Simulated Convoy Strike
Simulated Convoy Strike
Arc: Simulated Convoy Strikes
Summary: James joins Phillip in the Sim room to practice Convoy Strike maneuvers.
Date: 2659.087
Related Logs: None
Participants: James, Phillip

The simulator room is oddly devoid of decoration, as its main function is to house the simpods used for practice flights and training of fighter pilots assigned to the various wings of the ship. A control pod is situated near the back of the room with a screen so instructors can watch what's going on inside the pods, and eight simulation pods are located in a circular pattern in the middle of the room.

Phillip is at the simulator programming controls making the final touches on his latest simulated combat. The room is otherwise empty of people.

James comes walking into the simroom and noticing Phillip at work he says "Hey Iceblade." while he slides into a neighboring pod and begins setting the sim for a Stiletto. "Hopefully when we get home our birds will be replaced. Don't get me wrong I enjoy the Stilettos but we're one of the only squadron's not to get replacement birds during my time here, and I've been on the Majestic, what 2 years?"

Phillip looks up at the new arrival as James approaches and jumps into the nearby pod. "Oh hey James," Iceblade says before adding. "If you're interested, I can tie your pod into mine, and fight the same battle. "It's a convoy assault with broadswords. AI broadswords," He finishes with some derision. Yeah, these guys will be dumber than bricks, but most bomber pilots are sleeping right now. "Care to join in?"

James says "Sure." then waits to see what comes up after the simpods are linked. He mutters something under his breath when he sees two fighters angling for him and begins maneuvering for a missile lock on the nearer of them. Once he has tone he unleashes the first of his missiles «Cutlass, Fox 2.»

Phillip nods and makes some quick adjustments to configure the combat to include the other pod, which is really easy to do with the intuitive interface. "Oh-kay let's this started," Iceblade says finally and he settles into the pod and closes it. After a few moments the combat scenario starts with two Rapiers, Stilettos and Broadswords against a force of 3 Dorkirs, Drakhri, Dralthis, and a Kamekh for good measure. The fighting begins in earnest and the escorting fighters angle towards the Confed group while the heavies begin their slow dance with the Dorkir's already going evasive.

The fighting begins in earnest, but most rounds miss their mark including the broadswords. The Majestic pilots, however, make some effective hits knocking out one of the drakhri, but both don't come out unscathed either.

Phillip quickly jumps into the fighting and focuses on the lead Dralthi ignoring its wingman angling at him. Several full blasts of Iceblade's guns definitely gives the pilot (simulated as it is) something to think doing some minor damage to its cockpit. Iceblade decides it would be best to knock this one out with an Imrec before the fighter escorts decide to attack the 'Swords. One quick switch of weapons, lock and fire, «Fox 2» he comms.

James watches his target come apart in a ball of flame just in time to feel an impact against his left wing. He spins towards the angle the missile came from then opens the comm «Scratch one, and I'm hit but it's not serious.», while he swings around onto the tail of his attacker. He soon has lock tone and fires his second missile with another «Cutlass Fox 2.» over the comm.

The Broadswords decide…sorry…the AI for the Broadswords decide that the Corvette is a more pressing target and go on a banzai charge with torpedoes at it. Unfortunately, two of the escorting fighters get smart and start charging at the bombers. Luckily Confed comes out favorably in the exchange with only minor damage. Both non-AI pilots obliterate the lead Dralthi with missiles while one of the Broadswords scores a solid hit on the corvette's bridge while the other misses it's mark. The other rapier and stiletto continue doing their own thing.

James manages to evade the second missile from his AI tormentor who was apparently too busy failing to dodge two missiles of his own to aim properly. He swings wide and then boars in on the tail of the Dralthi targeting Iceblade «You've got one on your tail Iceblade engaging now.» He announces over the comm shortly before unleashing his last missile a split second after acquiring tone and adding «Cutlass Fox 2.»

Phillip launches his missile and in a failure of coordination is joined by a second missile. Still the lead Dralthi is dead. Iceblade decides it would be best to take control of the situation. Hmm… the second Dralthi is going after one of the broadswords. Checking around as best and fast as he can, Iceblade checks on his wingman. «Alright, looks like my wingman is keeping one of the escorts busy.» A few more shots buzz by his head, «Hey James could you get this other Dralthi off my back.» Iceblade locks on the Broadsword-chasing Dralthi with full guns and let's fly.

The resulting fighting is a little more mixed this time. The AI Rapier takes a nasty hit and misses his target while one of the broadswords buys it from flak to the nose. The other broadsword fires another torp, only to have it get blunted by undamaged armor. Both of the remaining Dralthi's, though fall to the continued fire from Rapier and Stiletto alike.

Phillip fires his guns and watches as he and the AI Stiletto rip the Dralthi apart. Then a simulated explosion nearby. Iceblade turns to look and sees one of the broadswords get dusted. "Crap" «James, this is not turning out too well. Could you focus on the remaining Drakhri, while I go for the 'sports.» Iceblade then turns toward the first transports and opens up with a dumbfire.

James curses under his breath as he sees one of the Broadsword's blow and opens the comm as Phillip announces his plan «I'm on it». He sees the Drakhri turning towards him and boars straight in not guns blazing even maintaining the pretense of evasive maneuvers during his attack run.

Luckily, no more good guy ships go down and the flak proves ineffective. Both the remaining Broadsword and Iceblade score excellent missile hits on the first transport wiping it into several different dimensions…if it were real. The other Drakhri is finding things a little hot, though, being attacked by three fighters at once.

Phillip lines up and fires, but watches with a dumbfounded expression as a torpedo also flies into the same transport. «Dang it, stupid AI. You just wasted your last torpedo.» Arrgh. Alright well, we just need to get the transports not the corvette at least. Iceblade focuses fire on the second transport and he radios his wingman to focus on the third. "Hey Alpha 2, get over here and target the third transport with your dumbfire if you can understand me.» He finishes with a grumble.

James grimaces as he takes a minor hit then loops around for another pass. The Drakhri turns towards him and he smiles "So you want to play chicken do you?" and continues boring in guns still blazing.

Looks like the only one having any luck today is Iceblade. His dumbfire blasts through the bridge of the transport wiping out the whole ship in spectacular simulated explosions. The Broadsword futilely launches a FoF at the armor of the corvette and is rewarded with a light hit from flak. The banzai charge between James and the Drakhri results in some minor armor loss for the Drakhri and an explosion for James. Oh well.

Phillip launches the dumbfire and knocks out the second transport and finds the third still ticking. He comes back around and notices James's Stiletto explode. «Dang it! Tough luck James.» He radios before focusing fire on the Drakhri for some simulated revenge with full guns.

James grimaces as the dumbfire strikes the wing damaged earlier and the ship begins spinning before exploding "Yeah. Interesting how they managed to give an AI a desperation module though." He settle back to watch the end of the battle

Phillip pops the canopy and slowly gets up a little aghast at the failure. "Wow, that was bad," he says as he looks over to James.

James says "Yeah I still think if we had real pilots in the other ships or even used Sabres in place of Broadswords we would have one though that freak dumbfire shot hurt badly

Phillip nods in agreement. "Hell, if the Broadsword's AI hadn't been so stupid, they might have taken out that corvette. And seriously, what was up with them." Iceblade notes, "It is like they analyzed every word I said."

James says "Maybe someone programmed in a feature where the cats have a chance of cracking our comm codes. It triggers and the AI responds to the orders given over the comm like it hears them."

Phillip shakes his head a little, "Actually I was referring to the Broadsword's AI, I complain about losing and the bomber goes straight for one of the transports with its last torpedo. And funnily enough," Iceblade adds, "after I yell at it, it goes all kamimkazi on the corvette." Phillip then chuckles a bit.

James says "Ahh well maybe there was a glitch which kept your comm transmitting to the AI even after you were dead?"

Phillip shrugs, "eh, it was actually before the I knocked out of the match. Still, the AI shouldn't be guessing orders when they aren't meant as orders." Iceblade then sighs as little, "Oh well, I'm a little bummed, so I'll probably head off to First and Last for drink. Want to come along?"

James says "Sure, and begins making his way back towards the sim room exit his brow furrowed as he tries to analyze what had gone wrong in the battle, and how it could have been changed.

Phillip nods and heads out the door followed by James.