The Great Escape
The Great Escape
Arc: None
Summary: TCS Majestic's marines rescue a pair of captured pilots from pirates.
Date: 2658.181
Related Logs: None
Participants: Paz Valdis Kayly Templeton

It might not have been the most uneven engagement in history, but it's pretty far up on the list. An unsuccessful attempt to flee with their hostages has left a pirate transport stranded within sight of the jump point out-system. Not that it's in much danger of going anywhere, as a well placed torpedo shot has quite literally blown the engines of the pirate transport clear of the body of the craft.

Making its way along towards the darkened transport is the landing craft La Drang, rolling neatly to the side of the Drayman to avoid fire from its single laser battery and settling against the hull with a thunk. A moment later, a soft hissing sound can be heard as the laser cutters at the hatch set to work forcing an opening into the transport. Inside, the rescue team prepares to make their entrance as soon as that opening is available.

Decked out in the finest environmental protection Confed has to offer, Lieutenant Geil is hidden beneath a mask of anonymity, suited from head to toe in sealed vacuum operations armor. Connected to the world through his helmet's headset, his Landreicher drawl scratches to life over the boarding team's frequency. "Remember, we're lookin' at unpredictability throughout this here mess. These are pirate troops, irregular at best. They might do some right stupid shit, so watch yer backs and stick together. Double check yer seals; I wouldn't put it past these airheads to blow a hatch thinkin' they might space us where we stand."
Templeton glances down to his rifle, checking the digital readout: full. His grenades glisten dully in the dim lighting of the LC, and a transponder beacon blinks intermittently on his chest. Again, his radio picks up. "Corp'ral Aradottir," his accent completely obliterates her last name, "ya'll and Bacon are on point. I'll be right behind ya." Beside Valdis, PFC Jefferson 'Bacon' Maxwell, possibly the chubbiest marine in the company, cocks his rifle. "Don't go until I give the signal."

Valdis tightens her grip on her rifle, giving Templeton a little nod. "Got it, sir" Valdis replies to him simply, taking up a position next to the door. She looks over towards Maxwell, giving him a little grin. "Try not to get stuck going through the door, hmm?" she teases him. Something to keep from worrying too much about what sort of mess she might be about to step into.

Thirty!" Paz calls from the landing craft's cockpit. The flight over went reasonably smoothly, considering that the pirates they're about to board are fully aware of what's about to come storming out of this ship once they cut through the hull. Namely, a whole bunch of very pissed off Confed Marines that the pirates have no illusions about their chances against. They put up a pretty good field of fire, which would've worked fine if Paz had been fool enough to try and fly through it. "Get ready for pressure equalization!" she hollers, drawing her sidearm and double checking its power pack. "Somebody get that door gun heated up. These assholes come after this ship, I'd like to have something to burn them down with,"

Kayly is currently makes a few last second checks of her equipment, as she waits for the cutters to open up the way into the transport. She's also keeping a bit of a distance away from the hatch, just incase any incoming fire comes through it, once the door is opened. At hearing the instructions on the radio, she gives a brief nod, as she waits for the fun to start up.

The hissing sound dies away after a few more seconds, as the laser cutter mounted at the hatch finishes its work. A hollow 'thunk' can be heard through the hatch as the cut away section of hull falls away inside. Above the door, a second light switches from red to green, indicating a good pressure seal and at least relative atmospheric equalization. All that remains now is for the shuttle's occupants to open the door and move through.

Templeton's trigger finger tenses and relaxes along the side of his gun rhythmically, almost as if he's tapping along to a tune in his head. A couple of the other boarding party members say quick prayers, and one goes through the ritual of kissing the tip of his rifle. When the light turns green, the preparations stop. Every marine focuses on the boarding hatch, Lieutenant Geil included. "Lieutenant," he radios Paz, "open the boarding hatch in three.. two.. one… now. Kestrel, Bacon, angle fire at the corners, but hold your position." An orchestra of deactivating safeties echoes through the transport, as a dozen magnetic accelerators hum to life.

No sooner than Templeton gives the word, Paz slaps the switch and the hatch swings open almost immediately. "Godspeed, guys! I'll be waitin' for ya."

Valdis moves her small frame up against the edge of the hatch, waiting for it to open… and as soon as it does, she raises her weapon, sticking the end of her laser rifle through and bringing the sight up to her eye. "Anyone home?" she murmurs softly to herself.

Kayly slides her first aid kit over her shoulder, as she watches the hatch. She still stays back out of the way of any fire from the transport, and out of the way of the Marines as well. After all, there's no particular reason for her to go rushing into the middle of the shooting, if she can avoid it.

The hatch appears to have opened into the cargo bay of the transport, though the cavernous space is largely empty, aside from a few single container high rows by the far wall. All is silent inside for a moment, before a few pirates can be seen scurrying in from the hatch on the far side, rushing to take position behind the crates.
"Hurry up, you assholes"
"Nobody told me we'd be fighting the whole fucking navy out here!"
"Shut /up/ they can hear you!"
Clearly, trained professionals these are not.

"Three blips, one o'clock, twenty meters," one of the marines calls out over the radio, his helmet picking up the movement. "Kestrel, Bacon, Bones, Potato, intermittent suppression," commands Templeton. "Keep them fellas where they're at." Letting his rifle lay in its sling, he unhooks a grenade from his chest harness, depressing the activator. The moment the marines at the door start laying down suppression, Geil slides forward into view, and with a long-practiced arm from years of playing baseball, he chucks the happy pineapple with intent to make it land on the far side of the cargo containers.

"I've got 'em" Valdis replies with a little smile as she ever-so-carefully lines up her sight on the head of the most heavily armed of the pirates. She stays pressed up against the doorframe, using the hull of the shuttle for cover as she gently squeezes the trigger.

Kayly waits for the shooting to begin from a relatively safe area of the shuttle, out of sight of the pirates for the moment. She glances down at her pistol one last time, making sure it's fully loaded, and ready to fire, if it becomes necessary, and also keeping an eye on the marines incase any of them get shot up right away.

Paz begins setting the ship's systems to 'Auto' so she can move to the door gunner's position. If she looks as though she might be hoping that the pirates get the idea of taking this landing craft, well, she's not in the best of moods right now.

To say the fight starts off with a bang would be putting it mildly. A well-thrown grenade detonates behind the containers, reducing one of the pirates to a bloody smear against the wall. The two a little further away aren't much more fortunate, both down, one more than likely for good. Valdis' shot doesn't quite have the effect intended, snapping and sizzling against the pirate's body armor but failing to drop him.

As soon as the grenade leaves Templeton's hands, he's reaching down for his rifle again, shouldering it and aiming down into the cargo bay. The bright explosion reflects off of his visor, and behind it, a brief smile quirks his lips. "Kestrel, Bacon, Johnson, Potato, left side. Bones, Zakhonov, Miller, ya'll're with me. Move slow and stick to the bulkheads. Anything moves, drop it. Stillman, get on the PA. Try and get these goons to surrender."
Without waiting, Geil and three other soldiers move in through the still-smoking gap, their rifles aimed downrange. Sarge Stillman hops on the horn, barking out orders of surrender and offers of 'fair treatment' to the remaining pirates, even as Templeton's rifle spews out shells at supersonic velocity toward the pirate Valdis missed.

The grenade's explosion is clearly audible inside the landing craft as Paz discovers, to her chagrin, that the only door gun on this tub's facing the planetary ramp, not the air lock. "Oh that's just fucking snazzy." she grumbles. "Tell me this isn't a government operation." she grouses, pulling her laser pistol from its holster and getting ready in the lock. "Okay, shitheads, come to Momma." she grins ferally.

Another flurry of gunfire echoes through the cargo bay, bullets spraying wildly from the panicked pirate with the assault rifle… before three very neatly placed shots drop him to the deck. Valdis' target fires at very nearly the same time she does, and both shots seem to strike home. These pirates might not be trained, but they're certainly getting their hits in.

"Push forward, push forward," Geil calls out over the radio, as he and his three tagalongs converge on the right side of the cargo containers, narrowing the gap between them and the remaining bay guard. Templeton switches his com over to external, and the speaker crackles to life. "DROP IT!" he shouts at the pirate, holding up and shaking a fist to get the other three to hold their fire. "Y'all drop the gun! Give it up!" Capturing the goon could offer vital insight— and potential information about juicy new targets for the naval air detachment.
Bacon, meanwhile, rushes up to Valdis as soon as she's hit, putting his chubby self between her and her assailant. "Kestrel! Are you alright?!" he cries out.

Valdis gives a little shake of her head to clear the ringing in her ears. Sure her helmet stopped the bullet, but that's not to say the impact was entirely something to shrug off. In fact, there's likely going to be quite the lump on her head where the force of the bullet slammed her helmet into her skull. "I'm alright" she assures Bacon. If only those little birdies would stop flying circles around her…

This not really being Paz's milieu, she's faced with the uncomfortable, and somewhat embarrassing situation of not really know what to do next, other than point her weapon in the direction of the enemy and look mean. This she does. Hopefully convincingly. She saw Valdis get hit, and it just didn't look like a lot of fun.

Kayly finally exits the shuttle and moves quickly to the marine that's just gotten shot in the head, first aid pack at the ready. "Hold still a moment." She states flatly as she trys to do a quick patch up job on the wound.

WHAM. The sound of the pirate's retort to Templeton's threat echoes through the bay. Unfortunately, it's followed a split-second later by PING as the bullet sparks harmlessly off the ceiling up above the marine Lieutenant's head. Not scary enough to force a surrender, but apparently scary enough to throw off the pirate's aim rather badly. The pirate gets a look of blank confusion before he simply says "Oh, shit!" and runs for the hatch.

Geil's just not quick enough to avoid the incoming fire: with two people equally prepared to shoot, it's rare that reaction can beat action. After a stunned moment's delay, Templeton, with his com still on, unintentionally spits out a quick "Fuck ya'll too!" as he squeezes back the trigger. The barrel rises, a string of bullets buzzing from its tip like a flight of pissed-off hornets, the burst rushing after the fleeing pirate. "Take him out!"

Valdis certainly doesn't have to be told twice… giving Kayly a grateful smile as the ringing in her ears seems to subside, before snapping her rifle up and squeezing off one more shot towards the running pirate. Not about to let him get away with that little stunt if she can help it.

Kayly grabs her pistol and turns around to take a shot at the fleeing pirate, after having finished patching up careless marines. Not that she expects her pistol to pack a lot of punch against someone wearing any armor, but it might still distract the guy a bit anyways.

In some vague part of Paz's brain, a memory of a course she took at the Academy swims to the surface. The lesson, that day, had been about the psychology of killing. Among the various facts and figures that were crammed into her noggin that rainy afternoon was something that really stuck with her. That is, specifically, what a _really_ bad idea it is to turn and try to run away in a combat situation. Turning and running turns a combatant into the human equivalent of a paper target. Even people who had never fired their weapons once in combat before because of some moral reservation about killing or wounding another person were discovered to have had no qualms about emptying an entire magazine on a fleeing enemy. Paz, while not having quite the same qualms about doing violence to another, finds that she's motivated by that same strange, dehumanizing effect. She's lining up a shot and squeezing the trigger before she realizes she's even moving.

And just like that, the fight is at an end. The badly wounded pirate attemps to crawl behind a crate, perhaps to hide… only to be shot one last time by Bacon, and fall still in a pool of his own blood. The running pirate catches fire from all corners. Shredded by weapons fire, his lifeless body drops to the deck as well. Aside from the Confederation troops, nothing else in the bay moves.

"Stupid son of a bitch," said Geil, calmly, almost wistfully on the radio, as the man's body slammed against the doorway and crumpled to the floor, bleeding out of a swiss cheese of pinholes. "I done told him to drop it. Doc Taylor," he calls to Kayly, "check these fellers out. If any of them are livin', we'll try and keep 'em around.. and if they ain't, just leave 'em. We've got a job to do." With his rifle still at the ready, Geil starts moving forward. "Marines, form up. Bacon, take lead. Careful at the corners."
One by one, the brave NPCs of the marine detachment move forward, sidestepping the bodies and the blood, sweeping around the cargo containers just in case the pirates left any more surprises.

"Aye sir" Valdis replies, a hand tentatively reaching up to her head for a moment… fingertips brushing lightly over where the bullet is still imbedded in her helmet before she pulls her hand away again. She gives a little shake of her head, dismissing whatever thoughts might have been running through it as she moves to rejoin the others. As she moves along, she idly swaps the charge pack in her weapon for a fresh one.

"Shit…." Paz breathes, shaking her head a little as it occurs to her that this is the first time in her life she's ever pulled the trigger on a human being before. Well, one that wasn't a few thousand yards away in a fighter of some kind. Odd thing, it doesn't seem to bother her, and the fact that it doesn't seems to bother her, but not for long. There's work to do. "Everybody okay?" she calls.

Kayly gives a quick nod at Geil's request, and she moves towards the bodies to see if any of the unlucky SoB's survived, though it quickly becomes apparent to her expert eyes, and a quick check from her medical equipment, that this isn't the case. "Fraid not. These ones are all dead." She calls out, before she makes her way after the marines. She doesn't seem nearly as bothered, as Paz is, by the whole firefight thing. Or the fact that her shot did land pretty solidly on the one pirate either.

And so it is that our intrepid group of marines and assorted tagalongs make their way through the inner corridors of the transport. Most of the crew space has been converted into makeshift holding cells for a group of prisoners, who are directed back towards the waiting landing craft for their evacuation. Perhaps more importantly, they also indicate that the Majestic's captured pilots are aboard in a seperate room.

Which is how the group finds themselves moving into a makeshift brig area, where the two captured officers are being kept under guard by a pair of rifle-wielding pirate thugs. Apparently intent on making sure they captives didn't escape, they have the pair rather thoroughly secured. Handcuffs at the wrist, shackles at the ankles secured to the floor, as well as behind a heavy barred door.

Their path through the ship earns the marines a lot of warm welcomes from haggard, well-worn prisoners in deplorable conditions. Under Templeton's instruction, every cell the group comes upon is unlocked, its occupants set into groups and escorted back by a pair of troops. "Mighty disgustin'," the Lieutenant remarks, after the last group heads off. "To think anyone could treat anyone else like this when we got kitties to fight.."
"I wouldn't be surprised if they're working for the Kats," quips Bacon, leading the way down a corridor, to the right, and suddenly stopping, holding up his fist, creeping back out of sight. "Sir, we've got a problem. I can see our pilots, but they have a pair of long guns between us and them."
Templeton moves forward, beckoning Valdis to follow. Slowly, he peeks just enough of his head around the corner to see what Bacon saw. He ducks back in just as quickly, hoping to avoid detection. "Mm. We're problem solvers, Bacon." He turns back to the troops. "Don't suppose anyone's packin' smoke. If we just rush in there helter-skelter, we've got ourselves a standoff."

"Maybe we could try a distraction?" Paz comments, looking down at her flight suit thoughtfully. "Something tells me these assholes haven't seen a lot of boon-dah in a good while." she adds, starting to unzip the thing and tying it off behind her. "I stroll in, stick my tits out, bat my eyelashes, flirt a little. You guys snipe 'em while they're distracted?" Hey, she's seen it work once… In a movie…

"Well, you're certainly better equipped for that than I am" Valdis comments softly, trying her best not to give them away and stifling the laugh that threatens to come from her lips. "Not much of a plan, but we don't have anything else at the moment…" she adds. "I'll take the left, you take the right?" she suggests to Templeton.

Kayly smirks at Paz and shakes her head slightly. "If you do that, and they shoot you anyways, I'm not all that inclined to patch you up again, you know?" She remarks quietly, trying to keep from snickering herself, as she pulls her pistol out, again.

If it weren't for the reflective visor covering his face, the look given to Paz by Templeton would be priceless. Even still, one can almost see his eyes staring incredulously through the thick plastic. "Y'all're crazy. Crazy like a fox." The old hand watches with a mixture of male interest and commanders' disbelief as the pilot starts to disrobe. Leaning back against the bulkhead, he weighs his options. "The only problem is.. they ain't so stupid to think there's just a buncha undressed women walkin' round the ship. What I propose is.. Bacon, y'all go back to the prisoner hold.. and I want you to holler up somethin' bout how the cell doors is all unlatched. That'll be your cue, Lieutenant," he nods to Paz. "Y'think y'all can play the part of 'prisoner who'll do anything for mercy.. anything'?"

"Por favor jefe apenas un poco alimento.por favor.Har cualquier cosa que tengo tan hambre.Tan hambriento.." Paz whispers, clutching at her stomach and hunching over. "Por favor…….I'll do_anything_ you want…please…" she adds, breaking up her English into a stuttering, pitiful whine.

"Well, she's got me convinced…" Valdis says softly, double-checking her weapon as she looks back towards Templeton and edging herself along towards the doorway. Might as well get ready for the craziness that's sure to follow this.

Kayly stays just behind the marines as she gives Paz another smirk. "Don't overdo it to much." She comments quietly, as she checks her pistol one last time, just in case she needs to use it.

Bacon gives Templeton a nod, moving back towards the cells… there's a few moment's delay, before he yells out loudy. "We got a problem back here! The doors must've lost power when we got hit!" the man yells. "I've got people running around all over the place." A moment later, the sound of two gunshots can be heard from below. "Back in your goddamn cells!!"

"My Lord, did they draft you outta actin' school?" asks a stunned Geil with a chuckle, her pity-me act tugging on his big country-boy heartstrings. Hiding a big, cheek-to-cheek grin behind his visor, he shoulders his gun and slides up to the right side of the doorway, nodding Valdis toward the left. "Alright.. we'll stay nice 'n hidden back here 'til you say the word.. ..taco." So Templeton doesn't really know a whole lot of Spanish. How the hell is Paz supposed to fit the word 'taco' into her act? Who knows! As Bacon's voice booms through the corridors, Geil mentally counts to seven— good old lucky seven— then with two fingers motioned forward, he sets the scantily-clad pilot into play.

"Wait, wait…there's one little detail to attend to." Paz says, dashing back as quietly as she can towards one of the holding cells to scrape up as much goop as she can to rub on her face, arms, hands, even a tantalizing little bit down the front of her chest. "Oh, and somebody, I don't care who, hit me…and hit me _hard_." she adds quietly upon her return. "I just busted out. Somebody would've popped me one."

"Just remember, you asked me to" Valdis tells Paz, before driving a gloved fist into the pilot's cheek. For her size, the little marine certainly seems to hit hard, too. That done, she moves to resume her position by the door and wait.

Kayly shakes her head some more, at Paz's antics, and as Valdis throws a punch at her, she smirks faintly. "I don't think my job covers more or less self inflicted wounds either. Especially if they're not life threatening." She comments, before quieting down, to wait for the next part of the rescue attempt to go forwards.

Paz at the last moment, decides that her flight suit is a little too pretty, so she sheds it completely, being too tough to rip apart. Rubbing the last bits of grime on her standard issue Tee/bra and the other on her not-standard issue 'Hello Kitty' underpants, she pauses for a few moments, hyper ventilating herself before dashing forward and collapsing at the feet of the nearest guard. "Por favor…jefe! Por favor…." she mewls piteiously.

"What the fuck is this?" One of the guards asks, looking down at Paz for a long moment, the barrel of his assault rifle pointed down to her head.
"I dunno, but I think I like it…" the other one replies with a lewd grin spreading across his face.

When Paz leaves the holding area, smeared with grease, Bacon hollars after her, "Hey! Get back here, bitch!" He fires his pistol off into one of the cells for effect, hoping to leave the pirates guarding Trey with a convincing background to the pilot's Broadway performance.
Geil, meanwhile, stands ready at the door— and can't help but cringe as Valdis slugs the 1087th's budding starlet. "Good luck," he whispers into his comm.

Valdis tenses a little where she waits by the door, silently double-checking her weapon. Making sure that all is in good order, for a shot she figures she's only going to get one chance at.

Kayly quietly waits for the shooting to start up again, as she leans against a wall, checking her weapon one more time, and hoping that if she has to shoot the gun again, she doesn't miss, since hitting one of the prisoners or Paz would be bad.

"Por favor, jefe…" Paz pleas. "Por favor, jefe, un poco de alimento un poco de agua.Tengo tan sed tan hambriento.I' el ll hace cualquier cosa, por favor ….. qu usted quisieran que hiciera? Apenas dgalo, y ser hecho" she mewls, tugging at the man's pants leg just south of his privates.

"You know what she's saying?" The one with his gun pointed to Paz's head asks curiously as he looks down at her still. The other one moves up to join his companion, looking down at Paz. "No idea. But I've got something she'll understand in any language…" he replies lewdly.

"Como el taco de I" Paz pants, stroking the guards inner thigh.

"These fellers are pigs," comments Templeton, rubbing his trigger finger back and forth along the cool metal side of his rifle, easing his nerves. He glances over to Valdis, then to Kayly, and then.. taco. El taco! One of the few words of Spanish in Lieutenant Geil's vocabulary, thanks to his experiences at Mexican restaurants. "Alright, Kestrel.. that's the signal. You get the guard on the left, I'll get the guard on the right. Center mass, mind the prisoners. We're goin' in five.. four.. three.. two.. one.. now."
With a maneuver performed thousands of times before in his life, Geil smoothly swings out into the open hatchway, taking the few moments offered by the element of surprise to zero in on the right guard's upper chest. Without a moment's hesitation, he gently squeezes back the trigger, and a burst of fire erupts toward the pirate with his mind on his 'other' gun.

Valdis gives Templeton a litle silent nod, before she too swings herself towards the hatch, pointing her rifle towards her designated victim and giving the trigger a smooth pull, to send a deadly bolt of energy towards her target.

Kayly moves after the marines do, taking a shot on the first of the guards. And hopefully not screwing things up, as she does so.

And the beauty of the plan is, it even almost works. The lefthand guard is left with a small smoking hole through his armor right over his heart… stone dead before he even hits the ground. The righthand guard is struck as well, but with somewhat less lethal results… staggering backwards with a hand covering the bleeding hole that's been torn in his stomach, but still very much alive.

The first guard goes down on schedule, the second, not so much. What a bastard! Paz finds herself instinctively rolling on her back to the deck and framing the shot somewhere above her boot tops.

There aren't any chances given for surrender this time: after the incident down in the cargo hold, Lieutenant Geil isn't feeling very generous. As soon as the first string of fire leaves his rifle, he's up, he's moving forward, and he's pulling the trigger again. The air directly forward of the barrel warps with that familiar charged path as the magnetic accelerator spits out hot, angry slugs.

The smile of grim satisfaction on Valdis' face as her target falls to the ground is quickly replaced by something resembling panic as she realizes that the second guard is still very much alive. Her point of aim drifts upwards, centering the guard's head before she squeezes the trigger once more, hoping to put him out of the fight for good.

Kayly swings her pistol towards the second guard. No sign on her face of any annoyance over her last shot doing pretty much nothing, though, since at least she didn't miss and hit the prisoners or Paz. As the remaining guard turns his rifle towards Paz, she mutters "I really hope she doesn't end up in medbay… again." Before she pulls the trigger on the pistol.

More weapons fire explodes into the confined space, two more shots tearing into the guard but failing to drop him… though his own shots spray at the deck harmlessly as a laser bolt strikes his arm. Shifting his rifle towards the greater threat, the guard aims for the marines at the door.

Paz has to literally sit there for a couple of heartbeats after a hail storm of auitofire rains down on her, but somehow doesn't seem to _hit_ her…..It takes another couple heartbeats for her to draw herself up to her full height and level her laser pistol at the guard. "Surrender or _DIE_, cocksucker!"

Templeton's resolve is steeled as automatic fire dances around the compartment, the cold-hearted pirate trying to murder Paz where she lay. He's moving forward even faster now, and he's got something the goon doesn't haaaave! It's long, it's cold, and it's latched onto the front of his rifle. It's the C-275 bayonet, and it's headed right for the belly he already put a bullet through. In a flashback to the battlefield on Firekka, Templeton invokes his nickname, Coyote, and howls like a feral beast as he jogs forward and -thrusts- the nasty steel weapon at the brigand's midsection.

Valdis, for her part, lines up another shot… careful to keep it away from that crazy charging officer. After all, she really would hate to have to explain how she accidentally lasered the man in the back, but she's not going to trust this one to just the knife.

Kayly aims yet another shot at the guard, despite her last shot failing to get through his armor, but she figures that at least it'll maybe distract him a bit, and mess up his shooting. As Templeton makes his knife charge at the guard, she shakes her head slightly, muttering something about marines under her breath.

The ferocious charge from the Marine lieutenant meets an abrupt end as the blade of his bayonet turns on the armor the pirate had been wearing. If only he'd armored his face. The flash of a laser bolt passes right by Templeton's ear, catching the pirate squarely between the eyes and burning a hole all the way through the man's skull. He too drops to the deck as dead as a post, though his finger gives one last reflexive jerk of the trigger, spraying the room with lead, though miraculously hitting no one.

If not for Valdis' impeccable timing, it's likely all Geil's charge would have done was push the man out of the way of the sniper's scope. Though his roar is fierce and his blade razor-tipped, it's no match for the simple scrap steel plate the pirate decided to stuff under his clothes as chest armor. The bayonet's tip bends uselessly against the metal, and all Templeton's thrust does is push a lifeless body down onto the deck, smoke drifting out of a clean, front-to-back wound. It takes a moment for it to catch up with him, the adrenaline subsiding as he looks back toward Valdis. "..geezus! Ya'll hold yer fahr next time I do somethin' crazy like that.. y'done almost took my head right off!" With the last pirate dead, Templeton reaches up to his helmet, hitting the visor release. "Whew.. man.. is everybody okay?" he asks, squatting down to frisk the brain-sizzled pirate for the cell key.

"Check him for Intelligence!" Paz calls, shaking away the echoes of the second bullet storm to cross her path this close up. "Anybody got a torch to burn through these bars? Everybody okay?" she calls, her officer's training kicking in as uselessly as a trike's third wheel, though more emphatically for all the trouble she went through for it.

Valdis blows at the tip of her rifle theatrically, before she gives Geil a little grin. "Elltee, my job is not to miss the close ones" she replies simply, even as she moves over to check the pirate she'd shot through the heart to look for the key.

Kayly watches as the last of the pirates is killed off, and then she glances around as she waits for the hostages to be freed. "Any of you take any more wounds in all that shooting?" She asks, as she gets ready to do more medical work if it's necessary.

"Clearly!" Geil calls back to Kestrel, still a bit stunned by the whisker-trimmer. He digs around in the dead pirate's pockets with a gloved hand, pulling out a wallet, then a baggy of drugs, then a watch he probably stole off of a prisoner. Finally, with a bit more digging and a couple more random trinkets, he yanks out a sturdy-looking key, looking over to Paz. "I reckon this'll get us in. Y'wanna do the honors, for all yer trouble? I'm sure ya'll'll be a welcome sight, lookin' like that," he teases, tossing the key and its fob toward the panty-clad pilot.

"I dunno, probably give old man Jenthson a heart attack" Valdis comments with a little grin, though she more seems amused at the thought than voicing anything approaching an actual objection.

"You all just _wished_ you looked this good in your unmentionables." Paz grins playfully, putting a little slink in her step as she moves to unlock the cell. "Hey, there, sailor." she croons saucily. "Wanna get out of here?"

Kayly smirks a bit as Paz does her thing. "If that won't scare them out of Confed service, I don't think anything will." She remarks with a snicker.

Luckily for Paz, she has a captive audience for her antics. Literally. Not like the two can run screaming very well when they're chained hand and foot, and secured to the floor. It would also probably be a funnier stunt if the pair were conscious.