Stephen Lang
Colonel Stephen Miles Taylor
Name: Stephen Miles Taylor
Callsign: Meat Grinder
Rank: Colonel
Branch: TCSF
Unit: 27th Carrier Air Wing TCS Majestic
Position: Wing Commander
Age: 45
Homeworld: New Terra, 7th Planet in the Pandora System
Marital Status: Divorced
Actor: Stephen Lang



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Prior Deployments

2634 to 2636 - Assault Dropship Pilot, Second Lieutenant, Third Marine Division
2636 to 2637 - Second Lieutenant, 94th (Assault) Bomber Squadron (Trident Heavy Bomber)
2637 to 2638 - First Lieutenant, 94th (Assault) Bomber Squadron (Trident Heavy Bomber)
2638 to 2642 - Captain, 94th (Assault) Bomber Squadron (Trident Heavy Bomber)
2642 to 2646 - Major and XO of the 94th (Assault) Bomber Squadron (Trident Heavy Bomber)
2646 to 2648 - Major and XO of the 7th (Torpedo) Bomber Squadron (Broadswords)
2648 to 2657 - Lt. Colonel and CO of the 7th (Torpedo) Bomber Squadron (Broadswords)
2657 to 2659 - Colonel and Wing Commander of the 24th Carrier Air Wing, TCS Liberty


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Notes From Prior CO's (OOC except for DH's)

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Other IC Info

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