Sierra Alpha Romeo
Sierra Alpha Romeo
Arc: None
Summary: Search-and-Rescue brings back a wounded Terran pilot.
Date: 2658.224
Related Logs: None
Participants: Victoria Paz Raine James Draygo Kanani

The return of an SAR flight is like any other sort of disaster. It does tend to draw quite a crowd of observers. So it is that a single broadsword painted in the livery of the 13th bomber squadron touches down as its two raptor escorts break off to resume their patrol pattern through nearby space. The bomber itself quickly settles to the deck, taking the unusual step of proceeding nearly to the lift under its own power before the repulsors shut down and the craft settles heavily to the deck. Something is decidedly on the not-good front here.

Why not come visit the deck crew? Raine figures her favorite angry German might be about. Or she might check in on people she knows. She hums softly, tree in arm. She doesn't seem -too- unaware of what's going on, but she pauses, and considers the deck. Huh.

Paz was in the middle of helping one of the deck crew assigned to her ship re-align a lateral sensor array when the Broadsword comes in. "Hey, Skeets." she calls, standing up and dropping the driver she was using into the toolbox. "Skeets! Any idea what's going on?" she asks the young man. "Hey Doc." she adds, spotting Raine.

Kell had moved his own Stiletto fighter to the side of the hangar, away from the mechanics since he didn't want to get in their way or have them mock him. Right now he is in a military issued black tank top and camo-fatigues with some 'decoration' tools. It seems like he is repainting the nose art back onto his fighter, after it was sadly shot off during the secret mission deep into Kilrathi space. the arrival of the Broadsword does warrant a glance, wondering why such a terrible parking job was made, having missed the typical landing area by a mile and a half.

Not one to make a habit of coming down to the recovery deck to watch incoming SAR flights herself, Kanani's only down here at the moment, because she's chatting with her deck crew about the status of her fighter at the moment. The approaching Broadsword gets a raised eyebrow from her, and as she notices the unusual process of the 'sword coming in to land near the lifts, she turns to her crew and mutters, "I wonder what the hell that's about."

James is working a little on his fighter adjusting some bolts that had apparently come loose during his last flight. He finishes a few moments before the Broadsword lands and rises to his feet in time to see the landing and wince before moving closer to the exit hatch in case of probelms.

The bomber sits idle for a moment longer, resting against the deck as the telltale whine of its engines fades away to nothing. A soft hiss escapes from the craft as the crew hatch pops open, followed a moment later by the access hatch to the recovery bay located beneath the craft. A pair of boots hit the deck with a thud, and a voice can be heard before the pilot has even finished the process of pulling his helmet off. "Medic!"

Huh? "Hi, miss Paz!" Raine beams at Paz. She's glad to see thee woman. Kell gets a curious look, although Raine takes a moment to watch thhe pilots and crew. At least until she's called for. Or one of the other roving medics bound to be about. She frowns and scoots over regardless, to either see what she can do or at least supervise. "What's happened?" She asks softly, drawing near to the craft.

When the call for a medic goes out from the 'Sword, 'Uh oh' is the only thought running through Kell's mind as he lowers his spray gun, the repainting of his fighter's nose art momentarily forgotten as he looks towards the center of commotion. For now he stays put but it won't be surprising if the Lieutenant begins heading in that direction soon.

The pilot lobs his helmet back through the hatch, gesturing towards the aft access even as he does. "Captain Carruthers ran into some trouble out on patrol. The Kilrathi had some sort of automated defenses in the rocks" The pilot explains. Maybe not the important part, but… he's a pilot. These are the things that come to his mind first. "We were able to make a pickup on her, but she's hurt. Her wingman wasn't as lucky"

Paz strips off her work gloves and stuffs them in her coveralls, nodding to the deck ganger and moving towards Kanani and Draygo. "Who's hit?" she calls, dividing her attention between the scene unfolding at the 'Sword and keeping her wits about her prudently as she makes her way across the busy deck. "Did I just hear something about Queen?"

On hearing the call for a medic, Kanani frowns slightly, and once again turns her attention from the two deck crew members she'd been talking to, towards the broadsword sitting near the lifts. Seeing as those two deck crew guys are doing the same though, it's probably not to likely to annoy them that she's stopped discussing her fighter with them. For the moment, she decides it's best to stay away and not get in the way of the medics and all.

Giving the others a glance, Kell lowers his spray gun to the ground next to the other items he had laid out on a used and paint splattered cloth. Pulling off his work gloves, Razor begins moving towards the 'Sword and was about to ask the same question Paz chimed in with a moment earlier. When he hears who though, he frowns as he looks out towards the exit, "Shit, how bad?" He asks, more likely out of worry than wanting to know facts, since the Doc hasn't gotten to her yet. "The defenses cleared out yet?" Sounds like revenge is brewing in his head.

Poor pilots. Raine frowns. She nods, listening. "That's alright. You did your best. Excuse me," Raine turns to call for a few orderlies and a stretcher. Likely, she'd not be too awesome at handling it on her own. "I'll take a look at her until the others get her and we can get her to MedBay." She sets her tree near somewhere safely. Mercifully, Raine has some antibactterial stuff in her pocket and wipes her hands down. Sigh. She doesn't look happy. At all. But she says nothing, lest she stir panic or worse.

James notices a group of his fellow pilots and heads for them in time to hear the conversation. His eyes go cold and his tone hard "And if they haven't what are we talking about in detail? Laser emplacements, missile launchers?"

Inside the Broadsword, there's a flat out pilot, who does not appear to be conscious. That might be a good thing, given the piece of metal sticking into her midsection. Shrapnel wounds here and there, stuck in place the only thing keeping her from bleeding still. Though a slow seepage can be seen around her midsection, the red blood slowly coalescing in a pool and dripping down over her hip to the floor of the broadsword. The other thing to note is that her helmet has a slight crack and there's red visible on the inside of it. She's not moving, though after a moment, she does seem to stir a bit, a slow movement only that brings a sharp piercing scream that cuts off midvoice.

The pilot winces a little bit at the sound of that scream, before distracting himself with the conversation at hand. "Not sure how bad" he tells Draygo. "No access to the cargo hatch from inside, and I'm not a doc even if there were" he admits. That part said, it's back to tactical matters. "Seemed to be a mixture of launchers and guns. Hidden in among the rocks, don't pop out until they've got a target painted. Was taking fire from over a dozen sources at one point, and that was /expecting/ to go into a mess. First poor bastards to run into it probably never had a chance. Raptors neutralized the ones that were an immediate threat to the op, but those things are probably scattered all over the place. Clearing 'em out is not going to be fun for whoever gets stuck with the job."

"Shit." Paz swears sharply as she hears Victoria's cry. "Christ Almighty, what is it with Intel these days?" she growls, shaking her head. "We're two steps from pushing the Fuzzy Wuzzies outta Gemini for good and now the brass is trying to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory."

The answer on Victoria's status was expected as Kell tries to move past the gathering people to get a glimpse of the downed pilot though he does take care not to get in Raine's way. The scream of pain though causes the Lieutenant to wince in sympathy, gritting his teeth slightly as his fists ball up. "Well, whoever is running the ops for the mission to clear up the turrets, count me in. There's going to be a shitload of Kilrathi scrap metal before we're done."

Kanani grimaces a bit and clenches her teeth as she hears Tori's cry, her face going slightly pale. "Fuck, that doesn't sound good at all." She mutters softly. Looking over towards Paz, she says "I don't know, but they really need to get things back on track soon." She shakes her head slightly as she gives Draygo's comment a nod.

Oh dear. Raine tries very hard not to let the worry show. Victoria. She likes the Captain! She moves to crouch by Victoria. "Alright. We're not taking this out until we're in an operating room…" It might seem counterintuitive, but she doesn't want the captain to leak to death. The scream makes her wince though. She still doesn't like that sort of thing. She frowns, and looks up. Where are those orderlies? "Let's get her stable and laying out for now," She remarks quietly. They'll try to move her out so she can be put on a gurney right away. Poor Tori.

James grimaces "I would love to go but I would prefer borrowing a Raptor for the job. I can't see a Stilleto being much good for rockbusting." He closes his eyes when he hears the scream and mutters several low curses.

With Raine closer, she can see that part of the helmet has smushed a bit, so it might end up a little tough to get off. There are scratches on her face as well, just small ones, though that doesn't explain the small pool of blood also forming by her helmet. Tori is breathing shallowly, but her eyes have rolled back and she's limp and motionless again, weakening.

A moment later, Raine's question is answered by the arrival of her stretcher-toting minions. Or, something along that line anyway. After all, it's at least a little less disturbing than Raine delegating to her trees.

"Raptors or Swords. Fighters and rockbusting don't exactly go hand in hand." Paz nods at James' comment. "Probably a bit of both. Raptors to soften up, Swords to big the heavy end of the hammer." she adds, shifting nervously on her feet as she waits for Victoria to get carted to sickbay.

Raine frowns, seeing the state of the helmet too. Fortunately, they have /plenty/ of tools for such things (It's amazing what people get stuck in in the military). She tries not to fret, seeming relieved there's some breathing. "She's breathing," Nod. Though the rolled bacck eyes are due cause for alarm. And yes! Minions. She should have asked for the flying ones, but budget's a budget. "Thanks guys." She'll help them mmove Tori up onto the stretcher, the tree mercifully a sideliner. He never made it to med school anyway, and washed out. He was then relegated to a window sill and drinking while his wife watched the oaks next door. For now, an IV might be run to help deal with blood loss, but the CMO is cautious and prefers to get Tori somewhere they can deal with this a bit better. And much cleaner.

"Yeah, that sounds about right to me." Kanani replies somewhat distractedly to both Paz and James' comments, as she watches the medcrew get to work on dealing with Victoria. "About all a Stiletto could do, is try and get targetted and avoid the fire while the heavies blew the turrets up. Which might work if we were only talking about laser emplacements, but with missiles too, it'd be crazy to do."

"Figure the WinCo will get something drawn up soon enough" The broadsword pilot replies to the others doing their scheming. "But if one of you all comes up with a particularly bright idea, I'd take it as a personal favor if you didn't sit on it" he explains, shaking his head slightly. "Since I'm sure I'm going to be flying right back into that shit"

Tori would be right there plotting with the lot of pilots, since she's got personal reason to want those rocks dead. Smushed to smithereens, melted, reformed and then smushed smaller than smithereens. But at the moment, she's only seeing white, her eyes not quite working around the pain as she's moved. At least she doesn't scream again, though a very soft whimper as she's moved onto the stretcher gives away the fact that she's not dead yet.

It's not much of a show. The doctor is loathe to do something in such a dirty environment without her tools and more minions at hand. She does thank them, though and will help take Tori back up to MedBay. She frowns at the whimper, "Don't worry, we'll get you some painkillers and good as new," She promises quietly. Poor poor Tori. Raine will likely grab her tree along the way or have someone fetch it. Might be a good reason to stop by later.

"Copy that, any bright ideas, I'll make sure somebody hears 'em." Paz replies, trying not to look at Tori in her current state, but it's kind of different. "C'mon Doc…get her outta here." she mumbles tensely. "How long ago did she get hit?" she asks the pilot.

James shrugs "Most of my ideas involve carpet bombing them with the biggest and longest ranged warheads that we have capships capable of launching but somehow I doubt Command will ok that. If I think of anything else I'll let command know though." he says solmenly

The group is going! Raine even leaves the tree behind for now, likely a good excuse for someone. She's hesitant to bump Victoria around. Smooth ride good. It won't be long before they are gone and off to medbay entirely.

Kanani gives a nod towards the bomber pilot's comments, as she waits for the medits to get Tori off to the medbay. She shrugs at James' comment, and remarks quietly. "Doubt they would ok that. That sort of weaponry would be considered to expensive, and they wouldn't want to risk the cap ships in that way, most likely."

And with a smooth ride, there's not another sound from Tori as she's taken quickly to medbay.

"Bigger problem would be that battlewagon sitting next to us is all direct fire weapons. And I don't think anyone's in a hurry to put /that/ in the rocks unless the admiral's crazier than we are" The bomber pilot points out. "Think it's going to have to come down to poor expendible us" he notes with a bit of dry humor. "And I'm not sure how long she'd been drifting, we got the call to head for the SAR about half an hour ago when another patrol caught the beacon"

"Yeah, for a rock park like that, no way they'll get the cap ship's hands dirty." Paz says, sighing with relief as she sees Victoria being wheeled out of the hangar deck and towards the med bay. "Thirty minutes….shit." she grumbles at that bit of news. "Well, Doc and her staff have worked a miracle or two before." she says, pulling out her crucifix and medallion of Saint Christopher and giving them both a kiss. "Just have to pray they can do it again."

James nods "I'm sure they will." he reassures Paz "And that's why I said long range weapons specifically but yeah it would probably cost to much for command." He notices Raine's poor bonsai and moves to pick it up "If I think of any cheaper ideas I'll let command know." He says before seting off after the medical crew.

Kanani shakes her head a bit as the medcrew leaves with Tori, to go work their medical magic. She turns to Paz and says, "Well, I'm firmly of the belief that if the patient is still alive at all when they get to the medbay, the Doc and her team have a really good chance to keep them that way."