Simulated Convoy Strike Redux
Simulator Convoy Strike Redux
Arc: Simulated Convoy Strikes
Summary: Phillip tries out the Convoy Strike sim mission again with Sabres instead of 'Swords, and is joined by Foster.
Date: 2659.092
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Participants: Foster, Phillip

This room is oddly devoid of decoration, as its main function is to house the simpods used for practice flights and training of fighter pilots assigned to the various wings of the ship. A control pod is situated near the back of the room with a screen so instructors can watch what's going on inside the pods, and eight simulation pods are located in a circular pattern in the middle of the room.

Phillip can be seen leaning over, playing around at the main simulator controls. A few seconds later, he stands up straight nodding to himself. He can be heard mumbling to himself, "that should do it".

Stepping in from the outside, Foster pauses for a few moments as he sees someone present. "Oh, hello. Hope I'm not interrupting anything," he offers, after a few moments of pause.

Phillip apparently having been lost in thought, jumps a bit upon hearing a voice. "Oh Hey Foster," he responds. "I was just preparing for a convoy strike simulation. Had some bad luck last time I tried it, so I'm going to see if escorting Sabres gets us any better luck than 'swords. Care to join?"

Foster offers a bit of a grin, "Sure. Nothing better to do at the moment, so yes." Looking around for a few moments, " And sorry if I scared you there…"

Phillip nods, "Great, real pilots always work better than AI ones. Let me just get another pod connected." Iceblade then turns back to the controls to make a slight adjustment before finding himself a sit in one of the pods and prepping for simulated flight.

Moving over to another pod, Foster grins a bit as he prepares himself for the simulation. "Let the fun commence," he remarks, a bit lightly.

Phillip examines the simulated area of space and immediately sees the enemy arrayed before them, 3 Sarthas, a couple of Dralthis and a Kamekh guarding a trio of Dorkir Transports. The good guys have 2 man flights of Rapiers, Stilettos, and Sabres. The Sabres immediately vector for the corvette while most of the Confed fighters begin vectoring for the enemy fighters. Iceblade switches to Imrec and locks onto one of the Sarthas. «Let's clean out these fighters to give the Sabres some breathing room».

Looking around at the various enemy fighters, Foster heads for them, frowning a bit. «Looks like the Dralthis are thinking they'll pick us off. Trying to do something about that.» And so, he moves to target one of the Dralthis, trying to lock on to the engine of the enemy craft.

Missiles sling across space as the Dralthis fire heatseekers on Phillip and Foster, the Stilettos and Rapiers fire their go-to missiles, and the Sabres unleash their torps at the Corvette. Flak is flying everywhere from the 'sports and the Kamekh. The miss-icler crossfire is both nasty and mild. One of the Dralthi's heatseekers gets lucky and hits Foster while the Rapiers' missiles knock out two of the Sarthas who were shooting rather blindly at the Sabres. The flak does a bit of damage on one of the Sabres. Unfortunately, the flak appears to have thrown off the aim of the both Sabres as their torpedoes completely miss the corvette

After firing his imrec, Iceblade finds a missile from a Dralthi racing for him, but luckily a quick turn causes it to lose lock. As Iceblade was turning, he spots a heatseeker land squarely in Foster's lap. Geez, «Gambit, what's your status?» Phillip decides to clear the Dralthi off Foster's back and locks an imrec on one of them.
Spinning around a bit after the hit to his cockpit, Foster mutters a bit, before regaining control of the Stiletto. «Still here, Iceblade,» comes the reply as he moves to target the same Dralthi again.

Dralthis apparently decided that the Sabres were a bigger threat and immediately race after them. The Sabres fly straight at the Corvette's bridge in an effort to score a hit. Unfortunately, a heatseeker from one of the Dralthis plus heavy flak causes one of the Sabres severe difficulty including causing its torpedo to explode right in its face finishing the Sabre off. The other Sabre, however has far better luck, and scores a direct, pinpoint hit on the Kamekh's bridge wiping it out. Both Dralthis prove better skilled than the Sarthas and avoid damage from the combined missile and weapon fire of the Sabres' escorts.

Phillip hits his control panel as he watches the Dralthi he's chasing avoid the imrec almost completely only losing a few pieces of armor. Then two explosions catch Iceblade's eyes as he sees a Sabre buy it, but at least the Corvette is down. «Nice work Sabre Lead, now help us finish off these fighters. The 'sports can't outrun us.»

"Tricky bugger," Foster mutters to himself, as he sees the Dralthi he was going for get out of harm's way. He takes a few moments to look around, before he heads for the other Dralthi, going for the cockpit hit now.

After another salvo of missiles, the last Sartha goes down. Both Dralthi's also take some punishment and the AI Stiletto hits a Dralthi with a heatseeker, which somehow managing to continue flying, only now much more erratically apparently taking a nasty hit to its controls. Unfortunately, Foster's damaged bird gets a rather unfriendly hit to his tail by some flak. The other two 'sports wildly miss the fighters, though.

Phillip notes easily avoids the flak and connects a few hits on a the Dralthi with a missile. «Wow, nice shooting Sabre Lead.» Iceblade doesn't know why he is complemented the AI except maybe force of habit. Still that is excellent flying managing to hit a target with a missile while going evasive. Uh oh, Phillip thinks as he sees Foster take a nasty hit from flak, «Foster you might want to go evasive. The simulated damage to your controls must be making it hard to avoid the blind shots from the 'sports.» Iceblade cues up another FoF and bares down that Dralthi.

Foster nods a bit as he hears that, «Switching to evasive now. Let's hope that makes me luckier, right?» Rolling around a bit, before he goes for one of the Dralthis again.

Both Dralthis are now under fire from 4 fighters and the badly damaged one falls quickly from combined missile and mass driver hits from the Rapier and Stiletto AIs. The flak misses wide of the fighters while the Sabre gets a successful torpedo hit on the cargo of one of the three now-evading 'Sports

Phillip's FoF missile sources a nice hit on the Dralthi he continues to chase while the Dralthi tailing him goes up. «Takes for the assist» Iceblade comms out of habit to the AI's. «Let's take this last one and finish off the 'sports.» Iceblade switches to full guns and lies up a shot on the now flailing Dralthi who unlike his comrade decides to avoid fire rather than die in a blaze of glory. Simulated Kilrathi behavior must be randomly chosen.

Foster moves in quietly at the moment, trying to hit the Dralthi in the cockpit once again.

The Dorkirs decide to focus in their evasive maneuvers on the Sabre but miss badly. The lone Sabre launches his last torpedo and obliterates damaged transport. The lone Dralthi fires in vain at the AI Rapier before being wiped out by the combined fire of Phillip and the AI Stiletto.
GAME: Save complete.

«All-right! Time to clean house.» Iceblade comms in joy as he notes at the certain success of the mission. «Okay, lets offload any remaining missiles into the 'sports and go home.» Iceblade comes around and lines up a shot with a dumbfire on one of the 'sports.

Foster chuckles as he listens. «On the third here. Let's get these taken care of, shall we?»

Some spectacular misses by both sides. The 'sports start shooting everywhere, but only manage a single hit on Phillip's Rapier. The Sabre scores the only hit with a Friend or Foe on the third Transport, breaching its side with heavy decompression. The hole slowly expands and the sound of the metal tearing must be extreme for those Kilrathi onboard. Simulated Cat bodies shoot out the side. The Sabre fires a few more shots of full guns to finish it out causing the ship to explode.

Phillip gets a slight jolt as he runs into some flak, which throws off his dumbfire shot. A few twitches of the joystick allow him to miss the remaining rounds of flak being sent up. «Okay kitten, play time is over» he comms as he brings his Rapier to the ship's rear to knock out its engines.

Switching to the heat seeker now, Foster grimaces a bit at the simulated cat bodies, before he moves to attack the one remaining transport now.

The Transports tries valiantly to shot down the Confed ships, but sucks badly at it. The last transport tries to avoid an engine hit by Phillip's dumbfire and Foster's heatseeker only to go down from a dumbfire from the AI Rapier and the last FoF from the Sabre. The simulator's screen goes black with a message vocalized by the computer, Mission Accomplished.

Phillip lines up a perfect dumbfire shot only to have the Transport evade it and smack right into Phillip's AI wingman's dumbfire causing severe damage combined with the Sabre's missile. Upon being greeted with the Mission Accomplished screen. Phillip says somewhat loudly, "Yes!" He then pops the sim pod open.

Foster grins a bit as he sees the end of the simulation. "Good work," he offers as he gets out of the pod as well.

Phillip says, "Thanks, that definitely turned out much better than last time. Smart AI this time." Then Phillip goes over to the sim controls to logoff. "So got a patrol soon?""

"In a while," Foster replies with a bit of a nod. "Was considering getting some sleep soon, too."

Phillip turns his head back to Foster and nods, "Alright, I suppose I better get some rest as well. I'm on Alert 5 early tomorrow. See you around," Phillip finishes and waves to Foster.

Foster chuckles, "See you," he offers after a few moments of pause.

Phillip lingers a minute as he hears the simulator beep an error at him. "Damn," he mumbles as he goes to the controls to fix its complaint.

Foster makes his way out of the room now, humming a bit to himself as he leaves.

With the error dealt with, Iceblade follows Foster's route out of the sim room and heads to the Lift, waiting a few minutes for it to return to the 7th deck. Once inside, he rides it up to the TCSF officer's quarters to bunk down for a full 6 hours of sleep, which is pretty good considering that the Majestic is trapped in a system with Kilrathi around.