straggling Lumbari transport torn apart by internal explosions as it suffers one impact too many.

«Nice kill, Ozone.» Kanani remarks as one of the transports is ripped apart. She switches her sights onto the first of the Lumbari's and tries to yet again make it's crew duck. Hopefully that'll give Paz an easier time of killing it.

«Lead, Tizona. Glad to hear you're still with us, Voodoo.» Paz radios, then cuts her transmission short as she launches a stream of vitriolic curses as the Lumbari's shields detonate her missile harmlessly. "Okay, fuck this." she growls, jamming her throttles to the stops, spinning around hard enough to make her inertial compensators scream in protest and lining up on the dumpy little transports bridge. She waits until the last second to release.

«Yeah! Get some, assholes!» Walsh screams into the open channel, as his missile sends explosions rippling through the structure of the Lumbari. Jamming his controls to their limits, he switches targets to acquire his next victim.

The Kilrathi transports finally score a few hits on the Confederation fighters that nag at them, even as one of their escorting destroyers is finally battered apart by the guns of the Horatius. Ignoring the second destroyer that is slowly chewing away at its armor, the Horatius moves in amongst the Kilrathi convoy… its heavy flak batteries targetting a scattering of the transports.

« TCS Horatius reporting enemy capital ship destroyed. Let's see if we can't give you a hand with those transports »
Kanani once again didn't really expect to do any damage with her guns. Though she was sorta hoping that someone else would be able to. As the Horatius gets into range of the Lumbari's she instead takes aim at the second of the Dorkir's. The one that doesn't have a fake missile stuck to it at the moment.

"Now that's more like it." Paz breathes as she screams past the windows of the ship's bridge with just enough time for her eyeballs to recognize the panicked expressions of those close by as her missile claws through most of the shields to deliver a blow directly to the screens. Going too fast to turn safely now, she decides to give the ship's spine some attention with her neutron weapon.

Walsh's temper-fuelled tunnel vision might have been effective for getting ordnance on target, but it comes at the price of not noticing incoming fire. Impact against his hull is nature's way of telling him to fly less aggressively. With missiles spent, and a bit less fighter surrounding him, he changes course, gunning for the damaged transport's bridge.

There's something to be said for overwhelming firepower, really. The turrets on the Horatius lash out at the Kilrathi transports, detonating one outright and landing hits on a pair of others. The turrets spin as the destroyer continues on through the formation, adjusting their aim as the destroyer puts its speed to its advantage.

Paz feels the hits her shields are taking, along with the damage she's already taken, and decides it might be a good idea to dial things down a couple of notches. Especially with the transports now under the guns of the Horatius. Slowly, she selects full guns, reverses, dives and goes after the engines once more, letting herself get extra close before attacking.

Kanani is unexpectedly surprised, as her shots actually get through the armor of her target transport. Must have had a bad weld there or something she figures. As the Confed destroyer starts to rip apart the other transports, she decides to make sure that they don't get carried away and hit the lead Dorkir. «Nice shooting Horatius. Just remember to leave that lead 'sport alone. We don't wanna kill that one.» She remarks quickly, before she returns her attention to flying.

Under no illusions of his chances of doing serious damage to the transport with his guns, Walsh peppers its hull with high-velocity fragments. At least he's giving the bridge crew something to think about. Satisfied that his rounds seem to have at least bitten off -something-, he loops around for a second strafing run.

Facing a destroyer's wrath leaves one more Lumbari as a smoking wreck, limping on away from the fight as well as it can, though its cargo is likely already a loss. Horatius begins to slow, coming about inside the formation of Kilrathi transports. « Majestic's, we'll give your one more pass on the way out then we're gonna have to deal with this Ralari that's nipping at our heels » The Horatius reports. « We'll make the pickup on your man while we're at it »

Paz growls and rolls in to try and strafe the sides of the ugly transport that's becoming the bane of her existence. "Die, damn you!" she all but shots. "Die….or at least …get scratched…._Something_!"

«Copy that, Horatius.» Kanani replies to the destroyer. Her guns once again open up on the Dorkir trying to do a bit more damage, as the flight tries to finish up the job.

Paying more attention this time around, Walsh notices that he's drawn the ire of the transport's point defenses. While one may wonder how it's possible to completely miss a vessel of its size from this range, the danger of being torn apart took priority over aim, and a last second evasive maneuver saw his crosshair drift wide. He's straight back at it, however, with another shot.

True to their word, the gunners on the Horatius provide one more volley into the Kilrathi transports. Scoring the hull on a pair of them, and finishing off the task of wrecking the third. With that, the destroyer turns its focus back on the Ralari that had been chasing it.
Kanani gives an annoyed sigh, as she's not able to do any extra damage to her target, but she pulls the trigger regardless, hoping for some sort of lucky shot on the transport.

With the heavy firepower being diverted away from the transports and his mass driver woefully ineffective, Walsh sees no reason to continue playing chicken with the transport's bridge. He decides instead to attempt a mobility kill, aiming for its engines instead.

«Flight, Tizona, I think we've pretty much done what we've come to do here, people. We're pretty much just wasting ordnance at this point.» she calls. «Package has been delivered, no point in busting our balls anymore than we already have.» she adds, «Horatius, Tizona, thanks for all your help. We'll have a pint in your honor when we get back. Flight, Tizona, one more pass and we're out of here.»

With half their number destroyed, along with their fighter escort, no longer having a destroyer to contend with is only a limited amount of good news for the Kilrathi transports. The last of the lumbari takes a hit through the bridge, limping on through space… though whether anyone remains alive onboard to control the vessel is an open question. The Dorkir transports seem to have fared somewhat better, continuing to make their escape.

Perhaps not expecting the attack from the Confederation destroyer, the remaining Kilrathi vessel is caught cleanly amidships… quickly losing whatever advantage it might have gained during the long pursuit.

Kanani breaks off from her attack on the Dorkir after her final shot does a bit of damage, but nothing spectacular. «Well, that's at least one more transport than I'd like them to get back in one piece, but on the bright side, the Cat's won't be getting nearly the amount of supplies they had to have been hoping for.» She remarks as her fighter twists around, and begins to make its trek back to the Majestic.

Paz waggles her wings and strobes her landing lights for the Horatius before falling into line. «Flight, Tizona, good work out there.»she radios proudly. «Now let's go home. I dunno about you, but my back teeth are floating.» she adds impishly. «Horatius, take good care of Voodoo for us, and tell him we'll see him soon. Tizona out.»

Thwarted again by point defense, Walsh curses as his shots fly harmlessly along the Lumbari's port side. «Ah well. Mission accomplished I guess. Got words for whoever armed my drivers with paper though.»

The fire from the transports cuts out as soon as the fighters draw away, content to have survived their battle. Two of the three alter course in a slightly different direction, while the wrecked Lumbari continues on straight into the darkness of space. The ship is intact, but the crew inside are apparently another story.

A blue tractor beam reaches out from behind the Horatius, quickly pulling in Voodoo while the battle in front of the ship continues to rage. As the three fighters disappear further into the night, one more large explosion is visible behind them… leaving the damaged Confederation destroyer as the sole occupant of the battlefield.