Simulated Epee
Log Title
Arc: None
Summary: Phillip decides to give the new Epee light fighter a try in the simulator while waiting for the SWACS mission and is joined by James and Foster.
Date: 2659.093
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Participants: James Foster Phillip

Phillip enters the simulator room and heads toward the simulator controls.

Foster steps in from the outside as well, looking around for a few moments, "So, what's the plan this time?" he asks, a bit lightly.

As Phillip sits down at the controls, he notices Foster's entrance and looks toward them. "Hmm? Oh I noticed the other day that the new Epee light fighter specs had been added to simulator. Thought I'd give it a try."

Foster nods a bit as he hears that, "Sounds like a good idea," he offers, with a bit of a grin.

James walks into the simulator and smiles "Those only took about two years to show up. I'm guessing someone in the spec forwarding department decided to rush these to us for some reason." he says in an amused tone before heading for a pod of his own.

"Alright then," responds to Foster. "Oh hey James," Phillip adds as he sees and hears James enter. "Go ahead and hop into Simpods 3 and 4 while I get this set up. Probably just run a simple 1 to 1 match with Kilrathi fighters: Sarthas, Dralthis, you the sort." Phillip turns to the controls works with a speed by one very familiar with the system.

"That's probably not a good thing," Foster remarks a bit lightly to James as he looks between the two others at the moment, nodding a bit a Philip's words, and getting into pod 4.

James shrugs "It should be interesting. I did a lot of sim time with Hornets at the Academy but never given their replacements a try until now." then veers towards pod 3 and climbs in.

Phillip finishes up in record time and heads to simpod 2 as the two Stiletto pilots settle in. The sim immediately starts up and all three of the pilots are presently with a HUD and cockpit configuration rather different from the fighters these pilots usually fly. Iceblade plays around with the controls and agility of this fighter a bit using the time delay he added to give each pilot a chance to familiarize themselves with the new ships. «Wow, this thing is a lot more agile than my Rapier and that is saying a lot.» he radios to his wingman.

Offering a bit of a grin to James before he gets ready, Foster wows a bit as he tries out the new fighter, the ship rolling around a bit playfully as he gets used to it. «Interesting thing, this new one,» he comments as he gets used to it.

James smiles as he looks over the craft "The guns have been upgraded over the Stilettos as well though they still have glass jaws."

As the three human pilots get acclimated to the unfamiliar fighter, three Sarthas are spawned at 20000 klicks distance. Each begins bolting for a different Epee at top speed for a head-on pass. Phillip notices the inbound enemies first (having been expecting them to show up about now). «Heads up guys, we got Sarthas inbound. Suggest going evasive.» Phillip keys up a dumbfire missile and afterburns toward the Sartha heading for him. «Okay kitty, you want to run at straight at a sword, you got it.» Phillip launches the dumbfire outside of neutron range and immediately starts dodging as the distance closes down.

Frowning a bit at the mention of the Sarthas, Foster rolls his ship a bit to the side, before heading straight for one of the Sarthas, aiming for the cockpit of it. Anyone wondering how he got his callsign?

James turns towards the Sartha heading his way and smiles as the distance closes. Just before entering neutron gun range he opens fire then breaks away at top speed. "Surprise my little computer kitty."

The Sarthas prove rather resilient and suffer minimal damage. In the ensuing melee, the Sartha's decide to pick on one Epee at time.

Phillip's oncoming Sartha easily dodged the dumbfire and managed to land a shot at Iceblade's Epee to do no small amount of damage. The simulator alerts Phillip that he probably took a light hit to his right hand, bruising and minor cuts. "Damn it, alright little kitty, let's get to business." Phillip says as he cues up a heatseeker and uses the Epee's speed and grace to come around on the Sartha's tail, who stupidly ignores him. "Ha, you can't escape me, Iceblade says as he stays on the Sartha's tail. PING! «Fox 2!».

James grimaces as a Neutron bolt strikes his shields then opens the commline «The good news is the hit's not bad but apparently the Kilrathi think I have catnip or something in here." He snaps of a quick shot at his original pursuer before throwing his Epee into a wild array of banks, dives, and climbs.

«Wow…» The words escape Foster as he keeps on attacking the same Sartha as before, a touch more aggressively now. «Okay, this will be very interesting. We'll get the kitties away from you.»

The Sarthas play it smart by trying to shake off their pursuers while attempting to attack James' Epee. However, James manages to out fly the lot of them. All the while Phillip and Foster land some nice hits on two of the Sarthas. One is now flying with a sputtering engine while the other took a second hit by Foster in the exact same place, which happened to be near one of the Sartha's dumbfire setting it off and obliterating the fighter.

James manages to evade the various bursts of fire coming his way and swings around to send a heatseeker towards the last undamaged Sartha before continuing his wild flight across simspace.

"Yes," says Phillip as his missile smacks in the rear of the Sartha. Iceblade switches to particles to finish this one off. «Time to die kitty.»

"I once knew a girl, I can't remember her name, but I remember her face because her sister looked the same…" Foster holds his singing off the comms as he aims for one of the remaining Sarthas. «Just like the fireworks in the sky…» He lets that line of the song come out after continuing to sing for a

Apparently, the simcats were getting rather pissed off at James and attempt to go in for the kill, both launching dumbfires as James' Epee without a single care for the other two Epees. One of the dumbfires catch James at an off angle, but the damage is only moderate. Both Sartha take serious hits knocking one completely out of the fight.

The particle rounds from Iceblade's Epee tear into the already frizzing engine of the Sartha and cause a rather brilliant small explosion, which lightly sprinkles on the Epee's thin shields. «This is Iceblade one more Sartha down. Let's finish this last one off.» Phillip comes around on the last Sartha bearing down on it. The Sartha is apparently kin on finishing off James though, going for another dumbfire attack.

Sending some fire into the cockpit of the remaining Sartha, Foster nods a bit to himself. «Will do, Iceblade.» he offers, before he moves in again, once more going for the cockpit.

James grimaces as one of the rockets strikes his craft sending it into a spin. After regaining control James scans his ship's status «That one hurt some but I can still fly.» he reports before sending another missile towards his original, and now only tormentor.

Try as the Sartha might, it was not meant to be. Particle Cannon hits from Phillip and Foster take the lone Sartha out with ease. Just then, two Dralthi appear at 15000 klick distance. «We got some more friends to tango with guys.» Phillip smiles as he radios.

Iceblade cues up his last dumbfire and goes for the throat with one of the new Dralthis.

«Rock and roll time?» Foster comments as he switches to the dumbfires, and aims for one of those incoming Dralthis, once more going for the cockpit.

James opens the commline «Thanks for the help» closing it just in time for more targets to appear. Noting one heading his way he turns towards it and unleashes a salvo of Particle cannon fire towards it before diving away.

Foster's dead-on charge with the incoming Dralthi pays off. The dumbfire connects with the incoming heatseeker giving the Dralthi some nasty damage but nothing too serious. Iceblade's missile however finds less luck and is nearly dodged by the Dralthi gunning for James only taking off some armor. «Alright kitty, let's close this up» Iceblade radios as he arms another heatseeker for the Dralthi. «No wonder they call you Gambit» Iceblade adds.

«There's a reason for everything, Iceblade. Not just why they call me Gambit,» Foster comments with a chuckle, switching his targeting to the engines now. Still being quite aggressive in his style.

James continues weaving through the fire heading his way and says «We might want to consider tweaking the targeting systems on these babies if we ever get real ones.» before firing and looping away.

The shots are traded and the second Dralthi falls to the combined attack from James and Phillip before it can do much damage. Gambit however drew a bad hand, taking a nasty hit from the other Dralthi that would normally take an Epee. Still Foster must have a few cards up his sleeves and he keeps his Epee together.

Iceblade nods as Gambit's reply before hearing a ping. «Fox 2» The Heatseeker shoots off and the Dralthi takes it in the wing that combined with the particles round from James causes it spin away uncontrollably before tearing apart from loss of structural integrity.

James smiles as he finally scores a hit though it shifts to a grimace as he notes Foster taking a hit. He turns around towards the surviving Dralthi, which is also coming around to engage him and fires once before diving away.

«Va fan???» Foster didn't mean for that to go out on the air as his entire fighter spins around for a while. He seems to recover as he moves forward again, far more carefully. «Still here, folks.»

Combined Particle cannon fire from the three Epees wipes out the last Dralthi before he so much as fires at James. Iceblade scores a nasty hit on the Dralthi sending it into a nasty spin right into James' direction and exploding from further hits by James. «Another kitty down, another kitty inbound.» Iceblade radios as he bolts in the direction of a Hhriss that just appeared. Iceblade attempts to get its attention with a few burst of particle fire before racing back toward his comrades evading as best he can.

Noting the newcomer who is maneuvering to engage Phillip's Epee, James turned his craft towards it boring straight in as he opened fire with his craft's cannons.

Switching back to the offense now, Foster heads in for the new enemy again once more. And once more aiming for the cockpit.

«Du Ka, you shall die terra'» The Kilrathi taunts as he accepts Phillip's challenge. Iceblade responds, «Yeah you just stay on my sweet ass you honorless hairball» Iceblade continues to bolt.

«Argghhh, stand and fight who-mon», continues the Kilrathi getting pissed. «Only when you learn to speak properly, kitten.» continues Iceblade's taunting. The Simulated Kitty gives the appropriate response and bores down Phillip.

«You obviously haven't seen our cockpits, Furball. A bit too hard to stand in them,» Foster remarks a bit lightly as he moves forward for another attempt to fill the Kilrathi's cockpit with things that doesn't belong there.

James continues boring in the Kilrathi smiling in amusement as he opens fire «Yeah besides sitting and fighting is much more comfortable. You should try it sometime.»

Iceblade's cockpit fills with the sounds of a missile lock as the Hhriss unleashing an image recognition. Phillip does his best to lose it and succeeds. «Geez, Kilrathi, that was terrible. You really are a failure to your hrai.»

«ARRGGGGHH, I will make you eat those words, terra' …» The transmission continues in unintelligible Kilrathi. Iceblade decides to keep up the game of cat and mouse where the Kilrathi is the mouse. The Hhriss is sure paying for it too, continuing to receive stiff punishment from the Foster and James.

James stays on his targets tail and opens a commline to the other Epees «I can't decide if I find being ignored now insulting or not.» before opening fire again

Moving further to send off a few more shots at the Kilrathi, Foster grins a bit, «He shoots… He scores!» Letting that out on the channel, before he moves in for another shot. Same procedure as last time.

«Just for that comment, Cutlass, you get to be bait next time.» Iceblade radios jokingly before hearing the sound of another missile inbound. "Crap," Iceblade says as he attempts to lose another missile. Luckily, the Epees makes this task rather a bit easier. Even so the Hhriss, after receiving two more moderate hits to its tail and weapon, continues on. «Terra' You are not deserving of combat» Just then the Hhriss comes about and start unloading bursts of full guns at Foster's Epee

James points out «Like I was when this started?» dryly then snaps around for a shot at the Hhriss's belly as it flies by heading for Foster's Epee.

«Sounds like someone is a bit angry now,» Foster offers, moving forward a bit more cautiously as he sees that he's the chosen target.

Iceblade, after hearing the simKil give up chase, does a rapid 180 turn, cues up his last heatseeker, and waits the two seconds for long. Ping! «Send my regards to Sivar hairball!» Iceblade radios with an grin as he launches the heatseeker. The Hhriss turns to avoid fire from James, but still gets hit and in his evasion, catches Iceblade's heatseeker in the nose, sealing the Kiralthi's fate with a critical damage to controls and an explosion. The Mission Accomplished screen comes up with the sweet feminine voice saying the same.

A bit surprised as the incoming shots seem to miss him, Foster frowns as his own shots miss the other ship, but then the others seem to take it out. Leaning back in his seat a bit as the Mission Accomplished screen comes up, and lets out a bit of a deep sigh, before he gets out of the pod, looking around for the others.

James climbs out of the cockpit after stopping himself in midreach for the repair system controls. "Too bad we aren't likely to get any of those anytime soon unless we stumble over a transport full of them which got cut off by the cat counterattack or something."

Phillip gets up simpod 2, and a fist pump. "Wow, we actually did it. Nice work out…ur..or in there guys." He says to the other two pilots as they exit their pods. In response to James, "Yeah, I imagine it will definitely be a while. But soon we will be going up against that destroyer group and busting out of this system." "We could probably do it faster if the newbies were able to work as well together as we just did."
"Those were rather nice," Foster admits, shrugging a little bit. "Let's hope we can get hold of some real ones at some point in the future, shall we?"

James nods "They'll learn fast I'm sure." he shakes his head "I wonder how Chassidy's doing. We decide to try a long distance relationship after command transferred her then we get got off behind enemy lines as soon as she leaves. I can't decide if I'm more angry at the cats or whoever cut the transfer orders
but there's plenty to go around."

Phillip nods at the comments then checks his watch, "Dang, it's almost time for the briefing, James. We better get goes." Toward Foster Phillip says, "Have a good evening Foster."

James nods and glances at the clock before smiling "Good we can finally get back on the road home."

Foster grins, "Take care, both of you." He remains where he is for now, stretching a bit.

Phillip heads out of the sim room, giving Foster a final wave as he goes on his own to get dressed for an engagement with a corvette.

James waves and vanishes after checking his flight suit pocket to make sure his lucky novel and it's case were inside.