Stuck In Medbay
Stuck in Medbay
Arc: None
Summary: Phillip and Alec are visited by others while still stuck to bedrest.
Date: 2658.144
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Participants: Cole Kanani Phillip Paz Alec Weiss

Kanani wanders her way into the medbay, and glances over the beds and groups of people inside, before she starts to head over towards the two pilots that are currently talking with the injured bomber pilot. Once she gets near enough to speak quietly, she says quietly, with a bit of a chuckle. "Hey there, guys. How're you all doing, today?"

McGrath looks a little chastened at Paz's outburst, biting his lip - and only a little mollified by his CO's quip. "Uh… sorry, din' mean it like that," he replies. "Is it that busy? Didn' we win the battle?" he asks, offering Kanani a little wave as she approaches.

Phillip has been sitting over in his bed asleep for hours at the several beds over. He awakens with a start as if from a bad dream. As he slowly rises to a sitting position, he looks over at the group of fellow pilots. "Ah hey guys anything going on?"

"Oh, relax, Beagle." Paz replies waving the man's apology away. "I was only funnin'. As to the whole question of noise, I heartily recommend getting someone to bring you a music player with some really good earbuds," she says, nodding. "This place can be like a mosh pit sometimes," she notes. "Heh, and that makes it different from our CAPs, _how_, Major," she chuckles. "It's not like we're doing aerobatics out there, ya know." Kanani's advent earns a grin and a hearty wave. "Not a lot, Phil. Just catching up," Paz adds

"It's like this. You get bored, you can hit the afterburners. What the hell am I gonna do in a Broadsword, break out a crossword puzzle?" Cole jokes, before he looks back towards Alec. "And yeah, we won. But, doesn't mean we don't have to make sure there aren't more of 'em out there. And with our fighter wing beat to hell, that means those of us still on our feet have more work to do," he explains, before his attention is diverted by the Stiletto pilot's arrival. "Hey, Kanani" he greets her, smile growing wider for a moment.

Kanani grins slightly, waving back at Paz, and Alec, and nodding at Cole. On hearing a bit of the conversation, she adds. "You gotta figure that the cat's aren't going to be very happy about getting their asses kicked, so it'd be stupid to let up our guard, just cause we won a battle." She chuckles and shrugs a bit. "So what's up in all of your worlds, today?"

The thought of everyone else working around the clock seems to unsettle the newbie, as he looks down at his injuries and seems in equal parts ashamed and frustrated. At least that doesn't last long - he breathes out loudly and raises a hand in hello at Phillip. "'s mostly been beeps and protein shakes today," he says. "You all coming in's the highlight, so far." He gives Kanani a closer look. "Hey. Uh, I saw you in the briefing room, right? Not much chance to say hi there. So, uh, hi."

Phillip say, "uh, oh yeah CAP duty, real fun work there," Phillip comments. "The long hours where you have to watch for something that almost certainly won't come unless there was a hole in the short-range patrols. The only good part is being able to do more inside the cockpit since the Majestic's sensors should detect enemies in-bound far sooner than ours ever could." Then Iceblade at Kanani, "Well for me, I'm just healing…slowly but healing."

"Exactly, Iceblade, exactly." Paz nods. "And you secure that noise, Beagle." Paz says firmly. "You're not in here for fun, you know. You're in here cause you almost got dead a couple nights ago pulling off one hell of a kill shot on a very important target. You rest easy."

"I'm mostly trying to stay awake" Cole tells Kanani. "Between the added patrols, paperwork, and…" he pauses for a moment. "other duties as assigned" he finally decides is the best way to phrase it "I haven't been able to catch much rack time." That said, he looks back towards Alec. "And Tizona's right. Just get your ass back in one piece, and we'll worry about taking care of things until then. War's not gonna go anywhere without you, I promise."

"If only it would go away suddenly, it'd be nice. But not much chance of that happening," Kanani states with a chuckle, and she offers nods to the answers to her question. She smirks at Alec, "Yeah, I was one of the people trying to keep the cats off you bomber types. But there's not a whole lot we can do to stop flak from hitting people."

Alec makes a visible effort to cheer up and pull himself together after various insistences to do just that, and gives Kanani a sheepish smile. "Heh. I guess some cat gunner got as lucky as I did. But I din' get a single jolt from the fighter cover, I think, though, so…" He finishes with a thumbs up.

"As for me, I'm hoping someone around here's got my formal discharge papers." Paz says by way of answering Kanani's question. "Keep getting my ears bent about going back to 'official' flight status," she grumbles. "Because, apparently, the fact I'm flying 3 CAPs a day doesn't mean anything until there's paperwork in someone's box."

At Kanani, Iceblade comments finally awake enough to talk normally, "Fat chance of this war ending in anything but a stalemate or outrigh…" Phillip pauses before finishing that statement, not wanting to scare the rookie. "Well outright collapse of one side over the other." Iceblade then gives a quick sigh, turns to Cole and says, "So are we the only ones actually flying patrol or are the Milita actually pitching in."

Cole rounds on Phillip just about as fast as he has on a surprised Sartha or two. "Lieutenant" Cole says to the man, perhaps a little more sharply than he intends to. "You can entertain whatever pessimistic thoughts you want, but for my part… I fully intend to end this war by having a drink with a freshly-repaved Kilrah out the window" he explains. "I've got better things to do than plan for perpetual stalemate"

Kanani grins slightly at Alec's response, and she gives Paz a chuckle. "You should go on strike and sit in the medbay till they get that sorted out. Claim that you're not fit enough to fly, or something." She states with a grin. She peers between Cole and Phillip, and smirks. "But is it really paved, if the planets just turned to glass though?"

"Heh, yeah, I'll let you try running that one by Tori." Paz chuckles throatily. "No way am I flying into that particular flak ring. No _way_. I'd wind up back in here for real," she laughs. "Trying to explain to Doc Raine how I got Tori's boot that far up my ass."

The beat-up bomber-pilot's still unsettled by the talk of neverending war and planetary bombardment. "Someone's got to give up before it gets to bombing everything… right? And… it can't be us, they won't let us, so…" he trails off, perhaps realizing the degree to which he hasn't thought this through.

Phillip is taken rather aback by Cole's response but is soon distracted by Kanani and Paz's discussion and starts laughing some too. After a few seconds, Iceblade turns towards Alec, "Ah Alec, don't worry yourself about it. Confed would never let the Kilrathi get anywhere near that close to Earth again unless all of our carriers were wiped out."

Alec looks awkward. "'m not worrying," he insists. "'m just…" he tails off, seemingly without an answer.

"If bombing everything's what it takes, then that's what we'll do" Cole replies to Alec, giving a little bit of a shrug. "Can't have this going on forever, after all," he explains. "And I'd sure as hell rather see that than the alternative."

Kanani snickers at Paz and nods. "Yeah, I'm sure it'd go over great. Really." She states with a grin. She gives another nod to Cole. "Yeah, if that's what it takes to end things, then that's what we'd have to do."

"Mmnh," McGrath mumbles, in semi-agreement. "Uh, is there any chance we could talk about something… not depressing, now, like…" he stops, seemingly trying to think of a subject.

"Heh, what? Wiping the Kilrathi out's depressing?" Paz grins wolfishly to Alec. "Oh, well, okay, since you just _insist_." she chuckles, blowing a strand of hair out of her face in mock frustration, her tone making it clear she's only teasing. "And yeah, Tsunami. 'Tori would have my guts for damn garters if I tried to play hookie now," she adds firmly. "You, on the other hand," she says, swiveling to face Iceblade, are instructed to get yourself stapled back together and report back to our Squad ASAP in perfect working order," she says with a smile.

Phillip shrugs at Paz and says with a grin, "I'll do what I can, which isn't much beyond sleeping all day and night." After a second of thought, Iceblade adds, "Oh I would think she would want me back in just working order. Perfect working order would probably take an extra day at the least." Iceblade then winks.

"Speaking of sleep" Cole comments, giving a little grin to the assembled crowd. "I think I'm going to take this as my chance to find some, before I manage it mid-patrol instead," he jokes. "Lieutenant McGrath, Lieutenant Bradford. Get well soon," he offers in parting.

Another little wave from the bedridden bomber. "Bye, sir. Thanks for coming," Alec says, giving the Major a lazy salute from his prone position.

Kanani chuckles and grins slightly at the ongoing conversation. She gives a nod in Cole's direction as well. "Rest well, Major." She states with a chuckle.

"Sleep easy, Major." Paz nods politely to the departing officer before snickering at Bradford's comment. "Heh, at least that," she nods teasingly.

Phillip gives a smirk to Cole saying, "I'll give it my best, sir." Iceblade then adds with a wry smile, "Although, I do have to say, I'm starting to enjoy my stay here in the Med bay so much, I might not want to leave. Although if they don't put some sugar in these shakes, they may run me off anyway with my tastebuds leading the retreat." Iceblade then waves at Cole as he leaves.

Cole returns Alec's salute with one of his own, even if his version is less the parade ground sort, and more along the lines of a vague wave to his eyebrow. "Stay out of trouble, Tizona," Cole offers, before turning a grin on Kanani. "Tsunami, I'd say the same for you, but I know you're a lost cause" and on that note, he's out the door.

Alec says, "Huh, tcheah," McGrath quips back at Phil, smiling wearily as Cole leaves. "Range of exciting flavours like cardboard, boot sole an' pocket lint. Gourmet stuff."

"God, I would kill for a burger," Alec adds. "A sandwich. Bowl of peanuts, anything."

"Heh, well, if you talk nice to me and Tsunami here, we might be able to sneak you in some soup." Paz muses. "But no burgers or anything solid," she says firmly, unconsciously taking on Ninja Nurse's stern tones. "They don't have you on liquids for nothing. You've got stitches in your gullets. Those break and you're right back where you started.

Phillip then looks at Alec and chuckles initially. Then Alec mentions food, a stark frown suddenly appears, "Please don't mention food like that. Your making me hungry….and I really don't want to drink a barf shake right now." He then turns toward Paz, "You know, soup would actually be pretty good right now." His eyes look around to find the Ninja Nur…excuse me Nurse-Pric Imahara at the other end of the room. "Well, I actually had some earlier and I'm thinking of mentioning to Raine to put people on soup rather shake diets when there in here."

"Oh, tell me you're serious," Alec begs, half joking, half desperate. "Even soup, I'd do anything. My last solid meal was a Broadsword cockpit, an' I'd even settle for another if there was barbeque sauce." He shoots Phillip an apologetic look, but it seems a mite harder to just dismiss the thought of food completely.

Kanani chuckles softly and then peers over at Paz. "But is the soup on board this ship any better than what they're eating already in here?" She asks with a smirk, and shrugs slight. "Besides, aren't we supposed to be all responsible these days, and not do sneaky stuff like that?"

"Well, no, to be honest with you, Kanani, it isn't any better." Paz chuckles in reply. "However, the difference in appearance and texture might be enough to trick them into thinking otherwise." she giggles. "And yes, we aren't supposed to do such childish things, but after the complete arseholing we gave the Kilrathi Navy the other night, I think we can get away with a few transgressions here and there."

Phillip turns towards Paz and Kanani, "Well it's not like you are giving us solid foods…so technically it's not really a transgression." Yeah By-the-Book, sure, BtB unless the rules can be easily bended.

Perked up by the hope of a hot (if not solid) meal on the horizon, McGrath nods as fervently as his neck wounds will allow. "Name your price."

Kanani snickers and nods towards Paz. "Just making sure is all. If I'm going to break rules, I like to know that's what I'm doing beforehand," she states with a wink. "And somehow it doesn't surprise me that the normal food isn't really any better. I don't see how it could be better than anything else, really."

"Eh, no prices, now. Just a solid 'I owe you' for the next time one of us is in here being subjected to the horrors of hospital food," Paz replies sweetly to Alec. "Matter of fact, in honor of your recent decoration, Alec, yours is on the house," she grins. "Sorry, Ice, you still gotta owe me one," she winks teasingly, voice making it clear she doesn't really mean what she's saying. Paz, feeling maternal about rooks? Say it ain't so!

Alec sinks back into his pillow, tiring but relieved and grateful. "Ah, you're angels, an' that's the truth," he says, earnestly. "You're on. Though, here's hopin' none of us need a bed here again, eh?" Another smile, a little wistful.

Phillip chuckles at that. "Yeah right, I've only been on board for two weeks and already this is my second time in here this banged up."

Kanani shakes her head, and grins faintly. "I know that I'm hoping I'll never end up in here other than as a visitor. But yeah. The rest of you try and stay out too, once you're healed up," she adds with a smirk.

"From your lips, to God's ears, Beagle," Paz adds, crossing herself before pulling her medallion of St. Christopher out and giving it a kiss.

"A man can hope," McGrath insists. "A man can dream. Spent a week hoppin' shuttles an' a month before that writing letters to get here. Hell if I'm gonna spend the lion's share mummified an' doped up."

Paz and Kanani are nearby Alec's bed, who is partially upright. Some beds over towards the door is Phillip on his bed looking at the group.

Phillip looks to Alec, "Well you can try as best as you can to not get smashed, but it is really difficult. Heck it seems a rare combat mission for me to return with my bird still having its armor."

Kanani chuckles and grins at the two injured pilots. "Sooner or later you'll get the hang of things, and getting your birds scratched up won't be so common."

Weiss limps into the medical bay, leaning heavily on his crutch-like forearm cane. His ever-present cigar, now lit, is between his teeth as he stops a few feet into the room and glares at all the pilots in various states of medical distress, and undress. He pops lips once, around the cigar, and shakes his head. "So.. zis is vere tiy are all are.." he says, taking the cigar in his free hand and ashing it in one of the metal bedpans beside one of the beds, probably Phillip's. "I svear, you all have one teeny veeny battle and get boo-boos and zen leave me to clean up mess afterwards." He /looks/ as stern as ever.. and sounds as grumpy, but there is a faint smirk at the corner of his mouth. He looks around, so the nurses don't see what he is doing.. Then shirks his shoulder. A backpack slips off, clinking, and he reaches around to open it and starts tossing a few bottles on the beds between their legs. The bottles are not some mass produced swill but have the words Weissenhaus Weinbrand on them with a Germanic coat of arms. This is followed by some small metal tubes.. Cigars. And very VERY expensive ones.

"Yeah, in this business the learning curve's kind of a bitch," Paz echoes with a solemn nod. Weiss' entry on to the scene and his crusty commentary are met with fond chuckles and a little salute. Then he breaks out the goodies. "Oh my…" she breathes, catching her breath a little at the sight of so much treasure. "This mean we're forgiven for breakin' the car, Pop?"

McGrath had seemed to be drifting off, but the bottle landing on his bed pull him back to wakefulness. "Hey, woah… what?" he says, momentarily confused at the bottle's appearance. He looks around, blinking muzzily until he sees Weiss - and looks a little puzzled, when he realizes this is someone he doesn't know. "Uh, hi?" he says, a little unsure.

Phillip nods at Kanani, but then he jerks a little at the sudden appearance of Weiss near his bed. He then looks at the gifts and is a little surprised. He can only manage a quick thank you as he is now near completely speechless.

Weiss hrmphs and eyes Paz. "Do not call me Pop. I am not /zat/ old. But yes. You are all forgiven." he looks at each and every one of the pilots. "Do not tink I do zis often.. and tell no one. I have reputation to protect. And I vill still be riding your asses. But sometimes.. Sometimes you all deserve break," he shrugs. "It vas a mess, volks. But we did good. /YOU/ did good." he pulls out a candle in a beer empty bottle and sets it beside on one of the carts and uses his trenchlighter to light it. Then sets another bottle of the brandy and a cigar next to it. "Zis.. zis ist for zose who not come home."

Kanani snickers as she watches Weiss handing out booze and cigars to the injured pilots. As he gives his little speech she grins and states, "Don't worry, Chief. I'm sure everyone here will keep their mouths shut about any possible good will you may or may not have displayed towards people of a piloty nature."

"No worries, Chief." Paz replies, giving the man a respectful, if somewhat playful nod. "You won't hear a peep about this from any of us." she reassures him. At his announcement upon lighting the candle, she crosses herself again and kisses her medallion once more. "Amen, Chief." she sighs, looking a little forlorn for a moment as the faces of her fallen friends pass through her mind.

Alec looks all rather somber at the sudden grim turn of conversation, though he's acutely aware that he knows no-one that died in the battle and doesn't have any dead pilot friends, either. Falling silent for the moment, he continues to listen as folk talk around him.

Phillip is still speechless. Between the complete reversal in Weiss's behavior to the regulations breakage in the med bay happening right here, he is totally dumbfounded and doesn't even know what to think, let alone say. In a rather old but apt phase: 'does not compute' 'does not compute.' Then he looks at the candle, and Iceblade's face goes to a look of complete depression as his mind drifts back to when he failed so many by missing the torpedo that did the Honour in.

Weiss turns those grey eyes on Kanani and lets out a snort. "You think you are cute.. vell.. Ja, you are," he admits. "But if you all vant birds to fly like new, zen you vill keep mouths shut…" he warns, and wags a finger but with little real rancor behind it. He catches sight of Phillip and raises a brow. "Hey.. you. stop looking like brooding hamlet. You tink you let people down, maybe? better to have at least tried. You are only ever guilty if you didn't try." He smiles a bit at Paz again then takes a step back. "Now if you excuse me.. I have one more ting to do…" He walks away, behind a curtain to wherever there are nurses.. There is a mumble of a conversation for a few moments, then he steps out, slipping something into his pocket and salutes the pilots as he passes them. "Rest vell, kids."

Kanani grins and chuckles at Weiss. "Hey I promise I ain't saying a thing, Chief." As the Deck Chief starts to leave, she tosses him a salute. "Take care, and don't be too rough on your crews down on the deck."

McGrath waves vaguely at the eminent and imminent chief tech, nodding agreement at the promise of secrecy and trying to look appreciative, though still a little unsure - possibly due to not quite knowing the man. But as first impressions go, that one clearly made… an impression.

"Well, I think it's time we turn one of these bottles to good use." Paz announces, brightening after her little reverie. "Anybody here on any opiates?"

If brains were made of electronics, smoke would be coming out of Phillip's ears as he has clearly had a major overload.

Weiss looks over his shoulder at Kanani. "I am never rough on mein crew!" he says.. And he ducks out WELL before anyone responds to the opiates question.

Kanani hmms as she looks around the room, and grins slightly. She looks over at Paz and comments, "I don't know about the rest of the group, but it looks like Ice might have been broken more. Or something."

Alec ruefully raises his hand at the question of opiates, but squints at the mindblown Phil. "He, uh, he looks like he could use a drink," he suggests.

Paz nods and starts gathering up cups before cracking the seal on one of Weiss's gifted bottles. "Someone wanna help me pour?"

Phillip: ………..

Kanani yawns slightly, and stretches a bit. "Well, as much as I'd love to drink, I should probably get some sleep, before I have another one of those CAP's to go out on. See you guys later."

It'd be a little unrealistic to expect McGrath to make cocktails propped up in bed, and he's likely going to have to stay off the booze - but that doesn't mean he can't help out, holding out a glass ready to be poured into. He waves with his other hand, as Kanani bids goodnight. "Sleep well, g'luck," he says. "Nice t'meet you."

Paz is more than happy to pour a round for the three remaining pilots.

Phillip barely grasps hold of a cup before the liquid is poured. Then he drains it in one gulp rather clumsily. It really is a wonder he didn't spill any.

"Eesh," Alec murmurs under his breath. "Good thing he's already in medical… though 'm not sure if he needs a refill, or a reboot. Uh, Phil? You aright there? The German dude's gone now… whoever he was."

"Wow…way to go, Iceblade…" Paz winces. "Saves me conjuring up a toast." she snickers, taking her own drink in a couple of swallows.

McGrath laughs silently at the comment, shaking his head at the catatonic fighter-jock. "It's the thought that counts," he says raising his glass to Paz. "Cheers." He takes a sip, relishing it, before setting the glass by his bedside.

Phillip's face remains extremely static with open yet unmoving eyes and a slight frown. It is clear his brain is trying to reconcile and analyze a lot of information. His mind must also be somewhere else. The events of the battle seem to have really damaged his morale and though not readily evident yet self-worth. One has to wonder how anybody on-board could be this down. Sure people died, but this is war. Heck, Phillip should count himself lucky for not only surviving the battle but also for having the fortune to not lose anybody he knew during it. Yet he is depressed.

"Ice?" Paz asks, reaching over to give the Rook a little shake. "Ice? C'mon, hey, snap out of it. You're freaking us out."

Ice is still …

Alec doesn't seem sure what to do; the humour in the situation had drained away, and getting up himself to see to the other pilot wasn't an option. He settles for watching, brow furrowed. "He's not allergic to this stuff, is he?"

Paz gives another, firmer shake to the now quasi-catatonic Iceblade. "Okay…Ice…" Paz sighs, standing up and moving towards the tray table of a nearby, sleeping patient. "You wanna try this anime 'freaking out' shit….fair enough…..But it's gonna _cost you_." she sing songs the last sentence as she snags the man's water jug.

After a few seconds, Ice finally shakes his head some and he moves his hand up to his eyes. "Ugh, what time is it?" Then he notices Paz and his eyes open up wide, "Uh Paz, what are you doing."

"Ach, denied," Alec quips, as the likelihood of a drenching becomes much less now Ice is talking. "Well done, though, doctor, your patient's completely cured."

"Well, I was going to douse you with this water jug, but now that you have recovered, I guess I'm gonna have to put it back." Paz replies, sighing with mock frustration. "Heh, I oughta take up psychiatric work in my spare time." she chuckles darkly as she goes to replace the man's jug.

Phillip responds, "uh okay… Uh question, who in the hell was that German, cause that was nothing like Weiss."

"Don' even know the guy… one of the techs? Guess everyone's feelin' a bit shaken an' strange these days, eh," Alec says, peering at Ice drowsily.

"That was Chief of the Deck Eldritch Weiss." Paz explains simply, returning to snuff the candle with thumb and forefinger. "He's pretty much our crew chief. He's the one who puts our birds back together." she says, smiling faintly. "And remember this day, peeps, you will likely -never= see him this nice again," she adds. "Okay, gather up those bottles and those stogies that you can reach," she says, starting to do her part to accomplish said task. "Tuck 'em someplace unobtrusive, I'll send a Deck hand along to pick 'em up and stow 'em for you in a safe place."

Iceblade nods and does the task. After that, he turns to Paz and says, "Well goodnight or morning or whatever time it is and try and have some fun on patrol." He then turns to Alec, "You might also want to get some rest." Iceblade then picks up his pad and starts to research some things.

"Aye… gettin' that way," Alec agrees, beginning to fade. "Take good care out there, thanks for comin'," he says to Paz. "Really mean that. Don' forget the soup!"

"I'll send it with the deckies when they come to collect your swag. No worries, you'll get your fair shares," she reassures them with the air of someone who's been into this clandestine business for some time now.