Actor Name
2nd Lt Juliana Singh
Name: Juliana Singh
Callsign: Karen
Rank: 2nd Lt
Branch: TCSF
Unit: Illuminati
Position: Position
Age: 28
Homeworld: Titan, Sol
Marital Status: Single
Actor: Actor Name



Born in the icy moon of Titan to a pair of sapphire mining engineers, Juliana had a very easy life. She grew up and enjoyed everything she wanted. While in high school, a young attractive officer came to recruit for the war effort. She was fascinated with him and wanted to see the galaxy. The officer knew he would net a nice commission and expedited her enrolment.
She started by serving as a shuttle pilot, and was known for being able to entertain the staff during long trips. At one point she was given as a prank the wrong navigation disk. This brought her shuttle through an asteroid belt in the rostov system, where she navigated through the belt with ease. This caught the eye of the passenger, captain Wilford, who recommended her to be fast-tracked into piloting duties. She followed the suggestion and despite barely passing the more magistral courses, passed with strong flying skills. She has experience fighting in most ships, she has a clear affinity for less manoeuvrable ships, stating that it is a smoother ride. She was stationed in Perry and routinely flew patrols in broadswords doing contraband searches. She flew the ferret out in the Fariss Apocalypse belt never finding anything more than a stray asteroid or a tarsus with a fragged nav console she would escort to Capella or Sherwood.
She routinely spends more hours in the simulator than the average pilot as she enjoys getting high scores, and seeing her name on the scoreboard. Few officers noticed that she has zero confirmed kills, despite having flown many sorties. Her few proponents would remind them that she has defeated every enemy that she encountered. (Often after wondering if she sang and made them bleed from their ears)
Quite happy-go-lucky in her attitude, she worked her way up the ranks to 2nd Lt, still oblivious to the death around her, and only working what her CO would tell her to do

Prior Deployments

Fall of Perry and New Constantinople, was deployed, her recon patrols never saw combat, she has technically over 30 combat sorties under her belt though. She also as a shuttle pilot has over 5000 hours logged.
Has flown SAR also, experienced in it, was hoping to get the callsign angel, but no pilot wanted to call her that.


3 years of combat flying, never seeing an engagement.


Often reprimanded for being too chatty on the comms. Once for leaking confidential troop locations.

Notes From Prior CO's (OOC except for DH's)

If there was a word to describe her, it would be effervescent. She would get very excited about something and hop in place while describing it. Constantly on the comms, and often breaking radio silence in a distracted way, she lacks the discipline to rise in rank as an officer. She is however a very able pilot, if she is not distracted, her reflexes are top notch, and she does have a steady hand. She also seems to never register negativity, as if selective hearing has set in. She does not seem to understand why her squad-mates called her Karen, assuming that it is now her callsign. She will always work on being upbeat, as she knows that this is her way of showing the universe that she is in charge.

Other IC Info

She loves being the center of attention.