Six the Hard Way
Six the Hard Way
Arc: None
Summary: Majestic's fighter wing takes a new pilot on a mission to meet their new escort.
Date: 2659.031
Related Logs: None
Participants: Kanani Marcus Walsh Cole Victoria

Uh-oh. Someone appears to have let Cole back on duty finally. This could be bad. Thankfully for the moment, he only seems to be wearing his briefing officer hat… since he's in a duty uniform and not a flight suit. He makes his way in from the back of the room quickly towards the front, moving up to the podium and glancing around for just a moment. "Alright. If you'll all take your seats, we'll get started" he addresses the gathered officers.

Kanani takes a seat near the front of the 221st's section of the briefing room, turning her attention towards the bomber pilot and waiting to see what's on the menu as far as work goes today.

Marcus walks in with a quick glance around the brirfing room, and then he too makes his way to the front of his second a quick nod offered to Kanani as he takes his seat, though he doesn't say anything, or nod to Cole, some officers don't always like such informalities when they're about to start a briefing after all.

Walsh wanders in, heading towards the 221st's area. He wears a hopeful expression, longing for something more than the uneventful routine patrols he's been flying recently. He takes a seat and turns his attention to the front of the room.

Tori comes in, arching a brow as she spies Voodoo at the front. She settles in towards the back, not needing to be up front and eager by any means. Huh. Guess maybe they'll find out why Voodoo got called up to the bridge earlier? Or maybe not. Her lips curve in a smile, as she glances around the room, checking out where everyone is. And who is still missing.

"Hope everyone's enjoyed the time we've spent wandering the backwaters of Confederation space, since it seems we've got some real work to do." Cole explains with a little smile. "Confed's gearing up for a push back into Perry, so that means we're going to be getting a real battlegroup assigned to us again. TCS Horatius has been assigned to remain with us as an escort, and will be joined by TCS Galahad and a cruiser to be named later" he continues. A flick of a switch and the screen behind him lights up with a map of the system. "The Galahad is presently in the Rikel system. We're going to send a flight of fighters to the Rikel jump, to make sure the Kilrathi don't try and take a shot at her on the way out."

Kanani listens with interest as she listens to Cole start the briefing. Looks like the party is about to pick up once again on the Majestic, and she's most likely hopeful herself that there will be less uneventful flight missions in the near future.

Listening intently Marcus seems more than happy with their instructions. With a little luck, it'll be a quiet run… If not that's what they're paid for right?

Yup, this is why they get paid the big bucks - not. Tori takes a breath, wishing they had their full complement of folks back on board. "Starting up short staffed?" she asks, just to make sure she's clear on that. Cause while it's been quiet, thankfully, there's still been a lot of work getting done by fewer folks than usual.

Ah, a mission that might achieve more than wasting fuel! Sure, it's a babysitting job, but Walsh is eager for a better chance of engagement. He can only take so much scouting empty waypoints before he just wants to break something.

"I suspect that the staffing problem will be solved shortly as well" Cole replies to Tori. "Hopefully about the same time my new bombers get here. Since if I have to spend any more time riding the deck, I'm going to end up borrowing one of Captain Barta's stilettos and leaving him an IOU in its place." he jokes. "But, simple enough for today. Go out, meet the Galahad, and bring her back. Any questions?"

"Any idea what sort of forces the cats might have nearby to throw at the Galahad?" Kanani asks thoughtfully, as she takes in Cole's last comments. The thought of him in a Stiletto does bring a bit of a smirk to her lips and she barely manages to keep from chuckling as well.

With a grin Marcus raises a hand. "How long has the Galahad been in the area? and do we have any blind spots we need to watch out for? I'd hate for us to get all comfortable just to find out that no one bothered to look at the astroids the cats were hiding in."

At least he's not taking one of her fighters, that's a bonus. Tori simply sits back now, letting the others pull out all the questions. Meanwhile, she considers the possibility of more action. It has been a while - everyone's probably getting rusty. That won't work so well when they do run into more Kilrathi.

"We know the Kilrathi had a destroyer squadron in Rikel. I doubt they're going to throw it all after one redeploying destroyer, but a full escorted strike package is a distinct possibility. Possibly with capship support." Cole explains, before looking to Marcus. "And local space should be clear. If anything's coming for the Galahad, it's probably going to follow it through the Rikel jump."

Kanani nods slightly at Cole's reply to her question, and leans back in her chair slightly, to see if there's any more information forthcoming, or if anyone has any other questions.

Satisifed Marcus leans back in his seat once more seeming quite happy to await further instructions.

With the Major's assessment of the threat, Walsh undertakes a quick attitude re-evaluation. He wonders, if the kitties decide to throw anything heavy at the Galahad, do we have the manpower to set against it? He has no questions to ask though, so he leans back and waits for any further information.

The briefing room door opens, and in-walks a certain familiar, if oft-stuck in his office face. Jenthson doesn't say anything, or interrupt the briefing, mind. He just stops a bit inside the door, and takes up a spot, leaning against the bulkhead near the entrance. Arms cross over his old, tatty flightsuit, and he's got his ancient helmet tucked behind his arm. Looks like the old man is planning on flying. Fear.

Hey, whatever they ask, not going to make a difference to what's there or not. Hopefully intel got it right. And no doubt they feel the same way about it. She stretches out a bit, starting to get a little antsy about the mission already, though that just means she goes into that reserved and quiet mode. Tori does have one question though. "So when do we leave?"

"Right, since that seems to be it" The Major says asthe room falls silent. "Off you go, and good hunting" Cole offers, before his attention wanders along towards Jenthson loitering by the door. "Hope you caught the important parts, Colonel" he offers with an amused smile.


The flight of five fighters races away from the carrier, an arrowhead of Stilettos ahead and Rapiers behind. The flight out to the jump is uneventful, a simple wander through empty space as the craft converge on the swirling blue sphere that marks the jump point from Rikel. For the moment, there's no sign of the Galahad.

« Queen to flight. We are approaching our destination. Take up holding pattern, check all fighters, and call out status, please. » Tori says, her voice in that almost regal tone that might let one see where she got the callsign from. « So far, no sign of anything at the jump point, including our friendly. » She suits her own actions to her words, checking her systems, making sure her weapons are online, sensors functioning, and all systems still green. Then she's scanning her sensors, as she takes up that holding pattern, waiting for whatever comes through the door.

« Queen, Tsunami. Copy that, I don't see anything out here yet, either. » Kanani remarks as she looks over her scanners. « I suppose we're a bit earlier for our date, is all. » She adds with a slight chuckle, as she looks over her systems readout. « Everything here seems to be green. »

«Dice to Queen, everything's green here.» Marcus looks over his own sensors, his head turning as he also checks what he can see, can't be too careful after all. «Everything looks clear to me.» The pessimist in Marcus comes out at the comment from Kanani. «Or the Galahad's been held up.»

In response to the request for status reports, Walsh set his attention to his readouts. Satisfied that the techs haven't given him a lemon, he checks in. «Queen, Ozone. Systems green. Sensors clear. Got the snares, now where's the bait?»

It takes a moment before the jump point flares a brilliant blue-white color, and the wedge-shaped hull of a Gilgamesh-class destroyer comes through. The first sign that something might be wrong comes with the destroyer's movements after it comes through the jump… immediately beginning a slow turn to bring itself back to face the jump point it just came in from.

« TCS Galahad to Confederation Fighters. » A voice speaks, as a green-tinted view from the Galahad's bridge snaps onto viewscreens in the fighters. « Glad to have you with us. The Kilrathi tried to catch us at the jump, and nearly managed it »

And sure enough, as if on cue, the jump point flares once more… depositing a Ralari-class destroyer and a flight of lighter craft nearby.

Why is it always the Ralari? Humbug. Tori's brow furrows briefly but she speaks up, « We were hoping you'd invite us to a party, Galahad. Happy to join the dance. Alright folks, step lively. Attack vectors, avoid the flak, and protect the Galahad. Stick with your wingmates. » See, she got it all in one, right? « start with the bombers, and let's get them out of the picture. » Well, she's an optimist, yes. was there any doubt. She kicks in the afterburner … which is still slower than the stilettos but it's a speed demon compared to the old scimitars they used to have … sets her dumb fire and drops it, aiming at one of the bombers trying to destroy their new friends. « Tally Ho. »

« Well, looks like the fun's about to start. Lets try and get rid of those pesky bombers. » Kanani adds as her fighter jumps quickly into the fight, darting towards one of the bombers that are chasing after the destroyer. « Surf's up! » She adds before she launches a missile at her target.

Action! Walsh slams his throttle open and points his nose toward the wing of hostile bombers. «Bombers it is, then!» His targetting computer warbles at him for only an instant before he releases his payload in their direction.

With Walsh and Kanani going for Bomber 1 Marcus decides to make sure that Bomber-2 gets as warm a welcome, he forms up on Tori's wing firing of a missile of his own. «Hope you don't mind some company Queen?»

Too busy lining up their shots on the Confederation destroyer in front of them, both Kilrathi bombers are slammed by missile hits from the Confederation fighters. The lead bomber holds together, while the trailing one shatters like a dropped children's toy. Both torpedoes fired are blotted out of the sky by the Galahad's gunners, even as the destroyer's main batteries turn to line up on its Kilrathi counterpart.

« Good shooting, folks. Dice, watch out, you're picking up attention, » Tori calls out. In case he missed it. Hey, he's the most unknown quantity, after all. She spins, after that shot, turning back to continue the focus fire on the remaining bomber, because she wants it blotted out of existence. She spins her fighter, juking to the left, and then takes a bead on that last little bomber. It might be overkill, if she's lucky. « Tally ho! »

Kanani nods as her missile shot does enough damage to mess up the bomber's torpedo launch, and thankfully the Galahad takes care of the rest by destroying the torpedo. When the bomber doesn't blow up though, she switches over to guns, and presses the attack. « Tsunami switching to guns. Lets get rid of this guy quick, and give the Galahad a bit of breathing room. »

«I see 'em.» With a quick flick of the switch he's changed back to guns as he throws himself into a few evasive twists. «Switching to guns, I'm going to make another pass. Anyone got a second to help clear my tail?» It's said casually as Marcus attempts to line up a shot on the remaining bomber, just so long as it doesn't leave him exposed of course.

«I take back that green status report — missile warheads appear to be packed with sawdust.» Walsh quips as his seeker does its best impression of useless debris against the target's armor. The flash of laser fire against his own fuselage does little more than annoy him, but with another fight bearing down his neck, he opts to play slightly safer. Switching to guns, he closes on the bomber, but with at least some attention paid to his own survival, rather than his almost ballistic approach at the beginning of the engagement.

For anyone who ever doubted the durability of Kilrathi construction, the surviving Grikath seems to do its best to disprove the stereotype. Battered by gunfire and yet another heavy missile warhead, the craft somehow holds together… doggedly keeping on target to launch its second torpedo.

The Galahad's gunners, meanwhile, seem to be doing their best to live up to their end of the bargain… swatting the second torpedo from the sky as well, even as the main batteries finally engage, sending a volley of antimatter crashing into the Ralari's hull.

Tori whistles to herself as the Grikath takes a heck of a lot of damage and keeps on ticking. « Alright, Two of you split off and go after the Drakhri, » Tori says. « Tsunami, take your pick. If she's on the Grik, boys, you're on the fighters. » Eh, she's not going to fuss, so long as someone starts making those Drakhri worry a bit. For her part, she stays on the bomber, not happy that it took all that punishment and is still trying to make mincemeat out of the Galahad. "Bloody kats." Now out of dumbfires, she flicks the switch to bring her guns online, listening to the power whine that continues up until they are ready to go. She continues to play tag with the Drakhri that's chasing her, but targets the bomber, waiting until she gets a lock, and then pressing the trigger.

« Copy that, Queen. I'll go get one or two of those escorts off of us. » Kanani replies, as she turns her fighter after one of the Drakhri going after Marcus. She waits to get a lock and then calls out, « Fox 2 » Before launching a heat seeker after the Kilrathi fighter.

Marcus pulls off a beautiful display of evasive brilliance (at least if you ask him) managing to weave his way through a number of spin loops and dives, dodging one of his tails efforts to attack him completely, yet he soon fires off a shot of his own, and that second he takes to line up on the remaining bomber is all the second fighter needs to land a glancing blow (at least it's just a glancing blow if you ask Marcus… Pure luck really). «I'll help with the fighter detail. Lets see if I can't get you a clean shot on one of these furballs Tsunami.» With that he attempts to come am make an attack on one of the escorts, hopefully forcing his own tails to expose themselves.

One second of astonishment at the lack of Grikath explosions is enough distration to be riddled with fire from one of its escorts. His stiletto shuddering violently, Walsh wrestles with the controls, performing a sluggish, clumsy break maneuver. «Ahh fuck it. If this arsehole stops shooting at me, I'll see if I can do something useful… If this tin can does what I tell it to…» He's quite interested in not becoming a fireball at this point in time though — he's been hit enough for one day.

Apparently, there really is a limit to how much pounding even a Grikath can take. And while the bomber lasts long enough to fire a third torpedo it doesn't last much beyond that, leaving the Galahad only the damaged Kilrathi destroyer to contend with. Suddenly the odds look much better for the Confederation warship.

Left with nothing to escort, the Kilrathi craft continue the fight… focusing on the damaged Confederation fighters, hoping to at least salvage a few kills for personal honor and glory out of what has clearly at this point become a busted mission.

Now that's taken care of, Tori is free to focus on the Drakhri, along with the rest of the team. Hopefully the Galahad can take care of the Ralari on its own. Cause there ain't no way in hell Tori's got anything that can touch the ralari. « Watch out for the flak, try to keep out of range of those big boys,» she calls out, just keeping her voice out there, keeping things calm. She does a quick dodge, loop, and twist, to end up flying straight at the Drakhri that had been tailing her, targetting and firing full guns at it in a daring flyby that she probably will get yelled for later.

Kanani hmms thoughtfully, as her missile connects, and at least does some damage to the Drakhri. "These cats are annoying." She comments idly to herself, as she switches to her guns again, and opens fire once she's got a shot at the cat's cockpit. This is made more difficult by the fact that she's decided she doesn't want to get shot, and is trying to juke around the enemy shots headed her way.

Bobbing and weaving Marcus keeps his eyes on the pair of ships following him, he watches their fire as it sails harmlessly by him, his attention so focused on not getting shot that it's a fraction of a second after he's lost his tails that he's even aware of it, one more quick spin round, his speed dropping to tighten the angle and bring him back on the target he's picked, his aim squarely on the cockpit, he's hoping to hit the damned cat.

Less than enthusiastic about being a sink for Kilrathi laser energy, and noting that they seem to be taking turns at trying to kill him, Walsh puts most of his effort into "No-go-boom". That his crosshairs get anywhere near anything to fire at is more a lucky co-incidence than a planned attack. When the chance arises, he puts a few rounds in the enemy's direction all the same.

It was all going so well, really it was… but, luck in these things can change in the blink of an eye. The Kilrathi destroyer finally lands a solid hit on the Galahad, and what a hit it is. Some ugly scoring is left around the bridge of the destroyer, though the ship still seems in the fight at the moment despite the damage.

If nothing else, Tori draws some attention from the remaining fighters, though she does convince the one she turned to peg that maybe he wants to chase someone else. Hah. « Keep on them. We can do it. Maybe try that focussed fire idea? it worked well for us earlier. » She throws that out and will see if the group takes that notion to heart. And then she winces as she sees the Galahad get hit. "It's a little backwards to have the royalty saving the knight, isn't it?" she murmurs to herself, as she acquires a target and fires. Then she pays attention to her system alerts, and goes into one of those convoluted avoidance patterns.

Kanani is happy to see that the cats have stopped shooting at her for the moment, and jumps after her current target, switching back to her final missile, launching it as soon as a lock tone is heard. The missile jumps off the rails hopefully going to end in a happy ending. For Confed at least, not the cat.

Marcus manages to catch the cockpit as he passes, a wide grin spreading across his face as he does so, it's not a kill, but a hit's still reason to smile for now. He flies passed the enemy fighter, pulling back hard on the throttle as he attempts to turn tight as he can, he quickly flicks his weapons over to heat seekers, and as soon as he hears the comforting beep of his lock on system he's taking a shot at the kittens engines.

For all his trying to dodge the enemy, Walsh still took some hits. Sparing a slightly anxious glance at his displays, he's glad to find that at least that shot appears to have done nothing major. «Aww, stop shooting at me, please and thank you!» he calls out, irritatedly. «S'posed to be -me- shooting -you-!» He's still on the defensive, with the enemy playing tag-team with him, but his patience is wearing thin. Missile time!

Galahad and Urvak continue to trade fire, though with its command structure clearly somewhat rattled the Galahad is getting the worse of the exchange. Outside of the capships, however, the fighter battle is falling the other way. A heat-seeking missile from Marcus' fighter slams into one of the Drakhri. Here today, gone tomorrow.

Well, at least with Tori playing target, the kitties aren't hitting the other fighters? More or less. She decides to continue trying to pick off the fighter that's chasing Ozone's tail, not happy with the kat playing favourites like that. « C'mon, kitty, we've got presents, » she says, as she maneouvers away from the two fighters chasing her, deciding to try again to kick some kitty tail. Target acquired, and fire!

Kanani sighs in annoyance as her last missile doesn't blow up her target, but she continues to chase after it, switching to guns again, and trying to brighten the cats day up with some mass driver bursts to the cockpit.

Walsh grinds his teeth as his fighter is hit by still more fire. «FUUUUCK!» He's right pissed now. Since he seems to be completely unable to dodge anything, it's rampage time. Best defense is a good offence, and all that. He swings on his controls and steers pointedly towards the first enemy he sees (as best as his ailing craft can steer at least), barely waiting for solid tone before doing his best to crush the trigger.

A second Kilrathi fighter falls to a heat seeking missile… but perhaps more damaging still, the Galahad finds its aim once more. A shot rips through the port engine bank of the Kilrathi destroyer, causing a spectacular explosive plume along one of the wide 'wings' of the destroyer. Perhaps deciding that this isn't a winning engagement, and with the odds growing worse by the moment, the Kilrathi forces turn back for the jump… retreating back through it in a flash.