Sic Transit Gloria Mundi
Sic Transit Gloria Mundi
Arc: None
Summary: A team from the Majestic is sent to clean up a crashed pirate ship laden with valuable cargo, before it can become a cause of local unrest.
Date: 2658.210
Related Logs: None
Participants: Kayly Paz Draygo Victoria Raine

The question might be asked why, with a perfectly habitable small planet in the system, the only human settlement here was located in a distant asteroid belt instead. The answer is twofold. First, there's the absurd mineral wealth of the system's rocks… and second? The fact that the planet a Confederation shuttle is streaking through the atmosphere of is covered in dense jungle, which is sure to make it a miserable place to live. Then again, if you're a desperate pirate crew in a crippled transport and looking for a place to put down, this place does at least have the advantage of an atmosphere.

"Okay, folks, we're atmospheric." Paz announces from the pilot's seat. "But stay strapped in, looks like we're in for a little chop." she advises. "Nothing on the sensors just yet." she adds. "So who's dumbass idea was this again?"

Strapped in and not in the pilot's seat for once, much to Kell's dismay, he seems to be somewhat ill at ease. Seems like if he isn't in control of something flying, then he doens't feel well. "Damn Tizona, can't you make the this trip any smoother? We're bouncing around all over, about to lose my lunch!"

"Not it!" Raine cheerily chirps. She doesn't have a bonsai with her (Probably would bounce and put someone's eye out. Yikes). But she doesn't have her huge white coat either. She doesn't seem bothered but peers at Kell, "Do you need something for your stomach?" She'd rather not get barfed on if she can help it…

"The same location that all crazy ideas tend to come from. The brass, who else?" Kayly calls towards the pilot, smirking a bit as she otherwise idly sits in her seat, waiting for whenever the shuttle touches down. And of course hoping when that time comes, it's a standard landing, and not a crashy type one.

Tori is settled in her seat, belted, and not really moving. She flashes a grin over at Kell, noting that he's not quite happy with someone else in control. Poor guy. Questions get all answered, and Tori just observes for the moment, a calm expression on her face.

"Razor, you think you can do any better, you're welcome to come up here and try." Paz replies irritably to Draygo's bitching. "I really don't like flying with a thirty knot crosswind bouncing off the side of a damned mountain." she adds. "Sensors are still clear, nothing on radio, nothing on…anything. You sure these are the right co-ordinates, Cap?" she asks Victoria. Of course, as thick as the vegetation below them is, they could be flying over two intact Draymans and not see them.

"They are the coordinates we were given," Tori says, frowning a bit, as her eyes catch sight of Raine's shoes in passing. She gives a sigh, as she tries to peer out the window, hoping to see something out there. But - "All I'm seeing is jungle, jungle and more jungle. Oh wait - " a moment and then she shakes her head. "Nope, it's just more jungle."

Instead of unstrapping and taking over, Kell stays exactly where he is, perhaps not wanting to take the risk of getting a nasty bump on his head against the bulkhead when he's moving towards the pilot's seat. He also refrains from making a smart alec comment about how 'Women fly as well as they drive', after seeing that the majority of this little side trip are women. Outnumbered and not in control, the Lieutenant just hunkers down and waits for them to touchdown wherever they are suppose to. He does wave off Raine's offer, looking somewhat thankful for the offer, seems like he was just giving Paz grief for nothing. While waiting, Kell turns his head so he is able to look out the window, seeing trees, trees, and more trees.

Poor Kell. Raine eyes him momentarily, just in case. She doesn't want him to go all Linda Blair in here, since it's a small space. She looks to her shoes, well polished as they are and now to the trees. "Ooo. I wonder if there's some orchids…" Plants!

The obvious problem with a jungle world seems to be that it's filled with… wait for it… Jungles. And right now, that's all that Kayly's able to see out of the window of the shuttle. And viewed from the air, jungles tend to be pretty boring, since all you see are the trees. "Maybe the reports that were heard about the crash, were mistaken?" She asks with a shrug, seeing as there doesn't seem to be anything like what they're looking for yet.

As the shuttle contines to fly over trees, Kell arches a brow as something catches his eye. Either someone got really bored and decided to build a straight moat through the jungle terrain, or someone really sucks at landing, probably another female pilot. "Tizona, to your three o'clock. I think there's something there, someone who flies worse than you do maybe!" He can't help but tease her some more.

Tori shakes her head, giving another look out the window. if the coords are any where near right, then there should be some sign. Right? She catches sight of something a little off, different from the rest of the jungle and a frown crosses her face. A breath as she gets herself together to say something, and then a nod to Razor. "I think he's got something," she says. "Let's go have a look-see?"

Raine tilts her head. Raine is for her part, quiet and watching. She can't pilot to save her life, so she is a contented passenger.

"Wait one…" Paz calls, nudging the transport onto a slightly different vector, shielding her eyes with one hand as she peers into the jungle. "Tallyho! Good eyes, Razor." she calls, "Terrain following's twigging on a clearing about two klicks from here should be big enough for us to set down in." And with that, Paz moves to park them in the aforementioned spot.

Kayly stays in her seat, and strapped in, as one of the pilots finally spots something, not bothering to continue looking out the windows herself, since she's obviously not experienced enough to spot things on the ground, from the air.

As the shuttle flies over, the cause of that scar through the jungle can be more plainly seen… a long line of downed trees and scorched brush runs through the thick foliage, terminating where a metallic glint shows at the base of a small hill. Quite a rough landing indeed. The shuttle moves on a little past that point, before settling neatly into a clearing barely large enough to hold it with only a minimum of bumping as it settles on the uneven ground.

Paz it isn't pretty, but as jungle clearings are obviously not the same as prepped landing zones, Paz officially racks that landing up as a definite winner. "Well, here we are." she says, starting the post-flight shutdown rituals. "Looks like the site's two klicks from here, bearing two zero fiver." she adds, unstrapping herself from her seat.

Raine thinks Paz and her landings are pretty! Anything that doesn't involve a fireball is pretty good, right? Right. She does cling to her seat though, as if Death itself might come the moment she lets go. Once they've landed, she unstraps herself and takes up her kit.

Kayly figures that any landing that you can walk away from without any injuries is a pretty decent one. Once the shuttle's settled down from the landing, she unstraps herself from the seat, and gets her stuff ready as well, waiting for everyone else to collect whatever they might need for this little adventure.

And touchdown. "Nice landing, Tizona," Tori says first, as she unstraps herself and gets to her feet. Why are they here with no marines again? Good question that, and one Tori's not so sure about the answer. "Alright then, let's move out, carefully." She's got her laser pistol, cause that will terrify anyone. (If they've seen her shoot it will.) Once the hatch is open, Tori pauses to take a look and then, assuming all seems clear, steps out.

And clear it is outside indeed… the sun is shining, the flying reptiles are screeching somewhere in the distance, and a sulfurous fume assaults the nose. Yes, this is truly a cheerful vacation destination.

Paz checks the power pack on her own laser pistol, doffs her nifty jungle camo fatigues jacket and heads for the hatch. "Stay close, everybody." she cautions the party at the sound of flying reptiles. "Ugh…smells like ass out here." she says, wrinkling her nose a little.

As the shuttle touches down on solid ground, Kell seems a bit more relieved as he undos the secured strap so he can stand up. "I swear, if we run into furballs here that jump out of the trees. The brass is gonna get an earful." He remembered the last time they were on a land excursion, it was pretty damn cold and he took a HE Missile near the head. Reaching down, he grabs his issued survival pack and slips it on before heading outside. "Yeah… is it too late to call in sick?"

Eww. Raine wrinkles her nose. It does smell like butt. And rotten eggs. She goes cross-eyed, face twisting. "Ewww," Eloquent this. She tries not to giggle in horror at the memory of Kell taking a HE Missile to the head. It will be a day that lives in infamy or at least for those that had a death pool bet going. She peers around. "Do they jump out of trees?" Raine frowns. That's not good at all.

"If they're really bored, I think." Kayly states matter of factly to the CMO. She makes a final check to be sure she's got all of her necessary equipment, before she glances out at the scenery. "Nice place. I just can't imagine why noone would want to live here." She remarks dryly.

Tori shakes her head, wrinkling her own nose. "Place needs a big bath with a good cologne," she mutters to herself. "Sorry, Razor, too late, at least until we get back to the Majestic." Her own gag reflex is on a tight leash, the joyful aroma not something she's happy with either. "Low rent," she says to Kayly, as she passes. "Tizona, want to lead the way?"

"Copy that." Paz sighs, drawing her weapon and double-checking her bearings before starting out, moving slowly and carefully. "Whassamatter, Kell, you nervous in the service?" she inquires quietly. "I mean, we are only _girls_ after all…whoever would protect you from the big, bad nasties?"

It's a pleasant enough stroll under the circumstances for the group of Confederation officers. After picking their way through the jungle in the heat and the foul smelling air, the five finally make their way to the path ripped through the jungle by the crashed transport. At the end of the path of downed trees, the drayman sits… both engines sheared off by the impact, resting with the back end smashed into the hillside, pointing back down the path it tore through the trees. Of course, things couldn't go entirely smoothly… and it's the good doctor who trips over a bit of sheared-off drayman hull, cutting her leg. At least it doesn't look too bad.

"Well damn, someone missed Landing Gently One-Oh-One or was asleep in class." Kell says after whistling at the sorry sight of the crashed Drayman. The flurry of motion nearby of the doc tripping was noted in the pilot's peripheral vision as he watches her hurt herself, "You okay, doc? Gotta watch out, the pilot managed to throw debris everywhere in his graceful landing."

Ow! Raine winces, "Stupid piece of - hull," She hisses softly. She nearly faceplants, but as it sits she's got a cut on her leg. At least it's not too bad and she squints. A blush, "Y-yeah, thanks." Her voice is soft, and she doesn't seem too happy about her scrape but the CMO will live and shuffle along.

"Oh man…I bet nobody walked away from that one." Paz breathes, crossing herself at the sight of such devasation before moving to help with Raine. "Heh, physician heal thyself, indeed." she smirks as she breaks open one of the medkits. "Sure as hell wouldn't have wanted to ride _that_ down."

"Hey, you alright there, boss?" Kayly asks Raine, as the CMO manages to trip over a chunk of the wrecked transport. She makes her way over towards the downed medical officer, just to be sure no further assistance is necessary.

"That must have been a doozy of a flight. Wonder if they had cops or cats on their tail," Tori says, softly. She's not immune to the devastation, by any means. Her attention goes to Raine as the doc finds a sharp edge, and she watches for a moment, making sure that Raine gets the proper attention. "It happens to all of us, once in a while," she says softly.

Paz pauses to help tend to Raine and, that done, peers up at the wreckage. "Well, we can forget about the front door." she sighs, pursing her lips thoughtfully. "What about airlocks? There's gotta be an auxillary someplace." she muses.

"Yeah, I'm okay," She blushes. "Thank you," Raine looks grateful to Paz and will help out as she can, though - it's not really a bad scrape at all. "Um. Isn't the side they get in on kinda… squished into the hill?" Raine looks thoughtful. "I think you guys might know more than me. Or hope they tore a hole in the side or something."

Kayly turns her attention towards the wrecked ship, once it's clear that Raine is alright. She gives a thoughtful hmm, and shrugs at the CMO's question. "I don't know to much about them either, really, but I do believe you're right. But with a wreck like this, you'd have to think that some hull plates might've been knocked loose enough so that we can get in, if nothing else."

As everyone is stating the obvious, Kell begins walking towards the downed Drayman, apparently slowly and carefully doing a visual inspection of the ship from one side all the way around to the other. Seems like he is looking for any other breeches where the team can crawl into or some other way in.

Tori smiles but heads around the ship in the opposite direction from Razor, but doing the same thing, more or less. "Let's see if we can find a way in then, shall we?" is all she asks. Hopefully getting minds onto problem solving, not stunned into stagnation. "Pity we don't have magic carpets.

Paz follows Tori towards the wreckage. "Well, standard hull plating." she says, stooping down to examine a fragment. "Our lasers could probably torch a way in, but I'm damned if I know where to start cutting." she adds, tossing the chunk of metal away to skip and ping off the rest of the debris. "I've seen a Drayman up close and personal, but not mangled into a hillside."

Tori looks the Drayman over, and then over again. She glances at Paz as the other mentions her thought, and then slowly she looks at the terrain. "Well, agreed. But we're going to have to get a closer to look to figure out where to try breaking into this puppy," she says, though there's a hint of thought in there, like she's just trying to get to - her brow unfurrows all of a sudden and she snaps her fingers. "You know, we could just climb the hill and walk along the spine of the ship. It might be a little bit of a trek to get there, but that would get us up there, I'd think." She considers a moment more. "I don't think our weight should be enough to destabilize it - considering the size of that sucker. What do you all think?"

Looking over the Drayman, especially the bridge area where he has been focused on mostly, Kell sees that the viewports are pretty smashed in so that could yield easy access inside. He also spots an auxiliary airlock as well but unless one of them sprouts wings, they aren't reaching that spot either. "Ladies, if we can get on top of this crashed beast, we can probably kick in the viewports and enter the bridge." Is what he offers as he tries to study the terrain, trying to figure a way up the hill.
When Tori announces that she may have seen a path, Kell looks over, "That's what I was thinking, nothing here though. Did you manage to find a clear path up there, Your Highness?" He quips with a grin as he moves from his side of the Drayman carefully over towards Tori's side.

Did she leave the oven on? Will there be pizza rolls? Are her bonsai misted for the week? Raine seems a bit distracted as she looks over the Drayman. "Umm…" She peers at it. … there's no screen door? That's disappointing.

Kayly spots the same smashed up windows and airlock, as Kell, as she looks over the transport for some way to gain a way inside, though they're rather high up. She notices a few spots towards the back that are bent out of shape as well, but they don't seem overly safe ways to get in. On hearing Tori's idea, she chuckles and shrugs a bit. "That might work as well or better than anything I can think of."

"Yep..that sounds like a winner to me." Paz replies, nodding, even though she's yet to spot the shattered bridge windows, or the airlock that Draygo's picked out. "Gonna be a hell of a hike." she adds, sighing a little as she sets off up into the jungle. "Here in the jungle…" she sings to herself quietly. "The lion he sleep tonight…."

The climb up the hill isn't fun in the very least… adding elevation to the mix of dense vegetation really doesn't do anything to make the terrain more passable. Quite the opposite, in fact. Still, after what's probably half an hour's hard work to cut, climb, and pull their way up the hillside, the confederation officers are left standing on the gentle slope of the Drayman's dorsal hull.

"Jeez, I could've sworn the damn hill was a lot smaller when we were at the bottom. Feels like we just climbed Mount Freaking Olympus." Kell says as they finally step onto the metallic surface of the hull. "Well, time to see if we can bust our way in, hopefully the burglar alarm has been knocked out." He adds sarcastically, surprised the ship didn't blow up and is still in one piece, sort of. Slowly and carefully, he starts making his way towards the front of the ship where the bridge viewports are.

… stupid … hills. Raine huffs. She doesn't look happy to be climbing, not after scratching herself, not after contemplating the existence of pizza rolls. But she does smile as Paz sings. She tilts her head to listen and peers at the hull. She'll follow along, quietly missing her bonsai. "I am pretty sure if they had an alarm, it would be like one of those annoying antique car alarm that goes off when the wind blows too hard." And probably went off when they slammed into the hill.

Paz tests her weight carefully on the wreckage, and gestures for everyone else to do the same. "Mind your footing and if you get the slightest feeling this thing's starting to move, get ready to jump…and pray." she advises. Spotting the shattered viewports, Paz carefully edges her way up to them. "This looks promising." she says, not knowing that Kell and Tori have already made the same conclusion.

Kayly isn't exactly a fan of hiking up hills while traveling through dense jungles, but she remains optimistic that there -must- be worse places to find oneself. Once on the top of the wreck, she glances around, before following after Kell, towards the bridge viewports. "Hopefully one of the windows at least will have been knocked out… Might take some doing otherwise to get one open." She adds thoughtfully as she wanders along.

Along with the air bags? That could make for quite the sight inside. Tori flashes a grin. "You know, I think you're right, Razor. The hill grew as we climbed it." Uh huh, yup, that's it for sure. Hot. Sticky. Sweaty. Just another day in the military, check. Tori wrinkles her nose and steps onto the hull as well, waiting so that she's not standing at the same spot as Paz, at least not at the same time. "Nice work everyone. I think that might qualify as our exercise for the day." Now she turns her attention towards getting inside the dang thing.

Fortunately for the Confederation team, a window to the bridge has already been forced open.

What's fortunate for the search party, apparently, was rather horribly unfortunate for the pilot. A sizeable snapped-off chunk of tree apparently forced its way through, taking out the window, the flight controls, the pilot's seat, and the console bank behind the pilot… and presently rests against the aft bulkhead atop a mangled skeleton that was likely the unfortunate occupant of the chair.

"Wow, sucks for that guy… bad enough he crashed the company transport but looks like a tree attacked him too. Trees can be viscious, eh?" Kell turns to glance at Raine, giving her a grin as he asks the rhetorical question. He nears the broken window and squats by it, looking inside before taking point. Bracing himself against the frame of the makeshift entry point, the pilot begins to slowly lowers himself inside.

Raine's eyes are wide. "Wow." Killer tree. Her bonsais got nothin' on that. "Guess so," She agrees quietly. She'll follow along but - yikes. There's an image that'll haunt her nightmares.

Kayly glances inside of the bridge, looking things over as Kell lowers himself down. She comments with a slight smirk. "As a medical professional, I think it's safe to say that guy's dead. Likely cause of death: Being skewered by a big damned tree." She nods to herself at the medical verdict, and shrugs.

Paz chuckles softly and slowly starts to inch her way into the wreckage. The pilot's skeletonized, so there's very little for her to get grossed out over. "Careful, folks. We can get it, other things can get in." she advises. "Queen, you still want me on point?"

Okay, so they actually do need air bags. Or something. Tori's eyes widen and she cringes a bit. Pilots' worst nightmare, that. In a lot of ways. She moves forward to join the rest, forcing herself to take her eyes off that poor skeleton. "You or Razor, take your pick," she says, after she swallows. "I'll take the rear guard." Such as it is. Better hope nothing comes up behind her … it could get ugly really fast.

Right now, however, the transport seems home to nothing more than the dead. A single hatch leads off the bridge further aft into the ship, a pitch-black corridor stretching nearly the (admittedly rather shortened) length of the ship.

"Since you're flying us out, Tizona, I'll take point. Don't want you breaking a nail that will hamper your ability to get us outa here later." Kell says as he sets his pack down opens it up, taking out his flashlight. For a pilot, he seems to know how to pack the necessities for a field mission. Turning it on, it brights the area near him and where he is pointing it at. Slinging his pack back on, Kell pulls out his standard issue 9mm and cocks it, chambering a round. With his right hand holding the pistol pointing forward, his left hand is pressed against his right, so that the flashlight beam is also pointed in the same direction. "Ready to venture into the belly of this beast, ladies?"

"Right." Paz replies, giving Kell the finger as she moves back to let him take the lead. "Just try not to shoot _me_." she needles, digging out her own flashlight and using it to cover low. "Not getting any younger." she prompts.

Tori can't help but grin at the good natured jibes between the two younger pilots. "You're both giving me grey hair," she says, amusement in her voice. She fishes out a flashlight as well, holding it midsection, ready with her laser pistol. "And you bet, Razor. Nothing I love more than a good trip into the unknown. Let's get this party started."

"Sure," Raine murmurs. She lifts her eyebrows as Paz givves Kell the finger. She … can feel the love here. That, or a reminder in her leg not to walk into pointy things. 50/50 odds really. She looks meekly to Tori, as if the other woman might have some vast cosmic insight into the situation. Hopefully? "And you don't age if you stop counting…" Raine winks, but goes quiet to follow.

Kayly joins the club of people getting flashlights ready, for the venture inside of the wrecked transport. She then waits for Kell to get moving and get inside, so they can find out if some large jungle animal is hiding in there, waiting to rip apart unsuspecting pilots.

What? Jungle animals? Nope, none of those apparent… just a dark corridor, with the ladder leading down to the cargo access towards the end. Of course, there are a handful of other doors scattered to either side on the way. Leading off to rooms that mostly served as quarters for the unfortunate crew.

And down the dark corridor they go, Kell taking the lead as he slowly proceeds. He manages to stop at every doorway that branches to quarters, nodding slightly at Paz to cover him, doing what a pilot could do to imitate the big bad Marines and cops on the TV movies. He would point, then take a quick look with his weapon and flashlight combo sweeping the area in an intimidating manner. This goes on for each room as he leads the group towards the ladder that goes down to the cargo bay.

Well, no /obvious traps/. Raine looks up. Ooo, flourescent fixtures. Like angels humming. If they were on, at any rate. For now, she follows, watching the pilots and the ever intimidating Kell. She follows, her own flashlight's beam cast over. She looks to Kayly, then back around.

Paz follows along, covering Kell just as she was taught during her admittedly brief close-quarter battle training at the Academy. The less they find, the less she relaxes, moving as silently as possible. If there are any big nasties in here, the hope is that she'll hear them before they hear her.

Kayly follows along down the corridor, after the pilots. At the various doors, she glances inside herself, looking for anything that the pilots might have missed, but nope, nothing in there that she can see.

Tori is at the rear, and she keeps an eye out behind her, just in case. She's looking down the hallways they pass, but not seeing much there. Then again, if there was anything, Razor or Tizona would have seen it, she figures. In any event, her flashlight is now shining behind the group mostly, rather than in front, and every couple seconds, she glances back to make sure nothing has followed them in.

The trouble with looking behind, to the left, and to the right, even above… is it means that nobody's really paying all the close attention to what waits in the dark ahead of them. A soft scuffling of claws on durasteel can be heard ever so briefly, followed by the lightning-fast emergence of a blurred reptilian form from the darkness. What follows happens all in a terrible rush. The lizard leaps, and there's an explosive report from Draygo's pistol ringing in the confined space of the corridor. The lizard's momentum carries it right into Draygo, knocking him to the deck despite the hole blown through its chest.

Paz reacts a hair too late as Draygo is bowled over by his reptilian attacker. Keeping her laser level with the thing's head, but not daring to pull the trigger just yet, the young pilot cum-jungle adventurer waits for Draygo to move out of the way so she can vape this things brains!

The problem with mimicking what you see on TV is that you end up not doing it right, and with all the pointing and looking around, Kell didn't catch what was in front. Perhaps it is by luck or just shear reflexes but the clacking of the sharp claws was what drew the pilot's attention. The movement caught by the edge of the light shown by the flashlight gave Kell sometime to shoot at and perhaps by blind luck, he actually nailed the beastie center mass.
The impact knocks the wind out of Kell as the air wooshes out of him as he falls on his back. The only reason why he's not screaming bloody murder now is because the reptile is motionless on top of him, besides bleeding all over the poor Lieutenant. "Aww dammit! Now I'm gonna smell like this planet all the way home." Slowly, after pushing the corpse off of him does he begin to breathe normally, the weight now off of him.

Holy crap! At least it's not snakes? Raine is caught totally unaware and is duly startled as poor Draygo is knocked to the deck. She nearly yelps, but stifles the noise. She looks sympathetic at the stink comment, "We still like you stink or not!" She offers and will - it's not moving?

Kayly blinks as Draygo spins around, and by the time she notices the lizard, it's already been shot and Kell's been knocked to the ground by it. "You hurt?" She asks, ignoring for the moment the pilot's lament about the smell.

Damn it all! Tori moves to help get the lizard off of Razor. "You okay?" she asks him first, though now she's a lot jumpier about this whole mission. And their location. Creepy lizards, great, just great. "Let's take it slow, but keep moving. Hopefully there's only the one." Cause heaven help them if these things travel in packs.

Paz doesn't vape the thing as she sees that it is most assuredly dead. "You okay, Razor?" she asks. "That was a nice move, by the way." she compliments. "I am duly impressed by your manful skill." she winks.

"I'm fine, I'm fine." Kell quickly answers to all the concerned inquiries as he catches his breath, "It's a lot worse than it looks, really. Almost scared the piss outa me and knocks the wind outa me, that's all. Really." Slowly, he gets back to his feet and picks up the dropped flashlight though the pistol was in a deathgrip, so it never left his hand. "Though from now on, I'll be shining my flashlight towards where we are walking, you guys can cover the other dark spots with yours. To be safe."
Smirking at Paz's compliment, Kell shakes his head at her, "I could've been a Marine actually… or at this rate, a freaking movie star." He then takes in another breath, feeling a little tightness in the chest but he doesn't speak of it since it's only a bother, perhaps a bruise at worse. Instead, he decides to continue before the other notices and fusses over it, women and all.

Fortunately for all concerned, no further reptilian attackers seem to be forthcoming. The dark corridor is quiet once more, with the ladder leading down to the cargo hold waiting nearby.

Well, he can't be too hurt if he's fussing over his smell. Right? Raine is relieved. "I'm glad you're not hurt though," She admits and nods at Kayly. She takes a deep breath and winces. Bad idea, that. She seems amused by his movie star comment. But for now, she follows along. Spooky.

"We left the film crews behind, Razor," Tori quips, at that movie star line. "Alright then. If nobody's hurt except the lizard, let's keep going." Hey, might as well. "Tizona, if you're done ogling?" she adds, a hint of teasing in her voice.

"Fifty bucks says the only treasure down here's Twinkies." Paz comments quietly, pausing at the edge of the ladder and playing her light carefully into every corner lest another reptilian hell beast burst forth from the shadows. "I wasn't ogling, boss, I was boggling at the stink." she snerks quietly. "Cause Razor smells like he's wearing l'eau de monkey's ass."

Kayly shakes her head a bit, and chuckles softly. Deciding that continuing on instead of chatting in the corridor is probably the best course of action, she heads off after Kell, towards the ladder, her flashlight swooping around through the darkness to see if there's more creepy crawlies in hiding.

What waits down the ladder doesn't seem to be much at all. Bare decking is visible at the foot of the ladder, marked in a few places with faded lines of paint. Apparently, the ship wasn't showroom-quality even before it crashed. Filling the cargo area are a set of large sealed containers which seem to have been all been thrown against the back wall.

Looking down at the opening, Kell seems reluctant to start climbing down as the full of piss and vinager bravado seems to have faded into extreme cautiousness after the lizard ambush. "One sec." He unslings his pack again and rummages through it before finding the emergency flares. Instead of lighting an emergency landing location, he decides to use it as a portable light source. Activating one, he drops it down the hole where the ladder is, watching it land on the bottom and lighting up the area where the ladder is.
"Well, I don't see anything menacing down there, or any moving shadows so it should be good. Let me go down first though, Tizona, you cover me." With that, Kell holsters his weapon and grips the flashlight in between his teeth. Hands now free, he puts boots a couple of rungs down and begins to climb down quickly, wanting to get his weapon in hand again.

A good idea being a good idea, Paz fishes a couple more flares out of her pack, sparks them, then dropping them on the opposite side of where Draygo's land. "You got it, brother." she says firmly, taking up the best pseudo-sniper position she can on the narrow upper landing.

Tori nods, agreeing with the good idea. And she pauses to keep watch behind the group as they start down the ladder. "Tizona, you go next, then our medical contingent," she suggests. "And my mistake. Ogle, boggle - it's hard to tell sometimes." She lets it go at that, just poking gently. She does look down, her nose wrinkling yet again.

Boggle. Flares! Raine doesn't look once they are dropped. But she does peer after as Kell climbs down. There's a concerned look. Time to follow along.

Kayly waits for Draygo and Paz to make their way down the ladder, before it's her turn to head down into the remains of the cargo bay. She keeps an eye out for any more as yet unnoticed creepy crawlies, or the like, but so far it seems to be quiet.

With both feet on solid deck floor, Kell quickly brings the flashlight from his mouth back into his hand while pulling his pistol free with his right. He scans the area before motioning for the others to descend as he keeps and eye out for any other beasties that may be hidden down here. For now, he ignores the sealed containers, despite being very curious.

Entirely quiet down here in the flickering light of the flare-lit cargo bay. The jumble of containers against the far wall casts odd shadows across the deck, broken with a few shafts of light reaching through the twisted wreckage of the transport's aft section.

"Gotcha." Paz replies, keeping her laser pistol in her hand and using her free one to help her shimmy down the ladder as quickly as possible. Reaching the bottom, it's flash light out and scanning for potential trouble. What awaits them in the blue-purple flare light below? Read on to find out!

Once everyone else goes down the ladder, Tori pauses to give a good look around, sweeping her flashlight back behind her, and then she tucks it into a belt loop and heads down the ladder to join the others. "Bet whatever is in those things is smashed all to hell anyway," she says, as she catches sight of the cargo containers all smushed up against the wall. She takes a couple steps that way, probing the shadows with her flashlight.

Raine looks over the jumble of containers, eyes narrowed a bit. She sticks near Kayly, to watch for creepies and valuables. She smiles weakly, peering here and there. "Well. If it's useful, that's awesome, if not though… best to make sure no one's gonna get mad if we open them," She considers going quiet shortly after. Raine is apparently a practical sort.

Kayly climbs her way down the ladder, and pulls her flashlight out again, as she looks over the containers that are jumbled around from the impact of the ships crash landing. She shrugs slightly and comments. "Suppose it depends on what they had in them, as to weather they'd be likely to survive the wreck undamaged."

And it's only once the first of the containers is popped open that the full horror of what they've wandered into is revealed. After all, one of the most valuable cargoes (particularly on the fringe of human and kilrathi space) for the morally unimpaired is the human sort… and unsecured cargo really doesn't fare well in crash landings in the kilometers-per-second range. Though in an odd way, not surviving the flight might well have been its own form of mercy for these unfortunates.

When the first container is opened, Kell's attention on the surroundings goes to the contents and his facial expression turns into a frown, "Damn. Damn it to hell, freaking slavers owned this Drayman." Shaking his head out of pity for the victims that were taken away from their homes, the young pilot is unable to say anything else, maintaining his steel hardened angry expression as he scans the surrondings again. So much for a 'get rich and retire early' plan, then again, he was here to fight, not earn money.

"Oh Jesu, Maria, madre de dios!" Paz gasps, fishing her Medallion of Saint Christopher and crucifix from underneath her sweat-soaked shirt and kissing both reverently. Anyone who is shocked that she now knees to the floor and sadly whispers a prayer in Spanish obviously doesn't know her very well. "Queen, we can't leave these people like this." she says firmly. "I know we can't bury them properly, but we can at least…I dunno….do something….This isn't right. Not like this."

Oh. Oh heavens. Raine looks /very/ ill seeing what's in the containers. She has to close her eyes. "… so awful," Is all she managed. Poor slaves, poor souls. She feels nothing but sadness foor those lost here. She doesn't say anything for a long moment. She simply offers a whispered apology. "Maybe we can see what can be found and set a pyre for them or something," A controlled fire perhaps. "I don't know what to say," She admits quietly. It's a painful situation and her stomach weighs a ton for a moment.

Tori takes a breath, working to open the first cargo container. And once it's open, it takes her a few moments to realize what she is seeing, her stomach halfway up her throat as it sinks in. "Oh, bloody hell," is her muttered comment, as she closes her eyes briefly. "If it weren't already dead in the water, I'd say we blast this bloody ship again and incinerate it." Get rich quick? Well, likely not, though they can always have a full search to see if there's anything. "We'll have to check back, see if we can maybe get a little help from the big guns but well, I'd be in favour or a top notch funeral pyre." Because there's no way that burial is going to work, that she can see.

Kayly keeps her face set in a professional type mask as she looks into the containers, grimacing a bit as she examines them briefly. She does add something to Draygo's comment though. "We were sent by the brass anyways. Wouldn't have been able to keep any valuables anyways." She murmurs, shaking her head. "Maybe we can blast use the shuttle to blast the transport up on our way out?"

"Whoa, let's not nuke anything just yet. This is a travesty, yes, but we should let the brass know. Let them decide. Some of these people have family who might not know what happened to them, atleast let them be ID'd and next of kin notified." Kell says quickly as the suggestion to bury the victims on the spot has been chimed in. "Let's do it right."

"No, he's right." Paz says, sighing sadly. "But we can always gather DNA samples before we cremate them. I sure as hell am not going to leave them to rot in this fucking jungle."

"… well, the families might object to having their relatives burned. We could mark this location, and call in their relatives. I guess they may want priests to deliver last rites, that sort of thing. Or to be sent and buried at home," Raine notes quietly. "I- I am really torn," She looks depressed.

Kayly grimaces again, and shrugs slighty, at Paz's and Raine's comments. She then looks over toward Tori, and comments, "Well, you're the ranking officer here, so I guess it's your call, isn't it?"

Tori blinks as folks get really mushy. And she thought she was bad. "Raine, Kayly, can you two get enough dna to identify these people, or do we need help from the Majestic?" that's the first question and the only real one in her mind. "If you can do it, then we're going to blow up this ship on the way out. Their relatives can still do whatever rites they want to do back home. I don't think any of them would be coming out here, unless they're crazier than we are - and we're not going to be spending the time to send them back." She pauses. "If you can't, then we'll request Majestic's help to get the dna samples quickly and then blow it up on our way out."

And so it is some hours later that the last of the confederation officers finally leave the scene of carnage behind them. Above in orbit, Majestic's turrets traverse to face the planet. A single bolt of brilliant blue-white light lances out from the second gun on X turret and a small explosion blossoms on the planetary surface below. Just like that, the shattered drayman and its unfortunate occupants have been reduced to a new crater on the planet's surface.