Micheal Baumgarten
Senior Specialist Dallas Seelig
Name: Dallas Seelig
Callsign: Debris
Rank: Senior Specialist
Branch: TCSF
Unit: Enlisted
Position: Flight Deck
Age: 55
Homeworld: Jolson, (Redoubt City)
Marital Status: Divorced
Actor: Micheal Baumgarten



Born to a family running a low end casino, his family barely broke even, often losing money due to clients defaulting on them and petty crime. Dallas decided he needs to be somewhere more reliable, he joined the engineering core but didn't do very well academically, always being distracted in class. He always complains because nothing is ever his fault, it's the tools or the situation he's in.

Prior Deployments

Stalemate, A crack in the dam, repossession (active in Capella), he also was transferred to the TCS Ophelie (Venture class) and received a functional stealth drive from Ghorah Khar. While trying to figure it out, but he plugged it in wrong and fried it, he assumed shoddy Kilrathi workmanship and that the unit was a hoax.


Often can tweak the specifications of a ship or munition to meet what he percieves to be the correct requirement for a given mission.


  • Once tampered with the life support system of a pilot who was giving him a hard time by putting pureed onions in the air filters.
  • Welded another pilot's epee's cockpit shut then went for an extended lunch break.

Notes From Prior CO's

Re-enforced the armour on rapier 2's, helping survivability, despite it requiring roughly triple the time and cost to do so. Keeps asking to replace the missiles on super ferrets with fuel pods. Often suggests solutions that are not in spec and is prone to tantrums if not listened to. His ideas are sometimes good, but he needs an attitude adjustment.

Other IC Info

Large, unpleasant smelling, balding, walks around like he's the greatest thing on earth. Deep down he's insecure and way overcompensates. Also he loves beer. He is also easily intimidated by his peers.