Sim Thumping P2
Sim Thumping Part 2
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Date: Unknown
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Shortly afterward….

Among the bays of the Repair Deck
Seelig is scrambling on the deck: "come on kids, we need another three rapiers ready for 1500. That includes QC. You can't let the pilots see the built-in defects."

Seelig returns to a stiletto and lowers the artificial gravity around the ship. Putting a line of bright yellow tape showing the gravity shift. "A little extra young stain around the reactors can't hurt. Maybe it'll even save the pilot in this."

The Pilot Lounge

Juliana walks into the bar… Bartender, whiskey. Straight. With ice and lemonade, a cherry, a slice of lemon and a sugared rim.

He serves it up. "Rough day?"

She tries to take a sip. Her eyes well with tears, the bitterness is too much she grimaces, and coughs out the whiskey, it starts to dribble down her nose and onto her jumpsuit.

She freezes mortified and slowly walks out of the bar and runs straight to her bunk.

Transfer Barracks #2
Karen scurries to her bunkers and starts looking up the enrollment officer.