Seelig And Great Turret Rescue
Seelig and the Great Turret Rescue
Arc: Transfer to Majestic
Summary: Senior Spacehand Seelig tracks down some missing Sabre Turrets and barely manages to prevent their sale in the Commodity exchange on Perry.
Date: 2659.203
Related Logs: None
Participants: Seelig

Among the bays of the Repair Deck
Seelig looks satisfied, "Ok kids, the rapiers and stilettos are done, let's finish of the Sabres now."

He looks at the manifest: the engines are in the bottom storage, the fuselages are next to the commodity exchange, life support systems were shipped by the observation pylons, and the turrets for sale as commodities.

"Son of a diddly, who provisioned this?"

Seelig looks worried, walking across the hallway is an effort, how will he get the parts across the whole station.

"Hey kid, come over here ", a young spacehand comes over, still bright and full of energy, " some cost optimizer decided to put the parts of the sabre all over the bloody station, I need you to go get the engines from the cargo area, I'm going to take this truck to comdex and hope nobody sold our turrets or something the like."

The kid nods and goes running. Potentially in the wrong direction.

Seelig calls Perry internal transportation.

"Hey, I need to carry a 320 lb load to the commodity exchange, ASAP, think you can handle the logifications?"

2 minutes later a truck with a low-g lift comes by. Seelig gets in the cart. The driver asks: "where's the load". "You're looking at her, now if you don't want to get fined for extraordinary negligence, take me to the commodity exchange and step on it"

The driver looks hesitantly and points at the sign: equipment only. Seelig begrudgingly steps into the passenger seat, reeking of onion and blown capacitor. The driver's eyes start watering and he starts coughing.

"Want me to get back in the cart?"

The driver nods and they drive off.

Commodity Exchange
Arriving at the commodity exchange Seelig gets off the cart.

The hustle and bustle of the area would not be for those with social anxiety. Then he feels a tap on his shoulder.

A security bot comes up to him: "Sir, we have detected explosives on you. Please leave the area."

"Listen Optronics for brains, I was re-fitting pilums all morning, I'm obviously lousy with Illudium-PEW 36. I need to speak to a human"

The bot retorts: "requesting backup, there is resistance in unit 004"

"Hey hey hey, look at the uniform… I'm Confed, I don't need to be treated like this riff-raff."
"Please desist resisting." Seelig interrupts… "what was that code again? Bot: please process: ORIGIN-K"

The bot changes its posture and the lights on its visor shift to green: "Please move along, have a good day sir."

A security guard - spindly guy, looks at the status update. "What the, who activated that routine." He checks the camera footage and audio.

"Ok, so I gotta get this jumpsuit off before more security bots flag me for explosives… the things I do for the confederation," Seelig mumbles to himself.

"Hey Captain Heathcliff, we have a code…." searches code book… "a… uh… code 604"

"What is a 604?", responds the guard. "Confed technician missing technician codes. Potentially dangerous."

Now in his tighty whiteys, the crowd disperses in horror away from Seelig.

"Could you describe the individual….wait, nevermind." the Guard adds.

Seelig spots the sabre parts, still in their boxes and potential buyers checking them out.
"HEY YOU!, what are doing!?!' the guard shouts at Seelig. Blaster pistol unsheathed.

Ok, lowering the gravity along a straight path to parts. "Saving the Majestic’s squadron!" He jumps towards the turrets.

"The who! Nevermind, you are… STOP!" yells the guard captain.

The Guard raises his gun and fires an electrical shot at Seelig.

As the massive man floats serenely towards the turrets, he is struck by a stunning blast. This knocked him out but did nothing for the inertia.

Like the fantasia ballerina, he continued glided towards the turrets. Floating over many grain canisters.

The Heathcliff runs over to the large and smelly man in his undress state…. revolting, not really wanting to get that close actually.

Seelig points at the turrets: "Confed." And groans in pain.

"The individual has been neutralized," He radios, "Oh and send Sgt. Snell, he has a cold right now."

Seelig raises his hands and tries to get up. Unable to do so as gravity has been restored, "The turrets belong to Confed."

Heathcliff looks at the markings, "Huh… These should be here." He looks over and spots a well-dressed man retreating from the scene. "HEY YOU STOP!!!" He raises his gun and fires.
"STOP SELLING CONFED PROPERTY!" Seelig yells at the fleeing man.

The Guard’s shot misses badly, shocking the doorway.

"Listen, man, I'm not expecting you to understand this, but those are confed heavy fighter turrets. Why in Gaia's ample bosom would they be sold here?" Heathcliff tries to clarify adding, "Look at the serial numbers."

"This is Cap. Heathcliff, we have a runner, suspected of selling Confed material." The Security Bot can be seen greeting the running man as he exits the doorway.
Seelig throws his quine at a person trying to buy the turrets.

Seelig hits a guy in the head while several guards go racing past Seelig and the Captain.
And the buyer who was trying to look innocent is knocked out. The seller trying to escape this section of the station.

The Captain looks at Seelig and shakes his head. "Do I need to zap you again?"

"Look at me, what can I do now?" Seelig exclaims as he is lying pathetically in his underwear, unable to get up, and with nothing left on him. He looks like a defeated and sad man.
UGh… the Guard captain groans as Sgt Snell finally arrives with a sneeze announcing his arrival, "Reporting, sir."

"Please escort this Confed Tech to the holding cells." The guard captain orders.

"I'm gonna get up now" He grabs a crate of pets by the corner to prop himself up.

And Seelig falls releasing pet ferrets into the commodity exchange. "FAQ me,” he exclaims. "I'm peacefully staying down."

Sgt Snell man-handles Seelig, trying not to sneeze on him while the Cpt. Heathcliff organizing several security bots and guards to deal with the turret situation.

Sgt. Snell sneezes on Seelig. "Sorry!"

Seelig says, "For frogs snacks! I don't deserve this shabby treatment!" He then mutters, "Useless security, I was right to fix the situation by myself."

The ferrets seem to not cause much chaos. <released from the pet box>

Sgt. Snell, "Come along you undressed hooligan." Just then an MP arrives with Tech Sgt. from the station's technical staff.

He's still almost naked on the ground, completely winded. Lying spread eagle on the floor, feet towards the door, so he doesn't see any of this.

He's fallen and can't get up. Seelig asks, "Can I get up?" Hands still up

Tech Sgt. Snyder approaches the scene as Sgt. Snell attempts and fails to pull Seelig up. "We will take it from here Captain." He then looks down and sees Seelig, "Senior Spacehand Seelig! What is going on here? And why are you out of uniform!"

"Obviously, stopping the theft of Confed material sir, what does it look like?" Seelig postures. He calms down: "Snyder sir, this is one of those mysteries wrapped in an enigma wrapped in white briefs. You see, the sabre turrets over there were sent to the commodity exchange instead of the flight deck"

Between Sgt Snell and the MP, Seelig is back on his feet. "Well Spacehand, you should have apprised your superiors instead of galivanting down here trying to play hero."

Seelig responds, "Now, …" "Oh…" "Sir, I've seen this kind of theft back on Jolson all the time, if you don't act fast, the parts are gone." "Do you want to send the kids out without a tail gunner?" "The way I see it, asside from not telling you, I took the best possible course of action."

"This is not Jolson, this is Perry Station." Snyder responds, "We could have stopped faster than it took you to "race" down here."

"Now Mr. Seelig, I think we can overlook your actions here." Snyder adds before warning, "See to it you don't cause any more trouble before your transfer, however."

Seelig responds, "Sir, I'll do my best, hows about we don't ship the bird parts all over the station."

"Noted. Mr. Seelig." Snyder says as he eyes the Seelig in frustration of this whole situation.

"Also, did the kid get the engines yet?" Seelig asks.

"Ask your supervisor, Mr. Seelig. And by the way, that is Sir!" Snyder responds - secretly glad to be rid of this guy.

Seelig triumphantly walks back to the truck, picking up his coveralls on the way out. "I saved all the pilot's asses" he smirks. At the truck, he pauses to catch his breath again.

The security bot by the door tells him to have a nice day and that deodorant is available on level 3 of the general store.