Mads Mikkelsen
Captain Tacitus Darren Longfellow
Name: Tacitus Darren Longfellow
Callsign: Gloomy
Rank: Captain
Branch: Terran Confederacy Space Force
Unit: 221st Illuminati
Position: XO
Age: 28
Homeworld: Outlook Patrol Station
Marital Status: Separated
Actor: Mads Mikkelsen



Ever since New Years Day, 2631, Tacitus Longfellow has known space, and the war. Born to Robert and Lucille Longfellow aboard the Confed station "Outlook". Robert was a Lieutenant Commander aboard the Venture class "Die Hard". His mother a Petty Officrd 3rd Class stationed on the Outlook. With his father, Robert, away due to so much of the problems surrounding planet Kilrah in those years, Tacitus's earliest days had little contact with the man, and only as much with Lucille as her own shifts would allow.
With the Kilrathi desctruction of the Anna Magdalena, and then the attack on McAuliffe, Tacitus was soon placed in the care of non-combat personell as his father was called back to the Die Hard and his mother back up to her original posting aboard the troop transport modified Diligent transport "Heinlein". As years passed in the war, Tacitus and his parents became more able to meet with one another. The threat of losing the other, though still a foriegn concept for Tacitus, caused his family to grow closer, and so every available oppertunity was taken to see their boy. His love of music was nurtured by his parents, and lessons were provided to allow him all the chance to get in practice. The years of new attention, and affection, and their stories of the warfront drove Tacitus, on his seventeenth birthday, to enlist with Confed.
Having grown up in space, and aboard a station no less, Tacitus had learned early to be ready. Quick reflexed, decent around tech, and fairly alert of his surroundings, the man was quickly identified for pilot training and was assigned to the appropriate training programs. Fast in the simulators, and well aware of his surroundings, Tacitus was expected for great things after graduation, even if he did seem to have a pessimistic streak running through him. His first year in the academy would be one of his worst though, and fully cement in his gloomy world outlook.
At the age of eighteen, Tacitus would be left with only fading memories of Lucille Longfellow when her ship is amongst those delivering ground forces against a Kilrathi colonly on what would become called Custer's Carnival. The loss of Lucille struke both Tacitus and his father hard, nearly driving the young man to leave Confed while his father quietly fell to drink.

Finishing his training at the height of the Battle for Venice, Tacitus would become like a sort of mascot to the squadron whom he'd been assigned to, the 101st "Dare Devils". Having spent some of his time learning the language of the species who murdered his mother, Tacitus was quickly placed within the squad for his ability to descipher spoken word intercepted on comm lines, something highly prized by his CO Major Landers "Buckaroo" Wrenshaw. The same skill being claimed by everyone, but Tacitus, in his squad as the reason for their continued survival. Always commenting on hoe dire things were, he was given the name "Gloomy" when someone asked him to be positive about something. His response was "I'm fairly positive we're all going to die… Happy?"
Despite his fatalistic attitude, Tacitus never showed a sign of giving in, only polite acceptance of what might happen to him in his chosen line of work. Quick on the stick and reactive to his surroundings, Tacitus watched the backs of his squadron as much as his own, and only further engendered affection from his wingmates. Every day, though, was a chance to lose another friend, and Tacitus refused to ignore people because of something like the threat of death. Knowing that to ignore his fellows for such a reason would make him no better than the enemy he was facing. In turn, a small memento of each friend lost was kept by "Gloomy", most often a picture snapped as close to their last mission together if he could find one.
As the years drew on, and on, Tacitus's Longfellows own hardships grew. His father's death caused by his drinking and subsequent fall from the airlock of the ship he served on the anniversary of his wife, and Tacitus's mother's, death. Promote in part due to seniority as well as merit. Promoted to the rank of Captain, and serving as Major Wrenshaw's XO, Tacitus glumly kept up his role as the protector and cataloguing master of the squad's living and dead, and their well being such as it was.
The ship that the Dare Devils traveled with, The Bengal class Marharbel, found itself caught out by a force of Kilrathi warships and fighters. All squads were launched and the fight in space was horrific, the screams of fellows being reduced to cinders filling his ears and the comm logs. Expecting his end at every turn, Tacitus held out as long as he could, clinging to the wing of his mate, and watching the backs of his fellows. The Kilrathi numbers and tenacity prooved devastating regardless of his skills, and the skills of others. At the end of the encounter, only he and three others found themselves orphaned from their own squad. The Devils were in ruination, and rather than fill up the squad with rooks, Tacitus and his closest three, living, friends were separated.
Since that time, Captain Longfellow found himself sent to the Gemini sector, where more fighters were needed, especially veterans. Making a note that he would be happy to just fly with his fellows, Tacitus quietly hoped his request would be just as asked for, not wanting a command slot so soon after the loss of his squad, and his CO, but willing to accept whatever post was presented to him.

Prior Deployments

TCSF Academy Training Carrier - Tyr - Cadet
TCN Rutheford - Gettysburg Class - 205th Combat Training Squad
TCN Marharbel - Bengal Class - 101st Fighter Squadron, Dare Devils XO (Orphaned)


2652.112 - Bronze Star
2652.210 - 5 Mission Award - Ace Award
2652.330 - Purple Heart
2653.112 - Bronze Star - Battle of Sigistur Station
2653.225 - Ace of Aces Medal
2653.228 - 25 Mission Award
2654.102 - Purple Heart - Silver Star
2654.231 - Blaze Medal - Purple Heart - Battle of Far Watch
2654.302 - Silver Star - Golden Sun
2654.100 - 75 Mission Award, Ace Award - With Missiles
2654.330 - Gold Star - Battle of Tiger's Fury - Vega Campaign Ribbon
2655.000 - Blaze Medal - Battle of Twin Hill Station
2655.202 - 100 Mission Award - Bronze Star
2656.104 - Ace of Aces - With Missiles
2656.209 - Blaze Medal - Golden Sun - Gold Star
2656.220 - Bronze Star - Purple Heart
2657.102 - 125 Mission award - Golden Sun
2657.330 - Purple Heart - Bronze Star
2658.243 - Blaze Medal - Purple Heart - Distinguished Service Cross - Fall of TCN Marharbel



Notes From Prior CO's (OOC except for DH's)

Tacitus Longfellow is perpetually pessimistic. Psychological profile shows he is no threat for inappropriate action due to this mindset, nor is he considerable as a threat to himself or squad mates. Captain Longfellow shows a protective streak amongst fellow pilots, and personally saved the three members of his squadron to survive The Battle of Marharbel's Fall.

Other IC Info

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